PSO2 NA Coming to Steam on August 5th!

After a rocky start on the Microsoft Store, the North American PC release of Phantasy Star Online 2 is making its awaited Steam debut on August 5th!


Playing the game through Steam and clearing quests on various difficulties will reward you with a selection of cosmetics based on several of Valve's titles!



(1) Log into the Steam version to receive:

  • 720: Headcrab
  • EXP Earned +50% (x5)
  • Rare Drop Rate +50% (x5)
  • Meseta Earned +50% (x5)
  • Half Scape Doll (x5)
  • Back / Fresh Aura

(2) Clear a quest on Normal or higher to receive:

  • Pyro's Gas Mask (x2)
  • Alyx's Hair (x2)

(3) Clear two quests on Hard or higher to receive:

  • Evolution Device: Wheatley
  • * TF2 Minigun
  • * L4D Frying Pan
  • * Crowbar

(4) Clear three quests on Very Hard or higher to receive:

  • HEV Suit

(5) Clear four quests on Super Hard or higher to receive:

  • Alyx Replica

※Players must meet the objectives while logged into Steam to be eligible for the rewards.
※These items will be rewarded at a later, currently undisclosed date.

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