PSO2 Live Broadcast #31 Recap

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 Post Livestream Update

  • Text cleanup.
  • Split up the Robes from the Coats.
  • We're legally obligated to tell you that it's actually the doppelganger [Apprentice].
  • Added ARKS Festival info.


The PSO2 ARKS Caravan! Broadcasting live on the island of Shikoku!


 EQ Poll May 5

PSO2 Live Broadcast Boosted EQ

  • Annihilator's Apparition (After the Live Concert)
  • +100% EXP and Rare Drop Boost
  • Attend the concert for an additional +10% boost.
  • May 5th @ 22:00 JST


PSO2 Secret Phrase'

Secret Phrase

  • Say あわたろう in chat sometime between now through May 13th's maintenance to receive this lovely accessory!
    • Carnation (Accessory)
    • 5 Casino Coin Passes



Wedding Lobby

Late May Update

  • Wedding lobby (~6/10)
  • Wedding Bell Gimmick Object
  • Ring the wedding bells and experience a shower of flowers!


Team Room Ruins

Late May Update

  • Aquatic Ruins Team Room added!


Creator Collab npc

Late May Update

  • Limited Cast NPCs designed by Masaki APSY.
  • Red Oni-hime Shiki will appear in the lobby handing out client orders.
  • Clear the client orders to get the partner card.
  • Shiki will also appear in Emergency Trials.
  • Red Oni Monk will appear in Emergency Trials.


Sacred Witchcraft Scratch

Late May Update

  • AC Scratch: Sacred Witch Craft
  • Features the cast designs from Masaki APSY
  • Ethnic robes and Dark style coats.
  • New variation of the Wedding Dress!


Advance Caps 1

Late May Update (Advance Quest Update)

  • Play Advance Quests with Level 80 Enemies! Pay Additional Advance Capsules to increase the RISK.
  • New ★12 "LIVE" weapon series (Large Pyroxenes)
    • (Hypothetical) Material Costs for 1 Weapon:
      • 15x Large Vayu
      • 15x Large Agni
      • 15x Large Prithvi


Zieg Live Series

Late May Update (Advance Quest Update)

  • Show the LIVE weapon series to Zieg to get DF Weapon Drops
  • [Persona] and Doppelganger [Apprentice] can appear on the field.
  • More ★12 weapons!



Lili Roulette

Mid June Update

  • New Casino Game "Li~Li~ Roulette"
  • Let's Bet and make a fortune!
  • New Casino Client Orders and Casino Prizes!


Interface June

 Mid-June Update (Interface Improvements)

  • 10x FUN Scratch
  • Open the Recycle Shop from the Main Menu
  • Confirm details of Set effects
  • Detailed sub-categories for My Shop Search


Ultimate Buster June

Mid-June Update

  • Transferable Ultimate Buster
  • More Skill Point Client Orders


Shining Scratch again

Mid June Update

  • New Scratch: Shining Live Stage
  • Costumes, accessories, weapon camos, and voice tickets from popular Shining Resonance characters.
    • Sonia
    • Yuma
    • Kirika
    • Marion
    • Rinna



Sonic Event 2015

Mid-June Update

  • PSO2's 3-Year Anniversary Event
  • Sonic Lobby (~6/24)
  • What will happen when you collect all the rings in the lobby?
  • Third Anniversary Xie will be appearing in the lobby handing out COs.
  • Sonic Nyau may appear on the field.
  • ★13 "Yozakura" Weapon Series at the Third Anniversary Exchange Shop!
  • "Yozakura" (alt: Night Cherry Blossoms or Night Sakura) weapon series.


Maximum Attack event

Mid June Update

  • An "All Star Quest" taking place in the Darker's Base.
  • Maximum Attack interlocking WEB event begins!
  • More ★12 "Nox" weapons.


Ship Comp Round 5

Late June Update

  • Arks Ship Competition #5: Third Anniversary Cup!
  • Ships will be split up into 4 groups.
  • You can check out Round Bonus info at the Quest Counter.
  • Many new reward items.
  • Read Tanzaku messages from the Bamboo Tree. (Sega is accepting submissions from Twitter).



2wei Hertz

Late June Update

  • New Scratch: Magical Prism Phantasm.
  • Luvia and Miyu's Costumes, Hairstyles, Accessories, and Voices.
  • Weapon Camos and Room Items will appear as well.


 pso2es anniversary

PSO2es Anniversary Event

  • iOS Service Anniversary Event (May 14th).
  • Seraphy [Anniversary] appears in the Birthday Fest Scratch!
  • Earn 10 Rappy Medals when you login May 14th!


PSO2es Event Update

PSO2es Event and Update Details

  • Earn a PSO2es exclusive 11 star Unit by trading in 20 Rare enemy chips.
  • Get a [Dark Dual Blades Intensif.] Chip by trading in 15 scratch items.
  • New Chips
    • PA Chip "Speed Rain"



Suzuhito Yasuda Designs

July Update

  • Creator Collaboration Part 2!
  • Suzuhito Yasuda's costume, NPC, and weapon camo designs will be implemented during an update in July.
  • Chips will appear in PSO2es as well.



~ July Update ~

~ Virtual-On Outfits ~
~ PSO 15th Anniversary Outfits ~
~ Head towards Kuro(nia) This Summer ~



 Misaki APSY Cast Designs

August Merchandise

  • Masaki APSY's "Red Oni-Hime Shiki" will be available in August!
  • 1/12 Scale Plastic Model
  • The Plastic Model will appear in-game as an NPC.
  • Bonus Content
    • Male and Female Costumes
    • Dual Blade and Sword weapons
    • Voice Tickets
    • Accessory
    • Sticker
    • PSO2 Installation DVDs


 ARKS Caravan Conclusion

Arks Caravan Conclusion

  • Arks Festival, live at the Ariake Coliseum in August!
  • PSO2 Live Broadcast and 3rd Annual Cosplay Contest!


Were ARKS song

Arks Festival's Theme Song

  • Title: We're ARKS!
  • Takenobu Mitsuyoshi (The Daytona USA vocalist)











42 thoughts to “PSO2 Live Broadcast #31 Recap”

  1. …looks like sega mixed up the models with the nox series DBs and daggers.

    and this is what. six fate/whatever collabs now? nasu's rollin' in cash here, guys.
    I feel almost vaguely cheated. they claimed they'd be revealing a "HUGE HUGE HUGE" collab, but I see nothing special.

  2. With all these little changes to old systems happening, I can't help but wonder when the camo system will be fixed so that we can actually equip more than one camo?

  3. Was I the only one that noticed the snazzy, updated version of Pioneer 2 in the background when they revealed the Humar and Hunewearl outfits? Is that going to be a playable area at some point, anyone know?

    1. In the most recent roadmap, they announced there was going to be a 'PSO Anniversary Boss and Team Room' and it was revealed later on they were going to add Gal Gryphon (which is the anniversary boss) and Pioneer 2 was shown in the same video, so current evidence would suggest that it will be a team room

    2. Oh sweet, guess I missed that somehow. o.o Well thanks for the heads up on that.

    1. Agreed, I had the same thought when I saw it. Was like "Is that supposed to be Sonic? It doesn't really look like him other than being blue and having his sneakers, other than that it just looks creepy as faq…"

    2. The first thing I thought when I saw the new Nyau:

    3. Why can't we have a nice Sonic appearing in the field instead of this corrupted abomination 🙁

  4. Since it's not listed and no one's talking about it, I thought I'd mention that you require 5 Ultimate Busters in order to transfer the ability. At the very least, it's a guaranteed 100% chance to transfer, and they'll also add one more fodder slot, so you can use 6 weapons instead of only 5 (i.e. 5 weapons to transfer Ultimate Buster onto your weapon + 1 extra slot for any extra abilities/boosts).

    1. no those dark coats where in original pso as npc skin 1 if the /npc code was active. if anything a army of those guys is better

  5. Nyau is not a Sonic rip-off
    it seems that some of the younger members of the community are a little kungfused about the new character Nyau…Nyau is a member of a species that lived long, long ago in a time known as "the 80's" (see also "the dark ages")
    Here is a picture from Phantasy Star (1988)
    i would suggest getting a copy of this classic game and re-living the story that started it all or for some of you , seeing it for the first time
    either that or google a walk-through and it will pretty much sum it up for you
    hopefully this clears up the funkungfusion a little…
    any gaming questions from the dark ages, you know where to find me 🙂

    1. Pretty sure they were talking about the Sonic-themed Nyau, dude. Also,

      >saving anything as a .bmp

      What year even is this.

    2. Sonic-Nyau =/= Nyau.
      Indeed, Nyau's a monster created for the original phantasy star, the sanic-thing they made is just a Sonic themed Nyau, that isn't a ripoff.
      Unless of course you take that as a ripoff, in that case they made a lot of them with Fate/Stay, Hatsune Miku, Attack on titan and whatnot.

    3. No, Myau is the thing created for Phantasy Star. It even says so in the picture linked above. Nyau is the thing they made for PSO2, though it's obviously based off of Myau.

      More importantly, why is any of this a point of contention in the first place? Who cares if it's a Sonic ripoff? It's Sega. Sega owns both IPs. They can do whatever they damn well please with them.

    4. Actually, the PS1 character was ミャウ /Myau; the PSO2 one is ニャウ/Nyau.

  6. wondering whatstartd this threa. all this IP is segas, so who cares.. if they wanna slap sonic masks on ciaos. (like in psu) or paint a nyau blue to homage sonic.. who cares? nyau is a pso2 character, myau is difernt char. if your gonna say its based of thatone, well you might as well say nyau is based off every single anthropomorphic cat. lol. they decorate nyau according to season, and events. so sonics bday, its no surpise they did this. sega isnt going to have us beat up sonic… serously? but this is same community that still calls it falz "loser" =_= way to apply amercan logic to Japanese game lol^^b

    1. what do you expect people to call him? his name is literally "loser". that's what 敗者 means. loser, vanquished, defeated, etc.
      he even says it when he's freaking out after being trounced the first time. "this luther is…! this [loser] is…!"
      it's a wordplay. the japanese love wordplays.

      of all the things to call the western userbase out on, you pick the one time that they aren't getting something wrong.

    2. TECHNICALLY it is supposed to be Dark Falz Luther. However, all of the Dark Falz Epitaphs are something different from how they pronounce them due to some dumb anime/manga thing that has no equivalent the vast majority of languages.

      The patch team defaulted to the pronounced name and normalized all of the Epitaph names to match, [Colossus] became [Elder], [Youth] Became [Apprentice], I have no clue what [Double]'s Epitaph really means, and [Mask](literally "Kamen") is [Persona]

      They broke this rule and kept [Loser] because Loser and Luther are kinda Homonyms in spoken Japanese, and that the patch team did not want to pass up on this pun. Not to mention Old Apprentice in the final chapter of ep2 while talking to Luther calls him [Loser] as a sly insult that Luther does not pick up on.

      not really nitpickin but I just wanted to put the whole story out there as I have heard it.

    3. This might not be directly related, but who knows.
      There is a fancy thing in manga when there is a written kanji word, but a side kana nearby reads something possibly entirely different. It mibht be closer to the meaning in this particular context, or rather imbue the phrase with even more meaning than its possible to tell quick enough.
      The vagueness of the language allows that, so native playerbase doesn't have issues wtih duality, maybe.

    4. that's pretty much what's going on; if pso2 wasn't voiced, the first time the resident cosmic horrors showed up their kanji titles would probably have those furigana things telling you how to read them.

      elder is really the only one where it really diverges all that much from a reasonable contextual interpretation of the kanji, though. . .

    5. the only reason it's loser is bc the ppl making eng patch decided. Haisha does not mean loser. And jp. Don't call ppl Looooooserrr! That's very much an American insult. Haisha means "defeated" Google's translate… says loser, it also calls rappies Crappies. And if it DID mean loser.. so ppl are calling him dark falz loser[loser]. Makes perfect sense.

    6. ダークファルス【敗者】 = Dark Falz [haisha]

      敗者 = haisha = loser, one who loses, defeated person, vanquished, etc.

      ルーサー = ru- sa- = luther

      ルーザー = ru- za- = loser

      there is no "th" sound in katakana, so it is simulated with either an s sound or a t sound

      If you listen carefully to the translation when Regius calls him by Luther and Loser, you can hear the pronunciation difference. He calls Luther by his name, and then calls him by his Title, when he talks about using his power as Dark Falz [Loser] to revive some one Regius cared about.

    7. at this point, zarixx, I'm laughing. because I've never used the eng patch. and within minutes of seeing the kanji he used I had looked them up and seen that it meant "loser". and here we have this chucklehead who thinks that nobody who speaks english and plays pso2 does so without the eng patch, and that nobody who speaks english and plays pso2 is capable of knowing anything of japanese, and subsequently that talks about anything in pso2 does so entirely based on what the eng patch says.

      I don't have the highest view of the eng patches. I think that agrajag and the story translation people like to stray too far from "making it so people who can't read japanese can understand the game" into "localizing", making up alternate names for things when they feel like it (thrillerplode being labelled "thrillsplosion" for god knows how long as an inconsequential example), and so on… but even at my snobbiest I'm not going to kneejerk "herp the patch used it so it must be wrong" like that guy up there.

      also while I feel a need to be nitpicky, "falz" should be written "ファルズ". sega uses a SU instead of a ZU, so if we want to go really anal about it, "false" would probably fit what they wrote better than their standard localization, even though it's even more "you what?". seeing the kana as they are, I understand how the people who localized the original phantasy star managed to, in early copies of the game, transliterate it as "phallus". it's no better, and really awkwardly wroooong feeling when you consider that in PSIV the profound darkness' final form looked feminine, but eh. I sidestep it and make the more grevious mangling by saying "dark force", but that's my nostalgia for PSIV clouding my choices. (BUT I DIGRESS)
      of course, I tend to 'grain of salt' even sega's romanization choices. these are the guys who named a guy "clotho", as in one of the three fates from greek mythology, in the same lobby as someone named "lachiesis", as in another of said fates… but insist on writing "chroto" in the credits, after all.

  7. I'll keep call it Dark Falz Luther. There's another translation name that bugs me tho. Sinow Rozzo… either SEGA or who translated totally messed it up to me. Sinow Rozzo is obviously a reference to Sinow Red (from PSO). The fact that the Sinow is Red make me think them, SEGA, just wanted add a italian name like they did in their soundtracks. However Rozzo doesn't mean Red, it mean like "Rude". "Rosso" mean Red in italian. I wonder if was just a SEGA joke, or a mistake from who translated…

    1. sinow rozzo is actually a very accurate romanization of the name sega uses. they use this katakana for him:


      character for character, that would be shi-no-wa-ro–zo (or in a little easier to read format, shinowa rozzo).

    2. It still doesnt make any sense to me. Because is a obvious reference to Sinow Red.

  8. The translation for Luther is incorrect in quite a few places, pun intended or not.

    His enemy name in-game/during the fight is ダークファルス・ルーサー, which reads as Dark Falz "Luther."
    His Soul is ルーサー・ソール, which of course reads as "Luther Soul."
    Loser is written as ルーザー in katakana. (notice the ザ, za)

    Yes, I'm aware his title is ダークファルス【敗者】, which means Dark Falz [Loser]/[Vanquished]/whatever (although "(The) Vanquished" sounds a lot cooler than "Loser" IMO), but that isn't his in-game enemy name.

    We do not call Elder (エルダー) by his title (巨躯, Colossus), so why are we calling Luther that way? Even if it's a "pun", it's still an incorrect translation for the enemy and soul name.

    Apologies if this was mentioned already, I didn't read every post – the whole argument is old and dumb… it's brought up on PSOW way too often.

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