PSO2 Station #7 Recap

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May 6th Tidbits


Battle Arena Adjustments

  • After maintenance, you can only use [Protection] one time.

Deus Esca Zephyros Nerf

  • The reason for the nerf was due to their failure in balance adjusting. The clear rate was worse than what the dev team expected. The difficulty was supposed to be around Mother. (This expectation was mentioned in a previous stream.)

Deus Esca Gracia

  • This rematch quest is available for the character that cleared Zephyros. Yes, emphasis on character.
  • If you fail, you can re-try the quest until Gracia's EQ session is over.
  • The EQ Abandonment penalty will apply for Deus Esca Gracia
  • The gauge for the upper-left section of the Phantom God Collection, will not increase under Gracia.
  • The Qliphad series will drop directly in this quest.
    Zeinesis, however, will not drop.
  • At least 2 Qliphad Fuses will drop after defeating Gracia.
    Zephyros, on the other hand, has it set to at least 1 drop.
  • The drop rates for the ★13 Rappy Egg and ★14 weapons will stay the same as Zephyros.

Demon Phaleg Battle

  • Time limit: 7 minutes. HP Recovery: (-80%), No scapedolls/halfdolls.
  • You'll get Star Gem Title Rewards for each class you clear it with.
  • You can play it an unlimited number of times.
  • You won't be able to receive her Partner Card.

Quick Stats

  • Approximately 30 people have reached 80/80 in all their classes.
  • Prior to the nerf, there was a 4x difference in clear rate between Expert and XH blocks. After the patch, the difference is now wavering around 1.7x

In the Driving Rain

  • Episode 4 characters will appear during E-Trials.

PSO2es Quick Search

  • They plan to expand the areas in which you can [Quick Search: Gather] around Episode 5.

Las Vega & Tokyo's Night/Day Rate

  • The rate is completely random if you'll get a day or night version of the stage.

Who is the voice over for Emergency Trials?

  • Tetsuya Kakihara, who voices Huey, does the voice over for Emergency Trials.

How easy is Episode 5's Enemy Names?

  • In terms of how easy it is to read/memorize Episode 5's enemy names when given the following scale:
    • Episode 1 = Level 1
    • Episode 3 = Level 5
  • They responded that Episode 5's enemy names should be around Level 2 ~ Level 3.

Why Easter Island?

  • They picked that location because of the lore connecting it with the Continent of Mu.

Why can't you use Lobby Actions in Battle Arena?

  • The reason why you can't use Lobby Actions in battle arena is because they want to prevent Lobby Action Cancelling (and provocation among users?).

Whatever happened to Extra Female Voice 66?

  • They kinda just forgot about it. They want to fill that gap as if nothing happened.
  • They place the blame for this on the [Item Team].
  • Speaking of which, whatever happened to Lobby Action 51?

More to come…




Secret Phrase

Speak the phrase デウス・エスカ降臨 in chat before April 26th to receive a Sakura Tree and Triboosters



Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • April 15th @ 22:30 (Concert First)
  • Racing the Phantom Mother
  • +100% Rare Drop and EXP Boost


Early May Update

  • Deus Esca Rematch
    • After clearing the EQ, you can participate in a Rematch
    • The rematch requires main/sub class level 80+
    • It's a 4 person quest with Deus Esca Gracia (I'll think of a better name)
    • The quest automatically fails with 5 deaths.


Early May Update

  • The Qliphad series will drop from Deus Esca Gracia
  • Trade in your Qliphad Series and convert them to Zeinesis Series
  • Wedding Lobby (~ 6/7)


Early May Update

  • AC Scratch "Winners Design 4 Side B"
  • Contains items from the contest such as Raging Beat, Blood Maria, Innocent Rose Dress, Corn Row 16 and many more!


Early May Update

Episode 4 Side Story [Duel]

  • A highly difficult solo-quest against Phaleg.
  • No Half Dolls! No Scape Dolls! No Easy Mode!
  • Contains a Time Limit and some restriction on HP recovery.
  • Let's aim for class specific Clear-Titles.


Late May

  • Rainy Bingo 2017 ( ~ 7/5)
  • Rainy 2017 Collection ( ~7/5)
    • Aim for new Fornis weapons!
    • Fornis Haloop (Gunslash)
    • Fornis Esvia (Bullet Bow)
    • Fornis Ratioed (Wand)
    • ★13 Popple Egg
    • ★13 Redran Egg


Late May Update

  • Fresh School Days (AC Scratch)
  • Contains Kohri and Enga's Avatar Layeredwear
  • Student and Teacher themed outfits
  • Rappy and Lillipa Balloons available as a Scratch Bonus


Late May Update

  • In the Driving Rain EQ ( ~7/5)
  • Esca Darkers and Phantoms will appear
  • Increased spawn rate for Mr. Umblla and Mr. Bowan
  • Chance for Empe Rappy/Izane to spawn.
  • Special prefixed Diabo will appear at the end


Current Update

  • 12 Person Raid Boss
  • Added Emergency Quest Rematch
  • Design Contest Scratch
  • Episode 4 Side Story

5th Anniversary Event: Phantasy Star Festa 2017 Online

  • 5th Anniversary Web Event [ARKS BATTLE CHRONICLE]
  • New LIVE Event
  • Boosted Raid Boss & Boosted Raid Boss Rematch
  • Frame Arms and Frame Arms Girl Collaboration
  • Famous Designer Collaboration Scratch
  • Tokyo Field Real Store Collaboration Part 3


PSO2es Update

  • Play the (11x Bundle [AC] esScratch) three times to unlock the Weaponoid Scratch.
  • This scratch contains only Weaponoid Chips.
  • New Feature: Chip Storage
    • Each character will receive 100 slots for free.
    • You can expand the storage with AC.


New Character Side Stories

  • Seraphy  Side Story [4/19]
  • Annette Side Story [5/10]
  • Bruno Side Story [5/24]

King Rappy Chip available as a score bonus


PSO2es Update

  • iOS 3rd Anniversary (48 Hour Limited Scratch)
    • Guidance Seraphy [Anniversary]
    • Available 5/13 ~ 5/14
  • New Chips
    • Lavis Blade
    • Nox Cadina


PSO2es Chip

  • Personifier of Faith Kohri (AC Limited)
  • Shanefrisa
  • Gigas Spinner
  • Pristine Mallet
  • Ancient Quartz


Attention PlayStation Vita Players

  • Starting July 2017, a 32GB memory card will be required for the download version of PSO2.


Famous Designer Collaboration

  • Suzuhito Yasuda is back with a new collaboration!
  • Rira, Eri, and Quina will be appearing in the game along with their costumes, hairstyles, accessories, and voice tickets. You'll also have the opportunity to obtain their partner cards!


PSO2 -The Animation- Character Song CD Vol. 2

  • Pre-Sales: June 10th
  • General Sales: June 28th
  • Cost: 2,800 Yen
  • Also contains Mini Dramas


Phantasy Star Online 2 Episode 0

  • Next chapter releases April 26th in the June issue of Shonen Ace.


Phantom Battleship Yamato – Plastic Model –

  • Releases: Summer 2017
  • Price: 5,300 Yen
  • Scale: 1/700
  • Item Code
    • 310 「Hagito Phemut」 (Lobby Action)
    • Male Hagito F Voice (Voice Ticket)
    • (Well I guess they spell it with an F)
    • Borderless Quest Ver. (Music Disc)


A.I.S – Plastic Model –

  • 1/72 A.I.S & 1/72 A.I.S Gray. Ver
  • Each version costs 5,940 Yen
  • Item Codes
    • Evo Device / A.I.S
    • Plastic Model Package Mat # (Room Item)


Phantasy Star Festa 2017 (Offline Event)

  • T-Shirts, Parkas, Caps, and Class Pins are just some of the items you can purchase at the Phantasy Star Festa 2017. The first event will begin June 10th in Tokyo!


Phantasy Star Festa 2017 (Offline Event)

Festa 2017 T-Shirts[Ba] will be available ONLY to those who attend the offline event.


Phantasy Star Festa 2017 (Offline Event)

Each event during the Summer will distribute an exclusive Lobby Action available ONLY to those who are in attendance.


~ ARKS Battle Chronicle ~
~ New Quna LIVE Event ~


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