PSO2 Station #27 Recap

Warning! This post is updating in real time!
Please take note as the information below is subject to change.

January 18th News

Mother & Deus Trigger Bug Fix

  • This bug will be fixed next maintenance.

Gi Megid Bug Fix

  • Apparently there's a bug where under certain conditions, Gi Megid would do too many hits. This bug has existed since EP1.

The Chocolate Way 2019

  • Increased ★14 Weapon / Egg Drop Rates (Compared to Last Year's)
  • Increased drop rates for Pink Rappy Suit Mini.
  • Twin Crea Saber:
    • Power: 12%
    • Has an Additional Effect With Field Skills
    • Supports S1 and S3
    • Factor: Ability IV
  • Collection File contains the old Fornis, Tactio, and Flow Razor Weapons. However, this time they'll be at +30 Grind.

Arks New Year Carnival Limited Quest #2

  • Lumiere Series and Schvelle Boosters will drop.

Web Panel Reward Period Date Change

  • The 1st Reward Period will move to a later date.
  • Reward Period 1 is now March 20th ~ March 27thl

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha DETONATION

  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Detonation Collab has been announced.
  • Expect Costumes, Hairstyles, Camos of Nanoha, Hayate, and Fate.
  • There will be Lobby Actions too!

Players Impressions of Phantom at the Arks X-Mas Party

  • A survey was conducted for the overall impressions with Phantoms.
  • Generally, players had positive impressions with each weapon type.
  • They liked the originality of the Rifle "bit" mechanic.
  • They felt Rods were a bit stiff with their PAs and normal attacks, and that it was hard to combine that with Technics.

In response to these issues, the development team will focus on relaxing the cancellation timings with Rods. They will also improve the degree of freedom in relation to the operating mechanics.

  • The survey continued where players overall liked the class in general.
  • They thought the class was fun and felt different from other classes.
  • However, they were somewhat dissatisfied with how difficult it was to understand. They didn't like the time it took to figure out how to use it.

In response to these issues, the development team will focus on making it easier to understand. They will add a Shift PA display guide and enhance the contents of the Phantom Training Quest.

  • Other impressions included how hard it was to see Phantom Markers, and know the difference between their levels.
  • They didn't quite understand when you were invincible during Stealth Tech Charge.
  • They also felt that Phantom Finishers were a bit plain

In response to this, they will make the effects easier to understand. Animations and visual effects will be adjusted.

  • Players want to know what PAs and Skills you have access to when Phantom is set as a subclass.
  • They want the game to have that Rockbear that never dies.
  • They want to have more time in trying out the class.

In response to this, the Phantasy Star Fan Festival in March will allow attendees to try out the class.

They might also do that invincible Rockbear, but it's not set in stone right now.

Phantom Stuff

  • There's going to be a Phantom Mag skill that converts DEX into S/R/T
  • Photon Stream is a skill that increases power based on your Max PP. At skill level 5, you can reach its power cap with 200 PP.
  • Critical Stream is a skill that increases your Critical Rate and Critical Damage. You can reach the critical rate cap (whatever that value is) with 300 PP.
  • Some potentials will be adjusted in some way while Phantoms are using them. This could result in things like lower potential multipliers or values, etc. Items like Quelle Neigia would be affected.
  • Phantom will be officially abbreviated as [Ph].
  • Similar to how Hero has the Demonia series, Phantom will also have its own set of weapons. They have not disclosed when these weapons will release.
  • When Phantom is used as a sub, you'll be able to use skills that aren't main class limited. Although we don't have the full list of sub friendly skills, we do know that Photon Stream is one of them. Sprint Tech Charge and Full Drive are also available.
  • More to be added.

Dark Falz Persona

  • Details about the boosted version of this quest will be revealed in the next PSO2 Station.


  • February 2nd will be Super PSO2 Day. (The joke is how it's 02/02)
  • On February 2nd, 2019 @ 0:00 ~ 23:59 JST, the following will occur:
    • 200% EXP Boost
    • 200% Rare Drop Boost
    • 200% Meseta Boost
    • 200% Bonus Quest EXP Boost
    • 200% Gathering Fever Rate
    • Login Stamp +2
    • 2x FUN
    • Four [22 SG Tickets]
    • Two Tokyo Gold Bonus Keys
    • Two [1 Mil EXP Ticket]
    • Bargain Sale at the SG Shop


OLD December 15th News

Post Livestream Update

  • I'm sorry but we needed some time to sleep.
  • Adding PSO2es Slides by Spin Cycle.
  • Also Spin Cycle will now be in charge of PSO2es!


Secret Phrase

  • Say the following phrase in chat to receive rewards
  • 祝「ぷそ煮コミ」アニメ化
  • Prizes: 2018 Fun Ticket, 20 King's Crest, 1 Mil EXP Ticket
  • You have until Dec 26th Maintenance to claim the prize.
  • Prizes can be picked up at the Visiphone.


Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Merry Christmas on Ice (Quna Concert First)
  • December 15th @ 23:00 JST
  • Rare Drop & EXP Rate +300%

WEB Panel Rewards

  • December 26th ~ January 9th


New Years! Year of the Boar Accessory Select and Lucky Bag G

  • January 1st ~ January 9th
  • Popular Hairstyles Accessories and Lobby Action
  • Layered Wear and Grace Special Ability and Special Ability Protection


Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Collab

  • Early January Update
  • Bell Cranel, Hestia, Ais Wallenstein, costumes, hairstyles, and accessories.
  • Hestia Knife and Desperate Weapon Camos
  • DanMachi Lobby 1 & 2 Actions
  • Posters and Mats too!
  • Login for Dan Machi Poster C


Early January Update

  • Arks New Year Carnival WEB Event
  • New Years Lobby, New Years Xie, New Years Exchange Shop
  • Trade in Weapons Badge 2019 for items.
    • Suwa Suwa Suru LA
    • Melon Balloon
    • Homura Weapons
    • Circu Ray Unit Series
    • Camos of Popular common weapons for each class.
    • Omega Dark Falz Series ★13 Weapons
      • Clawdem, Detonation, Allure, Chalyra
    • Mother & Deus Solo Trigger


Early January Update

  • Familia Historia (AC Scratch)
  • Racing and Horse Jockey outfits
  • Video Contest Lobby Actions: Birthday


Early January Update

  • New Year Carnival Limited Quest
  • Visit each planet being attacked by Omega's nightmare
  • Battle Loser's forces on Wopal
  • Battle Double's forces on Harukotan
  • Battle Apprentice's forces on Lillipa
  • Battle Elder's forces on Naberius
  • Quest Drop: *Coat Barrel (Photon Color Changeable)


Late January Update

  • Valentine Lobby, Bingo (~2/20/2019)
  • Love Rappy Suit Mini (Drops from Love Rappies)


Late January Update

  • Aurora Valentine and Euclita Valentine
  • You can also get Euclita Valentine Partner Card
  • *Choco Love Empe (CO Reward)


Late January Update

  • Sweet Bitter Pop (AC Scratch)
  • Euclita and Aurora Valentine Outfits
  • Matoi and Melrandia Valentine Costumes
  • Euclita Basewear Version and Aurora Short Height Version
  • Black versions of Euclita and Aurora's outfits.
  • Western Themed Outfits too
  • Lobby Actions: Dance 56 and Valentine


Late January Update

  • Added New Items to PS Zero Shop.
  • Trade in PSZero Memories for Items
    • Humar and HUmarl Outfits and Accessories


Late January Update

  • The Chocolate Way 2019 (~2/20/2019)
  • NPCs will appear in Valentine outfits.
  • Chocolate 2019 Collection
    • Fornis and Tactio +30
  • ★14 Weapon Drop: Twin Crea Saber


Late January Update

  • Arks New Year Carnival Part 2
  • Client Orders and Exchange Shop Updated
    • Maron Balloon
    • Lobby Action: Rainbow Drop
  • Limited Quest 2 (~2/06/2019)
    • A Free Field format quest in the city.
    • Quest Drop: *Coat Talis


Idola Phantasy Star Saga

  • Idola's first Christmas event begins December 18th.
  • Christmas Rosalinde: EB: Royal Christmas


Idola Phantasy Star Saga

  • Link your PSO2 with Idola Phantasy Star Saga.
  • When linked, you'll earn [Idola Points] when playing Idola.
  • Beginning December 19th, you can use those Idola Points to purchase items in PSO2.
    • Uly / Stella (Lobby Action)
    • Idola Poster (Room Item)
    • Stella's Helm (Accessory)
    • Idola's Main Theme (Disc)
    • Star Gems
    • Element Enhance +2
  • The Menu Guide displays how to link your account in the Camp tab.


PSO2es Gene [Summer Vacation] Figure

  • Price: 13,800 Yen
  • Seller: Hobby Japan
  • Sales Period: Until January 16th
  • Release Date: June ~ July 2019


Phantasy Star Fest 2019

  • A series of offline events where you can meet up with fellow PSO2 players, take pictures, and buy Phantasy Star merchandise.
  • Each event will also hold an Arks Battle Tournament.
    • March 10th
    • April 21st
    • May 25th
    • June 8th
    • July 14th
    • August 17th


Phantasy Star Fest 2019

  • New Merchandise!
    • Official T-Shirt: 2,700 Yen
    • Official Wrist Band: 1,300 Yen
    • Official Scarf Towel: 2,000 Yen


PSO2 Comic Anime

  • The anime begins Jan 8th 2019 on Youtube and Nico Nico
  • A secret phrase will be displayed each episode.
  • If you type in this phrase in chat, you'll get [PSO2 Comic Memory]


PSO2 Comic Items

  • Character Mats (1 PSO2 Comic Memory Each)
  • Arks Jersey M/F [Ba] (4 PSO2 Comic Memory Each)
  • Itica&Tetra Pose LA (6 PSO2 Comic Memory)


PSO2 Cloud PC Version

  • Starting 12/19, the PC ver will support PSO2 Cloud.
  • A new cloud button will be added to the launcher.
  • On this version you'll connect to the [Cloud Shared Block]


Phantom Class

[Episode 6] New Class: Phantom

  • A new class that also utilizes S/R/T
  • Weapon Types: Katana / Assault Rifle / Rod


Phantom Native Action 1: Shift PA

  • PA behaviors change after tapping the weapon action.

Phantom Native Action 2: Phantom Marker

  • Applies a marker to the enemy hit by the attack.
  • When you long tap the weapon action, a follow-up attack can occur.

Technic Attack (Rods Only)

  • Activating a Technic causes an additional slash attack to occur.
  • This can also recover some PP.

Subclass Phantom

  • Phantoms do not support subclasses, however, you can set Phantom as a subclass for standard classes.

Advanced Class Name Change

  • The term [Advanced Class] will now be known as [Successor Class].

Successor Class Unlocking Changes

  • The condition to unlock a [Successor Class] will be revised.
  • This adjustment will make them easier to unlock.
  • Unlocking Conditions
    • OLD: Have a Striking, Range, and Tech Class at Lv75+
    • NEW: Have any 2 classes at Lv75+


Some information is taken from social media and might be incorrect or missing context.

Visitors who attended the Arks X-Mas party got their first look at the Phantom class which is expected to release Spring 2019!

Phantom Class

  • Can use Katanas / Assault Rifles / Rods
  • They can also use Technics and Gunslashes.
  • Each weapon type has 4 PAs.
  • Each PA has its own [Phantom Shift] version.
  • Phantom can be used as a subclass.

Phantom Shift

  • The Phantom Shift activates when you use the [weapon action].
  • The behavior for each PA changes when you use the PA during Shift.

Phantom Shift Specifications

  • Uncharged: Has a period of Invincibility when activated.
  • Uncharged: Leads to Shift PAs.
  • Uncharged: Maintains the current combo stage?
  • Charged: Used for Marker Detonation
  • Charged: Does not lead to Shift PAs.
  • Charged: Maintains the current combo stage?

Charged / Uncharged Katana Phantom Shift Example

  • Uncharged: Attacks a short-distance ahead while evading.
  • Charged: Releases a short-distance high speed slash, and detonates the marker.

Charged / Uncharged Rifle Phantom Shift Example

  • Uncharged: Performs a shooting attack with bits while allowing you to move freely.
  • Charged: Releases a penetrating shot and makes it possible to detonate the marker on the hit enemy.

Charged / Uncharged Rod Phantom Shift Example

  • Uncharged: Fires a photon bullet from the rod.
  • Charged: Detonates all the markers within range. Strong against a group of enemies.

Phantom Marker

  • A skill you can learn.
  • Markers will accumulate as you continue to attack the enemy.
  • With a charged weapon action, a powerful follow-up? attack will occur.
  • In addition to dealing heavy damage, it's also possible to greatly restore your PP.

Phantom Gear

  • Your Phantom Gear will rise as you're fighting.
  • You can activate the skill [Phantom Time] from your sub-palette.

Phantom Time

  • An active skill that consumes 50% of Phantom Gear.
  • You'll be invincible for 5 seconds from activation.
  • Extends the invincibility frames during step.
  • PP consumption reduced 20%.

Phantom Time Finish

  • If you activate Phantom Time again, you'll perform a finisher based on each weapon type.

Evasive Action / Dodge Counter Shot

  • Dodge Counter Shot activates when you perform an attack after evading an enemy's attack using [Step].

Attack Jellen

  • Provides a certain chance to apply Jellen to an enemy hit by an attack.

Phantom Time Jellen Plus

  • Provides a certain chance to apply Jellen when an attack hits during Phantom Time.

Stealth Tech Charge

  • For a certain time, from the start of charging a technic, you'll become invincible and your movement speed will increase.

Dodge PP Regain

  • Recovers PP when you evade an enemy's attack.

Marker Heal

  • Recovers HP when you accumulate the max amount of markers.

Sprint Tech Charge

  • Movement speed increases during charging technics.

Phantom PP Restorate

  • Increases the amount of PP automatically recovered.

Zero Range Mark Boost

  • Bonus is applied to the accumulated markers? when attacking enemies at close-range.

Long Range Mark Boost

  • Bonus is applied to the accumulated markers? when attacking enemies at long-range.

Photon Stream

  • Increases power based on your max PP.

Critical Stream

  • Increases critical rate based on your max PP and critical damage. (It wasn't clarified if Critical Damage is based on max PP)

Mark PP Drain

  • Recovers PP when you accumulate the max amount of markers.

Full Drive

  • Increases gear accumulation

Quick Cut

  • While using a Katana, when you perform a weapon action at a specific time, the behavior will change.


  • While using Rifles, it accumulates markers through marker detonation.


  • While using Rods, accumulates markers and gear by doing Technics.

Lord of Thorn

  • Decreases markers and increases marker detonation power.

Tech Short Charge

  • Reduces Technic charging time and PP consumption, but lowers the power.

Chase Mark Boost

  • A bonus is applied to the accumulated markers when attacking enemies suffering from Status Effects or Jellen.

Anyway, I'm not sure what "bonus" means exactly in regards to Markers, so we'll have to wait for more info.

Each Weapon Type has 4 PAs and each PA has a Shift version.

Katana PA: Schmetterling

  • Normal: A PA that quickly approaches an enemy. A dependable PA since you don't flinch as you approach.
  • Shift: Allows you to slip through the enemy's attack. Due to it's high performance in evasion, it's great for escaping groups of enemies.

Katana PA: Volterzeit

  • Normal: A simple PA that does consecutive attacks. Has a long JA ring.
  • Shift: Becomes an ultra high-speed slash attack that might be a bit difficult to handle. 

Rifle PA: Nacht Angriff

  • Normal: Fires a slow moving bit that can explode. You can adjust the distance of the explosion based on the timing you release the button.
  • Shift: Performs a dash while you're holding the button and shoots when you let go.

Rifle PA: Verbrechen

  • Normal: Lines up the bits and shoots lasers. The direction is based on your input.
  • Shift: The deployed bits will automatically fire bullets.

We're adding more stuff.




Episode 6

New Enemy Type: Kaleidomechs


Ultra Hard Difficulty

~ Arriving This Spring ~



Kaleidomechs is a temp name. You can suggest something better: 閃機種


Suggestions So Far:

  • Prismoids

We'll most likely use the internal name as a guidance as to what they could be called—whenever that gets datamined.



PSO2es Update

Story Quest Season 3 Chapter 3 (12/19)

  • Darker Busters crew joins forces with the Veiner group in search of the Score.


Quick Search Feature

  • New Quick Search area (12/19)
  • Find Quelle Scarlet, Lavis Canon, Rykros Staff, along with conqueror's crests

Friend Assist Expansion

  • Your friend will appear without going through that cutscene.


New Chips:

  • ★13 Optreion – Fire, Active (Dec. 19th)
  • ★13 Saika Hyouri – Dark, Active (Dec. 26th) – Eternal Tower Reward


New Chips:

  • ★12 Bluesy Requiem [White Christmas] – Light, Support (Dec. 19th)
  • ★12 Divine Amaterasu – Light, Active (Jan. 1st)
  • ★12 Ignis – Lightning, Active (Dec. 26th) – Eternal Tower Reward
  • ★12 Valkyrie R25 – Ice, Support (Jan. 17th) – Emergency Quest Reward



New Chips:

  • ★12 Akhtar [New Year] – Lightning, Support (Jan. 1st ~ Jan. 4th)
  • ★12 Alma [New Year] – Wind, Support (Jan. 5th ~ Jan. 9th)
  • ★11 Space Tuna [New Year] – Light, Active (Jan. 1st) – Login Campaign


New Chips:

  • ★11 Frozen Tuna – Ice, Active (Dec. 26th)
  • ★11 Inferno Bazooka – Fire, Active (Jan. 9th)
  • ★11 Pao Houou – Lightning, Support (Jan. 16th)
  • ★11 Bio Ribzeal – Ice, Support (Jan. 23rd)
  • ★11 Parallel Slider Type-0 EX (Jan. 16th)



New Chips: 

  • ★12 Zeno [TCG] (Dec. 19th)
  • ★12 Lisa [TCG] (Jan. 16th)
  • ★11 Echo [TCG] (Dec. 16th)
  • ★11 Gettemhart [TCG] (Jan. 1st)
  • ★11 Marlu [TCG] (Jan. 23rd)



New Weaponoid Side Stories:

  • ★12 Bluesy Requiem [White Christmas] (Dec. 19th) 
  • ★11 Reinier Orbit (Dec. 26th)
  • ★11 Space Tuna [New Year] (Jan. 1st)
  • ★11 Craft Plosion (Jan. 9th)
  • ★13 Gales Orbit (Jan. 16th)
  • ★11 Rose Saber (Jan. 23rd)




  • TCG chips will be featured in upcoming Limited Quests (Dec. 19th onward), ones like Christmas and New Year's will have ways to obtain them. Certain ones will be obtainable, currently known being Echo, Gettemhart and Marlu. 
  • A new Weaponoid series quest, "Harmony of Orbit" arrives on December 16th. Each week a new chapter will be released, up to chapter 8. 



Emergency Quest and Eternal Tower:

  • Eternal Tower (Dec. 26th ~ Jan. 9th) features a new ★13 Saika Hyouri chip in the drop table (surprisingly not a ranking chip), as well as ★13 Cadeceus-NT. The completion chip is ★12 Ignis who will be replacing ★12 Divine Raikou. 
  • Bantha Oran makes its first appearance as an XH emergency quest! Defeat it for a chance at of a  ★12 Valkyrie R25 chip drop. 

63 thoughts to “PSO2 Station #27 Recap”

  1. Finally a proper tech based hybrid class? Damn hype! Looks like Hero time focus on damage while Phantom time focus on sustain.

    1. Based what's written on baskmedia, we can set Phantom as a subclass!! A new way to play Te and Fo incoming?

    2. Just force and techers? Imagine all those non-technic class that can benefits from tech access and hero-like skills… Damn, this is huge, SEGA

    3. The skills probably pretty limited tho that's why Te and Fo is the only safe candidates being a Tech centric class. It looks like you can't use Phantom's PA and Stealth Tech charge also won't work as a sub. Sub will probably get the marker related skill and some others.

  2. I don't want to be a party pooper, but I guess I have to be one.
    It sounds like just another Braver. Hero is already powered up Braver and Phantom will be another one.
    I doubt he will have unique animations for techniques. I guess he will just zip around the play and use Braver animations just like Hero does, but with different weapon models.
    Don't get me wrong, it's still better than Summoner, but I would rather have new base class with 2 brand new weapon categories, then another remixed Braver all over again.

    1. Aside from the forward thrust PA i don't see anything resembling Braver's PA tho? As long as the weapon plays diferently i'm completely fine without new categories.

      Also, it's 'than' not 'then'.

    2. Phantom is more or less a mix of all the old mechanics, since they don't add anything new in the roster of fundamentals. Its doomed to be a mix of better approaches with some synergies to make it work.

    3. Yeah after watched the livestream i'm a bit disapointed but the class seems fun to play and all the PAs look cool to boot.

    4. I did all solo XQs with both Braver and Hero, so I know full well what I'm talking about.
      Hero does play like beefed up Braver. And re-uses most of Braver's animations.
      Also engrish isn't my first or even second language, so don't mind my grammer plaes.

    5. Somethings wrong about your icon, are you really Max? Then can you list which animation is similar to Braver? So far i can only remember the forward thrust PA is similar to Shunka's forward thrust and someone said that the air slash portion of rising slash is similar to Asagiri, other than that i don't see anything similar. Then again i haven't played Hero in a long time so please do enlighten me.

    6. The only similarities are sword and katana hitstops and the fact that both Hero Time and Katana Kombat have a finisher.

      Their gameplay is as different as can be. And don't get me started on the animations, although it's true that Hero reuses some annimations from other classes (but tbh many animations are recycled in this game).

  3. worse they say.. u can sub it.. this gonna break the game more than hero does..
    PS :HIKOMR :rising slash is asaragi tho.. if you cant see anything doesnt mean another people wrong…

    1. I don't know that's why i'm asking. So 2 out of many PA's animation is reused and that's bad(?). Or maybe there's more that i'm not aware of? I stopped using Hero after they buffed normal classes so my memory is fuzzy.

    2. Apparently reusing stuff like this is the biggest sin Sega can make to some people. I remember people bitching that 2 out of 3 simple compounds were "too similar to Type-0 Skills from other classes".

    3. >hero
      >break the game

      …you actually stopped playing soon after the Hero introduction didn't you. Also should be a safe bet all the really juicy skills are mainclass only anyway ergo Phantom sub will be niche at best.

    4. Asagiri = Rising Slash

      On an unrelated note, Re Barantsia is Tornado Dance type-0, and Sphere Eraser is Million Storm.

    5. not saying resycle is bad..tho some people might thing sega doesnt actualy working hard enough while try to milk the player.. i just want to make a point there are ton of resycle as what people says tho you dont realize it..
      PS: Spere eraser is A.I.S animation..
      i keep playing and probably know all the buff update.. but here is the truth all class get buffed to balanced them with hero.. to the point of you can finish deus dps check alone… when previously this only achievable with hero.. this what makes me think that class break the game.. later on they bring more absurb quest to balance the dificulty with the fire power of current buffed class like endless quest which very much random.. and this uq solo that has no sign of ending while i am already at stage 56 and last time i check the title listed 100stage..
      remember when all the player playing hero with no one even bother to play te and ra even to buff those hero…
      or of some people that saying you are noob of cannot playing hero cause of you complaining how trash op that class is.. then you prove to them you solo deus to shut them down for good.. it is an easy class..
      and i hope not at all player gonna sub their class with phantom after this…

    6. "easy class"

      That must be why the single most common cause of dragon rematch failure I've seen is Heroes dying all over the place. Also remember when everyone was trying out the shiny new class until they got bored of it like they always do when one comes out?

    7. if they died with a hero.. they would probably died with every class available beside hu.. at lv 80.. without any 85 skill… as the 1st time the dragon comeout… cause those die already twice the time they get killed as to count with hero will..
      the real deal in playing hero is maintaining hero boost power… tho i do not thing crimson dragon that hard to dodge compared with boosted vardha…

  4. Nice info on the Phantom class. Now the fact we're starting to get some Phantasy Star Zero outfits is a major plus. I wonder how you the the PS Zero memories..?

  5. CAST Phantom will be like cosplaying gundam because that rifle's "funnel" attack.

    Aside that, I think Phantom's gameplay require to move a lots compare to Hero.

  6. Gonna be interesting to see how different the skill tree builds will be.

    My question, at the start with hero they initially said you it was strong enough using one weapon type, will this class be the same. If not maybe subbing will benefit that playstyle. I hope so at least.

    1. hero is better with one wep.. without being said.. for many reason
      1. easier afix focus… all atk afix will resulting in lower total damge afix..
      2. wep changing roll animation will make you lost ton of damage with lag etc..
      3. hero has one specific PA that can outdamage all others PA.. in total dpp/sec

    2. What of the other two weapon types? Heroes weapons were suppose to be capable of being powerful enough on their own but your short explanation suggests otherwise. I don't main hero as a class but I probably would have done if TMGs worked a little differently. Hero is meant to be a successor (Advanced) class. With swords yes its worthy of being a successor, but as for tmg and talises…I'm not at all convinced.

      I only make the point because I hope Phantom won't be a class which pushes its users towards one weapon type as a main weapon since I like rifles but not katana's or rods. This is where the subclass part I hope would fix that.

    3. Phantom is designed to be 'pick one weapon that you like'-type of class. Unless you want to use Tech a lot any weapon can do. Phantom can't use subclass but can be used as subclass and Phantom's PA can't be used by other class. It's all been said in the livestream so 100% confirmed, dunno if they change it later at release.

    4. TMG/Talis? they are surely good and fun to use… but overly pp reliance with no real clev normal atk like sword does… so tho you can deal decent/burst damage the problem start when you run out of pp.. while sword hero can just spam that shift shift aura absurdity that surpisingly also stack with phobos potential..

  7. PLEASE for the love of everything tell the back piece on the male racing outfit is a accessory.. I really don't like it.. 😣😣😣😣

  8. I wonder if there's a way to get a recording of the PSO2 Station #27 livestream? I want to see how Phantom plays. I'll be excited to see what rifles and and rods have to offer since I know Katana will be lightning fast like hero. I'd love to also see how subclass phantom will work for Rangers, Gunners, Bouncer and Bravers.

    Tech based sub-phantom combinations I'm not super-psyched for only because of the lack of speed and mobility.

    1. Oops saw the video on a different browser, disregard the first sentence. My browser blocked it for whatever reason, phantom looks awesome!

  9. I went ahead and watched the videos (now that I'm home from work), and I'll paste what I found here after telling my friends on Discord:

    [3:53 PM] Max: Notes for Phantom weapons incoming:
    Let me finish watching my second time to translate it all before commenting
    [3:57 PM] Max: You can move during the shift action for Katana
    You can charge all shift actions to detonate markers that build up as you attack
    Only you can see your markers
    You can slide a little during Rifle basic attacks (they liken it to a shotgun)
    Shift action for rifle releases "bits" and you can move during
    Rod shift action fires a long range bolt
    Each shift action grants a brief dodge window
    [4:02 PM] Max: You'll want to watch the videos to see how each PA functions, but I will at least say this much:
    Each Photon Art has a normal action and an action if used after the shift action for a weapon. The same PA can combo into itself by changing between the basic and shift version. At the moment, there isn't confirmation that a class (such as Ranger) using Phantom as a subclass has access to Phantom PAs.
    Katana has stun abilities, and is very mobile.
    Rifle uses bits that fire independently to continuously attack with lasers.
    Rod automatically launches attacks when charging spells, and has a PA that functions as a one-time talis throw (you can cast a spell from the PA's location rather than your own, but only once per PA use)
    Like Hero, Phantom Time has a finisher for each weapon, but at full gear gauge you can activate Phantom Time and use a finisher twice before fully exhausting the primary gauge.
    Dodging gives you a "counter shot" you can release on your next basic attack. The counter shot raises the gear gauge more quickly than anything else.
    It's intended that you can be powerful using just one of the weapons, rather than having to constantly switch like Hero does.

    1. Nah, last time they wanted Hero to be the first "Advanced" class – better than all the others, and what you STRIVED to become.
      Now it and Phantom are Successors – cooler than some of the rest, but not the end-all, be-all of the game, where you HAVE to be Hero or Phantom or be irrelevant.
      They DID mess up HORRIBLY like that with Hero, though, at first. I just hope that if Phantom IS too powerful, they bring IT DOWN on the numbers to the other classes… Not bring the others UP to it, like what happened with Hero. It took the game FOREVER to recover from that!

    2. It's the op player that use Hero like super op instant clear some EQ. Hero was not really great if not use it properly. Without "hero incident", old class wouldn't get lots buff.

      This Phantom class basically what if ranger/braver/force + Hero's counter dodge, so guarantee op again, including this class can use as sub.

      Fo/Ph super broken with tech short charge + photon stream + stealth charge. With 14* psycho wands + compound tech damage + elemental conversion.

    3. Hero sure is powerful but honestly people just way overreaticng back then. I mean even back then Gu and Fi still can manage to out DPS Hr on raid bosses. It's just the skill ceiling needed to achieve maximum performance on Hr is lower than Gu and Fi so it looks OP to a lot of people. Tho since it don't have access to automate or something similar, the minimum skill required to do a decent dps is also raised a bit. Even now i still see a lot of ded Hr on the floor during raid boss EQ.

      Personally i don't see Phantom will be that OP. The counter thing is inly as strong as normal atk (from what i saw, might be wrong) and since you don't need to instantly do step atk so i think it's just like adding a extra atk to your next PA or something. Also it's already confirmed that Stealth Tech charge isn't gonna work as a Sub, so a lot of good skill might not make it too as a Sub. Compund tech has a cooldown and practically not spammable so short tech charge only has demerit on it.

    4. HIKOMR, if that's true, then it's pointless make Phantom can use as sub class. Beside, most of the Phantom skill not compatible with old class. Phantom should just stick as Hero no subclass mode.

      There's also has some contradiction between weapon action, pa and some class skill effect with combination class Ra/Ph, Br/Ph and Fo/Ph

      Example: Br/Ph, will still can use Br katana combat style or Phantom Time style? And if both katana and phantom gear learned, what's the priority?

    5. We still don't know for sure which is available as a sub or not. Only some stuffs is confirmed for now. Stealth charge, technic attack, phantom gear/time/finish and Phantom's PA isn't available as a sub while Sprint tech charge is the only 100% confirmed to be available as a sub. Personally i think having more choice for a sub-class is better. Take Su for example, while most of the Pet related skill is unavailable it's still usable for some build. We can only wait until more information is revealed.

    6. Default assumption would be that the Phantom-version stuff is mainclass only so it mostly contributes passives as a sub. Expect primary-class versions to take priority where the two overlap – probably already for the sake of the devs' sanity.

    7. Hr was OP in being superior in almost every aspect (especially mobility) but damage and the damage itself was decent. Ph gets all the mobile PAs I wanted for Ra for ages to not get stuck with parallel t0 (new solo content gimmick only adds humiliation to that), gets improved katana shit which will wipe the remaining katana Br population (with some lol100PP stuff to make fun of bbow Brs as a bonus) even easier/braindead PAs to likely dethrone Hr and become the new gurenlord(3.0) and, depending on the damage output, replacing Fo as a caster due to the insane amount of mobility, though I doubt this will happen. Some melee shit like that damaging character-centered field could help Te and with PAs on top of it the melee/caster hybrid (which JB Bo is still failing at) might remove Te as anything other than 10+% damage and 50%EHP bot (which it is at the moment but having no other melee/hybrid alternatives Te thus becomes the only choice).
      Thus Ph has the potential for the Hero incident.

      Speaking about mobility – short-medium range mobility is even greater than Hr so let's just hope SEGA won't suddenly go very stupid like they did with Hr and tailor new episode content for the new class only again.
      No info about Ph as a sub but I hope other classes would at least be able to use Ph PAs but I very much doubt so.

    8. Depending on the damage multipliers Ph might already be a superior subclass for Fo. the only thing thats missing is PPC but that's a ring so that's a non-argument. Separating Te and Fo by providing a Fo/Ph and Te/Ph Meta might also finally separate Tech elements for the two so that They feel slightly more distinct from another, and if Ph has PP Charge Revival that's just icing on the cake for Te and 1 SP saved for Fo. This also comes after the level 90 cap which introduces no new Skills and allows us to use the 5 new SP however we want so a Te main might go 2/10 and 5/5 on Wind mastery while also getting all the other important skills. With Photon Stream Te specifically could probably go for Crit Builds now and they'd have an actual reason to put SP into Shifta Critical. I assume Ph will also have Phantom Mag and Phantom Will, which for Te means that they'd finally have access to a hybrid mag and a Will skill on a class that has good Tech & Strike multipliers.

      The only thing that breaks these combos are the damage multipliers.

    9. Big Doubt @ Ph being able to replace BrHu in the Immunity to Death/unconditional multiplier convenience combo.

  10. Well if Ph gives my Br techs, at least megi and anti, and passive damage compared to Hu, then lol, why not use it) The class itself not looking that interesting, i expected more.

    1. Just saying but you can do THAT already with literally any of the tech-using classes. (Whether that's a sound idea is a different topic entirely.)
      BrBo FTW, amirite guise? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  11. 閃機種

    閃 is just "flash" and 機種 appears to be "model" (as in model of car, type of device, etc.). The airplane and mech appearance makes me wonder if they mean something more along the lines of "figurine" or "miniature" maybe? Hard to say based on just 2 enemies.

    What I'm saying here is that these should be called "Dr. Robotnik's Mean Gleam Machines"

    Kaleidobots, Prismechs, Shiny Boys…I don't know, it's hard to come up with something that gets both parts of the name without sounding wordy. Gleam Machines does sound pretty dope actually. Flickerines (flicker+figurine) maybe? That one sounds and looks not entirely terrible.

    1. For enemy species names, it best to separate the kanji alone since "種", which is "Species", is used at the end of each of the Enemy Species names.

      Though, putting it into English, that part has basically always been discarded.

    2. Yes, there is that. It honestly doesn't matter if you include it or not, it still amounts to some variation of "machine" or "device".

      Really I just wanted an excuse to post my dumb Mean Gleam Machine joke. Maybe that can be a Hans CO, heh.

      I saw someone suggest "Kaleidroid" which isn't half bad.

    3. I think that no matter what the ENG patch goes with for the new enemy types "閃機種"
      I'm going to end up saying Kaleidomechs or Kaleidroids. Until we hear what they say in-game, anyway… IF the refer to them in game
      "Senkishu" is probably how you pronounce those together normally, and the first symbol is part of 閃く, a verb that not only means "to flash" but also "to be struck by inspiration." I'd LOVE to find a way to incorporate the word "inspiration" into the translated name somehow, but I'm unsuccessful as of yet.

  12. >phantom-specific latent adjustments
    they ought to think about going back and doing similar for things you see heros using in spite of getting nothing from, for thoroughness' sake. in general, it'd be nice to see latents that are class specific get alt effects for other classes, or just extra latents for generic use. regardless, it's nice to see them thinking about that kind of stuff for a change.

  13. so, phantom require DEX max in order getting three offensive stat evenly (S/R/T – ATK)?

    i'm a bit confused, so does it goes like this?
    – in Hr, 200 SATK mag will also usable as 200 TATK mag
    – but in Ph, 200 SATK mag only usable as 200 SATK mag, but 200DEX mag will usable as 200 TATK mag


    1. Yes, just like Braver's Mag skill. It will convert Dex to SRT Atk. So a lv200 mag with 200 dex is technically equal to lv800 mag with 200 dex + 200 s atk + 200 r atk + 200 t atk.

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