PSO2 Station #17 Recap

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March 3rd Livestream



Doing a livestream during a nor'easter power outage is tough, so please bear with us.

Late March Update Schedule Change

  • Normally the update would be scheduled to appear on March 21st, but due to a national holiday, it has been pushed back to March 22nd.
  • This update will release the new Story Events with Luther, (which for some reason Winged Darkers start to appear on Omega)
  • The Premium Set bonuses will be arriving on this day, with screen filters and light source settings.

Stra(te)geo Series

  • We're going to call it Strategeo so it matches up with Tactio.
  • Stategeo's Potential: Critical Rate and Critical Damage Up
  • Strategeo Factor? : PP Recovery when enemies die nearby.

New Year Carnival Rewards: March 14th ~ March 22nd

  • The Enchanted Forest and Menacing Castle will be returning.
  • Various Boosts, Weapon Camo Rewards, and SG Rewards.

Beginning Enemy HP Adjustments (Late March)

Thanks to all those buffs, it appears that the gap between player and enemy strength at the beginning of the game is widening even more. So to combat this, the following changes will occur

  • LV1 ~ LV 39 enemies will have increased HP.
  • For [Easy Mode] in the Story, they won't try to raise it too much.
  • Since the early portion of Challenge Quests will become difficult, they'll buff the power of PAs and Barehanded attacks.

New Extreme Quest

  • Half Dolls, Scape Dolls, and Dark Blasts are banned.
  • To earn the Expert Player Status, you must clear this quest.
  • HP will change based on number of people in the party.
  • Invade-NTs can drop.

Solo Extreme Quest

  • Invade is more likely to drop.
  • You can obtain Conqueror's Crest through Titles


  • One day in the future, you'll be able to evolve your Invade-NT into Austere-NT.
  • It may go like this [Invade-NT] + [Some Exchange Item] = Austere-NT
  • Your old-type Austere won't be left out in the cold because they have stuff planned for them as well

PSO2 Switch Version

  • The switch version will indeed support the 3 button method.

Chronos Drop Rates

  • Before the ★14 drop rate buff, Chronos dropped approximately once per week. But after the changes, it appeared to drop around 20 times a week.

★14 Weapon Drops For Each Category

  • By the time Summer rolls around, there should be a ★14 drop for every weapon category.

★14 Conqueror's Crest Exchange

  • The Conqueror Crest ★14 Weapons are indeed intended to be
    +30 Grind Cap as listed on the exchange

Step Jump Charm

  • They are wondering whether to make Step Jump a class skill, or more preferably, a charm. It will take some time before announcing what exactly they plan to do.
  • However, rather than making it a class skill, they could instead just make it a charm. The idea would be to show off the skill ring to get the charm. (In a similar fashion to Vraolet and Monkey King Bar)


My Character Figure Dark Blast

This summer, the development team plans to implement Dark Blasts in a different style. In this version, the dark blast will be transparent, allowing your character to be seen. It is currently under development so expect to see some changes before implementation.





Feb 20th Livestream


Secret Phase

Say the Secret Phrase サクラの季節にルーサー舞う in chat to receive:

  • Sakura PomPoms
  • Weapons Badge 2018 (x18)

You have until Feb 28th's Maintenance to complete this task.
Items can be picked up at the Visiphone.


Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Profound Invasion
  • Enemy +500% HP / Enemy +100% ATK / Enemy +50% DEF
  • +300% Rare Drop Rate / +300% EXP UP
  • Increased ★14 Drop Rate
  • February 20th @ 23:00 >> RESCHEDULE: February 21st @ 00:00 JST


Racing the Phantom Mother Boost Campaign (Feb 21st ~ March 7th)

  • Increased ★14 Drop Rate (due to the drop rate revisal)
  • Enemy HP +100% / Damage + 100%
  • Rare Drop Rate +150% / EXP Rate +150%
  • Increased drop rate for Astra Series weapons and units
  • Added ★14 drops from Deus Esca Zephyros / Yamato
  • Conqueror's Crest will drop.
  • Coat Doublis and other weapon camo drops
  • Added Val Ars with a limited S-Class Ability
  • 21st ~ 28th (Slave NT Series Drop)
  • 28th ~ 7th (Nemesis NT Series Drop)


Early March Update

  • White Day Lobby  (~3/22)
  • White Day Bingo (~4/4)
  • Lovey Rappies (~4/4)


Early March Update

  • Enga (White Day) will appear in the lobby (~4/4)
  • Phul and Och appear in the Casino!?
  • Clear Client Orders for Enga (White Day) Partner Card and Camos


Early March Update

  • AC Scratch: Spicy Candy
  • Enga's White Day Costume
  • Fantasy-style Bikini Armor
  • Arkuma Bikini
  • Down Vests for Spring
  • Lobby Action: [Weapon Enhancing Magic] and [Rhythm]


Early March Update

  • Battle Arena Weapons Change Again
    • Dual Blades: Immortal Dove
    • Assault Rifles: Piercing Shell
    • Talises: Na Grants



Early March Update

  • A Boisterous White Day 2018 (~4/4)
  • Lovey Empe Rappy, Izane Kazuchi, Laplace Demon have a chance to appear.
  • White Day 2018 Collection
    • Strategeo Weapon Series
      • Partisan
      • Knuckles
      • Launcher
  • Strategeo Weapons can also drop
  • Blue Rappy Suit Mini drops


Early March Update

  • AC Scratch (Nova Selection)
  • Fildia and Izuna's Costumes
  • Sail and Lutina (All Race Supporting) Costumes
  • Popular Costumes and Cast Parts from PS Nova
  • Fildia's Weapon Camo: Morning Red
  • Izuna's Weapon Camo: Silent Violet
  • Lutina's Weapon Camo: Evergreen
  • Sail's Weapon Camo: Airy Blue
  • Lobby Action: Nova Pose 1 & 2


Arks New Year Carnival 2018 Reward Period 2

  • March 14th ~ March 22nd
  • The two limited quests will re-appear
  • WEB Panel Reward Boost and Items distributed


Late March Update

  • Sakura Lobby (~4/25)
  • Franca's Cafe (~6/6)
  • Gene (PSO2es 4th Anniversary Costume), Annette, and Bruno will appear in the Lobby
  • You can obtain their partner cards
  • Collect Chip Fragments 2018 and exchange them in the Shop.


Late March Update

  • AC Scratch: Galaxy Étoile
  • Gene Season 2 Costume as Layered Wear
  • Fantasy style Blacksmith Outfit
  • Skeleton Parker for Men and Women
  • Street Dancer style outfit
  • Lobby Actions: PR Pose 2, Rapper, Dance 51
  • Dengeki Polytan Carnival Art Contest Room Items


Late March Update

  • Episode 5: Chapter 3: Sibling Memories, Loser's Research
  • Winged Darkers appear on Omega
  • What is the secret between brother and sister?
  • What happened to Luther?


Late March Update

  • Premium Set Benefits Expanded
    • +50% Triboost during Premium
    • Enhanced Premium Drink 2 Effects
    • Choice of 4 Screen Filters
      • Monochrome, Sepia, Vintage, Dot
    • Apply 3 Custom Lighting
      • Customize their color and position


Late March Update

  • Character Menu is now displayed in a category format.
  • You can use the same (accessory, etc) ticket twice without having to switch characters.
  • Casino Coin Limit Removed
  • Zieg has moved closer to the Item Lab.


Late March Update

  • Changed the sequence so it's easy to start EP5 when starting a new game.
  • New Feature: ARKS Handbook: (Answers Questions About the Game)
    • Hosted by NPC "Leontina"
  • Reorganized and Adjusted Client Orders
  • You can now unlock fields by clearing free fields.


Late March Update

  • New Extreme Quest containing, mostly, Phantoms
  • Scape Dolls and Half Dolls are Banned
  • Enemy HP changes based on the # of players
  • Clear this quest for a Title as one of the requirements for the revised Expert Player condition.
  • Invade NT weapons will drop.


Late March Update

  • Solo Extreme Quest Released
  • Title Rewards are prepared for each class.
  • Title Reward: Conqueror's Crest
  • You can exchange Conqueror's Crest at Zieg's Exchange shop for some ★14 weapons.
  • From the video, each item required 500 Conqueror's Crests


Revised ★14 Drop Rates

  • Crimson Castle Crusher, Magisterial Onslaught, The Creator Phantom, and Racing The Phantom Mother emergency quests will have increased ★14 drop rates.
  • The Dark Demolisher will have an increase in drop rates.

Exchange Item [Conqueror's Crest]

  • By collecting Conqueror's Crest, you can exchange them for certain ★14 weapons.
  • Conqueror's Crest drops in Crimson Castle Crusher and The Dark Demolisher.
  • You can also receive Conqueror's Crests from future Emergency Raid Type Quests, Titles, and Campaigns.


Conqueror's Crest Campaign (2/21 ~ 2/28)

Players can obtain [Conqueror's Crests] by completing the following tasks

  • Clear (1x) Racing the Phantom Mother = 10 Conqueror's Crests
  • Clear (3x) Racing the Phantom Mother = 10 Conqueror's Crests
  • Clear (3x) Any Time Attack Quest = 10 Conqueror's Crests
  • Play (3x) Emblem Ranked Matches = 5 Conqueror's Crests
  • Clear Hans Client Order Powerful Native Variations = 10 Conqueror's Crests
  • Login 3 Days during the campaign period = 5 Conqueror's Crests

We will talk about the campaign in detail during maintenance.


Material Storage / Expanded Storage Changes (May)

  • Material Storage 30 Days: 1,500 AC 300 SG
  • Material Storage 90 Days: 3,600 AC 720 SG
  • Expanded Storage (1) 30 Days: 500 AC 100 SG
  • Expanded Storage (1) 90 Days: 1,200 AC 240 SG

Expanded Storage (2 ~ 5) will still cost AC.


PSO2 The Animation Best Character Song CD Complete

  • Early Release: March 24th, 2018 at Live Sympathy 2018
  • Release Date: April 4th, 2018
  • Price: 3,500 Yen
  • Item Code Contains:
    • 393 [Vo Performance 5] (Lobby Action)
    • CD Package Mat (Room Good)
    • Peerless Star Gate (Music Disc)
    • Rare Drop Koi Koi (Music Disc)


Phantasy Star Online 2 Deluxe Stamp Set

  • Product Name: PS Series 30th Anniversary PSO2 Deluxe Frame Stamp Set
  • Product Number: 79425-1011-6
  • Price: 4,980 Yen (Shipping fee / Sales tax included)
  • Contents:
    • Frame Stamps (62 Yen Seal Stamp x10) 1 sheet
    • 1 Stamp Holder
    • 8 Postcards
    • Item Code Card


Phantasy Star Online 2 Deluxe Stamp Set Item Code

  • (1) 372 [Arisa Pose] (Lobby Action)
  • (2) PS 30th Anniversary Poster (Room Good)


PSO2es Update

  • Story Quest Season 2 Chapter 4
  • Clear the quest to receive Intelligence Bureau Quna [Memorial]


PSO2es Update

  • A variety of improvements have been made to the Panel System
  • The teleporter panel will be revealed when you start the floor.
  • The remaining panels will open once you have the Key(s).
  • Panel acquisition BONUS improved.
  • New ★13 Rewards


PSO2es Update

  • New Feature: Rush Arts
  • You can activate a Rush Art once a gauge is filled.
  • This creates an Apparition that performs followup attacks.
  • The Leisure Coin Shop has the [Spellbook Pose] Lobby Action (3/1~)


New ★13 Chips

  • Ares Ryuga (2/28)
  • Seiga Sword (3/7)


PSO2es Update

  • Avenger (White Day) (3/14) (+ Side Story)
  • Nemesis Dual (2/21)


PSO2es Update

  • Yasminikov 5000 SD (2/21)
  • Niren Agito (3/7)
  • Summit Moon (3/1) (Exch Shop)


PSO2es Update

  • PSO2es Emergency Quest (2/22 ~ 2/27)
    • Raete Placis
  • PSO2es Emergency Quest (3/15 ~ 3/21)
    • Raete Crahd
    • Raete Kvelle


~ The Advent of the Wings of Wisdom ~
~ Dark Blast Loser Form ~
~ Takes Flight This April ~



46 thoughts to “PSO2 Station #17 Recap”

  1. "If you clear it, you’ll obtain a Title as one of the requirements for the new Expert Player condition."

    Does this mean all current "expert" players are no longer "expert" when the update comes and everyone needs to do it to become "expert" again?

    DB Loser looks good.

    1. Nah… I think not. i thought it means new ppl whose not done open expert title, need to do this new XQ to get the title. Instead of doing upg R13 wep+35 and R12 set unit(rear, arm, leg), and done XQ Heaven n Hell.

    2. I think the players who have obtained past expert status needs to well get it again like an expired driver's license and also i have a bit mixed feelings about 14* increase drop rate. well what is your thought about the changes in drop rate?

    3. If people who already unlocked expert gonna keep it then the point of making new harder requirements is gonna be pointless.

    4. This is wonderful news. A chance to separate all bad players from the good. In the past, bad players got through the cracks by having friends log onto their account and clear heaven and hell. Then SEGA made it a bannable offense, but that didn't stop the people who got through before that. Also, people also cheated with dolls to get through as well. I know what you're thinking, heaven and hell isn't hard…but then why are EQs a train wreck? Non-experts always need a carry and lately even "experts" are bad. The answer is simple, there are tons of players who don't belong with experts.

    5. And I completely agree that Expert is filled with too many newbs nowadays. Then again I can imagine Hero being able to carry them anyway unless the mobs deal some serious damage.

    6. XROS>If people who already unlocked expert gonna keep it then the point of making new harder requirements is gonna be pointless.
      it's pointless anyway. no matter how big the flaming hoop you make people jump through, you're not going to weed out the people who go the trouble of getting past it and then stop putting in effort again. the sooner you accept the reality, the better. the sooner sega accepts it, the better.

      GIRL WITH 1200 TITLES>This is wonderful news. A chance to separate all bad players from the good.
      I hope you're joking, because I don't want to believe you're stupid enough to believe that. "bad players" will "get through the cracks" for anything short of sega having someone hold a gun to their heads at all times while playing.

      sega should stick to trying to figure out what balance is instead of wasting people's time with their trying to make flaming hoops to make people jump through so the top 5% e-peen crowd can pretend there's anything special about themselves.

  2. Nice I like all of the stuff shown. a boosted 14* drop rate and 50% Tri for Premium is always welcome and the price change of the storages to SG makes them actually cheaper.

  3. was looking forward to seeing something majestic for the dark blast much like angel. instead we get bland anime hero bird thing.

    1. Did you somehow miss first Dark Blast being recolored Hunar? Why wouldn't second be recolored Angel? You can fully expect 3rd one being recolored doubles as well.

    2. DRAKOGARNUS>expecting that making a "hero" version of a villain's powerup wouldn't bother with making it not look like some retarded edgelord like loser himself
      >implication of a lack of majesty
      I suppose there's no accounting for lack of taste.

      MAX>"hurr recolored hunar"
      >ignoring the amount of stuff that's blatantly not the same as elder-as-hunar
      well I guess if you're blind…
      wait. I know a legally blind guy who can probably still tell the difference just fine. I take it you're the type who thinks every mob/boss with a similar skeleton is identical, too.

  4. holy shit you guys calm down XD i guess i should have elaborated that its just not realy angel like and they could do better and do the 6 wings again with the body. also edgelord? loser was just a fuckup as HIS NAME IMPLIES. if your calling falzes edgelords because they are dark and have black/red sometimes then your just being an edgelord yourself.

    1. Falz Angel's full six-wing bootleg seraphim getup would pretty much totally block your own visibility so notnks. Blast Hunar is already bulky enough to cause some issues in that regard.

  5. Man I am really getting tired of that -z- guys increasingly bullshit blathering, trying to damn absolutely anything, even things that can look good, because obviously PSO2 can't have anything good about it, right?

  6. You all want to know what would be a great expert requirement? Here it is
    Clear Phaleg (3rd fight) with at least 2 or more Regular classes
    Clear the new upcoming XQ(s) with at least 2 or more Regular classes
    this will ensure no cheap tickets with hero, and eventually people will go SU as well for at least 1 easy clear

  7. Will Dark blast loser be given to us like the first dark blast or so we have to meet some requirements to get it?

    1. This is likely an error/visual bug, OT->NT conversion all say 30 grind cap, even though they end up being 35 grind cap when you receive them. We'll have to wait awhile for the first person to get it from the Exchange Shop.

  8. Looks like it wasn't long till the moe drones complained about transforming into something that wasn't a women and now want the dark blast transparent.

  9. "Your old-type Austere won’t be left out in the cold because they have stuff planned for them as well"
    Yes please, that was the longest and the hardest grind in my history of PSO2, especially compared to my 14* which I basically bought with meseta.

  10. >The Conqueror Crest ★14 Weapons are indeed intended to be
    +30 Grind Cap as listed on the exchange

    but really. show of hands, how many people really ever thought that wasn't going to be the case? are there truely that many people delusional enough to think there wouldn't be a catch? the dropped ones are max cap because they effectively don't drop, so even kimura would have to concede on the whole overlimit thing. but the exchange ones, even if it'll take you so long that whatever you were after stops being worth getting, don't get that luxury, because you aren't at RNGesus' mercy. y'all should be amazed they don't also come at 10 element, just to hammer home that kimura wants to punish people who RNGesus doesn't love.

    >3000 tokens for a complete weapon
    RIP ability factors.

    1. Typical.

      "3000 tokens for a complete weapon. RIP ability factors."

      Yeah but you see the thing is, Ability 4 is garbage.
      A 30 Grind 14* is only missing like 100 Atk at best. The horror! muh 2%~ Damage!

  11. You know…if only you guys just keep playing normally and not just bitching about every little things, maybe you guys already have enough class cube to bump your *14 from exchange to +35. Psst, you can also buy +1 from visiphone as cheap as 100M meseta.

    1. OK, you keep playing as the same class for 300 Levels to get 5 x +1 items and tell me how long this takes you. I the mean time, I'll wait and see what they do with Austere-NT weapons and grind my renaming 4 classes at Lv80. BTW, Lv cap 85 in May, even more EXP to get those class cubes now.

    2. The increased level cap won't change a thing when it comes wit class cubes. You'll just receive more of them on level 85 just like you receive 5 instead of 1 on level 80 compared to level 75. And I doubt 1500 class cubes will even be necessary. We already have like 130~ Crests on average and the system hasn't been even out for two weeks.

    3. @XROS
      I take it that 130 crests is what you got and you are now defining this as an average. Assuming that you got the free 50 crests they were giving out and that you get 1 or 2 crests per EQ, that's still more than 40 quests. Considering that there's been less than 60 EQ so far that gives those crests, how do you manage to get this many if you have a full time job or a full time student and need to sleep & eat like every human being?

    4. You do realize sega gave basically 100 through campaigns already right? Im not even the person with the most crests on my Team.

  12. It's ridiculous 14* max value +30 ! SEGA like f*ck the players really ?
    I have 8k hours or this game, and i have never drop any 14* weapons why ?! The DF mother quest is max Boosted for the 14* drop rate and i don't see the color AGAIN !

    Really, i don't know why SEGA have realised this drop system, why they haven't stay with the same drop system than the last version of pso ( pso ep 1&2 or BB )

    I like play alone and not in group why ?! Because the japanese players are clever, they know the method for drop the 14* weapon, and sometime they use some method for pick-up the rare drop destinated to other players in the group. SO i think it's impossible to drop 14* if you don't play with other persons.

    I like this game, but somes thing need to be modified and SEGA do nothing for that !

    Sorry for this bad post, but i can't stay and Say nothing !

    1. With 8k hours you should be able to buy yourself all necessary materials for Atra weapon like 100 times and a wagon of 13*s that are all better than the first batch of 14*s.

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