PSO2 JP: Seabed Update Part 1 (11.13.2013)

Today's Update

New Photon Arts

  • New Bullet Bow and Katana Photon Arts

New Field and Bosses


Seabed Field

Seabed Field

  • Free Field Quest: 海底探索 Seabed Exploration
  • Arks Quest: 海底地域生態調査 Seabed Ecological Survey
  • Arks Quest: ウォパル救助隊 Wopal Rescue Party
  • Arks Quest: デコル・マリューダ討伐 Decol Maluda Extermination

New Bosses

  • ビオル・メデューナ Biol Meduna
  • デコル・マリューダ Decol Maluda

New Interrupt Events, Client Orders, Daily Orders, and Team Orders



Aculcarta アクルカータ [Wand]



ネックジェンヌ Neqsienne (?) [Launcher]



New Latent Abilities

  • Added new Latent Abilities
  • Added latent abilities to some per-existing weapons.

FUN Shop

  • Message Board and Digi Ichi added

My Room Shop

  • My Room Shop Lineup Updated

New Items in the Net Cafe Shop

  • Capsule A (10 set)
  • Capsule B (10 set)
  • Capsule C (10 set)

Other Features

  • Added a setting in options to initialize the position and sizes of all windows
  • Added a cancel function for the Item Trading Password.
  • In the "Comments w/ Good Jobs" section within your communication history, it will now display if a Good Job was sent from the Team Room BBS.
  • In the Emergency Trial rewards screen, it will not only display the reward item's category icon, but if the reward is 7 star or higher, it will play a sound effect and show a rare icon.
  • Adjusted the overall frequency voices are played mainly when charging an attack with a katana.
  • Made it easier to understand the turret chair's damage level while in use.
  • For Enemy Attack Rankings, it will no longer increase the boost rates for the targeted enemy since that's tied to making the enemies stronger.
  • When you are in a Beauty Salon and a party leader accepts a quest, you will now see a quest acceptance message after you leave the salon.
  • An Emergency Trial to defeat the rare enemy "Tagamikazuchi" or "Rappies" may occur in the Border Break Emergency Quest.  In addition, the song, "Udonge," will play when Cougar NX spawns.
  • Adjusted the facial expressions that are shown in the Operator Window.
  • After clearing a quest, you will not be able to rechallenge that quest from the camp ship if a party member does not meet the conditions for that quest.
  • NPC specific Client Orders can be cleared even if you bring a Support/Friend/Free Partner along.
  • In the Beach areas, the weather will change to rain when Mr. Umblla's Emergency Trial occurs.
  • A message will display when transferring an item to storage that was obtained through a present box.
  • It will now display a confirmation screen when setting up a symbol art in the SA Projector.
  • Added a function in the Team Member List window that allows you to invite a team member to your party or transfer to their block.
  • An icon will display overhead when you can obtain an Extreme Pass from Pudding.
  • Added a tab to show the most recently used lobby actions in the Quick Menu's Lobby Action section. (Just to note, this list populates from Lobby Actions that are used from the Quick Menu)
  • It will now display explanations for each entry for "Team Room Expansion" and "Team Expansion" at the team counter.
  • A Quest Boost icon will display at the quest counter.
  • Adjusted the sorting order of entries in the Friend Partner Registration window
  • Added explanations for some icons within certain entries in the help or tutorial menus.
  • Added a setting in options on whether to display the event focus popup.
  • Added a setting in options that can change the color of names overhead players in other parties. This will also affect the color of names that appear in the "Nearby Characters" window.
  • Enemies that spawn within an emergency trial that are out of range will still be displayed on the Radar Map.
  • You can now change the camera settings separately for Normal or TPS view in options.
  • Added a function in options to toggle the display of Symbol Arts
  • Appended some text to the contents of the in-game email after a friend request is complete.
  • When you can no longer accept client orders from a character that appears for a limited time (Xie basically), that character will no longer show up in the client order list.
  • Rare Container Ranking has returned.
  • Innocent Appearance, Defensive Stance, Mental Alignment, Circuit Breakout, Direct Assault Latent ability effectiveness has increased.
  • Latent Ability "Perfect Calamity" level 1 and level 2 values have increased.
  • Made it easier to clear Mr. Umblla's emergency trial
  • Relaxed the friendship conditions to receive a present from Franka
  • Adjusted the enemy respawn frequency and range during a PSE Burst
  • Relaxed some of the damage from floating mines in Very Hard.
  • Relaxed the amount of times you mash a button to activate devices in quests and such.
  • 7 ~ 9 star weapons will drop way more often from lv 21 ~ 60 boss-class enemies.
  • Added PP+1 effect to some enemy souls.
  • Corrected a bug wherein a Friend Partner would not use Na Megid or Na Barta
  • The clear conditions for Klotho's Very Hard TA Client Orders have changed so that you may clear them on Very Hard or higher difficulties.


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