PSO2 JP: New Power Update 2 (9/26/2012)

Phantasy Star Online 2's update for 9/26/2012.

New Time Attack Quest

  • 走破演習:アムドゥスキア Marathon Practice Amduscia (N: Lvl 15 / H: Lvl 30+)

New Client Order

New Story Quests

  • New Routes added to Chapter 5 and 6
  • Chapter 7: Darker Assault

FUN Scratch Update

クラシックオールバック Classic Swept Back


ツキ・ミー Tsuki Mii


ミニガーデン Mini Garden


AC Scratch Update

  • New Clothes, Hairstyle, Accessories

垂れうさ耳 Hanging Rabbit Ears


ウサギの尻尾 Rabbit's Tail


アホ毛A Ahoge A (Foolish Hair)


アホ毛B Ahoge B


ナースキャップB Nurse Cap B

New System Update

  • Ship Transfer System
  • Team Room, Team Orders, Team Ranking, Photon Tree.
  • Since Team Client Orders are different per team, you can email your client orders.


Due to School, some updates will be delayed until afternoon.


WebMoney Campaign

Those who purchase 1000AC or more Arks Cash using Webmoney during the campaign period will have a chance to receive three original artwork WebMoney Cards. 100 winners will be selected in a raffle to win this prize.


Campaign Period

  • September 26th, 2012 ~ October 29th, 2012 @ 11:00 JST

Campaign Prize

  • Three Original Artwork WebMoney Cards valued at 1300 points each.

Item Distribution

  • If you are one of the 100 lucky winners, the cards will be sent to the physical address registered on your SEGA ID. Cards are distributed late November.





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