PSO2 JP SG Scratch: ARKS Battle Wear Selection II

ARKS Battle Wear Selection II
(Until 6.12.2019)


Outerwear (Female)

エグザムリーシュF[Ou] | Exam Leash F [Ou]

Outerwear (Male)

エグザムリーシュM[Ou] | Exam Leash M [Ou]

Basewear (Female)

エグザムリーシュF[Ba] | Exam Leash F [Ba]
エグザムリーシュF影[Ba] | Exam Leash F Shadow [Ba]
エグザムリーシュF紅[Ba] | Exam Leash F Crimson [Ba]
エグザムリーシュF夜[Ba] | Exam Leash F Night [Ba]

Basewear (Male)

エグザムリーシュM[Ba] | Exam Leash M [Ba]
エグザムリーシュM影[Ba] | Exam Leash M Shadow [Ba]
エグザムリーシュM紅[Ba] | Exam Leash M Crimson [Ba]
エグザムリーシュM夜[Ba] | Exam Leash M Night [Ba]



シーリスクロス[Ou] | Xyris Clothes [Ou]


シーリスクロス[Ba] | Xyris Clothes [Ba]
シーリスクロス影[Ba] | Xyris Clothes Shadow [Ba]
シーリスクロス紅[Ba] | Xyris Clothes Crimson [Ba]
シーリスクロス夜[Ba] | Xyris Clothes Night [Ba]



ディアルマ・ゼロ[Ou] | DeAlma Zero [Ou]


ディアルマ・ゼロ[Ba] | DeAlma Zero [Ba]


Outerwear 1

エクエスティオー[Ou] | Equestio [Ou]

Outerwear 2

エクエスティオー雅[Ou] | Equestio Elegant [Ou]


エクエスティオー[Ba] | Equestio [Ba]
エクエスティオー空[Ba] | Equestio Sky [Ba]
エクエスティオー雪[Ba] | Equestio Snow [Ba]
エクエスティオー雅[Ba] | Equestio Elegant [Ba]
エクエスティオー影[Ba] | Equestio Shadow [Ba]
エクエスティオー冬[Ba] | Equestio Winter [Ba]


エクエスティオー[In] | Equestio [In]
エクエスティオー月[In] | Equestio Moon [In]
エクエスティオー影[In] | Equestio Shadow [In]
エクエスティオー萌[In] | Equestio Sprout [In]
エクエスティオー紅[In] | Equestio Crimson [In]
エクエスティオー空[In] | Equestio Sky [In]


Outerwear 1

エレティックレーヌ[Ou] | Eretique Reine [Ou]

Outerwear 2

エレティックレーヌ雅[Ou] | Eretique Reine Elegant [Ou]

Outerwear 3

エレティックレーヌ影[Ou] | Eretique Reine Shadow [Ou]


エレティックレーヌ[Ba] | Eretique Reine [Ba]
エレティックレーヌ影[Ba] | Eretique Reine Shadow [Ba]
エレティックレーヌ雅[Ba] | Eretique Reine Elegant [Ba]
エレティックレーヌ雪[Ba] | Eretique Reine Snow [Ba]
エレティックレーヌ紅[Ba] | Eretique Reine Crimson [Ba]
エレティックレーヌ玄[Ba] | Eretique Reine Mysterious [Ba]


Outerwear 1

シャープオーダー[Ou] | Sharp Order [Ou]

Outerwear 2

シャープオーダー銀[Ou] | Sharp Order Silver [Ou]


シャープオーダー[Ba] | Sharp Order [Ba]
シャープオーダー雪[Ba] | Sharp Order Snow [Ba]
シャープオーダー紅[Ba] | Sharp Order Crimson [Ba]
シャープオーダー夜[Ba] | Sharp Order Night [Ba]
シャープオーダー影[Ba] | Sharp Order Shadow [Ba]
シャープオーダー静[Ba] | Sharp Order Calm [Ba]


シャープオーダー[In] | Sharp Order [In]
シャープオーダー雪[In] | Sharp Order Snow [In]
シャープオーダー紅[In] | Sharp Order Crimson [In]
シャープオーダー陽[In] | Sharp Order Sun [In]
シャープオーダー影[In] | Sharp Order Shadow [In]
シャープオーダー夜[In] | Sharp Order Night [In]


【若人】異界戦闘衣 | [Apprentice] Omega Battle Suit
【若人】異界戦闘衣 雪 | [Apprentice] Omega Battle Suit Snow


【巨躯】異界戦闘衣 | [Elder] Omega Battle Suit
【巨躯】異界戦闘衣 雪 | [Elder] Omega Battle Suit Snow


【敗者】異界戦闘衣 | [Loser] Omega Battle Suit
【敗者】異界戦闘衣 雪 | [Loser] Omega Battle Suit Snow



  • 女性共通アトッサボイス | Female Voice Atossa
  • 女性共通初代KKボイス | Female Voice First Gen KK
  • 男性共通ヴォルフボイス | Male Voice Wolf

Lobby Actions

  • 468「初代KKポーズ1」 | 468 [First Gen KK Pose 1]
  • 469「初代KKポーズ2」 | 469 [First Gen KK Pose 2]
  • 470「ヴォルフ&アトッサ」 | 470 [Wolf & Atossa]



SG Scratch Revivals


  • ダークファルスサイン | Dark Falz Sign

Voice Tickets

  • 女性共通【若人】ボイス | Female Apprentice Voice
  • 男性共通【巨躯】ボイス | Male Elder Voice
  • 男性共通【敗者】ボイス | Male Loser Voice

Ability Affixers

  • 特殊能力追加(攻撃総合) | Ability Affixer (Attack Fusion)
  • 特殊能力追加(防御総合) | Ability Affixer (Defense Fusion)
  • 特殊能力追加(攻撃継承) | Ability Affixer (Attack Transfer)
  • 特殊能力追加(防御継承) | Ability Affixer (Defense Transfer)
  • 特殊能力追加(心身継承) | Ability Affixer (Mind & Body Transfer)

EX Boosters

  • EX獲得経験値+75% | +75% EX EXP Booster
    • Additionally boosts Rare Drop & Meseta by 25%.
  • EXレアドロップ倍率+75% | +75% EX Rare Drop Booster
    • Additionally boosts EXP & Meseta by 25%.
  • EX獲得メセタ+75% | +75% EX Meseta Booster
    • Additionally boosts EXP & Rare Drop by 25%.
  • EXトライブースト+50% | +50% EX Tribooster



7 thoughts to “PSO2 JP SG Scratch: ARKS Battle Wear Selection II”

  1. No one saying it yet? Okay, this scratch sucks. Mostly.
    Also don't forget to check Xyris Clothes [Ba] heels in-game~

    1. I'm not going to lie.. i was highly upset about the xmas scratch. I just want the Santa out that has the hood from a old scratch in purple, and a revival of the black, blue, white and green ones but nope.. Hopefully they add it next week but i doubt it.

    2. They really havent released/revived male santa outfits in so long and old ones are overpriced as hell

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