PSO2: New Genesis CBT1 Survey Report


Player Report

Data was collected from logged in players during the Period (January 29th, 2021 ~ January 31st, 2021)

Basic Info

Class Level Ratio

  • 1/3rd of players were under level 10
  • A bit over half of players got into the 10's but did not reach 15
  • Only a 1/10th of players got to the CBT1 level cap


Class Popularity

  1. 28% Hunter
  2. 17% Force
  3. 16% Gunner
  4. 15% Ranger
  5. 14% Fighter
  6. 10% Techer

Survey Responses

Days Played

  • 15% of players played 1 day
  • 20% of players played 2 days
  • The rest played every day


About each aspect before starting the game

Character Creation was regarded very highly with 66% of the responses saying either "good" or "very good".

People reported that the game is very large in size and that they are having storage issues. SEGA responded that it was required because the client is seperate from the main game and thus storage requirements will stay high for CBT2.

People also reported having trouble logging in. SEGA apologized for this and has reported that this issue has been solved since CBT1.

CBT2 will have more players, so SEGA is expecting a larger load on the servers, which may cause instability. This is to test server load.


About in-game graphics

Regarding the UI, 30% of the respondents replied "bad" or "very bad" with various details like the font being too small and having problems with the warehouse menu. Changes to these aspects will be made in the official release of the game.

Some changes will also already be in CBT2 such as:

  • Adjustment to the level up notification
  • Correction to swapping behavior of the Main Menu


About the power level of classes

Response to Hunter and Fighter was overwhelmingly positive with 70% responding "good" or "very good". Every other class also got at least 50% of the same responses.

On the other hand a lot of people responded to the survey wanting "better cancel timings" and a "faster game feel".

Changes to cancel timings will be made based on the opinions given. The faster game feel on the other hand they have no plans of changing currently citing that it's easier to get into the game and that game tempo has increased due to the newly introduced actions "photon glide" and "photon dash".


About main and sub tasks

Regarding tasks general response has been quite negative with a substantial higher rate of "bad" and "very bad". The guides are hard to understand and are hard to find. This will be improved in the official release of the game.


About exploration and combat

Regarding map design the general response was quite good with 62% of responses being "good" or "very good". Response to gathering on the other hand was quite bad citing that spawns were infrequent. For CBT1 ore spawn rates will be revised upwards.

People also noted that there was a heavy shortage of ν-grinders. Adjustments to this will be made.


About Tower and Cocoon Quests

Regarding Tower and Cocoon Quests, around 90% of respondents was pleased with the difficulty and fun factor of the quest. The difficulty of finding them was generally mixed seeing around the same ratio of bad and good responses and a majority being quite neutral about it. SEGA deems the quest types to be rightly balanced.


About Trials

The general opinion of trials was quite positive with around 90% feeling "average" or higher about it. The main complaint is that trials are generally too easy or too many people participate in them. This will be adjusted so trials of various difficulties will appear.


About Emergency Quests

Regarding the matching system people reported many problems such as the wrong number of players being displayed in the matching screen and that the system was hard to understand. CBT2 will feature some fixes for problems people had and the design of the system will be re-reviewed before the official launch of the game.


About the new additions in PSO2:NGS

The response to the new actions such as the Photon Glide, Photon Dash, Multi-Weapons, Ryuker device and all the communication options have been quite positive with around 85% neutral to positive responses.

There were some complaints about the Mag Sonar. The range is too short to be of use and in general the mag importance feels quite low. The range of the sonar is adjusted to not impair the exploration process and they are mostly happy with the way it is right now. They also wanted to move away from mags being useful in battle, which is why it's the way it is right now.


Regarding other opinions

  • "Storage requirements are too high"
    • Because of the addition of the NGS data, the size of the game had to increase. You can however choose to only install the required parts of PSO2 to just play NGS, which should lower the storage requirements substantially.
  • "Enemy spawns in North-Aerio are too low"
    • North-Aerio is a collection zone made so you can farm various materials like meat, ores and plants. This is why the spawn rate in this section is lower. There are specific combat sections like in CBT1, Mount Magnus, which have higher spawn rates. More of these sections will be implemented with the official launch of the game.
  • "Opinions about the play cycle"
    • Many people responded to the survey requesting that Emergency Quest don't become the center of progression. NGS is designed so there is a balance between progression through Emergency Quests and other activities like exploration and gathering.


General Evaluation

  • 80% of the playerbase responded saying they are excited to play the finished product
  • 19% responded saying they will play if quality changes are made before launch
  • 1% said they don't want to play at all

12 thoughts to “PSO2: New Genesis CBT1 Survey Report”

  1. Always loved those good-bad choices on difficulty like they actually mean anything:
    The game is too hard = very good! t. tryhard
    The game is too hard = very bad! t. casual

    Also I wonder if players commented on certain shitty aspects of otherwise good NGS character editor or were too busy playing the game to notice… things…

    1. Well considering most of the collected data on questing went more into the neutral area, it's a safe bet both groups were unsatisfied.

  2. I'm going to ignore the class popularity, because it was 3 days of beta and that was enough to test every class. Also, Hunter gotta be like the default class until you select the new class. Not saying Hunter is bad or anything…. just the whole stats looks off

  3. UI is garbage. Instead of stylish and distinct PSO2 ui, NGS has some generic flat mobile nothing, that might as well be newbie 3D or graphics editor.
    Bad fonts and what not only make it worse.

  4. So People are still unsatisfied with FO on NGS, honestly what could sega possibly do to FO to "make it better," besides survivability. To me PP Conversion on FO's tree is already a good thing. IMO, adding reduced tech charge time throughout Photon Flare's duration can be an improvement and also adding PSO2 TE's Natural PP Regen boost while moving and standing still. I know this sounds like shamelessly stealing normal PSO2 TE's tree, but hey at least FO won't need to rely on TE only subclass.

    1. TE is a bad subclass to FO now anyway. Even before, if you wanted damage, you went FoFi. Now it's FoPh, FoEt, or FoLu, all with their own strengths.
      I'd rather see FO get PP regen and element boosting trees, and TE get element conversion and JA/Cha/Uncha techs, so that the tech balance favors every element for every class.

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