PSO2 Station #37 Recap

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Secret Phrase

  • Say the secret phrase using the in-game chat for various prizes.
  • すわっち&一太郎ありがとう
  • You'll receive Ichitaro's 1~4 & Suwa Dance Lobby Actions as well as Voice Tickets
  • You have until October 16th's maintenance to complete this task
  • Items can be picked up in the Visiphone.


Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Trick or Treat 2019!
  • +150% Rare Drop and EXP Rate
  • +10% Live Boost For Attending Concert
  • October 5th 23:00~ (Quna Concert First)


Evangelion x PSO2 Collaboration

  • Collaboration Begins November 20th, 2019.


Mid October Update

  • AC Scratch: Silence Eliminator
  • Dark Phantom themed layered wear


Mid October Update

  • Adorable Autumn Clothes.
  • Lobby Actions: All Bullets / Dice Throwing


Mid October

  • Ultimate Quest: Infiltration: Large Enemy Battleship
  • A 4 Player Ultimate Quest with new Luminmechs.
  • Limited Arks Missions for this Ultimate Quest will be available.
  • Touching the Laser Sensors raises enemy alert levels.


Mid October

  • Luminmech Veiled Fordruss
  • Enemy power adjusts based on the # of players.
  • New Unit: ★13 Novel Series


Mid October

  • Crimson Castle Crusher (UH)
  • Increased ATK of Laconium Sword and increased the amount appearing.
  • Dark Demolisher (UH) will also be available.
  • New ★14 Atlas Takt and its upgraded ★15 Atlas EX Takt


Late October

  • Revival SG Scratch: Dark Bright Memory
  • Episode 1~4 SG Scratch


Late October

  • Layered-wear ver of Mikoto Cluster
  • Persona Weapon Camos


Early November Update

  • Popona will appear in the lobby.
  • CO Reward: *Hatosuke
  • Idola Point Exchange Shop
    • Law / Neutral / Chaos Background Boxes
    • LA: Idola Channel


Early November Update

  • AC Scratch: Idola First Anniversary
  • Layered Outfits and Costumes of Idola Characters


Early November Update

  • Weapon Camos, Posters, Mag Device, LA, and Accessories.


Early November Update

  • Complex Launcher PA: Prominence Assail
  • Consumes one stock to bombard your target.
  • Your character leaps into the air and bombards the enemy with shots.
  • New Complex PA Stock expansion Client Order


Early November Update

  • Time Attack Quest: Traces of Darkness (Ultra Hard Version)


Early November Update

  • Ultra Hard: Harkotan
  • Ultralized Enemies in Harkotan.


Space Magatsu & 7th Opener

~ A New 8 Player Event Quest ~
~ The Evil God's Advent Begins in 2020! ~


Next Time: View A Sneak Peek Of The 7th Opener 


New Class: Etoile

What's Etoile?

  • Etoile is the 3rd Successor class.
  • They wield Double Saber, Dual Blades, and Wands.


Etoile Concept

  • A class with a variety of evolved guarding actions and innovative party support skills.
  • They, however, are not able to use Technics.
  • Each weapon type has unique guard-related weapon actions.
  • Double Saber: The standard Etoile weapon which excels in aerial combat.
    • Contains a wide variety of guarding and counter actions.
    • Guard Action: Deflect
  • Dual Blades: Utilizes attacks called [Edge] which allows you to attack and defend at the same time.
    • Guard Action: Parry
  • Wand: Allows you to constantly move while guarding or attacking.
    • Has access to two styles of PAs.
    • Guard Action: Protect


Etoile Double Saber

Double Saber Gear

  • Gear is gained by attacking enemies.
  • Gear is consumed upon being hit, reducing the damage received.

Enhance Attack (Long Press Normal Attack with Gear)

  • Powerful Attacks that consume Gear

Weapon Action: Deflect

  • Guard while moving in any direction.
  • While guarding, you can perform an approach attack.
  • This can be repeated, and the weapon action will attack with the same performance.
  • The next Weapon Action will be strengthened upon a successful Guard.


Etoile Dual Blades

Dual Blade Gear

  • Gear is gained by attacking enemies.
  • Gear can be consumed to perform Special Attacks

Weapon Action: Parry

  • Activate at any time to parry an enemy attack

Step Edge (Weapon Action during Step)

  • Hurls an [Edge] and performs a long-range attack.
  • Doing a Weapon Action during Step Edge, consumes gear, and performs a special attack that mows down the surroundings.
  • Performing a Weapon Action again, consumes gear, and performs another special attack that cuts widely in front of the player.

Edge from Photon Arts

  • An [Edge] is an additional attack that occurs with Photon Arts.
  • Edges can track onto on enemy or attack a wide area.


Etoile Wand

Wand Gear

  • Gear accumulates when attacking enemies, moving, or Just Guarding
  • When Gear is accumulated, you can perform Special Attacks

Focus PA

  • Focus PAs can be activated by using the Weapon Action at a certain time during the PA.
  • Focus reduces the PA's area of attack, but lets you focus on attacking a single enemy.

Weapon Action: Protect

  • Hold to consume Gear and extend Just Guard duration
  • The Weapon Action can be charged to perform attacks
    • Charge 1: Perform a Long-Distance Attack while moving
    • Charge 2/3 with 1 Gear or more: Perform Special Attacks according to the amount of Gear consumed



Etoile Skills

Support Skill: Over Drive

  • Active skill that recovers HP & PP and increases the party's MAX PP for a limited time.
Skill Name Effect
Overdrive [Active Skill] Your Party's Maximum PP Increases for a certain period of time. Full Recovery of HP and PP at the time of activation (Main Class Only)
Recast Save Reduce the Recast Times of Party Members' Class Skills (Main Class Only)
Just Guard PP All Restore PP of all Party Members when Just Guarding successfully (Main Class Only)
Around Mate Up Enhance the recovery effects of items used by all members on the field. (Main Class Only)
Double Saber Skip Arts Skip the first half of the PA when using it without a directional input. (Main Class Only)
Dual Blade Lock-on Chase When locked onto an enemy, approach them when normal attacking. (Main Class Only)
Wand Special Ability Plus (Wand Only) References the high value of S-ATK/T-ATK stats from special abilities of the weapon equipped.
Double Saber Step Slide Using a Step during a Step will let you slide for a certain distance. (Main Class Only)
Dual Blade Gear Heat Up Provides a Gear Accumulation Bonus for a limited time when using [Connect] or [Full Connect]. (Main Class Only)
Etoile Will When taking a fatal blow, survive with 1 HP and fully recover. (Main Class Only)
Double Saber Quick Take Modifies the behavior of the [Weapon Action] and [Normal Attacks] when activated at a specific time. (Main Class Only)
Wand Focus Dash Increases movement speed for a limited time when using Focus PAs. (Main Class Only)
Double Saber Step Guard When locked-on to an enemy, a special counter attack occurs when you step forward at the time of the enemy's attack. (Main Class Only)
Wand Teleport If you press and release the weapon action, you'll move based on the directional input and attack. (Main Class Only)
Damage Balancer Greatly reduces damage taken, and reduces certain HP Recovery Effects
Same Arts PP Save Reduce the PP Consumption when using the same PA in succession
Etoile Mag Coverts Total Attack Power of equipped Mag into S-Atk, R-Atk, and T-Atk
Etoile Boost Temporarily reduces damage each time you are attacked
Tech Art Count Bonus Gain a bonus to PAs a certain number of times when using different PAs in succession
Etoile HP Restoration HP regens after dropping under a certain threshold
Flat Attack Bonus Increase Damage of non-Just Attacks
Etoile JA Bonus Increase Damage of Just Attacks
Standing Massive Prevents being launched or blown-away when standing still
JA Critical Gain a Critical Rate Bonus when Just Attacking, Techs Excluded

Players at today's event will get to fill out a survey on their thoughts about the class. Due to this, the class itself is subject to change before it's release date in Winter.

It's Time For Nerfs!

Gunner Balance Adjustments

Another S-Roll Arts Mode

  • Shooting Power Multiplier Nerf: 160% → 120%

Orgei Rancor's [Luminecho Slug]

  • Tracking Bullet's Power Multiplier Nerf : 800 → 650

PAs with Striking Properties

  • Some PAs will be changed to use [Shooting Power Rising Skills] as reference.
  • For example, with "Dead Approach," the skill [Zero Range Advance] will apply 121% to its shooting power.  However, with [Fury Stance], the PA will use the [Shooting Power Multiplier] of 110%.

Normal Attacks

  • Normal Attack Power Buff
  • Added Mobility when used in the air.

PA: Aerial Shooting

  • Added Mobility to the first half of the attack

PA: Bullet Squall & Bullet Squall Type-Zero

  • Increased Power.
  • Increased Mobility with Type Zero

PA: Dead Approach

  • Extended JA opportunity

PA: Messiah Time

  • Turning Speed Improved Upon Activation
  • Added Mobility
  • Increased Power. (1.1x)
  • Improved the size of the shots.
  • Made it easier for all bullets to hit when at close-contact with enemy.
  • Changed the PA so that all bullets will shoot out without mashing the button.

PA: Elder Rebellion

  • Increased Power

PA: Reverse Tap

  • Added Mobility from the start of the attack.
  • Power Buff. (1.1x)

PA: Heel Stab

  • Power Buff.
  • Even the striking portion of the PA will receive a power buff.

PA: Grim Barrage

  • Power Buff
  • Adjusted the power distribution so that the first half part is strong.


Force Balance Adjustment

Rod and Talis

  • Talis' PP recovery for normal attacks improved.
  • Added mobility until you land after you activate technics in the air. 
    • Sa Foie Type-0, Na Barta (+ Type-0), Na Zonde, and Il Zonde are not included.

Compound Technics

  • Recast time reduction: 120s → 90s


  • Fire Technic Power Buff
    • Sa Foie Type-0 and Na Foie are not included
  • Na Foie
    • PP Cost Reduction: 35 → 25
  • Barta
    • Power Buff (1.25x)
  • Gi Zonde
    • Power Buff (1.25x)


Fighter Balance Adjustments

Double Saber

  • Changed the Weapon Action to allow you to continue combos so that you can maintain [Tech Arts].
  • Decreased Gear consumption when using weapon actions. (All Consumed → 1 Bar)
    • Chaos Riser's consumption does not change.

PA: Tornado Dance (+ Type-Zero)

  • Added Super Armor During Activation. Expanded the breadth of attack.

PA: Scissor Edge

  • Expanded the breadth of attack.

PA: Rumbling Moon

  • Added Mobility during Activation.
  • Added Guarding in all directions from the final step's activation to the end of the Just Attack.

PA: Illusion Rave

  • Added a JA opportunity mid-way.
  • Buffed the power of its final step.

PA: Surprise Dunk

  • Added Super Armor during activation.
  • Added mobility during the rising portion so that you can easily adjust the positioning.

PA: Acro Effect

  • Added Super Armor until the end of the front guard.
  • Expanded the breadth of the attack.

PA: Hurricane Sender

  • Improved the absorption period. (2s → 3s)

Twin Dagger

  • Changed the Weapon Action to allow you to continue combos so that you can maintain [Tech Arts].
  • The Weapon Action's JA opportunity has been changed so that you can use it during Step.
  • Improved normal attack and step attack's PP recovery.

PA: Symphonic Drive

  • PP Consumption Reduced. (25 → 20)

PA: Bloody Saraband & Faucet Folia & Fall Nocturne

  • Buffed the Power


  • Extended the JA opportunity of the Weapon Action.
  • Buffed the power of normal attacks and step attacks.

PA: Ducking Blow

  • Power Buff (1.1x) & PP Cost Reduction (8PP Consumed)

PA: Flicker Jab

  • Animation Speed Improved
  • Power Buff (1.05x)
  • PP Cost Reduced (10PP Consumed)

PA: Slide Upper (+ Type Zer0)

  • Power Buff (1.15x)
  • >Corrected typo

PA: Flash Thousand

  • Added a frontward guard point at the first step.
  • Improved JA timing on the ground.

PA: Heartless Impact

  • Added a frontward Guard Point during movement.
  • Improved mobility speed.

PA: Pendulum Roll

  • Power Buff
  • Added Super Armor from its activation until the JA ring.

PA: Quake Howling & Surprise Knuckle

  • Added Super Armor from its activation until the JA ring.




  • Matoi will be arriving to Idola on Oct 25th
  • She'll be a new class called Guardian



  • Shannon: A Mysterious Spy From The North



  • Karin Halloween! Appearing in the Halloween Event


IDOLA x PSO2 (Early November)

  • Popona Will Appear in PSO2's Lobby
  • New Items will be added to the Idola Exchange Shop
  • "IDOLA First Anniversary" Scratch will also be released!


PSO2es Annette Dakimakura Cover Ver.2

  • PSO2es Annette Dakimakrua Cover Ver.2
  • Price: 12,000 Yen
  • Sales Date: December


Episode Oracle

  • PSO2 Episode Oracle Theme Song CD Vol. 1
  • Sales Date: Nov 6th
  • Price: 1,300 + Tax
  • Songs: Destiny & Timeless Fortune (inc. Instrumentals)
  • Item Codes: Destiny, Timeless Fortune, CD Package Mat 6, Jukebox


According to Funimation's version of the Anime, the Darkers are now known as Falspawn.


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