PSO2 Live Broadcast #31 Recap

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 Post Livestream Update

  • Text cleanup.
  • Split up the Robes from the Coats.
  • We're legally obligated to tell you that it's actually the doppelganger [Apprentice].
  • Added ARKS Festival info.


The PSO2 ARKS Caravan! Broadcasting live on the island of Shikoku!


 EQ Poll May 5

PSO2 Live Broadcast Boosted EQ

  • Annihilator's Apparition (After the Live Concert)
  • +100% EXP and Rare Drop Boost
  • Attend the concert for an additional +10% boost.
  • May 5th @ 22:00 JST


PSO2 Secret Phrase'

Secret Phrase

  • Say あわたろう in chat sometime between now through May 13th's maintenance to receive this lovely accessory!
    • Carnation (Accessory)
    • 5 Casino Coin Passes



Wedding Lobby

Late May Update

  • Wedding lobby (~6/10)
  • Wedding Bell Gimmick Object
  • Ring the wedding bells and experience a shower of flowers!


Team Room Ruins

Late May Update

  • Aquatic Ruins Team Room added!


Creator Collab npc

Late May Update

  • Limited Cast NPCs designed by Masaki APSY.
  • Red Oni-hime Shiki will appear in the lobby handing out client orders.
  • Clear the client orders to get the partner card.
  • Shiki will also appear in Emergency Trials.
  • Red Oni Monk will appear in Emergency Trials.


Sacred Witchcraft Scratch

Late May Update

  • AC Scratch: Sacred Witch Craft
  • Features the cast designs from Masaki APSY
  • Ethnic robes and Dark style coats.
  • New variation of the Wedding Dress!


Advance Caps 1

Late May Update (Advance Quest Update)

  • Play Advance Quests with Level 80 Enemies! Pay Additional Advance Capsules to increase the RISK.
  • New ★12 "LIVE" weapon series (Large Pyroxenes)
    • (Hypothetical) Material Costs for 1 Weapon:
      • 15x Large Vayu
      • 15x Large Agni
      • 15x Large Prithvi


Zieg Live Series

Late May Update (Advance Quest Update)

  • Show the LIVE weapon series to Zieg to get DF Weapon Drops
  • [Persona] and Doppelganger [Apprentice] can appear on the field.
  • More ★12 weapons!



Lili Roulette

Mid June Update

  • New Casino Game "Li~Li~ Roulette"
  • Let's Bet and make a fortune!
  • New Casino Client Orders and Casino Prizes!


Interface June

 Mid-June Update (Interface Improvements)

  • 10x FUN Scratch
  • Open the Recycle Shop from the Main Menu
  • Confirm details of Set effects
  • Detailed sub-categories for My Shop Search


Ultimate Buster June

Mid-June Update

  • Transferable Ultimate Buster
  • More Skill Point Client Orders


Shining Scratch again

Mid June Update

  • New Scratch: Shining Live Stage
  • Costumes, accessories, weapon camos, and voice tickets from popular Shining Resonance characters.
    • Sonia
    • Yuma
    • Kirika
    • Marion
    • Rinna



Sonic Event 2015

Mid-June Update

  • PSO2's 3-Year Anniversary Event
  • Sonic Lobby (~6/24)
  • What will happen when you collect all the rings in the lobby?
  • Third Anniversary Xie will be appearing in the lobby handing out COs.
  • Sonic Nyau may appear on the field.
  • ★13 "Yozakura" Weapon Series at the Third Anniversary Exchange Shop!
  • "Yozakura" (alt: Night Cherry Blossoms or Night Sakura) weapon series.


Maximum Attack event

Mid June Update

  • An "All Star Quest" taking place in the Darker's Base.
  • Maximum Attack interlocking WEB event begins!
  • More ★12 "Nox" weapons.


Ship Comp Round 5

Late June Update

  • Arks Ship Competition #5: Third Anniversary Cup!
  • Ships will be split up into 4 groups.
  • You can check out Round Bonus info at the Quest Counter.
  • Many new reward items.
  • Read Tanzaku messages from the Bamboo Tree. (Sega is accepting submissions from Twitter).



2wei Hertz

Late June Update

  • New Scratch: Magical Prism Phantasm.
  • Luvia and Miyu's Costumes, Hairstyles, Accessories, and Voices.
  • Weapon Camos and Room Items will appear as well.


 pso2es anniversary

PSO2es Anniversary Event

  • iOS Service Anniversary Event (May 14th).
  • Seraphy [Anniversary] appears in the Birthday Fest Scratch!
  • Earn 10 Rappy Medals when you login May 14th!


PSO2es Event Update

PSO2es Event and Update Details

  • Earn a PSO2es exclusive 11 star Unit by trading in 20 Rare enemy chips.
  • Get a [Dark Dual Blades Intensif.] Chip by trading in 15 scratch items.
  • New Chips
    • PA Chip "Speed Rain"



Suzuhito Yasuda Designs

July Update

  • Creator Collaboration Part 2!
  • Suzuhito Yasuda's costume, NPC, and weapon camo designs will be implemented during an update in July.
  • Chips will appear in PSO2es as well.



~ July Update ~

~ Virtual-On Outfits ~
~ PSO 15th Anniversary Outfits ~
~ Head towards Kuro(nia) This Summer ~



 Misaki APSY Cast Designs

August Merchandise

  • Masaki APSY's "Red Oni-Hime Shiki" will be available in August!
  • 1/12 Scale Plastic Model
  • The Plastic Model will appear in-game as an NPC.
  • Bonus Content
    • Male and Female Costumes
    • Dual Blade and Sword weapons
    • Voice Tickets
    • Accessory
    • Sticker
    • PSO2 Installation DVDs


 ARKS Caravan Conclusion

Arks Caravan Conclusion

  • Arks Festival, live at the Ariake Coliseum in August!
  • PSO2 Live Broadcast and 3rd Annual Cosplay Contest!


Were ARKS song

Arks Festival's Theme Song

  • Title: We're ARKS!
  • Takenobu Mitsuyoshi (The Daytona USA vocalist)











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