PSO2 Station #13 Recap

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November 4th Tidbits

Exhibition Match Winners (3d Crystal)

My Character 3D Crystal Figure

  • Signups are now available.
  • 555 characters will be randomly selected
  • Price is 25,000 Yen
  • Payment Method: Credit Card Only
  • Mags, Units, Weapons are not available.
  • Only PSO2, PS Nova, PSO1, PSUniverse, PSPo1/2/Infinity outfits can be used. (PSO2 the Animation and other collaborations are forbidden)
    • Edit: PSO2es falls under the PSO2 series umbrella.
  • Character Creation Data is required.
  • Figure will ship ONLY to Japan.
  • More rules and regulations here

Ultimate Quest Naberius Revival

  • Enemy HP and ATK UP
  • ★13 NT Nemesis series drop.
  • The quest will be converted into a Free-Field style quest with 2 areas. You can defeat the boss in the 2nd area.

Ultimate Quest Naberius (11/8 ~ 11/22)

  • Enemy HP +100%
  • RDR +150% (&) EXP +150%
  • Deus ★14 Weapons
  • ★12 Unit Rear / Weila Board
  • Custom Type 1 +60%
  • Nemesis NT will have an increased drop rate during the event.


Dengeki PS Magazine Item Codes

  • Dengeki PS Magazine that goes on Sale November 9th
    • Dengeki Polytan Land Trigger
    • Dengeki Pickaxe (x20)
    • Dengeki Fishing Rod (x20)
    • Dengeki Badge (x50)
    • Dengeki Poster B

Roadmap Tidbits

  • "Super Special Abilities" will be coming for future weapons.
    • Also known as "S-Class Abilities"
    • The name might change before implementation
  • Battle Arena will have another weapon rotation.
  • In the previous stream they stated "Our Fighting" Christmas version was going to be the next LIVE concert. However, that was a mistake on their part. Instead, the song is going to be Eternal Encore (Christmas Ver).

Io's Hairstyle

  • Io's Episode 4 hairstyle will be coming around the end of the year / new years timeframe.

Dark Blast

  • They hinted at other forms or appearances of Dark Blast. They suggested paying attention to the story.

Lilipa Suit

  • We might be getting a Mini Lilipa Suit in the future.

Monica Sandbag

  • They don't have plans of implementing a Monica Sandbag.

Evleda Unit Series Upgrade

  • There are plans for Evleda Unit Upgrades but it may take some time.
  • (Reminder: It's pronounced Eve-lead-a)

Seasonal NPCs

  • They have plans to introduce seasonal NPCs (like Halloween Matoi) in the future.


December Balance Adjustments

Adjustments will be split in two: Early December & Late December.

Force and Techers

  • A First Blood style skill that treats charged technics as Just Attacks.


  • High Time Reset Conditions Relaxed
    • Becomes similar to Hero Boost.
  • Shift Period expanded range.


  • Buffed the power when gear is low for DB PAs
  • Shoot Photon Blades even at 0 Gear.


  • Pets will receive an HP buff.
  • Increased the speed in which pets move towards the enemy.
  • Defense Candy will receive a buff.
  • The attack range for certain pets will be buffed.
  • They're relaxing an aspect of Pet raising.


  • Expanded normal attack range for Gunslash, Wand, Katana, and Dual Blades.



October 17th Livestream


Post Livestream Updates

  • Added PSO2es

We'll use this as a way to stress test the server. Please expect some delays.



Secret Phrase

  • Say the phrase もうすぐ電撃ポリタンカーニバル in chat to receive several voice tickets from Manami Numakura!
  • You have until 10/25th maintenance to complete this task.


Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • The Creator Phantom
  • Enemy ATK + 200% / HP + 100%
  • RDR & EXP +300%
  • October 17th 23:00 ~
  • EQ Appears After Cosmic Twinkle Star


Enemy Boost Week (10/18 ~ 10/25) (EXP & Rare Drop Boosts)

  • Profound Invasion
    • Enemy Buffs (Extra Hard Only)
    • Enemy HP +500%
    • Enemy ATK +100%
    • ★14 Weapons and Camos such as [*Coat Edge], etc, will drop.
    • ★13 Ray Weapon Series
  • Ultimate Quest Amduscia
    • Enemy HP: +150%
    • Enemy ATK: +100%
    • ★14 Weapons
    • ★12 unit [Rear / Weila Board]
    • ★13 Gix Series Drop Rate UP!
    • Added Craft Items [Custom Type 1 +60%] etc.



Dengeki PS Character Contest

  • The winners will appear as shop npcs for a limited time


Early November

  • Dengeki! Polytan Carnival
  • Dengeki! Polytan Lobby (~ 12/6)
  • Contest winners will appear as NPCs
  • Dengeki PlayStation Mascot [Polytan] will appear in the lobby.
  • You can also get [Polytan's] Partner Card
  • Acquire [Dengeki Badges] from the quest or through gathering.


Early November

  • Various Collab items are available as rewards or from the Exch. Shop.
    • Dengeki T-Shirt Contest Winners
    • Polytan Suit
    • Dengeki Pose
    • Cute ★12 Units (Arm / Leg)
    • And Lots More!
  • New Weapon Camo: Sengeki Blitzkrieg
  • [Dengeki Pose] Lobby Action
  • [Polytan] Accessories


Early November

  • AC Scratch (Vehicle Formers)
  • Vehicle themed layered wear and Parts.
  • Jumpers and Cardigans
  • Scratch Bonus: Elegant Wing & Aeros? Face
  • New Rings added
    • R/ Weak Hit PP Gain
      • Increases the amount of PP recovered when basic attacks hit a weak area.
    • L / Party of Toughness
      • Reduces damage from enemies based on the number of people (2+) in the party.


Early November

  • Limited-Time Emergency Quest: Dengeki! Polytan Land
  • An enemy rush quest where you clear Orders and increase the score.
  • Possible Orders
    • Have less than a certain amount of incapacitations!
    • Destroy a certain number of enemy parts!
    • And more!
  • Clearing these orders boosts the score rate by a certain percentage.
  • Limited Dengeki Enemies: Thunder Rockbear & Thunder Bear
  • Polytan's head will serve as the container for clearing the quest.
  • Polytan Collection (~12/6)
    • Basiliss Series (Looking for naming suggestions)



Late November Update

  • Dead or Alive 5 AC Scratch (Soft Burst)
  • Kasumi, Ayane, Marie Rose, and Ryu Hayabusa's costumes, hairstyles, and accessories will appear in PSO2.
  • Ryu Hayabusa's Dragon Sword Camo
  • DOA Combo Lobby Action
  • Sexy and Cool Posters and Mats


Late November Update

  • PS Nova Cast Parts (Agri and Alki)
  • Various accessories will appear.
  • Surgical Set room Items
  • [Waiting 5] Lobby Action
  • Scratch Bonus: Leg Armor


Late November Update

  • Darkers will now appear in Buster Quests
  • Omega Hunar can also appear.
  • Limited Buster Quest Drop: *Verund Series
  • New items in the Buster Medal Exchange Shop
    • *Cuentin Series
    • Mercenary Visor and Helmet
    • Victory Pose 2


Episode 4 Materials Collection

  • Date: November 25th
  • Price: 3,600 Yen
  • Item Codes
    • Al's Black Outfit Layered Wear M & F
    • Al's Hair Ornaments
    • Al's Ribbon
    • Al's Short Hair 2
    • Male / Female Voice Al
    • Materials Collection Poster
    • Free Salon Pass


3D Crystal Figure

  • 3D Crystal Figure using your character data
  • Application Site Opens Late October
  • Quantity limited to 555 models
  • Price slated for 25,000 Yen ($223≈ USD)


2017 Roadmap

  • Autumn 2017
    • Collaboration Lobby
    • Collaboration Emergency Quest
    • Contest Entries Implemented
    • DOA5 LR Collab
    • Buster Quest Expansion
  • Year End 2017
    • New Opening Movie Added
    • New Episode 5 Story Quest
    • Seasonal LIVE (Eternal Encore Christmas Ver)
    • New SG Scratch
    • Omnibus Quest Episode 3
    • Battle Arena Update
    • Special Ability Affixing System Expansion
    • 12 Player Raid Boss [Erythron Dragon]
  • New Years 2018
    • WEB Event [ARKS New Year Carnival]
    • Omega New Field: The Enchanted Forest?
      • Breakthrough Type Quest: Limited Event
    • Fight Demons and Devil Castles without Defensive Elements
      • Annihilation Type Quest: Limited Event
    • Raid Boss [Rematch Quest]
    • New Bonus Quest


~ The Enchanted Forest ~
Coming January 2018


PSO2es Update

  • Story Quest Season 2 Chapter 3
  • The secret of Duna's birth and a meeting with the mysterious masked woman…
  • Clear Chapter 3 for the Sutra/Stra chip.


PSO2es Update

  • New ★13 chips!
    • Chip level cap 90
    • You can perform two chip unlocks ( release )
    • Has an effect that lowers the cost of PA/Technic chips
  • The first ★13 chip is Ares Kaiser


PSO2es Update

  • Introducing Link Slots…
  • You can equip chips with link skills into the Link Slot.
  • Doing so will boost stats and increase the activation rate.
  • Only some chips will have link skills at the start. More chips will have it in the future.


PSO2es Chip

  • Huge Cutter (11/1) ★12
  • Ray Bow (11/22)
  • Dark Falz Rendezvous [Premium] (10/25~) (AC Limited)
  • Matoi [Halloween]
  • Niren Kamui [Halloween]


PSO2es Update

  • Weaponoid, PA Chips
    • Umblla Stick
    • Teitou Tsuzumi
    • Caduceus
    • Pristine Footwear
    • Strike Gust PA chip



  • Haze Draal Emergency Quest
    • New 13 weapon: Rate Couver
  • Dengeki Adventure (11/8 ~ 12/6)
    • Collect Dengeki Badges and trade for the Polytan Chip.


PSO2es Winter Update

  • New Content: Eternal Tower
  • Climb the tower through a series of battles and loot the rewards.


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