What Carries Over in PSO2: New Genesis

New Genesis is a massive overhaul to Phantasy Star Online 2's game system, graphics engine, and character creation system. The game will be reborn as an "open field" online RPG taking place 1000 years from PSO2's original story. Both PSO2 and PSO2: NGS will co-exist, allowing you to switch between both titles on the same account.

In PSO2: NGS, you'll gain new abilities to traverse the expansive terrain with Photon Glide and Photon Dash. The new enemy you'll face are known as DOLLS, but not much is known about them yet.

PSO2 NGS will have an updated graphics engine that allows you to create even more gorgeous characters than ever before. Characters will now have the ability to move their fingers, and you can even change the luster on the character's skin. You can place even more accessories and change their locations!

PSO2: NGS character creation system will be compatible with PSO2, allowing you to freely decide which version you want to use. PSO2's graphics engine will also be renewed, enabling you to use characters created from PSO2: NGS system into PSO2.

All character creation data, including items related to lobby actions and previously registered data will be compatible with PSO2: NGS!


What Carries Over

Game System Changes

The following items obtained from PSO2 CANNOT be used in PSO2: NGS:

  • Skill Rings
  • Consumable Items used for grinding, growth, and battle.
  • Boost Items
  • Material Items
  • Room Items

Please be aware that the above information is subject to change in the future.

Player Data

  • Cash currencies such as Arks Cash and Star Gems can be used in both PSO2 and PSO2: NGS. However, in-game currencies such as Meseta and FUN, etc, will be held separately in each game since this can greatly affect the balancing of the economy.
  • Character growth data will NOT be shared across each version.
    • ❌ Character Levels
    • ❌ Experience
    • ❌ Class Skills
    • ❌ Photon Arts
    • ❌ Technics

Weapons, Units, and Mags

  • Weapons, Units, and Mags obtained from PSO2 can also be used in PSO2: NGS. However, their functions, performance, and appearances will change within PSO2: NGS.


  • While the designs of the weapon will remain the same, their stats, special abilities, and potentials will be different from PSO2.
  • High rarity weapons will not be equippable until the character reaches a certain level.
  • If a class that can use a weapon type is not available in PSO2:NGS, then that weapon can not be used until that class is released.


  • In PSO2: NGS, units are protective armor that are invisible. Even units obtained from PSO2 will be invisible in PSO2: NGS.
  • A unit's stats, special abilities, and potentials will be different from PSO2.
  • High rarity units will not be equippable until the character reaches a certain level.


  • Mags in PSO2: NGS will not affect your stats nor aid you in battle. However, their Evolution Device information will be shared from PSO2.


Available Platforms

Title Platforms
Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis NA XBOX 1, Windows 10
Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis Japan PC, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch (Cloud), PC (Cloud)






59 thoughts to “What Carries Over in PSO2: New Genesis”

    1. Incorrect. The best possible scenario wouldn't be two games. It would be a huge update and entire engine overhaul to the one game.

    2. That's not a possible scenario.
      PSO2 already falls apart at the seams from bloated features and lack of direction.
      It fully realized its potential, Sega had to go on.

  1. As long as my Outfits carry over i really don't mind restarting from lvl 1, my outfits are the reason i grind.

  2. time to spend all my meseta on lobby actions/accessories now XD before old pso2 becomes obsolete i'll most likely keep my cast and newman even though all those lv95 classes i have go poof XD and stay in NGS regardless of how much content it has i mean ive been in pso2 for like 7 year's with so much content droughts i still play everyday XD i've wanted open world style pso for ages so glad they did it.

    1. Yuck. Stress-inducing /grief-laden open world replacing the relaxing and private coop instances.

    2. speak for yourself XD pso2 as it is now is just bland this is a nice change you dont have to like it in that case go elsewhere you wont be missed.

    3. Seems like gaslighters like you will finally have your fun day griefing people peacefully farming/hunting out there. Good to hear you will have you chance to ruin someone else's day.

    4. Lol you have no clue what the f**k you are saying do you. you know nothing about me and if you did you would know i avoid people as much as i can becuase i hate everyone XD [mostly i do have a few friends in pso2] but for the most part i hate interacting in games so ill more than likely just avoid people in the open world fields XD i have better things to do with my time than do whatever the f you just said "gaslighting" "griefing" stop being a pathetic buzzword user lol my time in the games is always spent farming whatever the current new drops are in 24/7 i do not have time to be so lame as to grief someone XD i actually like paying games i dont log into them to be a dickbag like u seem to be k thanks bye felicia

  3. pretty much: "weapons will not be available until that class is released" so I assume that we are looking at the basic Hunter, Ranger, Force trio. But at the end of the video, the one newman is holding TD, so i assume Fighter is going to be a probable starter. I look forward to being able to play with my TD on a not-so-stiff play style. I'm going to miss not being about to play around with my Techer and my Bow Braver, but if things go well (which it looks like it will do real good), then I look forward to the new improvements that will come later.

    I was wondering was it actually the best? I can see the player base divided already, The "GRINDERS" and the "Casual" players. GRINDERS consist Players who are Spamming Quest/Triggers/ x999 a day, Players who improve their own Game-play to reach that 70M points on Endless, reaching stage 999 of Masquerade,Players who keeps Doing affixes even after Dudu and Monica steal all the players Meseta.
    I cant say much on a casual player side since I am a GRINDER TYPE of player…

    1. Every time new content comes out you have to start grinding for the new best thing anyway. This isn't a whole lot different.

  5. Next question will be about storage system, will it be one time only transfer or co-exist weapon/storage with pso2?

    1. I say it would aid you in stats wise, But. The Photon Blast seems to be and Active (Attack) skill now instead of just Summon entity to do damage for a couple Seconds

  6. Players will then be separated on both versions.

    These are the questions that came to me after reading the update regarding the new PSO2:NGS.

    The mentioned character data that will not be shared is a no big deal. For me. Bec. it doesn't include the reward that you'll obtain by playing the NGS version. But does that mean that you can bring it over or use it, (or is it even usable on the original PSO2) to make a progress on the original PSO2?

    If we are about to play in the history, then its bound to end (this sounded like a story mission). Bec. we will definitely reach the present sooner or later. What then? Shut down one of them? or just merge them? maybe…

    And if we reach the end of the history, which is… reaching the present story of the original PSO2 version. Are they, by then, going to make the original PSO2 to an open field version? Because they didn't mention that the "open field" update will also be on the original PSO2. The only thing they added on the original PSO2 as what is mentioned, is the graphics engine, and character creation system.

    Hope that this is just a "Story Mission" that we have just have to play. And after that, all the features (graphics engine, character creation and open field) from the NGS version will be added to the original PSO2.

    The future is still uncertain. What is certain? Dang it. We will definitely enjoy this new update no matter what. XD

    1. The graphics engine is being added to the original PSO2, but the gameplay mechanics are different, so no it's not just a story mission, it's a new game. I don't think it will kill PSO2 outright because the content will probably be very slim at first so the original PSO2 will help prop it up at least for a few years.

  7. Theres still no clarity as to the state of PSO2. Do they intend players to drop PSO2 for NG? What will PSO2 offer that NG doesnt and is there any real benefit to playing both games side by side? Does this mean that PSO2 as of post Ep6 will effectively be in syndication with no "new" content while the developers shift focus to NG? (I guess this best describes PSO2 right now anyway).

    So we now have PSO2, es, Idola, and NG to keep up with. I honestly dont think I have time nor want to add another game to this mix. I do want to play NG though, so depending on how they handle PSO2 upon NGs release, I might just use this as an excuse for jumping ship.

    It is good to hear that cosmetics and gear will be transferred in some capacity, but theres still no clarification on whether the miniscule things will transfer over (ie lobby actions, colour schemes, badges, accessory position/sizing and the many hours spent tweaking them to my liking, affixes… please, leave that dreadful system behind at least. Thats one thing I dont think any of us will miss).

    Theres also the question of whether the JP version at least will have (or even need) translating to English. I know it would be hard to give an answer right now, but it would be interesting to hear if the Arks Layer team intends to continue with their incredible contributions to the series as soon as we get more clarity in the coming months.

    I think one thing is safe to assume that "if" they are able to carry over "all" fashion, accessories, and weapon designs, they will probably be available to obtain via NG in future through one way or another. One thing I have learned during my PSO2 tenure is that exclusivity doesnt exist. Everything becomes available in the end.

    1. Emotes (Lobby Actions), accessories, and other registered data pertaining to character customization are all transferable.

    2. I missed lobby actions being mentioned initially, but the point I was trying to make was regarding the extent of what actually gets transferred over and how. I have a lot of fashions that are heavily reliant on accessories being certain sizes, positions and angles that I spent a great deal of time tweaking. I’d just hate for there to be some kind of silly compatibility issue resulting in spending just as much time to fix their positioning again to work with NG.

      Considering SEGA will effectively be making high resolution models out of every piece of fashion in the game, its going to be a monumental task and a miracle that they manage to do it without changing anything in the process (ie a dress that hangs a certain way, making hairstyles less rigid and more natural meaning things like hats or head accessories needs tweaking to facilitate it etc).

      I genuinely want them to succeed in doing this and I dont want to have to stop using a costume or accessory that might end up looking worse in NG than PSO2 for whatever reason. The same goes for things like weapon designs or camos.

  8. begs the question if people can still get into the jp servers. on release or we have to wait a month or two for updates..

  9. What about costumes? Costumes affect economy.
    Transferring all the accessories but leaving out costumes will break people's fashion.
    And binding costumes to accounts will break PSO2's economy.

    1. They'll probably remain sellable in PSO2 but won't be sellable on NG markets. That's all.

    1. It said that they won't boost stats or help you in combat. There will be no photon blasts.

    2. I could be wrong, You could be right, But the same to you
      As i see from both Trailer The Photon Blast is still a thing just no more Aiding you in battle By this i meant
      Mag trigger skills and Stats wise, But photon Blast icon and Button is actually still a thing if you pay attention
      At the photon Beam as the Character Gather Multi-color Orbs and then Shoot it out as one Beam in the Trailer, You can look at the Sub-Palette that it got activated form White icon which very much similar to PSO2
      Photon Blast icon, Again though– i could be wrong ,You could be right

  10. how can they still call it phantasy star online if there is no mag function? iam slightly freaking out.

    1. There will be a client, its a big update to current PSO2.. As PSO2 is getting a major overhaul.

    2. Don't pay attention much do you? it says PC, right at the beginning of what platforms its on for japan section

    3. Yeah now I see it, but I don't remember it being there… Oh well at least it has a client.

  11. Welcome to XenoBlade chronicles, I mean PSO 2 re-visitng planet mera, no Regols.
    Explore Regol on a large 5 continents open field / world experience and fight giants DOLLs or mechs, and we also have a DOLL or Gundam to fight with in open field later on its life span when Sega give us them. Or sega should just give us retelling of an story from PSO ep 1 to 4. With remade field design. and that also work. Just saying as an example, nothing facts. Note: in jp version of Xenoblade Chronicle X,. Skells are called Dolls. Nintendo & Microsoft behind this development? We can also say Mario steals from Sonic and Sonic steals it back,.and they keep doing that to each other vice-veresa,. sound legal.

  12. out of curiosity i am wondering…
    -will character creator come out before game release
    -it says you can use your old account, does that mean just item storage is there, or is account name and character name going to be the same?
    -is it going to be a MS store fail?
    -global release meaning us and jp version coming out the same time? or single server, server select?
    -doesnt mention those things bought via ac like warehouse capacity etc
    – something like a title bonus?

    1. These are my just speculations, but I think
      – Yes, most likely, but probably only for japanese version
      – This is the biggest question. Storage is AC content and they said your AC will transfer over. But it's also economy-driving content, and they said eceonomy affecting content won't transfer over. I think it's 50/50 chance that we will keep our storage
      – For NA yes, it already says Win10 launch. For JP it will probably have its own launcher, like PSO2
      – Maybe simultaneously, but I highly doubt there will be any communication between JP and NA servers, just like there is none for PSO2
      – Yeah, it's the biggest question as I mentioned
      – PSU/PSP games did have title and decoration bonuses for transferring accounts. I think there will be something similar here too. Most likely old Mothership model for your room.

  13. Well I sure hope NG doesn't follow Sega's pattern of predatory time and cash shop practices. . . ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    1. Of course it will.
      I'm 100% sure that selling things will be much harder, if even still possible, for f2p players.

    2. And with upgraded graphic its lot easier to get more request for collaboration like wep camo and other cosmetic stuff,

  14. We're end of the profound darkness from the Shiva. And they decided make a gunslash class shortly. But then decided make a post line 1000 years later game….

    So, we have to download both of them install to play both different gameplay? Really? Just choose one of them already, SEGA. I don't like dual game linking together idea. Not everyone have lots time play both.

    It's miracle pso2 survived over 8 years, normally mmorpg last less than 5 years. It's about time to end it with it Shiva battle, then transfer weapon fashion to neo pso2, but SEGA decided linking together with update both of them. SEGA, are you sure can handle both mmorpg without any problems?

    1. GS class and final battle will be the last update to PSO2, so no you don't have to play two games.
      If anything PSO2 will remain as secondary source of old costumes, where you do weeklies and buy them off the players to wear them in NG.
      IF legacy costumes will be supported of course.

    2. If that's so, then the NA version would be pointless to continue. Whatever that's it, neo pso2 wouldn't be same as old pso2 anymore.

    3. @ATKH I agree. Its already convoluted enough with PSO2es and Idola in the mix assuming you play those alongside PSO2.

      For as long as the servers remain active, I think its very likely that PSO2 will turn into a farming game for items that can then be transferred to NG. We might even get some kind of NG exclusive reward for logging into PSO2 daily (like we get extra storage for just logging into PSO2es or Idola points for spending on SG etc).

      Assuming we cant log into both games simultaneously, we’ll have to log out of NG for the EQs or limited events in PSO2 then log back into NG when those events are over. They already confirmed that our meseta is worthless in NG, so this scenario would be the only logical reason for anyone to have to play PSO2 upon NG's release.

      From a games design perspective, it's counterintuitive for a developer to persuade players to stop playing the newer title in favor of the old one unless there is an incredibly radical explanation. We’ll have to wait and see if there is any other logical reason to keep playing PSO2 when NG is released. Only time will tell.

    4. @Max did you literally just say "September is the last month PSO2 will receive any sort of update"? There's still at least 6 months before NGS releases and you're trying to say PSO2 will be devoid of any type of updates for that amount of time?

    5. Sure, before NGS gets rolling, they will still release cosmetics, side-stories closing characters' arcs and remixed old content like seasonal EQs and the like.
      I meant there won't be meaningful updates, like new classes, episodes or tilesets.

  15. I know I shouldn't go here but I can't find any information on the subject, the problem when trying to do affixes or grind units of 12 * and 13 *, they don't appear it's as if they didn't exist for Dudu

    1. It sounds like you have it set to hide locked gear. Click the little box at the top of the affix/grind menu and your gear should appear in the list.

    2. There was a hot patch that for some reason restricted grinding and affixing 12* units. It should be fixed after maint.

  16. I want to buy more inventory and storage for PS02, but I want to know if it will be usable in the new game. Can we use our inventory space in the new game?

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