PSO2 Station #3 Recap

Warning! This post is updating in real time!
Please take note as the information below is subject to change.

January 7th Tidbits

New Limited Quest

  • Tagami and Empe Rappy have a low chance to appear.

Neo-Japanese Style Weapon Series

  • A ★13 Takt will make its debut and will also come with a potential.
  • In February, Neo-Japanese weapons will have a potential that will be helpful for the Solo EQ.

Turret Improvements

  • The turret improvements apply to Magatsu and Defense related quests.

Skill Rings

  • L/Just Reversal B will also apply to Air Reversal.

Collection Sheet SG Slots

  • You can purchase an SG Collection Sheet Slot for 700 Star Gems.

Recycle Shop Update

  • The No Sticker option costs 2 AC Scratch Items
  • The Stealth Evo Device costs 10 AC Scratch Items.

4 Person Multi-Quest

  • It's like a Boss Rush with Ultimate Quest enemies.
  • You could solo it if you want to, but it's 4 players max in the multi-party.

Solo Emergency Quest

  • It's basically Perennial Apocalypse with only 1 player.
  • You'll need to be Lv 75/75 to access the quest.
  • It might be difficult for players to clear though.
  • You'll get better rewards for doing it solo, compared to the regular Perennial Apocalypse.

EX Boosters

  • EX Boosters from the SG Scratch can be used along with regular boost items.

Scratch Bonus Lobby Actions

  • You'll have another shot at getting those Lobby Actions, but it's going to take a while.

Union Series

  • The general flow goes like this: Ray → Union
  • Ray Collection Sheets will come back for a limited time.
  • You'll need to do the Solo Emergency Quest to get "certain materials" for the Union Series. You must take these materials along with a Ray series weapon to acquire the Union weapons.
  • This upgrade process maintains your grind, element, special abilities, etc.

Class Lv 80 Unlocking

  • Make sure to do all the Skill Point Client Orders for your class.
  • There's also going to be some condition relating to Weapon Grinds.


  • The reason for Gene's costume design change is explained in the story.

Ep4 Soundtrack

  • It's not yet determined as to when we'd see the Soundtrack.

Status Effects

  • Repeatedly stepping or jumping will help to quickly recover from Burns.

More to Come…







Secret Phrase

Say the phrase サンタさんプレゼントちょうだい in the game's chat to receive:

  •  Hitsugi Mascot (Accessory)
  •  +100% Tribooster (x3)

You have until 12/28's maintenance to claim your prize.



 Mid January Update

  • ARKS New Year Carnival (Web Interlocking Event)
  • Collect "2017 Weapons Badges" for various items.



Mid January Update

  • New Team Room: Moon's Surface
  • Contains a Balloon Collecting mini-game like the Tokyo Team Room.
  • Clear the Balloon mini-game to claim a rabbit room item from the Title Counter.


Mid January Update

  • AC Scratch: Starship Valkyrie
  • Dragon themed Layered Wear and Parts.
  • Military and Work themed outfits.
  • Winter themed room items.


Mid January Update

  • Buffed the attack power of Turrets.
  • Added an "Easy" mode to Story Quests.
  • Added Evo. Device / Stealth to the Recycle Shop.
  • Added a No Sticker option to the Recycle Shop.
  • Collection File Results will now display the Rare Drop Boost portion.


Mid January Update

  • Hold two more Collection Sheets by paying Star Gems!
    • As a result, you can now have a total of 7 Collection Sheets.
  • Made it easier to see Criticals.
  • Lowered the cost of the Mag Form Changing Pass.
  • You can now turn (Party Member Rare Item Notifications) ON or OFF.
  • Added an option to stop Boost Item effects.
  • More Weaponoid Potentials.


Mid January Update

  • Added Gathering Spots to Skyscape and Seabed.
  • Sped up Fishing Animations.
  • You can now list Cuisines in My Shop.

New Skill Rings

  • R / Panic Guard
  • R / Quick Mate
  • L / A Rod Shoot Mode
    • Makes "Rod Shoot" projectiles explode on impact.
  • L / Step JA Combo
    • Adds JA ring during Step.
  • L / Just Reversal B
    • Damages enemies nearby upon landing with a Just Reversal.
    • Also has a chance to stun.


Mid January Update

  • New Limited Quest
    • An All-Star Quest taking place in Las Vegas.
  • Rush around Las Vegas with Dash Panels and Catapult Jumps.
  • ESCA Darkers will also appear.
  • A special prefix named Falz Dourumble will appear at the end.
  • Trade in the (2017 Weapons Badge) for the ★13 Shin-Wafuu series at the Exchange Shop.


Late January Update

  • Valentine Lobby (~2/22)
  • Valentine Bingo (~2/22)
  • New Valentine themed rewards.
  • RINA, Lilika, and Silva will reappear in the lobby.
  • When you clear all of RINA's client orders, something will happen on White Day.


Late January Update

  • Sweet Love Passion (AC Scratch)
  • Contains wrestler themed layered wear and a sexy "Bondage" style outfit.
  • PSNova's Ribbon Costume will also appear.
  • The "Paper Plane" lobby action can be obtained as a Scratch Bonus.


Late January Update

  • The Chocolate Way 2017 (~2/22)
  • Darkers and Ultimate Amduscia Enemies will appear.
  • Empe Rappy/Izane Kazuchi have a chance to appear.
  • A special prefix named Drago Deadleon can appear at the end.


Late January Update (The Chocolate Way 2017)

  • Popular female characters will appear in the quest.
  • You can also receive Chocolate when clearing E-Trials.
  • Expect to see Rina's avatar themed Weapon Camo and ★12 Unit.
  • Chocolate 2017 Collection
    • ★13 Viola and Synchro Eggs
    • New Fornis Series Weapons for TMG and Twin Dagger.
    • New ★13 Wired Lance


Late January Update

  • Episode 4: Chapter 8
  • Can Enga regain himself after that shocking conclusion?
  • Al and Kohri take a new step forward
  • Why has Phaleg showed up at the ARKS Ship?


2017 Winter To Spring Roadmap

ARKS New Year Carnival Updates

  • Limited-time 4 Person "Multi Quest?"
  • Limited-time Solo Emergency Quest
  • PSO2 Anime Characters reappear!
  • Exchange Shop Expansion: Union Series

Spring to Early Summer (Part 1)

  • Battle Lobby & Battle Arena
  • Gathering Expansion
  • Franca's Cafe (Spring Cafe)
  • PA & Technic Customization Expansion
  • Another Bonus Quest
  • NieR: Automata Collaboration
  • Class Level 80

Spring to Early Summer (Part 2)

  • Episode 4: Chapter 8 (Part 2)
  • New 12 Player Raid Boss
  • Design Contest Scratch
  • PSU 10th Anniversary Part 3
  • Fashion Feature / New System


NieR: Automata Collaboration

  • Coming this March
  • 2B, 9S, and A2's Costumes, Accessories, Hairstyles, & Weapon Camos.
  • NieR: Automata Music Disc, Lobby Action, and "Evo Device / Pod" will appear.




PSO2es Update

  • New Story Quest: Chapter 8
  • New Feature: Collection Search
    • You can now slightly fill Collection Sheet gauges in PSO2es.
    • You can do this once a day for free.
    • Doing this 2 or more times per day costs AC.
    • There's also a "Great Success" aspect to it.


PSO2es Update

  • December 24th ~ 25th Limited Chips
    • Annette [White Christmas]
    • Saint Feather


PSO2es Update

  • New Year's Limited Chips
    • Gene [New Year]
    • Rina [New Year]



PSO2es Update

  • December Chip (Now available)
    • Clarita Visas
  • January Chip
    • Ideal Scissors


PSO2es Update

  • New Weaponoids
    • Radiant
    • Frey Fiora
    • Serata Crane
    • Beurayearl


PSO2es Update

  • New PSO2 Anime Chips (including Aika [Christmas])


 Weaponoid Stories

  • Bio Beld (12/21)
  • Noire Mirrors (1/11)
  • Biskedrop (12/28)
  • Elysion (1/18)
  • Madame Umbrella (1/11)


PSO2es Emergency Quest Ranking Event

  • Embryo Vardha
  • XH Rewards: New ★13 Arion weapons

New Year's Special Quest

  • Collect quest items and trade them in for a Gal Wind chip.


~ Battle Arena Gameplay Footage ~ 


PlayStation Network Award: 2 Year Winning Streak

Say the phrase アワード連続受賞おめでとう in chat to receive:

  • 100 SG Ticket
  • +100% Tribooster (x2)
  • Free Salon Pass

The campaign begins December 28th, so we'll talk about it again once it comes up.


New Year's Revival Scratch

  • Begins January 1st @ 0:00 ~ January 11th
  • Two Scratches
    • 2017 Year of the Rooster Accessory Selection
    • 2017 Year of the Rooster Lucky Bag G


Gene Dakimakura Cover

  • Name: PSO2es Gene Dakimakura Cover
  • Maker: Hobby Japan
  • Artist: Nidy-2D-
  • Date: February 2017
  • Price: 12,960 Yen (Approx $110 USD)


PSO2 Christmas Eve: 12 Hour Stream

  • Hosted by the Dark Falz Girls, ARKS Publicity Squad-NT, Ichitaro, Nicholas, and Mitsuhiro Ichiki.
  • Schedule: 12/24 @ 18:00 ~ 12/25 @ 6:00 JST
  • There's also going to be a MYSTERY guest!?


PSO2: 5th Anniversary Project (Part 1)

  • A new PSO2 comic is coming through Shōnen Ace in 2017!
  • 2nd Generation Klariskrays will star as the main character.



50 thoughts to “PSO2 Station #3 Recap”

  1. for those keeping score, that wiredlance in the whiteday collectfile is the one sara's been using since getting her wista flow outfit.

    is it me, or does it seem like the roadmap and the other slides/content timing stuff seem to have been done by different people? main point of note being 4-8 being on the roadmap towards early summer, yet the slide about it is marked for late january.

    gené's newyears outfit is… uh… happy 乳year!

    1. Gene's Costume makes me think of a mix between Yoshino Tefura and Kirika Repca en the picture and… Wait… Damn did she take breasts size again? >_>

    2. Everything she touches turns into hilarious levels of cleavage.
      No exceptions.
      Also, now we know where all those extra Photons she's been taking in went.

      …although I'd say that's more or less just a touched-up version of that one *really* stripperiffic miko getup that's been around since forever.

    3. I'm impatient Sega makes 3D mousepad of her! … Nah, just joking. But finally it's just equal to Matoi's awesome taste for (Ridiculously short and exposing) clothes…

      You mean the "Mikumiko" or something like that? Now you tell it.

    4. Yah, that's the one. I think it was in the previous PSU scratch or something? There's a number of differences (particularly the sleeves and the sash) but the basic design is pretty similar.

    5. Yes and IIRC you're right for the scratch, it was the Costume of the girl at the Item Exchange mission in Neudaiz (PSPo2/I).

  2. Fan hype has overcome my common sense by such an insane amount, that I'm most excited for the Radiant Wepaonoid just to have Aoi Shouta's Voice in PSO2es.

    I've been a fan of his for longer than his involvement in PSO2.

  3. Well, that'snice to see to much news are coming. 🙂

    Hope Silva (We're talking about the Cast Ranger, right? I was calling her "Silver"…) will return with her previous CO. I didn't have time to finish hers last time.

    1. that was already covered in the last main livestream, sideshow tidbits bedamned.
      they're permanent, but they're per-ship. RIP anyone who multiships heavily.

  4. "Gene
    The reason for Gene’s costume design change is explained in the story."
    …wasn't it explained already? y'know, when she talked about overhearing the matoi/KK/sarah cutscene about "skin exposure -> photon absorbtion"?

    >solo PD
    >most likely not rebalanced at all to cope with the lack of ARKS boost and lack of other people
    so basically the only people who'll be able to get union stuff will most likely be the ones who're running gear that makes it obsolete as hell anyway. :awesome:
    this is most likely the same logic that put the weakest whips in PSU as drops exclusive to the highest difficulties when they'd be totally worthless loot.

    they need to get kimura's hands off the game.
    reminder to any disgruntled GU players: because there's a handful of situations that GU main is actually good in, kimura thinks the class is just fine. in his mind "useful once" is sufficient.

    yannow. I gotta laugh. kimura keeps pushing all these "limited time play now grind like your life depends on it or lose out forever" things like the time limits on collect files n' shit like that… while sakai keeps talking about wanting pso2 to be a game people can play at their leisure, coming and going as reallife demands, without losing much. there's such a disconnect. I wonder if sakai is willfully ignoring kimura's shenanigans, or if it's kimura going out of his way to flip sakai off.

    1. Once player get tired of writing fanfics to """"fix"""" the story, they start shipping game developers.

    2. >Gunner is "useful once"
      I've seen GU top damage in MPAs in most of the hardest content, just no one wants to play them for whatever reason, so yeah I dunno I guess i'm on board the "if mad then bad" train on that one. Sure it's not a Marron Strike SU but the problem with that lies in SU not the classes below them.

    3. "limited time play now grind like your life depends on it or lose out forever"

      like all mmos?

      you know what events are?

      meanwhile all the stuff you can play at anytime is still there?

      you don't HAVE to do it. There will always be CFs that can be done when you're in the mood to bother. Some better than others, but a lot of them tend to be sidegrades in the grand scheme of things.

      And main Gunner is fine, not as powerful (and as boring) as do a flip and press the button (or mash the button) but perfectly fine and serviceable. If you're just all about being the best at everything (or at least competitive when it comes to mobbing) just play Summoner.

    4. Gu is actually fine, has very nice damage and can choose between striking and shooting PAs if weakpoints are the problem.
      Almost all classes have weaknesses and that's how it should be as long as you can get around those weaknesses unlike BrRa with soloXQ where armored head enemies tell you to fuck off and wait for wb because you can't have a Ra or another class to help you.
      The only exception is Fo and possibly Su with cute maron, but I don't know Su. Fo is jack of all trades master of all, having no disadvantages in requiring weakpoints, melee range or other gimmicks while having both good damage, aoe and burst with compounds as well as defense.

      Your limited time is kinda wrong as you can get most CF file weapons to full attribute even if you don't play too much, it's much easier now that it was before so people who can't invest a lot of time can still have good enough gear.

    1. I feel you! I want PAs that force you to move a ton to be useful too. Then there would be no point in having standing snipe as a special condition though lmao.

  5. PSO2 should have offered players solo versions of EQ a long time ago. I'm super sick of n00bs and scrubs joining maps under-geared and poorly affixed trying to get carried.

    This game needs more solo content for players looking for a challenge because as of now there isn't anything a long-time player can't blow through in a matter of minutes. The content in this game is too easy and I laugh at Astral Soul, nothing in this game is difficult enough to even bother with Astral Soul.

    P.S. Kill the collection sheet.

    1. Complaining about under geared/affixed nubs yet want sega to remove collection sheets. You can always form a mpa with your friends or play solo since years ago tho if you don't want to carry some random stranger.

    2. The players who are actually as good as you seem to think you are run MPA content solo anyway and record/upload runs. Huge community for it on nico. They haven't seemed to be complaining.

      Also the irony in whining about under geared people then requesting collection sheets be removed is cute.

    3. You're clearly baiting for angry replies, but if you're honest maybe you should try playing real competitive video game and not casual PvE grinder about dress up like PSO2.

    4. I partially agree with Sly, dumbing it down for the casuals always ruins the experience. It is an easy game, why make it even easier with the damn CF? People just love to be handed stuff, its all about instant gratification these days. And its the same ones who want to be handed stuff who are the first to complain about not being able to get nice things that others worked hard for. JS

    5. While PSO2 can be an easy game (for you), please do not forget that not everybody has the time to grind 24/7 due to real-life commitments. Not to mention that getting those good weapons boils down to pure RNG without the CFs. How do you expect players to be geared better when you need RNG to get good weapons? A player can be good in terms of their playing strategy, but has no luck in getting a 13*. So they are n00bs because they can't get good weapons due to RNG? Can we control RNG? Good gracious.

      In addition, its not instant gratification — players also need to put in some effort to grind maps before they get the CF weapons. Unless you plan to create a block for the so-called "real" experts in game, if not CF should be continued to allow new players in expert blocks to at least catch up with decent damage before they start dealing with things like augmentation seriously.

      My observation while lurking in this site only shows one thing — if anything, it is the bitter people who THINK that they are veterans/better players in the game that complain when new players get nice things, because these features are not available to them when they first started the game. Sour grapes much?

      P.S: PSO2 is made to cater to casuals since the release of EP4. If you want a gaming experience with no casuals, I suggest you try playing other games.

    6. To be fair, yeah, the game has gotten easier. Anyone remember when the gap from 20 to 30 was "balls up, hit Hard mode, and fight enemies ten levels and more higher than you"?
      Splitting the community, though, was the dumbest idea they've had yet, and, honestly, it's because of the JPN players complaining about us foreigners. They introduced the Expert blocks in the first place as a gear/skill check for end-game, so the the majority of JPN players could just immediately remove themselves from carrying the kinds of players you're referring to. If you're already in an Expert block, no worries, you should be fine. If not, just go complete the Extreme Quest to get in and problem solved. If your characters aren't able to do it because they aren't 75, use the level up quests.
      Personally, I see nothing wrong with the current system. Am I pissed they split the player base AGAIN? Yeah. Expert blocks do kinda piss me off. But mainly because I focused on getting my RaHu to 75, stopped playing the game right after getting the AIS rifle, came back, did NO research, leveled up the rifle, and now my PP regen is crippled until I can earn a new rifle with the CF you're saying to abolish. I can break even thanks to Killing Bonus and all the traps I can throw around, and I'm still useful in EQs thanks to Weak Bullet and my high bursts of damage when at max PP with the modified Parallel Slider PA. But that stuff won't get me into Expert. There's just too much down time where I can't do damage because of the crippled PP regen for me to survive and kill everything in the Extreme Quest. My fault, of course, so no complaints.
      Because, of course they had to make the rifle I was most interested in be the absolute worst rare in the game, bar none.

    7. Nothing is ever based on foreigners in pso2, we are minority, less than 10%, do not think sega goes out of the way just for you.

      Expert blocks are fucked up but a few of recent XH runs on mag showed me that they really do work, some people didn't even know what wb is and that you're supposed to hit it for megadamage. Want expert blocks? Learn about the game and ask people around as that's what sega wants you and others to do (unless you're a gurenlord) as beating 1-5 soloXQ1 is easy and you don't need expert blocks for loot.
      D-AIS is one of the best raifus, get orbit lawnchair and some PP units/ex/affixes with trap tactics, and wham you never have PP problems.

    8. Honestly, backin the days of the original PSO, getting the best gear was a pain in the ass because of RNG. I played PSOv2 on Dreamcast, and holy hell as much as I love the game, it was shit. PSO2 is flawed, but they improved a lot of things over the years that's made it the most enjoyable online Phantasy Star title to date. CFs is a major improvement, since it's basically the good aspects of the stone system (not being pure RNG) without the clutter of saving stones in storage.
      My only complaint is that regular enemies are way to easy in PSO2 compared to previous games, but it's not that bad.

      This coming from a player who's played every Phantasy Star title to date, including the classic series.

    9. how dare you say that to me. i have been playing this game competitively for over 2 years and shed many tears over the course of my journey. i can't believe you would belittle me like this. all my life i've persisted on my hard work. rng has never favoured me. i can't believe you've done this

    10. no idea why in god's name you would use my name to shitpost on bumped with, but you should probably get a name of your own before you start staining my already memeworthy shit name.

      tl;dr not cool dude.

    11. Nice use of my name, not enough memes. 0/10 comment, here's why.

      1. Doesn't have Ex 5. Hu crafted 49 Wind Ele Weddle Park +37 with Body V and poison I affix

      2. Doesn't advocate HuFo as the best class ever

      3. Doesn't brag about 20 minute Nab II run

      4. Doesn't advocate Ex6. Lambda Aristin

      5. Not ranting about elitists

      6. Not shitposting about Zanverse meta.

      Can you atleast try and imitate me, you uncultured swine.

    12. Uh, your sentence seems to contradict with each other. Killing CF while complaining about under-geared people in MPA? Isn't that what CF are for? Helping people to gearing up faster?

      I mean, not everyone who play PSO2 is a basement dweller who play PSO2 24/7 and have social life outside PSO2

    13. As a free player myself, CF and high chance to get *12 units from drop is truly helpful. SEGA really want us to get stronger for new level cap later.

    14. I'm a big fan of action games (namely Devil May Cry and the likes) and less so of RPGs, and I've always thought that having to spend hours in a game to grind your level and gear is somewhat non-entertaining and counter-productive. I love PSO2 because it is an action game I can enjoy (plus the visual style and gosh, the fashion is totally my thing), but wasn't very fond of the grindy side, so when CFs and Bonus Quests came out, they received my absolute approval. Thanks to them that working people (like myself) can spend less time grinding and still manage to be properly equipped to play along with my friends.

      A possible reason that people complain about CFs is because how it dumbs down the value of hard work and RNG, that somehow I can understand. But personally, I preferred a game to be challenging by the amount of skill required, not the amount of time and grind.
      *please dont hate me please dont hate me please dont hate me please dont hate me*

    15. Agree with this

      also, not all people are blessed by RNG
      those who ask to remove CF are lucky peeps who never appreciates people.

      CF actually noted that you're really working on it. Unlike those people who simply do one run and tada~ some *13 dropped for them.

      same goes to affixing (good thing there's NT grinding and SAF affix that reflect your hard work), those who can succeed 10% 9 times in a row will never feel how hard for those who failed 99% 10 times in a row (or possibly more).

      i think they need some voodoo to try a life of bad luck

    16. I feel like thats why PSO2 is so popular, it really appeals to a large demographic and is so easy to access.

    17. I thought that it is precisely the existence of CFs that values hard work instead of pure luck. That's why I couldn't understand why people want CFs to be abolished when they complain that people are not well-equipped enough in expert blocks… They probably think everyone gets their rares magically.

    18. No such game will be constantly challenging, people learn how the boss works and get used to it. They have been making enemies more complex and difficult over time, but it only takes two encounters to dispel their complexity by familiarity.

      You can't put any sort of reward on skill checks because:
      a) It will be simply bypassed by gear
      b) its never a challenge that satisfies you, because action game players idealize challenge, its always some sort of DMC DMD SSS sort of match made in heavens that truly tests your personal combination of endurance, reaction and wit.
      c) failure produces frustration, especially when most of the content is scheduled or time limited. And you can't simply open it up freely, because people would practice it 24/7 and exhaust all of it in mere days. Which would make no difference from simply making it as difficult as Yamato.

      So actual implementation is naturally left to repetition whether over long span of time, or in short bursts.

      I really don't think you guys have any credibility to talk on this topic, because you went full circle from hating rng drops back to liking them and hating them again, completely stuck between three item procurement systems that you all dislike equally, and the sole argument you have is that they prevent you from getting what you want.

      And also because people never dare to run any mpa with less than 12 people, and then they drop luther or magatsu without WB anyway.

  6. Solo PD seems cool to me. It's my favourite "Falz fight" so ti's cool. After all, we had a VR mission with both Elder and Loser by solo…

    So… We'll be level 80 soon? WIll enemies be 85 then? x)

    1. In the recent interview they mentioned that some new quests that will happen after lvlcap will require lvl80 for XH. I assume that, instead of adding next difficulty, they tilt level spread for upcoming quests, so XH tier for those will move into 80s, while SH will be for 70-75. At least that is how I interpreted the words.

      It was confirmed that there will be no new class skills, just 5 sp more, so this quest requirement is probably the main incentive to level up.

    2. I guess so. Sounds a little weird to create a new difficulty (Extra Extreme? Lol >_>) for that (Plus it will need to change blocks disposition again or limit that to Expert Blocks?)

      Anyway I'm still "impatient" to try this level cap.

    3. They mentioned a total of 8 difficulties early in the game life. But the update paradigm kinda changed after ultimate quests, so I can't imagine it just simply happening like SH or XH did.

    4. Eight difficulties… Seems a little too much, doesn't it? Anyway… I can easily imagine something happening after a scenario trick. Like, Things getting harder because of a very huge bad guy/gal that destroyed half of the Earth so it's a POWERFUL BADGUY (And they'll collaborate with Evangelion 4.44 because Tokyo will look like Tokyo-3 at the end of Death and Rebirth) etc etc… Well that's a little nonsense like that but we never know (So much strange things in Ep4 after all), we'll see…

  7. I hope reaching level 80 will give small perma bonuses like reaching 75 does. It would be a good incentive to play other classes again and would overall make you even more powerful.

  8. any idea what this is? last time i saw this messge my computer severely crashed for like a week when i started the game, so id rather not go through again.

    ERROR – – System.IO.IOException: System.IO.IOException: The process cannot access the file 'C:\New folder\logfile.txt' because it is being used by another process.
    at System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath)
    at System.IO.FileStream.Init(String path, FileMode mode, FileAccess access, Int32 rights, Boolean useRights, FileShare share, Int32 bufferSize, FileOptions options, SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES secAttrs, String msgPath, Boolean bFromProxy, Boolean useLongPath, Boolean checkHost)
    at System.IO.FileStream..ctor(String path, FileMode mode, FileAccess access, FileShare share, Int32 bufferSize, FileOptions options, String msgPath, Boolean bFromProxy, Boolean useLongPath, Boolean checkHost)
    at System.IO.StreamWriter.CreateFile(String path, Boolean append, Boolean checkHost)
    at System.IO.StreamWriter..ctor(String path, Boolean append, Encoding encoding, Int32 bufferSize, Boolean checkHost)
    at System.IO.StreamWriter..ctor(String path, Boolean append, Encoding encoding)
    at System.IO.File.InternalAppendAllText(String path, String contents, Encoding e

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