PSO2 Station #3 Recap

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January 7th Tidbits

New Limited Quest

  • Tagami and Empe Rappy have a low chance to appear.

Neo-Japanese Style Weapon Series

  • A ★13 Takt will make its debut and will also come with a potential.
  • In February, Neo-Japanese weapons will have a potential that will be helpful for the Solo EQ.

Turret Improvements

  • The turret improvements apply to Magatsu and Defense related quests.

Skill Rings

  • L/Just Reversal B will also apply to Air Reversal.

Collection Sheet SG Slots

  • You can purchase an SG Collection Sheet Slot for 700 Star Gems.

Recycle Shop Update

  • The No Sticker option costs 2 AC Scratch Items
  • The Stealth Evo Device costs 10 AC Scratch Items.

4 Person Multi-Quest

  • It's like a Boss Rush with Ultimate Quest enemies.
  • You could solo it if you want to, but it's 4 players max in the multi-party.

Solo Emergency Quest

  • It's basically Perennial Apocalypse with only 1 player.
  • You'll need to be Lv 75/75 to access the quest.
  • It might be difficult for players to clear though.
  • You'll get better rewards for doing it solo, compared to the regular Perennial Apocalypse.

EX Boosters

  • EX Boosters from the SG Scratch can be used along with regular boost items.

Scratch Bonus Lobby Actions

  • You'll have another shot at getting those Lobby Actions, but it's going to take a while.

Union Series

  • The general flow goes like this: Ray → Union
  • Ray Collection Sheets will come back for a limited time.
  • You'll need to do the Solo Emergency Quest to get "certain materials" for the Union Series. You must take these materials along with a Ray series weapon to acquire the Union weapons.
  • This upgrade process maintains your grind, element, special abilities, etc.

Class Lv 80 Unlocking

  • Make sure to do all the Skill Point Client Orders for your class.
  • There's also going to be some condition relating to Weapon Grinds.


  • The reason for Gene's costume design change is explained in the story.

Ep4 Soundtrack

  • It's not yet determined as to when we'd see the Soundtrack.

Status Effects

  • Repeatedly stepping or jumping will help to quickly recover from Burns.

More to Come…







Secret Phrase

Say the phrase サンタさんプレゼントちょうだい in the game's chat to receive:

  •  Hitsugi Mascot (Accessory)
  •  +100% Tribooster (x3)

You have until 12/28's maintenance to claim your prize.



 Mid January Update

  • ARKS New Year Carnival (Web Interlocking Event)
  • Collect "2017 Weapons Badges" for various items.



Mid January Update

  • New Team Room: Moon's Surface
  • Contains a Balloon Collecting mini-game like the Tokyo Team Room.
  • Clear the Balloon mini-game to claim a rabbit room item from the Title Counter.


Mid January Update

  • AC Scratch: Starship Valkyrie
  • Dragon themed Layered Wear and Parts.
  • Military and Work themed outfits.
  • Winter themed room items.


Mid January Update

  • Buffed the attack power of Turrets.
  • Added an "Easy" mode to Story Quests.
  • Added Evo. Device / Stealth to the Recycle Shop.
  • Added a No Sticker option to the Recycle Shop.
  • Collection File Results will now display the Rare Drop Boost portion.


Mid January Update

  • Hold two more Collection Sheets by paying Star Gems!
    • As a result, you can now have a total of 7 Collection Sheets.
  • Made it easier to see Criticals.
  • Lowered the cost of the Mag Form Changing Pass.
  • You can now turn (Party Member Rare Item Notifications) ON or OFF.
  • Added an option to stop Boost Item effects.
  • More Weaponoid Potentials.


Mid January Update

  • Added Gathering Spots to Skyscape and Seabed.
  • Sped up Fishing Animations.
  • You can now list Cuisines in My Shop.

New Skill Rings

  • R / Panic Guard
  • R / Quick Mate
  • L / A Rod Shoot Mode
    • Makes "Rod Shoot" projectiles explode on impact.
  • L / Step JA Combo
    • Adds JA ring during Step.
  • L / Just Reversal B
    • Damages enemies nearby upon landing with a Just Reversal.
    • Also has a chance to stun.


Mid January Update

  • New Limited Quest
    • An All-Star Quest taking place in Las Vegas.
  • Rush around Las Vegas with Dash Panels and Catapult Jumps.
  • ESCA Darkers will also appear.
  • A special prefix named Falz Dourumble will appear at the end.
  • Trade in the (2017 Weapons Badge) for the ★13 Shin-Wafuu series at the Exchange Shop.


Late January Update

  • Valentine Lobby (~2/22)
  • Valentine Bingo (~2/22)
  • New Valentine themed rewards.
  • RINA, Lilika, and Silva will reappear in the lobby.
  • When you clear all of RINA's client orders, something will happen on White Day.


Late January Update

  • Sweet Love Passion (AC Scratch)
  • Contains wrestler themed layered wear and a sexy "Bondage" style outfit.
  • PSNova's Ribbon Costume will also appear.
  • The "Paper Plane" lobby action can be obtained as a Scratch Bonus.


Late January Update

  • The Chocolate Way 2017 (~2/22)
  • Darkers and Ultimate Amduscia Enemies will appear.
  • Empe Rappy/Izane Kazuchi have a chance to appear.
  • A special prefix named Drago Deadleon can appear at the end.


Late January Update (The Chocolate Way 2017)

  • Popular female characters will appear in the quest.
  • You can also receive Chocolate when clearing E-Trials.
  • Expect to see Rina's avatar themed Weapon Camo and ★12 Unit.
  • Chocolate 2017 Collection
    • ★13 Viola and Synchro Eggs
    • New Fornis Series Weapons for TMG and Twin Dagger.
    • New ★13 Wired Lance


Late January Update

  • Episode 4: Chapter 8
  • Can Enga regain himself after that shocking conclusion?
  • Al and Kohri take a new step forward
  • Why has Phaleg showed up at the ARKS Ship?


2017 Winter To Spring Roadmap

ARKS New Year Carnival Updates

  • Limited-time 4 Person "Multi Quest?"
  • Limited-time Solo Emergency Quest
  • PSO2 Anime Characters reappear!
  • Exchange Shop Expansion: Union Series

Spring to Early Summer (Part 1)

  • Battle Lobby & Battle Arena
  • Gathering Expansion
  • Franca's Cafe (Spring Cafe)
  • PA & Technic Customization Expansion
  • Another Bonus Quest
  • NieR: Automata Collaboration
  • Class Level 80

Spring to Early Summer (Part 2)

  • Episode 4: Chapter 8 (Part 2)
  • New 12 Player Raid Boss
  • Design Contest Scratch
  • PSU 10th Anniversary Part 3
  • Fashion Feature / New System


NieR: Automata Collaboration

  • Coming this March
  • 2B, 9S, and A2's Costumes, Accessories, Hairstyles, & Weapon Camos.
  • NieR: Automata Music Disc, Lobby Action, and "Evo Device / Pod" will appear.




PSO2es Update

  • New Story Quest: Chapter 8
  • New Feature: Collection Search
    • You can now slightly fill Collection Sheet gauges in PSO2es.
    • You can do this once a day for free.
    • Doing this 2 or more times per day costs AC.
    • There's also a "Great Success" aspect to it.


PSO2es Update

  • December 24th ~ 25th Limited Chips
    • Annette [White Christmas]
    • Saint Feather


PSO2es Update

  • New Year's Limited Chips
    • Gene [New Year]
    • Rina [New Year]



PSO2es Update

  • December Chip (Now available)
    • Clarita Visas
  • January Chip
    • Ideal Scissors


PSO2es Update

  • New Weaponoids
    • Radiant
    • Frey Fiora
    • Serata Crane
    • Beurayearl


PSO2es Update

  • New PSO2 Anime Chips (including Aika [Christmas])


 Weaponoid Stories

  • Bio Beld (12/21)
  • Noire Mirrors (1/11)
  • Biskedrop (12/28)
  • Elysion (1/18)
  • Madame Umbrella (1/11)


PSO2es Emergency Quest Ranking Event

  • Embryo Vardha
  • XH Rewards: New ★13 Arion weapons

New Year's Special Quest

  • Collect quest items and trade them in for a Gal Wind chip.


~ Battle Arena Gameplay Footage ~ 


PlayStation Network Award: 2 Year Winning Streak

Say the phrase アワード連続受賞おめでとう in chat to receive:

  • 100 SG Ticket
  • +100% Tribooster (x2)
  • Free Salon Pass

The campaign begins December 28th, so we'll talk about it again once it comes up.


New Year's Revival Scratch

  • Begins January 1st @ 0:00 ~ January 11th
  • Two Scratches
    • 2017 Year of the Rooster Accessory Selection
    • 2017 Year of the Rooster Lucky Bag G


Gene Dakimakura Cover

  • Name: PSO2es Gene Dakimakura Cover
  • Maker: Hobby Japan
  • Artist: Nidy-2D-
  • Date: February 2017
  • Price: 12,960 Yen (Approx $110 USD)


PSO2 Christmas Eve: 12 Hour Stream

  • Hosted by the Dark Falz Girls, ARKS Publicity Squad-NT, Ichitaro, Nicholas, and Mitsuhiro Ichiki.
  • Schedule: 12/24 @ 18:00 ~ 12/25 @ 6:00 JST
  • There's also going to be a MYSTERY guest!?


PSO2: 5th Anniversary Project (Part 1)

  • A new PSO2 comic is coming through Shōnen Ace in 2017!
  • 2nd Generation Klariskrays will star as the main character.



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