PSO2 (JP) SG Scratch: Melting~! SG Support Item Selection

Melting~! SG Support Item Selection
(Until 4.14.2021)

Scratch Bonus

Play this SG Scratch a specific amount of times for exclusive bonus items!

SG Scratch
Frequency Rewards
10 times Ability Transfer Pass (x4)
20 times Melting~! Support Item Ticket
25 times Add Ability [Mark Receptor]
30 times Ability Transfer Pass (x5)
40 times Melting~! Support Item Ticket
45 times Add Ability [Divine Receptor]
50 times Ability Transfer Pass (x6)
55 times Add Ability [Exceed Receptor]
60 times Melting~! Support Item Ticket
65 times Ability Success Rate +60%

※Players can receive each item only once.
※All of these items are untradeable.

Scratch Lineup




  • 追加エクスキューブ+1 || Extra Cube +1
    • Increases the drop rate of [Excube] by 1.
  • EXPウェポン2箱 || EXP Weapon 2 Box
    • Contains [EXP Weapon2-NT] x2
  • EXPエッグ★14箱 || EXP Egg 14★ Carton
    • Contains [EXP Egg 14★] x4

13 thoughts to “PSO2 (JP) SG Scratch: Melting~! SG Support Item Selection”

    1. up to you ..
      if you want to prepare "good" stats units or weapons for NGS in the beginning when lvling then ye

      and for myself .. i already prepare for that 😡

    2. Are you aware that the system in Ngs is not the same and that the affixes you make in pso2 might be useless in Ngs ? Do you sincerely believe that they will let players use their Guardian / Absolute / Crack / Returner XXVIIIII from the start ?

    3. You do know you can use your old gear in NGS for awhile right? Looks like someone hasn't been reading.

    4. @CYD
      As far as they said, even if the weapon has affixxes they wont work on NG, just like in PSO2es

    5. If you think PSO2 gear will be relevant for longer than 15 minutes in NGS you're delusional

    6. You do know that Cyd is right, PSO2 gear only goes up to 4* in NGS (15* = 4*), and there's absolutely no chance they'd ever let mega-affixed items transfer their stats because it would absolutely destroy game balance right out of the gate – not to mention that most of PSO2's affixes don't even exist in NGS …


    7. They'll be useful for about 6 months top. Affixes DO transfer, but it's not a "make or break" kind fo thing unless you want to day 1 minmax.

    8. It's just that 15* are reduced to 4* because of max star system is different at launch for NGS. I'm pretty sure they will increase the star rating for our gears when they do add more star ratings. Also the affixes do transfer, but their stats will be different from base PSO2. Most things that are being said on this post here are just deductions based on what we know thus far.

    9. what should be worth IT? the scratch Bonus, to look at doodoos face without destroying your monitor? Did you mean your luck on ac scratch? How tf can someone answer that?

    10. Using a certain emote it's so much fun to Cosplay doodoo if victoria is there standing besides her w some guys thought I hacked the game because I stand in the shop …

    1. Check the files again and it will fix the blackscreen after the cutscene

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