Face Off Against Dark Falz [Persona]!

~ December 19th, 2018 ~


Dark Falz [Persona]

Dark Falz takes to the stage for a climactic battle with the ARKS! Dark Falz [Persona] can mimic the powers of the other Dark Falz with the change of its mask.


Each mask defines the appearance and attack pattern of Dark Falz [Persona]. Two masks will be selected each time you encounter him.

Clearing the quest can reward the player with drops such as ★13 Profound Weapons or even the ★15 Austere-NT Weapons!

※Only appears as a scheduled Emergency Quest.
※Can be cleared once per instance for each Ship.
※Main class and subclass must be at least Level 80 or higher in order to access Extra Hard difficulty.


Upgradeable Profound Weapons

You'll be able to upgrade Profound Weapons into the ★14 Celestial Series. Afterwards, you can upgrade those into the ★15 Lightstream Series!


★15 Information


Level Cap 90 For All Classes

The level cap of all classes will be raised to Level 90! There are no new requirements for unlocking this cap.

For Heroes, you must acquire the title [Creator of Solid Defense] and turn in the corresponding client order at Koffie. You've most likely earned this Title already if you capped another class or unlocked Expert matching.

※[Creator of Solid Defense] requires equipping [+10] ★12 Rear, Arm, and Leg Units.
※Support Partner will be able to reach Level 90 class level accordingly.


New Hero Skills

Hero Refresh

  • Consumes half of Hero Gear gauge upon activation.
  • Recovers HP, PP, and Hero Will.
  • The rate of increase for Hero Boost will be boosted for a certain duration, and all attack power will increase accordingly based on the number of hits dealt to enemies.
  • Available at Level 85, no Skill Points are required.

Hero High Level Bonus

  • Increases all attack power upon learning, similar to other classes' High Level Bonus.

※In accordance with the changes, [All Skill Tree Reset Pass] will be distributed.


New ★14 Pet

★14 Redran will be added.


PlayStation 4 Easy Login Function

An "Easy Login" function will be implemented on the PlayStation 4 platform that enables players to log into the game without a SEGA ID.


New Battle Arena Stage : Volcano (Night)

The Volcano Night stage will be added to the Battle Arena lineup!


Battle Arena Stage Weapon

This time around, the selection of weapons available for the Battle Arena will be different for each stage.

Forest Arena Knuckle Dual Blade Talis
Rainy Forest Arena Sword, Assault Rifle, Bullet Bow, Rod, Jet Boots
Volcano Arena Partizan, Assault Rifle, Jet Boots
Night Volcano Arena Sword, Twin Machine Gun, Bullet Bow, Rod
Tokyo Arena Sword, TMGs, Jet Boots

Battle Knuckle Balance Adjustment

  • HP is reduced.
  • Super Armor is removed for on the ground normal attacks and incomplete charging of Straight Charge PA.
  • Reduced invincibility frames of the weapon action (Sway).
  • PP natural recovery will stop during weapon action (Sway).
  • Adjusted cancellation timing after performing weapon action (Sway).
  • Increased PP consumption when activating Straight Charge PA.
  • Increased continuous PP consumption when charging Straight Charge PA.

Battle Bullet Bow Balance Adjustment

  • Range of charged normal attack will be shortened.
  • Power of charged normal attack will be lower.

※It will still be stronger compared to when Bullet Bow was first introduced.

Other Adjustment

  • When Protection skill is activated, HP will be fully recovered.
  • At the start of battle, frame rate cap will be set to 60 FPS.

※Frame rate adjustment will begin from "Battle Start!" announcement (The frame rate is not restricted before then).
※It will return to the original setting after battle.


Additional Improvements

PSZ Memory Exchange Shop

To commemorate Phantasy Star Zero's 10th anniversary, a PSZ Memory Exchange Shop is being opened! Trade in [PSZERO Memories], which can be acquired from various campaigns, to receive cosmetic items and music discs.


Combined Skill Ring Shop

Exchange certain sets of +20 Skill Rings for a single ring with the combined effects of the consumed rings!

L / JG Counter = JG Heavenly F + JG Sonic Arrow + JG Rising F
L / Chase W Support = DS Kama-itachi + TD Air Chase + Knuckle Chase
L / Time n Roll = Front S Roll + High Time Keep
L / Defense Tech = Tech C Parrying + Short Mirage
L / Brave Power =  Bullet Bow Homing + Katana C Count UP
L / Kick n Snatch = DB Snatch + JB Tech Arts SC


ARKS Handbook

Tutorials have been added to the ARKS Handbook to aid players as they progress through the game.


Multiple Block Matching Improvement

For Multiblock Matching, in quests in which you cannot have accompanying Partners, it will now be possible to temporarily disable the setting [Enter a room that forbids partners].


Unlimited Lobby Action Freezing

You'll now be able to use the Command to indefinitely freeze the Lobby Action.

※Lobby Action Freeze is only available to Premium Users.


Color Change Pass Grace Period

As a Premium User, you will be able to re-edit Color Change Pass within 60 minutes after using it.

※Only items that use Color Change Pass can be re-edited.


[Upgrade Equipment] Improvement

When using [Upgrade Equipment] menu with Zieg, if there are multiple weapons that can be used as a material, you can choose which one of them becomes the base that transfers the grind, special abilities, etc.


Miyabi Romantica (AC Scratch)

Get ready for the upcoming New Year's celebrations with Katori and Alma's holiday fashions! New outfits and CAST parts inspired by the Yōkai of Japanese mythos will also be available.


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