PSO2: July 26 Update Preview

Hero Class

Hero is finally arriving to PSO2 on July 26th. This class utilizes Swords, Twin Machine Guns, and Talises, and can switch between them on the fly with special PAs. You can learn more about Heroes in our preview post.


Story Quest

Episode 5 doesn't utilize concepts like Story Boards and Matter Boards from previous updates. Instead, the story will be accessed in a much simpler manner with quests focusing on action and "quests" focusing on events. The story can be initiated either from the Bridge or Quest Counter. You can even select the difficulty with [Easy] or [Normal].

The story centers around a black hole that is expanding at an alarming rate. Fearing for the worst that the entire universe will get sucked in, our heroes head to Omega, a "dream" derived of the Akashic Record.


Omnibus Quests

Omnibus Quests are a reconstruction of the stories from Episode 1 through Episode 3. The quests can be initiated from Alma who will provide commentary to the various events. Players both new and old can enjoy this feature as there might be some discoveries left to learn.

Omnibus Quests will start with Episode 1, with plans to release the remaining episodes in the future.


Beach Wars 2017

The 2017 iteration of Beach Wars will have Aratron appear in an Emergency Trial. Speaking of which, Aratron Phemut and Gal Gryphon will appear as bosses within the quest.


Beach Wars will also have its own Collection File with the new [Fornis Gennes] knuckles. Other Fornis weapons will cover Assault Rifle and Rod. The ★13 partisan [Grandia]  will appear as a drop in the quest.



Other Changes

Lobby Changes

  • Shirona is finally getting a counter in the lobby.
  • Some NPC locations will change.

Fine Tuned Accessory Adjustment

  • The slider has been upgraded for a more fine tuned placement of accessories.

Accessory Stacking

  • You can now stack the same accessory up to 4 times!

Aesthetic Ticket Account Sharing

  • Using the same ticket twice will enable that product to be used on the entire account. This will also apply if you registered the same accessory to different characters prior to Episode 5.
  • (They did not specify the entire scope of items that fall under this rule, but we do know that Accessory Tickets were heavily implied.)

Multi-Block Quest Matching

  • You can now match up with players from different blocks. This is an optional feature that can be chosen prior to starting the quest.

Material Storage

  • This storage box only allows items classified under "Materials" and "Order Items."  You can transfer these kinds of items from your Item Pack to the Material Storage. This feature is an AC service costing 1,500 for 30 days, and 3,600 for 90 days.

Client Order Adjustments

  • Relaxed Koffie's Field unlocking Orders
  • Relaxed the conditions for Skill Point Client Orders.
    • RNG/EQ enemies will be replaced with Free Field enemies.
  • Revelle will receive new ESCA-Darker orders.
  • Hans and Revelle orders will see some improvements.

Effort Symbol Hero

  • An Effort Symbol ring will be added for Hero. You'll need to collect "Hr Materials" from [Solo Training: Bounds of Corruption] to create this ring.

Recycle Shop Access

  • The Recycle Shop can now be accessed from the Camp Ship.

My Set Expansion

  • Added 3 more My Set slots to the Class Counter

More items to the Exchange Shop

  • Trade in [Episode Zero Memory] for Gettemhart and Melphonsina layered wear and hairstyles.
  • Trade in [Weapono! Memory] for PSO2es comic related items.


Legendary Heroes AC Scratch

This scratch contains hero themed layeredwear and accessories.


Outfits for summoners from the land of Cuent will also appear.


This time we'll have cast parts from the Vodham series and Croire series.


26 thoughts to “PSO2: July 26 Update Preview”

  1. >Shirona is finally getting a counter in the lobby.
    >but seraphy will prolly be stuck with revelle forever
    feels bad, mangs.

    also, /gg at
    >taking the RNG out of the +5sp orders
    being followed by
    >giving revelle orders for escadarkers, which are RNG only unless you replay ep4 storyquests
    especially since the only really RNG target for the +5 orders is the rappy, because sir fangbang and rag-neesan are available without fail through a TA quest.

    1. Rappy has a 100% spawn in extreme quests so it doesn't have any RNG involved for +5SP COs from the start

  2. I spoke with my teammates about this but it would be nice if they made a closet in your "My Room" where you could store all your outfits instead if them put in your storage,

  3. Yeh I'd like them to give me my closet also!! right after they release it to U.S. so I can play!!!!!!!

  4. "Multi-Block Quest Matching"
    Sega, now one last step – allow to campship from teamrooms so teams will finally use them.

    1. I'd be happy if they stuck a shared tree in the shop area, all kinds of wasted space there. The campship thing isn't going to happen because team rooms aren't on blocks hence why people never go to them before eqs.

  5. So many games have separate currency wallets. I wish SEGA would follow suit if they insist on adding a new material to collect every month. Material storage is a feature desperately needed as a baseline, and they've thrown it behind a rental paywall. Quite possibly one of the worst methods of storage expansion, IMO.

  6. Interestingly, this AC scratch will also have a new scratch bonus: a ticket that lets you pick any one thing from the prize list of that scratch.
    Basically a "sorry you whaled too hard" consolation, but by that point you'd probably have enough stuff to flip on the shops to buy whatever it is you wanted from players….

    1. Can confirm, after reading the image in that tweet. 30 times, then 60 times, or 30×200=6000¥, then 60×200=12000¥. For the Gold scratch, it's 12×500=6000¥, so depending on what exactly you want, you can just drop $60 on the AC scratch and pull it as your bonus.

    2. Took them 5 years for accessory sharing, 5-fucking-years. Let's keep it real, pso2 fails at so much and like 90% of the time. Why do I still play this game? Oh that's right, waiting for another MMO.

    3. What exactly PSO2 fails at? It sure doesn't fail at being the best co-op action game released in the past 5 years.

    4. Ah its the merry pso2-west tradition.
      When some feature is implemented, you say "wow took them [years since game launch] to do it" and empty your bowels. Then you can join us and milling through all other pso2 flaws and writing down 20 paragraph thesis on what should be improved, remade or simply removed. That's just how we roll.

    5. Quest might've hit a foul there, but to say that all western PSO2 players act that way is absolutely nonsensical.

    6. Difficulty in the form of a possibility of failure. Incentive to play completely robbed by stones and collection files that make the game more of a job where you have to grind x y times instead of the joy of having an actual rare unique drop. Content outside of a "spectacle" fight twice every year and EQs. Numerous other stuff that have been said elsewhere.

    7. Do X thing certain times is grinding and grinding is the core of a rpg game. Players who don't enjoy grinding, rpg is not for them.

      Joy of rare unique drop? *13 weapons, *12 units and *14 weapons still drop. And don't forget about "the frustration of no drops."

      If a player needs to rely solely on "rare unique drop" to improve their equipment. There will be a huge amount of "unlucky" players gated out of endgame content, just like a famous Korean MMORG which end game gear gated by end game content and end game content requires end game gear to do it.

      This is a problem what collection file and stones trying to solve.

      Well, players will always complain what they have and what they don't have whatever they have or they don't have. It's perfectly fine to complain, but before complaining, at least try to understand what developers trying to achieve with it.

    8. Not many games offer outfits and accessories to be shared account wide, Most of them require patron access, and some only transfer vanity and weapons.(no currency etc)

  7. BTW Cuent/Qwent/Whatever costumes are stated as "魔導士(mages)", not "召喚士(summoners)" in the original Japanese.

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