PSO2 Station #36 Recap

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Secret Phrase

  • Say the secret phrase after Sep 15th 18:00 JST to receive voice tickets.
  • オラクル使徒襲来
  • Prizes include Voice Tickets and 7th Anniversary Badges (x20).
  • You have until Sept 25th's Maintenance to complete this task.


Emergency Quest & Boost Poll

  • Regiment of the Wicked
  • Rare Drop Boost & EXP Boost +150%
  • Attend Concert for a +10% Live Boost
  • September 15th @ 23:00 JST (Quna Concert)


IDOLA: Phantasy Star Saga

  • Matoi Law: Hero Costume
  • Matoi Chaos: Phantom Costume
  • Arriving in October


IDOLA: Phantasy Star Saga

  • Luther will finally arrive September 24th.


IDOLA: Phantasy Star Saga

  • New Idomag: Uni
  • Obtain it during a Limited Event



Early October Update

  • AC Scratch: Halloween Star Night
  • Red Riding Hood and Wolf themed Outfits.
  • Alma Halloween Outfit and Lil-demon Halloween


Early October Update

  • Enga and Hitsugi layered jerseys
  • LA: Twin Dagger Pose & Sit Down 2


Early October Update

  • Episode 6: Chapter 3 Story
  • A battle between Shiva and the A.I.S.!?


Early October Update

  • Jet Boots Complex PA: Tempest Raid
  • Deals a quick stun effect to a wide area and unleashes circular shockwaves.
  • Shift changes the PA to a quick approaching attack leading to a powerful final blow.


Early October Update

  • The First ★13 Unit is Finally Here!
    • Upgrade your Cleasis units into the ★13 Schvelle Units
  • In addition, S-Class Abilities for Units will be implemented!
  • EP1:Ch1: "Encountering Persona" is now playable.
  • Options Menu has been redesigned.
  • Daily Order Adjustments & Improvements


Early October Update

  • You can now have up to 30 characters on your account.
  • Trade in several Bonus Keys for Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold]
  • The Preset characters in Character Creation have been updated.
  • You can purchase the Top Selling Items from My Shop
  • You can now adjust the camera speed when using a Mouse.


Early October Update

  • Sgt Frog Collab items will appear in the [Recycle Shop 2].


Early October Update

  • Halloween Lobby & Night Cafe
  • Halloween Missions
    • Reward: Evo Device / V Hunter
  • Halloween Xie & Latan Empe Rappy (~11/6)


Early October Update

  • Seasonal Emergency Quest: Trick or Treat 2019
    • Latan Rappy Suit Mini drops
  • Trick or Treat 2019 Weapon / Egg Collection
    • ★14 S Eggs
  • New Weapon In Special Collection: Sign Burn (GS)
  • New ★15 weapon: Shiho Seiryu (Wired Lance)
    • A Drop Added to Deos Gryphon
    • Pot: Increases power each time a grabbing PA hits (up to a max of three times). On the third hit, it recovers PP too.


Mid October Update

  • 4 Player Ultimate Quest: Ship Infiltration: Large Enemy Battleship
  • Enemy HP changes based on the # of players.
  • Quest Ends with 15 Incapacitations
  • Coming in contact with the Laser Sensors activates Enemy Defense Equipment.


PSO2 x Evangelion Collaboration

~ Arriving This Winter ~


Evangelion x PSO2

  • The 6th Angel Invades the Arks Ship
  • EVA-01 will appear in the Shop Area
  • Plug Suit Costumes

24 thoughts to “PSO2 Station #36 Recap”

    1. This collaboration is based on the Rebuild Movies of Evangelion. Where Ramiel is the 6th Angel instead of 5th.

  1. Instead of giving Austere units the "become 13* upgrade" treatment as a make up for the dissapointment the weapons were, sega gave it to the generic evleda units. True with S-abilities, they may be slightly "better" than Lightstream, I bet that they will still have less stats Lightstream. sega sure did Austere dirty and badly

    1. Schvelle has 100 HP, 12 PP and 50 ATK apparently
      Novell units 180 HP, 3 PP and 40 ATK
      in regards to PP they're slightly weaker than LS but the benefits of having SSA look to be quite big.

      First off only one SSA type per Unit Type.
      Rear: S6
      Arm: S7
      Leg: S8

      "Get Hyper Armor for 60 seconds after receiving a negative status condition"
      Limit break now acts as a mini massive hunter. This Ability will be awesome for Masq as well.

      ヒーローブーストが強化、威力増加速度が上昇量。デモニア潜在「英雄の凱歌」が優先され併用不 可
      Basically Demonia Pot but slightly weaker, also doesn't stack with Demonia. (60s for full power probably cut to 45s compared to Demonias 30s).

      Appeared with name-only. Effect currently unknown.

      S7:攻 撃上昇
      S/R/T + 25 base stats. Basically a Arks max but this one actually benefits from Shifta, Shifta Drink and Attack Boost Team Tree Buff.

      After being airborne for 2s gain a shifta tick every 10s. This one will be an absolute must for classes that can stay airborne easily in solo content.

      So yeah Units will still be cancer to upslot and affix but now we actually can give them interesting effects. LS is still strong enough and probably will be till the end of 2019. No need panicking, early items often aren't that far ahead of the strongest items. Just look how long it took people to switch from 11* units to 12* units.

  2. S-abilities on unit huh? I hate those units because must make 7s/8s and 200 ATK, making affix like vampire suck your blood (your meseta)? Seriously this S-abilities very Shit, why need S-abilities?

    True with S-abilities, they may be slightly “better” than Lightstream is very bullshit.

    I will quit PSO2 because no even can make 200 ATK affix on unit, less damages is not better if character status even under 4000 ATK.

    PS: If without 200 ATK, HP and PP afftix with Mana Reverie, better is don't try T: Destroyers of Light and Solo Training: Phanatical Phantoms, never can get expert if you even use under 60 ATK afftix on your gears.

    1. I mean, shows what you know, I did that just fine without your hyper tier money waster nonsense.

      But even so, you have a clear lack of understanding on what S abilities do and how strong they are.

    2. Soul+atk3+spirita3 is all you ever need for any content in the entire game.
      Adding s-ability on top of that is a nice bonuse.

    3. Lol man i completed expert requirement without mana rev… my unit only +100 atk.. All u need is practice in those expert requirement.

    4. "PS: If without 200 ATK, HP and PP afftix with Mana Reverie, better is don’t try T: Destroyers of Light and Solo Training: Phanatical Phantoms, never can get expert if you even use under 60 ATK afftix on your gears."

      true, i believe it said ;~.~)

      One day, i skip new EQ is Infiltration Survey: Enemy Ship Subversion. Because i don't have expert and no one want invite me if….. you know my status is poor, my R-ATK still 3560, PP 135 and HP 1115, i hard able join their party =A=)*sign. I still don't have 200 R-ATK affix yet, sorry guys i skip new EQ.

    5. My affix units literally focus on hp build , just small atk around 20-30 yet i pass the T: Destroyer of light and phanatical phantoms both S rank. you just don't know how to handle them lol

    6. I don't have a clue what you're on about because I don't have affixes nearly that good and I did just fine clearing the expert requirements. Albeit, with only a minute or two under the requirement, but managed to pass it as long as I played well.

      Sounds like a player problem.

    7. *I will quit pso2 because i will never get expert*

      dude seriously, just learn to play the game

      affix is not really a factor

      in fact, i have unlocked the new expert as Hr with just unaffixed demonia sword and bode set

    8. i mean, you don't really have to get stronger attack just to ulock those requirements

      it's all a matter of learning patterns and evading as much damage as possible

      use the right attacks/PA's when needed

      so getting stonger attack will not really help you at all if you don't even know the patterns

    9. Idk what u talking about being 60 less attack on units u cant do Solo Mama Deus trigger, thats a big ass lie.
      U dont need high end affixes since they dont change much lmao. I actually know people who did like better than me in Mama Deus, and with cheap ass units.

  3. Likes and comments were disabled in youtube, I would think people didn't liked the evengelion event
    Personally i like this update as a whole

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