PSO2 Reveals A New Advance Quest

~ August 23rd ~


Advance Quest: Shironia

After three long years, a new advance quest arises. Navigate the streets of Shironia and cleave a path through hordes of Titans and Darkers to the final area. Vanquish the Gigur Gunnegam or Anjhadu-lili at the end and claim victory! [Special Survey: Shironia] will require advance capsule c on Very Hard, and ten advance capsule f on Super Hard.


ARKS Boost Rally

PSO2 is holding a very special limited event entitled the ARKS Boost Rally. EXP, Meseta, and Rare Drop rates will gradually increase each time you clear the targeted quests. Rallies also have the added bonus of offering a chance at rare item drops that don't normally appear in these quests. The first rally begins on August 23rd, targeting the Advance Quests of Coast, Volcanic Caverns, and Shironia.


New Quest Trigger

You can now play [The Creator Phantom] on your own schedule, thanks to the addition of its Quest Trigger.


Kingdom Fantasy (AC Scratch)

Obtain the royal fashions of Harriet and her brother Luther, Alisa's battle attire, and the traditional clothing of the Cuent people in a new AC Scratch!

ハリエットの戦装束[Ou・Ba・In] | Harriet Battlewear
アリサの戦装束[Ou・Ba・In] | Alisa Battlewear
ルーサーの正礼装 | Luther Formalwear
アルディナテナー[Ba] | Aldina Tenor
アルディナアード[Ba] | Aldina Arde
アルディナクス[Ou] | Aldina Cus
ビビッドウィング 虹 | Rainbow Vivid Wings
アーマーヘッドギア | Armor Headgear

7 thoughts to “PSO2 Reveals A New Advance Quest”

  1. harriet's battle outfit displays her brassiere. alisa's outfit shows part of her bra and part of her pantsu. I didn't get a good enough look at harriet's royal dress but I could swear it had a pantsu window in front. seems like the trendy fashion for noblewomen in cuent treats undergarments as fashion accessories… well, I guess it's about time we started getting somethings that show off [in]nerwear on purpose; it has been a fair while after all.

    whether that's good or bad is up to you. (but jeeze harriet, those tights need to go a little higher, how do you not have them drop off your nethers when you walk? they look like they're lower than the pantsu that go with innocent cluster… how uncomfortable.)

    1. It's not like capsules are a hard thing to get. Make use keep trying other advance quest instead of just farming the same one over and over.

    2. first of all, they should make aqs at xh at least and more xq. Simply running BQ is way faster way to level up than AQ, as well as getting some decent drops. Also yes, capsules are annoying, noone going to do rotations of aqs to get them. See noone will do their brand new AQ…. xdddd

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