PSO2 Live Broadcast 14 Recap

Lottie and Lubert Partner Card

Lottie and Lubert Partner Cards


Super Hard TA

Super Hard Time Attack Quests

Time Attack Client Orders

  • Klotho's Very Hard TACOs will be changed to allow you to clear them on "Very Hard or Higher" difficulties.


Fate Stay and Prisma Illya

AC Scratch Phantasm Artifact

Late November Collab

  • Fate/stay night and Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya Costumes, weapon camos, and voice tickets will be available.

Fate Stay Weapon Camos

Fate Stay Weapon Camos

  • 乖離剣エア Ea: Sword of Rupture (Sword)
  • 約束された勝利の剣 Excalibur: Sword of Promised Victory (Sword and Katana)
  • 偽・螺旋剣 Fake Spiral Sword (Bullet Bow)
  • 宝石剣ゼルレッチ Jewel Sword Zelretch (Gunslash and Wand)
  • 干将・莫耶 Kanshou and Bakuya (Twin Dagger)
  • マジカルルビー Magical Ruby (Wand)


Badge Exchange Shop

Badge Exchange Shop Update

Arks Badge Blue Exchange Items

  • 宇宙の泉 Cosmo Fountain
  • サボテチェア Cactachair
  • フェームフラッグ Fame Flag (Weapon Camo)
  • ミリオネア Millionaire (Weapon Camo)

Cradle of Darkness EQ

Cradle of Darkness Emergency Quest


December Update

Chrismas Lobby

Christmas Event 2013

December Update

  • Christmas Lobby until 12/31
  • Christmas Bingo until 1/15
  • Saint Rappy and Saint Mr. Umblla

Merry Christmas On Ice 2

Merry Christmas on Ice 2

Merry Christmas on Ice 2

  • Bird Darkers
  • Naura Cake Shop
  • Christmas Decorations in the Tundra


New BR PAs

New Braver PAs

New Katana Photon Arts

  • シュンカシュンラン  Shunka-shunran
  • フドウクチナシ Fudou-kuchinashi

New Bullet Bow Photon Arts

  • バニッシュアロウ Banish Arrow
  • ラストネメシス Last Nemesis


Very Merry Christmas

Very Merry Christmas Scratch

 Very Merry Christmas AC Scratch

  • Colorful new Santa Dresses
  • ARKS Coat
  • Saint Rappy Suit
  • Reindeer Suit

Mining Base Defense

Mining Base Defense

  • 12 Player Quest
  • Defend the Base as enemies attack in waves.
  • New Boss: ダーク・ビブラス Dark Bibras
  • Players are ranked at the 'Wave Results' screen.
  • A new opening movie will be released.


Special Phrase

Special Phrase 2

 PSO2 Special Keyword

Special Phrase: にじゅうろくたろう

  • Say the special phrase in chat between now through November 20th's maintenance to receive 5 Blue Arks Badges.
  • Use these badges to trade for the new items at the Badge Exchange Shop
  • These Arks Badges will be distributed sometime in the future.


 Other Stuff

Music COllection

Phantasy Star Music Collection 2000-2007

PS Music Collection 2000 ~ 2007

  • Release Date: 12/25
  • Contains: 10 CDs and 1 DVD
  • Price: 16,800 Yen
  • Item Codes: A Piano Mat, DJ Booth, PSO Ep 1, 2, and 4 BGM Discs for all stages.
  • Each BGM disc contains different "Tunes" you can change on the fly.

Other Stuff

  • Sakai and FFXIV Producer, Naoki Yoshida, will chat in issue #555 of Dengeki Playstation. In that issue you can receive an item code for the Polytan mag.


Arks Grand Prix PC Division

 Weapon camo designs from team "Love Phoenix."


ARKS Grand Prix Vita Division

 Weapon camo designs from team "Oblivion."

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