PSO2 Live Broadcast: TGS 2016 Day 1 and Day 3 Recap

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Day 3 Recap

Ultimate Amduscia

  • Aside from the lv 75 requirement, the devs want to place a quest entrance restriction on your subclass level.
  • The subclass level has not been finalized at the moment…(but it may end up being level 75.)



Gravity Daze 2 Collab

  • Gravity Daze 2 Collaboration has been announced.


Day 1 Recap


Million Arthur Kai-ri-sei Collaboration

  • A mutual collaboration for both games.
  • PSO2 will receive costumes, accessories, and hairstyles of popular characters from the game.
    • Diva Arthur
    • Thief Arthur
    • School of Magic Arthur (Sorcery King)
    • Nimue
  • Collaboration will arrive in October.



Persona 5 Collaboration

  • Persona 5 costumes, hairstyles, and accessories will arrive in PSO2.
  • The collaboration is expected to arrive this winter.



PSO2 x Weekly Famitsu Event

  • Introducing the Famitsu CUP.  ~Challenges From Necky~
  • A new Web Interlocking event starting this November.



PSO2 x Weekly Famitsu Event

  • Famitsu Mascot "Necky" will show up in the ARKS Lobby.
  • Emergency Quest: Challenges from Necky will be released along with the Event.
    • This is a brand new [Defense] type quest.
  • The rewards include many collaboration items.
  • Quest Triggers will come included with the magazine.



The Next Live Broadcast for [All Players]

  • The next live broadcast will be officially titled "PSO2 Station"
  • This program will contains update information and future developments.
  • It will include coverage of other things both in and outside the game like merchandising and event information.
  • PSO2 Station MCs include:
    • Ayaka Suwa (who played Rina in the Anime)
    • Nasunakanishi (the comedy duo from the Publicity Squad-NT)
  • The first episode will air 10/29 @ 20:00 JST on Nico Nico



The Other Broadcast For [Core Players]

  • The other live broadcast will be titled "PSO2 ARKS Live!"
  • Hosted by Ichitaro and Kimura, this program digs deeper into the update with answers to questions from twitter.
  • [PSO2 ARKS Live! One More!] contains let's play content, along with gameplay of whatever update is coming up very soon.
  • The first episode airs October 8th at 20:00 JST.



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