PSO2 NA Coming to Steam on August 5th!

After a rocky start on the Microsoft Store, the North American PC release of Phantasy Star Online 2 is making its awaited Steam debut on August 5th!


Playing the game through Steam and clearing quests on various difficulties will reward you with a selection of cosmetics based on several of Valve's titles!



(1) Log into the Steam version to receive:

  • 720: Headcrab
  • EXP Earned +50% (x5)
  • Rare Drop Rate +50% (x5)
  • Meseta Earned +50% (x5)
  • Half Scape Doll (x5)
  • Back / Fresh Aura

(2) Clear a quest on Normal or higher to receive:

  • Pyro's Gas Mask (x2)
  • Alyx's Hair (x2)

(3) Clear two quests on Hard or higher to receive:

  • Evolution Device: Wheatley
  • * TF2 Minigun
  • * L4D Frying Pan
  • * Crowbar

(4) Clear three quests on Very Hard or higher to receive:

  • HEV Suit

(5) Clear four quests on Super Hard or higher to receive:

  • Alyx Replica

※Players must meet the objectives while logged into Steam to be eligible for the rewards.
※These items will be rewarded at a later, currently undisclosed date.

9 thoughts to “PSO2 NA Coming to Steam on August 5th!”

    1. Yeah, me too, I wish I had waited 8 years to start playing this game !

  1. I'm played about 20 hours the Windows Store Version + Tweaker.
    If i want to play this "new" Steam Version did i have to create a new sega account (i have a steam acc)?

  2. I felt that this would happen once the NA version was announced. I pretty much felt that it could've happened much earlier in the initial announcement of the English version. Hopefully, the Steam version of the game will be available on MacBook Pro. This will get me on sooner than later. If this means that New Genesis will be following along, then I'll finally have something to play without depending on my consoles.

  3. I have a question, I want to play it from steam, and I never played in NA only on PSO2 Tweaker (jp), so I need to start from 0? rlly? Ty for help. !

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