PSO2 Live Broadcast #13 Schedule and Madoka Preview

The 13th PSO2 Live Broadcast will air October 15th @ 21:00 JST. You can watch it live on Nico Nico!

PSO2 Live Broadcast Topics

  • Viewer Survey! Write about what you'd like to see in PSO2! Submission deadline on October 15th at 13:00 JST.
  • The Latest PSO2 News and Information
  • Live Playthrough of the new "Seabed" field
  • Watch as our guests fare off against "Decol Maluda" a new Seabed Mini Boss.
  • New "Classified" information to be revealed only at the Live Broadcast
  • PSO2 Thanks Festa Mook details.
  • Win prizes by commenting a special "phrase"

Aside from this, a new magazine scan revealed the costumes for the Puella Magi Madoka Magica collaboration.


Madoka and Homura costumes, weapon camos, and a Kyubey mag will be arriving later this month.

Famitsu and Dengeki Magazine Tidbits

  • October 23: Super Hard versions of Ruins, Dragon Altar, Coast and Quarry.
  • Sakai is planning to release "super hard" versions of Advance Quests but no release date scheduled at this time

Phantasy Star Music Collection 2000 ~ 2007

Sega is releasing a Phantasy Star Online 10 Disk CD Set that contains remastered music from PSO, PSOv2, PSO Episode 1 and 2, PSO Episode 3, PSO Blue Burst, PSO Blue Burst Episode 4, Phantasy Star Universe, and Phantasy Star Universe Ambition of Illuminus.

  • Release Date: December 25th, 2013
  • Contents: 10 Disk CD Set + 1 DVD + PSO2 Item Codes
  • Price: 16,800 YEN (around $171) 

 [Thanks Manta]

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