PSO2 JP: New Power Update 2

Team Rooms

Team Rooms


Photon Tree

On September 26th, your team can have their very own base of operations with a Team Room. Anyone who is a team member can enter the room and interact with fellow teammates. By gathering points through Team Client Orders, your team can not only acquire the room, but also expand its functionality.


The Team Room has various convenient functions such as the Team Storage Box (Premium Set) and other counters.


The team room has a photon tree, as you cultivate it by spending points and giving it photon water, you can acquire effects that improve your power.



Team Ranking lets you compete with other teams for the highest points. Top ranking teams can also win trophies they can place in the room.


Ship Transferring System

You can transfer your character to another ship for 700 AC. Once you move to another ship, you won't be able to repeat the process until after 120 hours have passed.


Time Attack Quest: Amduscia

Compete for the fastest time with Running Practice Amduscia!


New Story Quests

Story Quest 5 and 6 has expanded with new routes and scenes. Chapter 7 takes place on the 128th Arks Ship Themis. Without any prior warning,  an alarm suddenly blares throughout the Arks Ship and a dispatch order is sent.


Autumn Full Moon Scratch

カナギマイヒメ Kanagimaihime

The new scratch delivers items such as shrine maiden inspired "Kanagimaihime" and the medical center outfit "Nurse Dress"


カナギセイカイ Kanagiseikai


ジャン・ドゥ Jean Doo



ハニージャケット Honey Jacket


バルドルシリーズ Baldur Series


フリーゲンシリーズ Fliegen Series


Otsukimi Lobby

The Otsukimi or "Moon Viewing Lobby" runs from September 26th through October 24th, 2012. With Japanese pampas grass, rice dumplings, with rabbits and Lillipas gazing at the moon, it gives the sensation of a real-life Tsukimi experience.


FUN Scratch Rotation

The following items will be removed from FUN scratch for this update.

  • ミディアムエッジ Medium Edge
  • レッドテンガロンハット Red Cowboy Hat
  • ブラックテンガロンハット Black Cowboy Hat
  • ホルスタインTハット Holstein T Hat
  • 追加ロビーアクション08 Extra Lobby Action 08
  • プライベートプール Private Pool
  • シーベイジングセット Sea Bathing Set
  • シーナリーパス・森林 Scenery Pass Forest
  • Save This World
  • Paracabana Coast
  • Phantasy Star Zero
  • たいせつなもの Important Things

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