PSO2 Special Maintenance Results (2/13/2015)

PSO2 Special Maintenance

Special Maintenance Results

  • Provide countermeasures towards the issue where players couldn't connect to certain blocks or their rooms.
    • Countermeasure: Temporarily disabled Ship Transfers.
  • Address a bug where under certain conditions, Black Nyack consumed more Casino Coins than intended.
    • Countermeasure: Since this bug will take some time to fix, they have temporarily disabled access to Black Nyack.

Special Maintenance Compensation

  • A +100% Tribooster to compensate for this maintenance.
  • Two +100% Triboosters for the connection issues on 2/12.
  • Five Casino Coin Passes for the Black Nyack bug described above.

Emergency Quest Rescheduling

  • Rampaging Malice: 2/13 @ 15:00 JST → 2/16 @ 16:00 JST
  • Oceanic Menace: 2/13 @ 18:00 JST → 2/14 @ 16:00 JST


11 thoughts to “PSO2 Special Maintenance Results (2/13/2015)”

    1. I think it's more likely that Dudu was mad that he had competition in the gambling department, stuffed Nyau in a bag and threw him into the ocean at Wopal. Apparently Sega knows and are searching for him but they don't expect to find him until the 18th.

      And by that I mean Sega knows about it and won't issue a fix til the 18th if I'm reading correctly.

    2. Another possibility is that Nyau got pissed at us since he busts his own card too many times… Then he immediately sets out YET AGAIN forcing duels on ARKS op in the field of duty.

  1. You know what is funny? I have a couple of teammates who kept crashing when they tried to go to their room after this maintenance had happened. Great work Sega b^_^d

    1. I had the same problem so I had to use fix Game-guard on the tweaker and the fix permissions. If they don't use the tweaker then they must delete the Game-guard folder.

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