PSO2 Station #14 Recap

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December 2nd Livestream

Mother Weapon Camo

  • Mother's camo supports 9 types of weapons.

Team Points

  • The current team point earning cap of 4500 will stay.
  • However, they're discussing whether they'll raise this or not in the future.

Merry Christmas Collection

  • There are collection sheets for all 17 Fornis weapons, including the new Fornis DB and Partisan.


  • Omnibus Episode 3 will be released late December.
  • It will have some situations where scape dolls / half dolls are not allowed. If you clear them on normal, you'll get (+45% Ability Affixing Success) Title Rewards.

Other Summoner Adjustments (Late December)

  • [All Attack Bonus 1] and [All Attack Bonus 2]'s level 5 effect will change from 110% to 115%
  • Point Assist recast times will be reduced.
  • Increased the speed of certain pets heading to the enemy through normal attacks.
    • Wanda, Zinga, Torim, Aero, Viola, Maron, Mellon, Rappy, Synchro.

Battle Arena Changes (Late December)

  • Battle Arena: Satellite Aim's hit stop times will be reduced
  • Battle Arena: Satellite Aim's 2nd shot will no longer cause knockback.
  • Battle Arena: Natural PP Recovery will no longer occur during stylish rolls.

Battle Arena & Exchange Shop Update

  • The new units' performance is sort of similar to Shine Red and Shine Blue. One of them concentrates on HP/PP, while the other focuses on ATK. Each unit has 6 special abilities.
  • The lightning has a tendency to go after the person with a lot points.

Val Series Collection File

  • The Val series does not have a collection file, but you can get them through drops (or trades).

Erythron Dragon

  • Its only failure condition is if time is up.
  • You can obtain 1 Time Stone Chronos through a Title Reward.
    • Title unlocks with a +35 Val Series weapon.
  • The broken weapon series potential isn't that strong, but you can attach super special abilities that suits you.

Where's the Weila Boards?

  • Did you know that Weilas were released in PSO2 outside of Japan?
  • Weila Board Arm and Leg are coming sometime next year.

Ultimate LIllipa Revival Campaign

  • During the campaign, Yamato's ★14 will drop.

Super Special Abilities

  • Weapons which support Super Special Abilities will release gradually, starting with the Val and Atra series.
  • Apparently these newly released weapons can hold a certain amount of slots of SSA. This number appears to be determined by the weapon itself?
  • It's not that these are "special slots," but rather, they will take up an ability slot if you so choose. You can watch the update video in slow motion if this point is not clear. In that video, the weapons which contained the SSA were all taken from Val weapons.

More to be added.


Post Livestream Update

  • Added Videos
  • Added 3 Slides
  • Added some PSO2es slides


November 21st Broadcast


Say the Secret Phrase バッヂおくれよポリタン in chat to receive:

  • 100 Dengeki Badges
  • 5 Dengeki Fishing Rods
  • 5 Dengeki Pickaxes

You have until Nov 29th Maintenance to complete this task.
Items will be sent to the Visiphone!

Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Polytan Land
  • Enemy ATK + 200%  (XH ONLY)
  • RDR & EXP Boost + 250%
  • November 21st @ 23:00 ( Quna Concert First)


Ult Naberius Renewal Campaign #2 (11/29 ~ 12/6)

  • Enemy HP + 100% & DEF + 50%
  • Rare Enemy Rate +100%
  • Player PP Recovery +50%
  • Rare Drop And EXP Rate + 200%
  • Dengeki Badge Drops



Early December Update

  • Christmas Lobby ( ~12/31 @ 23:59 JST)
  • Christmas Bingo
  • Franca's Snow Cafe


Early December Update

  • Christmas versions of Patty and Tiea appear in the Lobby
  • Grab some Weapon Camos and Partner Cards
  • Eternal Encore X-Mas Ver Concert


Early December Update

  • EQ: Merry Christmas on Ice 2017
    • NPCs in Christmas Costumes
    • Natives and ESCA Darkers will appear.
    • Prefixed Bosses from this year will re-appear.
    • Christmas Enemies, Empe, and Izane may appear.
  • Merry Christmas 2017 Collection
    • Fornis Weapon Series
  • ★13 Drop: Twin Tonfa


Early December Update

  • AC Scratch: Holy Night Carol
  • Santa themed Costumes and a Mini Reindeer Suit
  • Lobby Action: Crazy and Waiting 6


Early December Update

  • Team Joining Info Improvements
  • Added a variety of ways to earn Team Points:
    • Client Orders
    • Bingo
    • Item Lab
    • Pet Lab
    • Casino Games
    • Challenge Quest
    • Present Boxes from Featured Quests
    • Good Jobs


Early December Updates

  • Changed the Design for PSO2's Game Launcher
  • Made it easier to join up with [Expert] tagged Players with Multi-Block Matching
  • Set your Favorite Lobby Actions
  • Medical Center Drink Menu Unlocking Conditions Relaxed
  • Free Field and Arks Quests Unlocking Conditions Relaxed
  • Tutorial Search Feature
  • Emblem Competition Ranking will now display the top 100 Players.
  • The list of Battle Ranking Rewards can now be viewed


Early December Update

  • Forces and Techers (Tech Charge JA Addition)
    • Added a new skill that makes charged technics Just Attacks.
  • Changed the Level Cap of [Tech Charge Advance 2]
  • Changed the Level Cap of [Elemental Weak Hit]
  • Relaxed the reset conditions on Gunner's [High Time] Skill.


Early December Update

  • Episode 5 Chapter 2: Epilogue
  • The Legendary Crimson Dragon has returned!
  • Alis Landale, the "Sword Maiden," confronts it alone…
  • Who is Alma searching for outside of the Bridge?


Early December Update

  • Ultimate Quest Lillipa Renewal
  • The quest can be cleared by defeating the boss in Area 2.
  • Slave-NT Series will drop.
  • There's also going to be a campaign that adds drops!


December 13th Update

  • SG Scratch: Aether Mother Hope
  • Mother Cluster Member Outfits
  • Mother and Aratron Weapon Camos
  • Lobby Action: Mother Cluster 4/5



Late December Update

  • Omnibus Quest Episode 3 Release


Late December Update

  • AC Scratch: Phantasy Star Legend
  • Outfits from previous Phantasy Star Games
    • Rolf (Eusis)
    • Nei
    • Rhys (Kein)
    • Rika (Fal)
  • *Nei Sword RF
  • *Nei Claw RF
  • More Japanese Style Outfits


Late December

  • Super Special Abilities
    • You can now set [Super Special Abilities] which have powers similar to Potentials. By utilizing a combination of these new abilities, you can create a weapon with an original set of features.  For example, you can affix a weapon with the abilities listed below.
  • Super Special Ability Examples 
    • Decrease PP Consumption by 10%
    • PP Recovery with attacks increase by 15%
    • Recover HP by 5% periodically.
  • Other Additions
    • Added 500 AC and 100 AC to Quick Charge
    • You can start a quest without waiting for a response if all PT members are in the Campship or Field.
    • You can now set the Initial Cursor Position in Options for either [Multi-Block] or [Current Block] when setting up the quest.


Late December Update

  • Twin Machine Guns
    • Grim Barrage can now spin up/down towards the target.
    • Expanded the range of Shift Period
  • Dual Blades
    • You can now hurl Photon Blades even if the Gear is empty.
    • Increased the power for PAs when used at low Gear.
  • Normal/Step Attack Range Improvements
    • All Sword Normal Attacks
    • Katana's 3rd Normal Attack
    • Gunslash Step Attack and 1st and 2nd Normal Attack
    • Dual Blade's Step Attack and Normal Attacks
    • Wand's Step Attack


Late December Update

  • Pet HP Buffed
  • Buffed Candy which raises durability.
  • Buffed the range of normal attacks with some pets.
  • Buffed the attack range of certain Viola PAs.
  • Buffed the Defense UP effect through Viola Change
  • Relaxed the required meseta for ★13 Parfait compression
  • Relaxed the number of Synthesizers needed for Pancake exchanges.
  • Added ★12 EXP Egg into the Pet Good Shop Listing.


Late December Update

  • Battle Arena Weapon Changes
  • Jet Boots, Bullet Bow, and Rod will switch over to Dual Blades, Twin Daggers, and Talis.
  • Dual Blades: Immortal Dove
  • Twin Daggers: Symphonic Drive


Late December Update

  • New Battle Arena Map: VR Forest: Rain
  • Utilize the currents to move about
  • Watch out for those lightning strikes!
  • Battle Coin Exchange Shop Swapped
    • Kabuki Armor Outfits
    • Winner Dance 2 LA
    • Kabuki Units
    • *Battle D Blade
    • *Battle T Dagger
    • *Battle Talis


Late December Update

  • Erythron Dragon EQ
    • If you want to suggest a better Greek spelling, now's your chance. Reference: ερυθρον = Red
  • Repel the Demons while avoiding the dragon's attacks!
  • Face the dragon at the castle's outer citadel.
  • Strike the Dragon's weakpoint with the Laconium Sword
  • Shoot down the dragon with the Mana Firing Cannons.
  • The battle intensifies upon reaching the inner citadel.


Late December Update

  • The [Val] ★13 broken weapon series will drop!
  • The [Val] series is tradeable.
  • The [Val] series can be upgraded to the ★14 [Atra] series at Zieg.
  • The [Atra] Series restores the broken weapon into its complete form.
  • You'll need various items to restore the weapon.
  • Below we'll use [Atra Farder] as an example. (Atra Series Sword)
  • ★14 Atra Farder +35 Sword Requirement Example
    • Val Farder (+35) (x1)
    • Time Stone Chronos (x1)
    • Goldnia (x999)
    • Saphard (x999)
  • You can only obtain 1 Time Stone Chronos per account.
  • Other 14 drops will arrive too.
    • Dual Bird (TMGs)
    • Gear Experience (Knuckles)
    • ????? (Partisan)
    • ????? (Jet Boots)


Early 2018 Update

  • Yuzuki Yukari Collab
  • Costumes and accessories will appear in PSO2


Phantasy Star Materials Collection Reprint

  • Releases November 25th, 2017 (amazon)
  • Price: 3,996 Yen
  • Contents: Developer Interviews, Character Designs, etc.


Dell [New Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming] Laptops

  • Dell Japan is selling laptops with PSO2 JP preinstalled.
  • Purchase bonuses include Armor Visor & Arks Badge Green x32


PSO2es Update

  • New Quick Search Areas
    • Quarry, Tundra, Dragon Altar, & Floating Facility.
  • Leisure Exchange Shop (12/1~)
    • 347 [Partisan Pose]
    • 345 [Sword Pose] too


PSO2es Update

  • Orochi Agito (Dec 6th)
  • Yasminkov 3000R (Dec 6th)
  • White Dinner (Christmas Special Quest)
  • Flame Visit (Exchange Shop)
  • Pristine Steel Bow (XH Emergency Quest Reward)


PSO2es Update

  • Quna [White Christmas] (12/13 ~ 12/20)
    • A certain mascot appears in the artwork when [Released]
  • Gene and Duna [White Christmas] (12/20 ~ 12/27)



PSO2es Update

  • Weaponoid Side Stories
    • Lufnesia (11/29)
    • Fahren Glyph (12/6)
    • Shane Frisa (12/13)
    • Gift Sack (12/20)
  • Weaponoid Potentials
    • Guld Milla / Lavis Blade


Come Work For PSO2!

  • The PSO2 development team is looking for new staff!
  • Come join the FUN by applying today!



~ PSO2's 6th Opening Movie ~

37 thoughts to “PSO2 Station #14 Recap”

    1. watched video…it's called Rakonium sword…sad…
      but still would be a nice weapon with cool block animation 😛
      maybe they add knight like class some day 😀

  1. still waiting to hear about those tector buffs you promised, sega.
    and that "all charged techs are JAs" thing is 100% for fo/te's sake, don't anyone fool yourself.

    relaxing hightime's reset is cute and all, but I'd rather hear about them making it so that tmg gear doesn't reset if a "knockdown" hit doesn't actually knock you down. I don't mind losing SOME for it, since I did get hit, but losing the meter entirely for something like having my heel scratched for 1 at the last frame going into a sroll is still stupid.

    and speaking of stupid, one time stone per account… even granting the likelyhood of them throwing other crap around that gives out more like they did with the ep4 weapon camo passes, that's just kinda obnoxious. I'm unsure they'd make the weapons great enough to justify it, either. partly because the game has some years to go and they can't hand out an end-all be-all weapon (and that would have to be 15★ anyway), partly because this is only the first "real" raid of ep5, and partly because kimura's a dick. and maximum lollerskates at the stacks of crafting materials needed – just because it's like they're saying "yeah we're not planning to ever revisit weapon extension, here's a use for those high-end materials you probably weren't saving anymore since we rendered extension completely worthless.".

    team points in the recommendedquest reward boxes sounds like they're diluting an already-too-diluted pool as far as bonus keys go. if they're just adding on points to whatever else you get it's fine, but…

    what they're doing with [super special abilities] seems like what [ability transfer] should have done from the start, rather than letting people put absolutely nonsensical amounts of extra stats on their gear. I can't wait to see how kimura will make it more trouble than it's worth.

    ・You can start a quest without waiting for a response if all PT members are in the Campship or Field
    so much for the enforced courtesy. RIP

    aah well. at least I can look forward to Most Fun Daughterus getting some attention even if it's as xmas phantoms.

  2. Just a note regarding the name of the boss :p

    Dragon is masculine gender in greek (δρακος [i]thrakos[/i] with [i]th[/i] pronounced as in the word "this"), so the proper way to call him is "Erythros Dragon". "Erythron" is neuter form. But I guess it is easier to call him Erythron since then both words end with -on. And for whoever is interested in proper calling, the last syllable is accented.

    1. make the "Erythros/Erythron Dragon" as title, then "- Jaryu" (since Alisa said its name)
      which is same like "Esca Falz Mother" and "Dark Falz [insert name]"

      so it will be "Erythron Dragon – Jaryu"

    2. Jaryu literally means Evil Dragon, so the name of Jaryu is like Dark Falz, and Erythros Dragon would be like Dark Falz Elder/Apprentice/Double. I wouldn't mind if they named it Evil Dragon Erythros lol

    3. Studied Greek for 6 years, can confirm "Erythron Dragon" is correct.

      English and Japanese don't have to abide by noun genders; if they had wanted Erythros, they would have written such in katakana.

  3. so the era of ★13 is almost over, I guess alot of players would prepare for another bunch of mesettas for affixing ★14 … and the cycle continue … XD

  4. [Salted]
    Am I the only feeling Hero, Omega, and these fantasy are so shit? Now we got a typicial dragon, is this game changing to a Dragon Nest copy? The new class model for hero look out of league, too anime-ish? Previous models for older classes look modern and are better blended between sci-fi, anime and realistic. Omega world is poorly designed, just a plain field with some tents, and boom another world (or is it dimension?). Its logic is so bad for a sci-fi game (even if the game is called Phantasy, it is still too bad for how it did in the past).
    Before in 2012, I was so hyped, even tho never play any game from the series, I still love its unique Japanese sci-fi theme, how a great force and doing things that we might be able to do in the future, how beautiful the background story about each planet, now it is turning into a normal, outdated shitty fantasy game. What have happened after Ep.3? Cringy anime series, cringy ep4, now shitty ep 5 and all out of nowhere content.
    Can't even understand what's SEGA upto, they wish to kill the company real quick? Like their console, like sonic?

    1. SEGA is catering to their JAPANESE audience, not you. What do you mean Dragon Nest? In episode 4, they went the SAO route. In episode 5, they're following the isekai trend that's currently the fad for a while now. If you hate it so much, then stop playing. No seriously, there's enough "-Z-" like salt posts here. By the way, you forgot to call everything in the game weeb shit like other trolls do.

    2. You have no Idea how much people hate EP5 because of the things you just said. Just watch the linked video on YT, see the dislikes and Google translate some of the comments you see.

    3. After ep3 Suganuma resigned from pso2 team, and ep4-5 were directed by Hamazaki. In ep4 he was doing it in tandem with a more experienced director.
      Thats what happened.

      Also its a 30th annivesary of the Phantasy Star series, which started fantasy themed.

    4. @Ash: I'm comparing the game atm vs. how it was in the past, not this game to another game. Sure this game's audience mainly are Japanese, but that have nothing to do with the lower quality content. There are countless excuse I could say then walk away with "shouganai", but because the game was so good, I feel it is like they are choosing the wrong way. If this game is totally fantasy and already have kind of "solo everything" gameplay, fine. But this game wasn't like that, I love how there are all kind of EQ, where you can play with random people, and having a good feel when they help you through the tough quest, now it is just a walk through with all the strong heroes. How fun was the day, when everyone can just take the class they love without scaring they have no role in the party, each player is unique with their own combo, their own class choice, now they just pick heroes with 4 PAs (not even enough to fill mpal slots in 3 but. mode) each weapon, don't even have to think which PA, which class, weapon to use. About Dragon Nest, it has all kind of copy that I don't know if they are legal or not, from mobile game to pc game, this game just put in a typical, poorly designed dragon, while they've done an awesome work with V.Dragon, Q.Dragon, Ex Dragonin the past. Back to story, you say ep4 takes the route of SAO, and ep 5 is "isekai" trend, isn't that just a shitty way to do? The game itself has reputation, not like they have to copy or following others like a dog, they are just lowering themselves for no reason. And I don't say this game is a cringy weeb shit, because I truly like it, there is none the same, the game is unique, and as I mentioned, it is a beautiful blend between sci-fi, fantasy, modern, realistic and anime, so it is far from weeb shit.
      @Echidna: So there was a change in development team, I see. This scenario happened in some game I played before, most of them suffer degradation, well guess its the time this series need a sequel.

    5. Don't blame Sega directly for the shift in philosophy regarding "solo-ization" of the gameplay, but players themselves who in the last decade want to be able to go online, do absolutely everything entirely solo without having to even say "hello" at all, and then logoff to go to their next game and do the same. Sega just listened to that gameplay style and implemented it to stay relevant.

      Players no longer want to have to explore; they no longer want to have to manage their inventory; they no longer want to have to manage resources during combat; they no longer want to have to wait for others to show up; they no longer want to have to actively use defensive abilities but only outright straight dps. All this brought us to an arcade gameplay that rewards bursting through content rather than exploring it. Quite frankly, I will not be surprised if for EP6 they annouce that all free fields will copy Kuron or Tokyo format and that EQs will have bosses scale their hp and damage to the number of players starting it.

      This content solo-ization reached such levels that Sega actually has to bribe players to party up: Party triboost. 2 episodes ago you wanted to party up to be able to clear content at a faster pace and with higher chances of success. Now you party up just to have 20%-40% more exp/rdr. And yet still, a lot of players prefer to start up immediately because mathematically it's more exp/min to go solo instead of waiting 2-3mins for people to join.

      But as I said, this isn't Sega's fault. It's fault of the playerbase.

      Let's hope WoW Classic demands socialization.

    6. You all debating like world gonna end.. let me remind you again SEGA(way over there) dont give a single care about your opinions.. SEGA latest market reviews said PSO2 is high selling… so if SEGA said give all resources and freedom to PSO2.. so be it.. ppl these days so tsundere complaining and salting but still play the game they salted

    7. @Ash you do realize that Japanese players aren't super exited about the setting either? PSO2 is a Scifi fantasy game not a generic fantasy game. Harkotan was getting a pass because the Japanese love their feudal japan setting and Earth was already streching it considering it's really just modern earth and not a futuristic one. Now the devs are like f*ck it. Who cares about futuristic stuff, lets do an aesthetic you can see in a 1000 different games featuring a broken class trivializing 90% of the games content. What our players hate that? *flails*

    8. Dragon Nest copy? I dunno what the heck are you talking about, dragon are exist in Phantasy Star Online long before in Dragon Nest, so they are recycling rather than copying …

  5. So wait, they're going to drip feed the Val/Atra stuff? But if you can only get one Chronos per account, that kinda fucks you over if something else comes out down the line that you want. Weird.

    1. If there's only one per account, they won't be adding anything else. Any future potential craftable 14*s will likely use different materials.

    2. I take it you're not satisfied with only one freebie 14s, made out of deflated materials and tradeable items that will be all over the market in a week.

  6. And here I thought they were reviving an old Phantasy Star look alike such as the story… I might be wrong. Is Alisa's sword only available for Heroes on EQ? What about other classes?

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