PSO2 Live Broadcast 3: Techer Improvements and Destroyer of History Preview

Today the Nico Nico Broadcast aired with the following tidbits though we are still adding to this information, so please await further changes when refreshing the page.

  • Ruins: VH 42+ / H 35+ / N 25+
  • Other VH level requirements will be lowered. 
  • 1 Excube gives 30 Grinders
  • 11/7: Rare Boss Appearance Rate UP tenfold!
  • 11/7: Items required for the Level Cap CO will be adjusted.
  • 11/7: 7 ~ 9 star item drop rate adjusted.
  • 11/7: Techer improvements
  • 11/7: Some 10 star weapons will be adjusted.
  • Tomorrow's update is 1.6GB
  • Head bow apology for the recent LV41+ EXP requirement mess.

Some adjustments for Techer include:

  • Faster attack speed for Wands and better reach.
  • Hitstop reduced (for an explanation…)
  • Shifta Advance, Deband Advance improved.
  • Shifta Critical, Deband Cut improved.
  • Territory Burst's range and duration improved.
  • Wand Gear's power increased.


Introducing a new mid boss known as "Wolgahda", he punches diagonally into the ground and does a stomp attack that stuns you. He does a dive attack and slides across the floor. The Rockbear boss theme plays when battling him.

Destroyer of History Part 2

  • Falz Hunar Boss! (In a story quest.)
  • New Mag Evolution Device
  • Female variation of Male Outfits
  • Arks Ceremonial Lobby (until 12/5)
  • Arks Trainee Costumes
  • Arks Flag Ceremony Scratch

Sakai updated his blog today basically circulating around ideas on how to further improve the game from what was announced last week. However, most of his ideas are just in the concept stages as the development team continues to examine measures for the betterment of the game.

Since October, they have improved their responses to cheating thanks to the new cheat detection system. Now they are able to ban accounts faster than before. Quite a lot of account bans were handed out in October. So far 13,707 accounts were banned. However, one of the problems with a F2P game is how accounts can be created for free. This creates a vicious circle where the new account is banned once again when cheating is detected. Further improvements will be made to the system to improve the accuracy on how it detects these accounts.

Another problem area is lag, they've made efforts to reduce the problem by placing various load reduction measures to the My Shop search menu. They believe one thing causing the lag is from cheaters mass acquiring items. With the detection system in place, they can confirm through strange entries to the database of suspicious activity from certain users.

The development team is currently looking at the effects the NPC vendor prices had on the economy. Though it should take some more time to study, somewhere around here you can expect to see some changes in the future. However, he cannot yet announce these changes at this time. He feels that if they were to say something about it now, it could lead to some confusion, so they ask you wait a bit more.

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