PSO2 Station #28 Recap


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February 9th News

White Day Event

  • Make sure to clear Aurora's Valentine COs so you can get a new exclusive client order during White Day.

Exacrimav / Exacrimaph

  • A new ★14 Rifle.
  • Potential: The 3rd normal attack has an explosion upon impact.
    • Phantom Class Compatible.

Puso Ni Comic Anime Live Video

  • February 22nd ~ February 24th
  • It's a "Movie Live," but this time, (instead of Matoi), it's the first four episodes of Puso Ni Comic Anime.
  • There will also be a Live Boost.

Endless Quest: Eternal Rondo

  • Contains 35 Areas.
  • Has Vegas Illusia with new actions like a roulette attack.
  • Added Duo (2players) and Trio (3players) Scoring Type with Titles too
  • Drink Terminals and Recovery Pods were added to the Interval Area.
  • The types of orders that appear changes based on # of players.
  • Five new S-Class Abilities
    • (S1) 25% chance for attacks to inflict Jellen
    • (S2) Reduces PP consumption after PA/Technic hit for 30 seconds. In rare cases it reduces PP consumption even more.
    • (S3) Reduces taken damage by 1% each time 300,000 damage is dealt. (Up to maximum of 15%)
    • (S3) Reduces PP consumption by 1% each time 300,000 damage is dealt. (Up to maximum of 15%)
    • (S3) Increases Crit Rate by 2% each time 300,000 damage is dealt. (Up to maximum of 30%)

Premium's Super PSO2 Day

  • Premium Only Super PSO2 Day is Feb 22nd.

Evleda Unit Upgrade

  • Arriving in Episode 6 during PSO2's 7th Anniversary (June ~ July)

Yamato Factor

  • Increased rates to get it will be coming in Episode 6.

Xion Unit Drop Rate

  • The drop rates for the Xion units are the same on XH and SH.

When Is Perpetual Madness Trigger?

  • Should be coming around April.

Will there be Graphics Setting Stage 7 with Episode 6?

  • They have no plans for Graphics Setting Stage 7

How Many People Have A 7 Slot Item With Returner V?

  • As of February, it appears nine people have it equipped.
  • Nobody has an 8 Slot item with Returner V.

How Many People Have the Forever Loner Title?

  • As of February, it appears twenty nine people have it.
  • 24 GuFis, 4 Heroes, and 1 FiHu.

When Will Episode 6 Come Out?

  • They will announce the release date at the Fan Festival next month.

Will Gathering be added to Enchanted Forest?

  • They currently do not have plans for this.

Arks Battle Tournament Campaign (2/16 ~ 3/9)

  • Play the [ABT2019 Preliminaries] Quest for rewards.
  • You'll receive Weapons Badge 2019 based on the number of clears.
  • Play the ranked [Emblem Competition] match for Kings Crests

OLD January 29th News

Secret Phrase

  • Say the following phrase in chat for rewards!
  • PS感謝祭2019もうすぐ開催
  • Rewards: Ototobuhi and PSZero Memory (x1)
  • You have until Feb 6th Maintenance to complete this task!


Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Specter of Destruction
  • January 29th @ 23:00 (Quna Concert First)
  • Rare Drop & EXP Rate +200%


King Of Fighters x PSO2 Collaboration

  • Collaboration Releases Early March


Pusoni Comic: Theme Song Single

  • Contains 5 versions of the theme song: Nico☆mmunication
  • Pre-Sales: March 10th (At Fan Festa)
  • General Release: March 27th
  • Item Codes Included
    • Niko☆mmunication (Music Disc)
    • CD Package Mat 14 (Room Item)
    • Puso ni Memory x4


PSO2 The Card Game: Legend Pack

  • Contains characters from the Phantasy Star Series
  • Sale Date: February 2nd


PSO2 x Village Vanguard Collaboration

  • Purchase the Curry and Spoon Set or Plush Cushion For Item Codes
    • VV S-ATK Curry (Consumable)
    • VV R-ATK Curry (Consumable)
    • VV T-ATK Curry (Consumable)
    • VV Rappy Spoon (Accessory)
    • VV Lillipa Spoon (Accessory)
    • VV Arkuma Spoon (Accessory)
    • VV Cushion (Lobby Action)
  • Item Code Sets are random.


Early Feb Update

  • Lyrical Magic (AC Scratch)
  • Nanoha, Fate, and Hayate's Costumes, Hairstyles, and Accessories.
  • *RH Estrea, *RH Streamer, *BD Hornet *Rod (Hayate)
  • Nanoha, Hayate, and Fate Lobby Actions


Early Feb Update

  • Lyrical Magic (AC Scratch)
  • Wandering Musician Layered Wear and Parts.
  • Black Lillipa Suit Mini
  • When putting up items through your Player Shop, you can now search the prices of items with specific special abilities.


Early Feb Update

  • Play a 4-Player Trigger Quest for a Lv. 95 Dark Falz Persona
  • New actions will occur in the Trigger version
  • New Weapon Camos will drop in this version.


Late Feb Update

  • White Day Lobby, Lovey Rappy, Lovey Empe Rappy (~ 3/20)
  • White Day Bingo & Reward: *Anlazwal


Late Feb Update

  • White Day Afin appears in the Lobby.
  • You can also get his Partner Card too!
  • If you clear all Valentine's Client Orders, Aurora will reappear with special orders and additional rewards.


Late Feb Update

  • Afin, Quna, and Phaleg White Day Outfits.
  • Noble medieval Knight Outfits
  • Sit 6 and Barrel Play Lobby Actions


Late Feb Update

  • A Boisterous White Day 2019
  • Some enemy spawns have changed.
  • Omega Apprezina will appear!
  • Characters wearing White Day costumes will appear!
  • Lovey Empe Rappy / Izane Kazuchi has a chance to appear.
  • White Day 2019 Collection (~3/20)
    • Fornis and Strategio at +30
    • L&K38 Combat +30
  • ★14 Quest Drop: Exacrimav (Rifle)


Late Feb Update

  • Phantasy Star Zero Collab #3
  • Ogi Cast Parts + Ana's Costume and Hairstyle
  • *M25SE Missouri & *Maisen


Early March Update

  • KOF Legends (AC Scratch)
  • Costumes, Hairstyles, and more for:
    • Kyo Kusanagi
    • Iori Yagami
    • Mai Shiranui
    • Leona
    • Athena
  • Various KOF Lobby Actions


Early March Update

  • Endless Quest Part 2: Endless: Eternal Rondo
  • New Stages for More Powerful Arks Awaits!
  • There's even a Battle Arena style stage!?


New Chips (1)

  •  Ares Nest – 13 Dark, Support (2/6)
  •  Elcuria – 12 Dark, Wind (2/6)
  •  Immediate Feather – 12 Lightning, Active (3/6)
  •  Evil Nochiuhau – 12 Dark, Active (2/13)


New Chips (2)

  •  Matoi [Valentines] – ★12 Wind, Support (2/6)
  •  Motav Prophecy [Valentines] – ★12 Fire, Support (2/13)
  •  Bruno [White Day]  – ★12 Wind, Support (3/6)


New Chips (3)

  •  Anti-Android Rifle – ★11 Lightning, Support (2/20)
  •  Bio Radle – ★11 Fire, Support (2/27)
  •  Skia Blade – ★11 Ice, Support (3/6)
  •  Precious Balmung – ★11 Light, Support (3/1 AC only)

New Chips (4)

  •  Patty [TCG] – ★12 Wind, Active (2/13)
  •  Barbara [TCG] – ★11 Light, Support (2/6)
  •  Josef [TCG] – ★11 Dark, Active (3/6)


Weaponoid Side Stories

  •  Akhtar, Motav Prophecy [Valentines], Ray Dual, Evil Pirikanet, Ares Nest and Gene [Season 3] all will get gaiden stories (and/or) chapter additions. 


Special Quests & Event Update

  •  More [TCG] related special quests will arrive at a later date, similar to the previous three, they'll have [TCG] character chips and drop ★13 weapons. 
  •  The Ares weaponoid story gets a second chapter (2/13). Learn more about Ares Nest and more Ares weaponoids! 
  •  Fight against Burn Draal and Magisa Meduna in a double-feature Emergency Quest, with another ★14 Aletheia series appearing as a drop, ★14 Aletheia Lancer. 
  •  This upcoming Eternal Tower features a new ranking chip: Evil Nochiuhau. Evil Pirikanet-NT will now drop here.


Story and other announcements

  •  Season 3 Chapter 3 arrives on (2/6)
  •  A new quick search area will be added (2/6), it will drop 13 and 14 weapons such as Yasminkov 8000C, Eternal Psycho Drive and and Bran Fluke
  •  Miscellaneous updates such as UI adjustments and changes to the Leisure activites in March. 
  •  The Seiga Rangers comic will be featured in G's magazine. Go Go Seiga Rangers!(2/1)



Phantasy Star Fan Festival 2019

  • The Phantasy Star Fan Festival is an offline event where players can meet up, participate in the battle tournament, try out the new Phantom Class, and take photos with the official Phantom cosplayers. Each offline event takes place in a different location each month.
  • Fan Festival 2019 Schedule
    • 3/10 Tokyo
    • 4/21 Nagoya
    • 5/25 Nagoya
    • 6/8 Fukuoka
    • 7/14 Kobe
    • 8/17 Tokyo Big Sight (Finals)
  • Attendees can obtain item codes for exclusive lobby actions of each city's specialty.
    • Tokyo Soy Sauce
    • Nagoya Fried Prawn
    • Other items will be revealed in the future.
  • Attendees will also receive item codes for in-game Fan Festival T-Shirts


Phantasy Star Fan Festival Merchandise

  • P-Spec Vol 6 (2000 Yen)
  • T-Shirts (2,700 Yen)
  • Aluminum Clear File (500 Yen)
  • Wrist Band (1,300 Yen)
  • Muffler Towel (2,000 Yen)

Phantasy Star Fan Festival Merchandise

  • Icing Cake (1200 Yen)
  • Map Tote Bag (1,500 Yen)
  • Location Based Acrylic Keychain (800 Yen Each)

Phantasy Star Fan Festival Merchandise

  • Rare Drop T-Shirt (3,500 Yen)
  • Planet Lillipa Graphic Tee (3,800 Yen)
  • PSO2 Die-cast Pins (1,200 Yen)
  • Phantom Pin Badge (800 Yen)
  • ARKS ID Pass Case (1,200 Yen)

Phantasy Star Fan Festival Merchandise

  • PC Plush Rappy (5,400 Yen)
  • PSO2 Mascot Hand Towel (1,500 Yen)
  • PSO2 Rubber Desk Mat (Phantasic QM) (2,500 Yen)
  • PSO2 Graphic Bath Towel (4,500 Yen)
  • PSO2 B2 Tapestry (P-Spec Vol 6) (3,000 Yen)
  • Puso Ni Comic Anime Mug (1,500 Yen)



~ The Heroes Gather ~


~ Ulc, Theodore, and Harriet!? ~


~ An Unforeseen Intruder ~


~ The False Goddess: Mitra ~
~ Voiced by Chika Anzai ~





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