PSO2 JP SG Scratch: Darkness Conviction

Darkness Conviction
(Until 12.13.2017)


— Male —


ロード戦闘衣M[Ou] ║ Lord Battle Suit M [Ou]
(4 colors)


ロード戦闘衣M[Ba] ║ Lord Battle Suit M [Ba]
ロード戦闘衣M紅[Ba] ║ Lord Battle Suit M Crimson Red [Ba]
ロード戦闘衣M雪[Ba] ║ Lord Battle Suit M White Snow [Ba]
ロード戦闘衣M夜[Ba] ║ Lord Battle Suit M Night Blue [Ba]


ロード戦闘衣M[In] ║ Lord Battle Suit M [In]
ロード戦闘衣M月[In] ║ Lord Battle Suit M Yellow Moon [In]
ロード戦闘衣M雪[In] ║ Lord Battle Suit M White Snow [In]
ロード戦闘衣M鋼[In] ║ Lord Battle Suit M Steel Gray [In]

— Female —


ロード戦闘衣F[Ou] ║ Lord Battle Suit F [Ou]
(4 colors)


ロード戦闘衣F[Ba] ║ Lord Battle Suit F [Ba]
ロード戦闘衣F紅[Ba] ║ Lord Battle Suit F Crimson Red [Ba]
ロード戦闘衣F雪[Ba] ║ Lord Battle Suit F White Snow [Ba]
ロード戦闘衣F夜[Ba] ║ Lord Battle Suit F Night Blue [Ba]


ロード戦闘衣F[In] ║ Lord Battle Suit F [In]
ロード戦闘衣F月[In] ║ Lord Battle Suit F Yellow Moon [In]
ロード戦闘衣F雪[In] ║ Lord Battle Suit F White Snow [In]
ロード戦闘衣F鋼[In] ║ Lord Battle Suit F Steel Gray [In]


— Male —

【仮面】襟立ち戦闘衣M ║ [Persona] Alt Collar M
【仮面】襟立ち戦闘衣M雪 ║ [Persona] Alt Collar White Snow M
【仮面】襟立ち戦闘衣M紅 ║ [Persona] Alt Collar Crimson Red M
【仮面】襟立ち戦闘衣M夜 ║ [Persona] Alt Collar Night Blue M

— Female —

【仮面】襟立ち戦闘衣F ║ [Persona] Alt Collar  F
【仮面】襟立ち戦闘衣F雪 ║ [Persona] Alt Collar White Snow F
【仮面】襟立ち戦闘衣F紅 ║ [Persona] Alt Collar Crimson Red F
【仮面】襟立ち戦闘衣F夜 ║ [Persona] Alt Collar Night Blue F


Female Voice – Matoi C

  • 女性共通マトイボイスC

Male Voice – Lord

  • 男性共通ロードボイス

Lobby Action

  • 349「DFワープ」 ║ DF Warp (unknown_command)

Scratch Bonus

Play this SG Scratch 40 times to receive:

  • Dコンヴィクション券 ║ D Conviction Ticket

※This reward can be obtained repeatedly.

Female Layered Wear

  • イノセントクラスタ[Ou] ║ Innocent Cluster [Ou]
  • イノセントクラスタ[Ba] ║ Innocent Cluster [Ba]
  • イノセントクラスタ海[Ba] ║ Innocent Cluster Sea [Ba]
  • イノセントクラスタ紅[Ba] ║ Innocent Cluster Crimson [Ba]
  • イノセントクラスタ桜[Ba] ║ Innocent Cluster Sakura [Ba]
  • イノセントクラスタ雪[Ba] ║ Innocent Cluster Snow [Ba]
  • イノセントクラスタ影[Ba] ║ Innocent Cluster Shadow [Ba]
  • イノセントクラスタ[In] ║ Innocent Cluster [In]

Female Costumes

  • ヴィエルキュティス ║ Viel Cutis
  • イノセントキュティス ║ Innocent Cutis
  • 命纏衣 ║ Mikoto Matoi
  • レコードキャプチャー ║ Record Capture
  • 【若人】戦闘衣 ║ Apprentice Battle Suit
  • 【若人】破損戦闘衣 ║ Apprentice Damaged Battle Suit
  • 【仮面】戦闘衣F ║ Persona Battle Suit F
  • 【双子・女】戦闘衣 ║ Double Battle Suit F

Male Costumes

  • 【巨躯】戦闘衣 ║ Elder Battle Suit
  • 【仮面】戦闘衣M ║ Persona Battle Suit M
  • 【敗者】戦闘衣 ║ Loser Battle Suit
  • 【双子・男】戦闘衣 ║ Double Battle Suit M


  • マトイストレート ║ Matoi Straight
  • ヴィエルバイザーツイン ║ Viel Visor Twin
  • ヴィエルツインループ ║ Viel Twin Loop
  • マトイループテール ║ Matoi Loop Tail
  • ロングツインテールGV ║ Long Twin Tail GV
  • 【仮面】ヘアー ║ Persona Hair
  • 【巨躯】ヘアー ║ Elder Hair
  • 【若人】ヘアー ║ Apprentice Hair
  • 【敗者】ヘアー ║ Loser Hair
  • 【双子・男】ヘアー ║ Double Hair M
  • 【双子・女】ヘアー ║ Double Hair F

Face Paint

  • ヴィエルティアーズ ║ Viel Tears
  • 砂ぼこりメイク ║ Dusty Makeup
  • 【敗者】タトゥー ║ Loser Tattoo


  • 【敗者】複製体アイ ║ Loser Doppleganger Eyes


  • 命の飾 ║ Mikoto Ornament
  • ヴィエルブルームA ║ Viel Bloom A
  • ヴィエルブルームB ║ Viel Bloom B
  • ヴィエルヘッドギア ║ Viel Headgear
  • イノセントヘッドギア ║ Innocent Headgear
  • 悔恨の【仮面】 ║ Persona’s Regret
  • 【若人】バイザー ║ Apprentice Visor
  • 【若人】バイザーB ║ Apprentice Visor B
  • 【敗者】ヘッドギア ║ Loser Headgear
  • 【敗者】ピアス ║ Loser Earring
  • 【双子・男】髪飾り ║ Double Hair Ornament M
  • 【双子・女】髪飾り ║ Double Hair Ornament F


  • ダークファルスサイン ║ Dark Falz Sign

Female Voices

  • 女性共通【仮面】ボイス ║ Female Voice – Persona
  • 女性共通【若人】ボイス ║ Female Voice – Apprentice
  • 女性共通【双子】ボイス ║ Female Voice – Double
  • 女性共通マトイボイスB ║ Female Voice – Matoi B

Male Voices

  • 男性共通【仮面】ボイス ║ Male Voice – Persona
  • 男性共通【巨躯】ボイス ║ Male Voice – Elder
  • 男性共通【敗者】ボイス ║ Male Voice – Loser
  • 男性共通【双子】ボイス ║ Male Voice – Double

Weapon Camos

  • *壊世錫杖レクイエム ║ Calamity Staff Requiem

Music Discs

  • ファルス・ヒューナル戦 ║ Falz Hunar Battle
  • ファルス・アーム戦 ║ Falz Arm Battle
  • ファルス・アンゲル戦 ║ Falz Angel Battle
  • ルーサー戦 ║ Luther Battle
  • ファルス・ダランブル戦 ║ Falz Dourumble Battle
  • アポス・ドリオス戦 ║ Apos Dorios Battle
  • アンガ・ファンダージ戦 ║ Anga Fhandarge Battle
  • 巨躯戦 ║ Elder Battle
  • 敗者戦 ║ Loser Battle
  • 双子戦 ║ Double Battle
  • 深遠なる闇戦 ║ Profound Darkness Battle

Room Items

  • シーナリーパス・内的宇宙 ║ Scenery Pass / Inner Universe


SG Recycle Shop Listing

Product List # of Required Items
Phantom Apostle Ice [Ou]
40x (SG Items)
Phantom Apostle Ice [Ba]
40x (SG Items)
Phantom Apostle Sun [Ou]
40x (SG Items)
Phantom Apostle Sun [Ba]
40x (SG Items)
Phantom Apostle Sun [In]
40x (SG Items)
Phantom Apostle Moon [Ou]
40x (SG Items)
Phantom Apostle [Ou]
40x (SG Items)
Phantom Apostle [Ba]
40x (SG Items)
Phantom Apostle Wood [Ou]
40x (SG Items)
Phantom Apostle Wood [Ba]
40x (SG Items)
Kohri Ponytail
40x (SG Items)
Apostle Hood
40x (SG Items)
Och Hair
40x (SG Items)
Phul Hair
40x (SG Items)
Bethor Hair
40x (SG Items)
Och’s Hair Ornament
40x (SG Items)
Double Tooth
40x (SG Items)
Phul’s Hat
40x (SG Items)
Phul’s Monocle
40x (SG Items)
Phul’s Ribbon
40x (SG Items)
Bethor Sunglasses
40x (SG Items)
Female Voice – Kohri (MC)
40x (SG Items)
Female Voice – Och
40x (SG Items)
Female Voice – Phul
40x (SG Items)
Male Voice – Haggith
40x (SG Items)
Male Voice – Bethor
40x (SG Items)
Mother Cluster 1
40x (SG Items)
Mother Cluster 2
40x (SG Items)
Mother Cluster 3
40x (SG Items)
Fallen Sword Gram
40x (SG Items)
Phantom Invasion
40x (SG Items)
Mother Cluster’s Theme
40x (SG Items)
Mother Cluster Battle
40x (SG Items)
カラーチェンジパス 7x (SG Items)
SG Recycle Badge
1x (SG Items)
Creator's Emblem
25x (SG Items)
+150% EX-Tribooster
1 (D Conviction Ticket)
+150% Tribooster
5x (SG Items)
Great Grind Success +30%
1x (SG Items)
Ability Affixing Success +40%
8x (SG Items

15 thoughts to “PSO2 JP SG Scratch: Darkness Conviction”

  1. They could've at least updated the SG recycle to include some of this scratch's items, I've just pulled 30 times and I got nothing but male costumes (my chara is female) and I have literaly nothing to do with them.

    1. I feel you. The opposite usually happens with me. And I agree with the SG recycle, considering I have a ton of those badges that I was saving for the hairstyle at least. If I would have known the specifics I would have hoarded my Star Gems instead of spending them on drinks for the weekly crafts. Ahh well, looks like I'll just have to take advantage of every SG opportunity and hope for the best, and not the worst.

      I am also convinced that it purposely chooses to give you stuff for the opposite sex as I have a male character but I get mostly female items. Wish there was at least a way to improve the odds for your own gender, or a gender trade-in option.

    2. @Jei
      The gender trade-in should be a must for SG since, unlike AC, you can't sell or trade the items and I really have 0 interest on the mother cluster replica items. I'm currently trying to get Matoi's Innocent Cluster costume and I only need the Ba (I have the Red one which is close enough) and the Ou and I'm 4 scratches away from the D Conviction Pass which I'm srsly considering to charge some AC just to get enough SG to get the damn Ou.

      I think that at the very least the SG items should be tradable with premium, a friend of mine scratched 20 times trying to get the Persona outfit, and like you said, he only got stuff for female chara (while his chara his male), he got the Ba for Innocent Cluster, which I would gladly trade with one of my 5 Male Persona outfits. Among those I also got basicaly the full male layer for Lord and a lot of male voices, the fact that the gender trade in option does not exist in an untradable scratch is pretty stupid and unfair

  2. They did gave out tons of sg scratch last month. I dont see any of ur arguments valid. It depends on how u use ur sg. Everyone has received the same amount as u do. Some choose triggers, refresh cf and then complains not enough sg

    Much genius

    1. Gradation color on casts for human hair correlates with Subcolor #3 in the Salon Menu, so you have to change that to change the gradation color. Ugh I am like 4 scratches away from the ticket so I can get the hair. I've scratched like 31 times and I've only gotten 1 outfit and basewear (that I can actually use) the rest were cross-gender, the apprentice hairstyle (which I already had, at least all of my characters have it now), the damaged apprentice headpiece, and the rest have been music discs or stuff I've just traded in for SG Recycle Badges.

      I am hopeful that finishing the bingo (one enemy left that depends on the spawn rate in Christmas on Ice) will get me enough SG to knock out 4 scratches, or at least 3 and I get lucky on one.

    2. I mean I've scratched 36 times. It's 40 for the conviction ticket, so the odds aren't even 1 in 36 depending on what you're going for lol.

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