PSO2 Station #9 Recap

Warning! This post is updating in real time!
Please take note as the information below is subject to change.


July 8th Tidbits

Secret Phrase

  • Say しゃわこボイス爆誕 in chat for Sawako Hata's voice tickets. 

Hero Mag Skill

  • This skill is set up so that you don't have to create a new mag. It takes the mag's Total ATK (from S-ATK+R-ATK+T-ATK) and applies it to S-ATK, R-ATK, and T-ATK. Dex and Defense stats are not covered by this skill.

Hero Unit Recommendation

  • If you want to fight with several weapon types, a general purpose unit is recommended.  If you want to concentrate on just your favorite weapon, then you should use a specialized unit.

Hero Training Quest

  • Hero will indeed be getting a training quest.

Heroes and PA Disks

  • The whole PA disk concept doesn't exist for Heroes.

Buster Quest Grade

  • Grade 1 is equivalent to Lv. 20 enemies. On the player's end, the minimum and maximum values for stats will adjust to match Lv. 20. The maximum value will be set so that you'd be stronger than players who are normally at level 20.
  • Grade 2 is equivalent to Lv. 50 enemies, so the minimum and maximum values will adjust to match Lv. 50.
  • Grade 3 has a minimum value for stats, but no maximum value set.
  • All grades will have that damage cap you've been seeing recently.
  • The above features are called "Automatic Stat Adjustment."
  • Main Match and Main Match Advanced share the "play stamina."
  • (As an aside, I want to point out from viewing every released and unreleased trailer so far—Main Match has Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3. However Main Match Advanced is the only one I've seen with Grade 3+.)

Demon Elemental Weakness

  • Each demon could have a different elemental weakness.
  • Generally you'll see Fire weakness, but for others, it might be Light.

Multi-Block Matching

  • This system lets you match up with players from all blocks on the same ship. Multi-Party quests (such as Buster Quests and Emergency Quests) will support this feature.
  • The Party Information Menu will give you the option as to whether or not you want to match with only the current block. Multi-Block Matching will become default.
  • You also have the option of matching up only with players in Expert Blocks. However, this option will not apply to [Free Match] Buster Quests. 

Quests with Subclass Requirements

  • Yes, Heroes can do quests with subclass requirements. For example, a level 80 Hero can play Gracia's 80/80 requirement.

Material Storage AC Rental

  • 30 Days = 1500 AC
  • 90 Days = 3600 AC

My Set Presets

  • You will now have 15 My Set Presets.

Episode 5 Story Quests

  • At the character selection screen, you can switch between [EP 1 ~ 3] and [EP 4 ~ 5] Mode. You can switch between EP 4 & 5 at the Bridge.
  • Story Quests can be accepted from Xiera or the Quest Counter. 
  • Story Progress is shared between all characters.

Omnibus Quests

  • A reconstruction of Episodes 1 ~ 3.
  • With Alma's thoughts, the story becomes easier to understand.
  • Can be accepted at the bridge or quest counter.

Lobby Update

  • The gate area will see some slight changes when Episode 5 hits.

Hero Palette Switching

  • Switches weapons to palettes in ascending order.
  • Let's say your palette was set up like this:
    • 1st = Sword
    • 2nd = TMG
    • 3rd = Sword
    • 4th = Sword
  • If you are using TMGs and you use a PA that switches to Swords, then the palette will switch to the sword set in the 3rd palette.
  • (From the player's viewpoint, it basically looks down the palette. )

More to be added…







June 25th Tidbits

The following is based on info collected through social media from people who attended the Phantasy Star Festa in Sapporo. Due to this, we are unfortunately unable to personally verify information. Some information may be incorrect, incomplete, or missing context.

The information below might be slightly incorrect, incomplete, or missing context.

Buster Quests

  • Has 3 types of quests:
    • [Main Match]
    • [Main Match Advanced]
    • [Free Match]
  • Main Matches can be played a limited number of times per day.
  • This will reset when the clock hits 5:00 AM in Japan.
  • Clearing [Free Match] will restore some of the play limit.
  • You can play Free Match an unlimited number of times.
  • You can match up with players from different blocks.

Buster Quest (Grade System)

  • Buster Quest's Grade System acts as the quest's difficulty.
  • The higher the grade, the more powerful the enemies.
  • Players will have their stats adjust according to grade.
  • Grade 3 is the equivalent to Extra Hard.
  • Grade also affects enemy spawn.

Buster Quest: Defense Weapons

  • Players will have the authority to select defense weapons for the tower they're assigned to.
  • Defense weapon categories include:
    • Balance Type
    • Defense Type
    • Attack Type
    • Special Type
  • Each of the defenses have their own list of abilities.
  • Example Abilities:
    • Photon Punisher: A Satellite Laser Cannon
    • Telipipe Canon: Place a telepipe
    • Barriers: Includes Freeze Barrier or Reject Barrier
    • Turrets: Shotgun, Gatling Gun
    • Etc…

Buster Quest: Defense Phase

  • Protect the towers from the demon's attacks.
  • Collect mana scattered across the field to increase the number of uses for the Defense Weapons. You can also use this to recover the tower's HP.

Buster Quest: Buster Phase

  • With enough mana, you can summon the Buster Pile
  • Only the Buster Piles can destroy the Demonic Barriers.
  • You'll need to keep them safe until they complete this task.
  • Destroying all the barriers will move you over to the next phase.
  • If not, you'll have to repeat the Defense Phase.

Buster Quest: Attack Phase

  • Here you'll fight the Demonic Castle
  • Destroying the core leads to a powerful counter attack.

Buster Quest: Final Defense Phase

  • This phase has even more violent attacks.
  • Enduring all the attacks will lead to the final phase.

Buster Quest: Final Attack Phase

  • You'll win by defeating the demonic castle in time.
  • Destroying the arms will allow you to attack the core.
  • You can still receive rewards even if you lose.
  • Of course the drop contents will be different
  • The drop rate will change based on the clear rank.


Other Stuff


  • Heroes can't use native PAs embedded on weapons. For example, embedded Over End is a no go.
  • Episode 5's story progress is shared across all characters.
  • You can accept story quests from Xiera or from the counter.
  • In Ep 4 ~ 5 mode, you can switch episodes at the bridge.
  • Several people have mentioned that Episode 5's conversation events will be in 2d like Phantasy Star Portable.
  • There will be a new feature called "Omnibus Quests," that lets you run through the contents of Ep 1 ~ 3. Some Matter Board items will be available for pickup. One person mentioned you can accept these quests from Alma or from the Quest Counter.


June 17th & 18th Tidbits

Hero Information

Better Note Takers Mean Better Notes!

The following is based on info collected through social media from people who attended the Phantasy Star Festa in Sapporo. Due to this, we are unfortunately unable to personally verify information. Some information may be incorrect, incomplete, or missing context.

The information below might be slightly incorrect, incomplete, or missing context.


Heroes Information

  • Heroes can wield three weapon types: Swords, TMGs, and Talises. The class produces enough power to fight even with just one weapon type. However, it's recommended to utilize all three in battle.
  • Like all classes, heroes can optionally use Gunslashes too!
  • Heroes will have several level cap unlocking Orders to deal with.
  • Heroes also have a countering ability!

Hero Countering

Here is how an attendee described the process:

  • After using an evasive maneuver to evade an enemy's attack, by doing a step attack, it will be possible to activate the "Hero Counter."
  • They said the counter reminded them of Gurren Tessen's followup.



Hero Class Skills

The information below might be slightly incorrect, incomplete, or missing context.

[Hero Gear]:

  • The gear gauge rises with attacks.
  • The gauge will not decrease over time.
  • A skill called [Hero Time] will consume the Gear Gauge.

[Hero Time]:

  • Hero Time is similar to Katana Combat.
  • Can be activated at MAX gear.
  • The recast time is 2 minutes.
  • Similar to Katana Combat, you can also perform a finisher.

[Hero Finish]:

  • Sword: A Combo Attack
    • One person said it looked like Ignite Parrying
  • TMGs: A Wide Range Attack
    • One person said it looked like Shift Period.
  • Talis: An attack that deals sustained damage
    • A few people described it like a thrown version of Na Grants.

[Hero Boost]:

  • This is a skill where you gradually become more powerful.
    • Most people say you must continue attacking.
    • Others say it happens over time.
  • Will cancel if you receive certain damage within a short time.
    • Some people said it resets.

[First Blood]:

  • Gives the first attack the power of a Just Attack?


  • A skill for double jumping also exists.


Hero Sword Functionality

The information below might be slightly incorrect, incomplete or missing context.

A few stated that swords feel like high powered Katanas. Most say their Step Attacks are long. This weapon is intended for bosses.

[Spirit Bullet]: Weapon Action

  • This is a Striking-dependent ranged attack.
  • It has PP recovery ability.
  • You can charge it up to its 2nd stage by learning skills.

[Rising Slash]: PA

  • A PA that keeps attacking when the button is held long.

[Brightness End]: PA

  • A PA that can hurl slash attacks when charged.
  • This PA also has Guarding Points.

[Vapor of Bullets]: PA

  • A PA that leads into TMGs when the button is held long.

[Slash of Trick]: PA

  • A lot have mentioned that this is the "starting point of combos?"
  • (Based on the name, it might switch over to Talis?)


Hero TMG PAs

The information below might be slightly incorrect, incomplete, or missing context.

This weapon is supposed to be mainly used against mooks. Their normal attacks consume PP but you can recover it back by doing its weapon action.

[Reload]: Weapon Action

  • Reload allows you to recover PP.
  • You can also Reload in the air.
  • Do a [Just Reload] for faster PP recovery.

[Brand New Star]: PA

  • Not a lot of people were able to say how it worked.
  • A few people mentioned it was a wide range forward piercing attack.
  • Someone said it wasn't explained…

[Final Storm]: PA

  • Not a lot of people were able to say how it worked.
  • One mentioned it had high speed movement while your character attacked surrounding enemies.

[Second of Edge]: PA

  • A PA that leads into Swords when the button is held long.

[Moment of Trick]: PA

  • A PA that leads into Talises when the button is held long.
  • This can stun enemies.
  • One person said its power was low.



Hero Talis PAs

The information below might be slightly incorrect, incomplete, or missing context.

Talises have fast throwing speeds. One person mentioned that its effective in raising the gear gauge. The weapon is mainly used for continuous damage.

[Warp]: Weapon Action

  • You throw a marker and warp into that location.

[Jet Wheel]: PA

  • It's a placement type PA that's round.
  • Some have said that it's like Gi Grants.

[Wise Count]: PA

  • It's a marker style PA that deals sustained damage.
  • You can set up several of them.

[Dive of Bullets]: PA

  • A PA that leads into TMGs when the button is held long.
  • It can also Stun.
  • A few have stated you can stun while moving.

[Razor of Edge]: PA

  • A PA that leads into Swords when the button is held long.


The following is based on info collected through social media from people who attended the Phantasy Star Festa in Sapporo. Due to this, we are unfortunately unable to personally verify information. Some information may be incorrect, incomplete, or missing context.


Buster Quests

The information below might be slightly incorrect, incomplete, or missing context.

Buster Quests

  • Has two types of matches [Free Match] and [Main Match]
  • [Main Match] has a daily limit.
  • [Main] and [Free] have different drops.
  • (You can restore your [Main Match] daily limits by playing [Free Match]")?
  • Playing [Free Match] will apply a boost to your [Main Match]

Buster Quest Grade System

I'm not entirely sure how this section works.

  • You can play this quest without choosing a difficulty.
  • (Has an advance risk like Grade System)?
  • (Enemy Stats adjust based on Grade)?
  • (Earn Buster Points to increase the Grade)?
  • Free Match lets you play with people your grade and lower.

Buster Quest Setup

  • Select from a set of 4 defense armaments.
    • Available from Grade 2 (or higher)

Buster Quest: Defense Phase

  • The phase behaves like a typical MBD.
  • You must protect the [Buster Tower].
    • (We'll call it this for now because of the kanji similarities to Buster Pile)
  • Collect Mana (Crystals) to help restore stamina for the Buster Tower.
  • (Another person mentioned you use Mana to strengthen defense armaments?)

Buster Quest: Buster Phase

  • Enduring the Defense Phase makes you switch over to the Buster Phase.
  • Use mana to make the [Buster Pile] destroy enemy walls (barriers).
  • You'll also need to protect the Buster Pile.
  • Some have mentioned that you can summon multiple Buster Piles based on the mana value.

Buster Quest: Attack Phase

  • If you succeed, you'll switch over to the Attack Phase
  • The goal is to destroy the Demonic Castle core

Buster Quest: Defense Phase (2)

  • This phase makes the Demonic Castle enraged.

Buster Quest: Attack Phase (2)

  • You'll have to fight demons left and right
  • Here you'll do the final battle with the Demonic Castle

There's some inconsistencies with the way these phases were described among people. I tried to summarize it as best as I could, but things may not work out exactly as it's stated here.




June 10th Information


Post Livestream Update

  • Added PSO2es Info
  • Added Merchandise
  • Added Videos
  • Changed Guard Stance to Guard Stance Advance


Secret Phrase

  • Speak the phrase 五周年おめでとう in chat to receive:
    • PS Festa 2017 Sticker
    • 2017 FUN
  • You have until June 21st to complete this task.


Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Deus Esca EQ Boost And Dance Session
  • June 10th @ 22:00 ~ (Dance Festival Comes First)
  • Enemy Attack: + 100%
  • Player PP Recovery Speed: + 100%
  • +200% EXP Boost and Rare Drop Boost


PSO2 x Atelier Collaboration

  • Sophie, Plachta, Escha, and Logy's costumes and accessories will be arriving in PSO2.


Early July Update

  • Tanabata Lobby & Bingo (~7/26)
  • New Bingo Rewards
  • Updated the Exchange Shop Item Listing


Early July Update

  • Part 5 of the ARKS Battle Chronicle Event (~8/9)
  • Special Infiltration: Episode 1 ~ 4 features enemies and fields from all episodes.
  • Quest Drop: *Vilants Actor and ★12 unit Rear/Weila Board


Early July Update

  • Tropical Summer Ocean (AC Scratch)
  • Pirate themed layered wear.
  • Swimsuit Basewear.
  • Resort themed Room.
  • Scratch Bonus: Full Face Helmet & Sub Arms


Early July Update

  • Pre-Scheduled EQ: Magisterial Onslaught.
  • Las Vegas enemies will appear in the first half of the quest.
  • Can you endure the array of even more violent attacks?


Early July Update

  • Phantom Battleship Collection (~11/29)
    • Contains D—A.I.S and Phantom weapons.
  • Magisterial Collection (~11/29)
    • Contains Seiga and Quotz weapons.
  • Upgrade your earth weapons (Seiga, etc) with [Ether Fuses]
    • Ability Factor: [Stat VI]
  • New 14 star weapons
    • Dual Blades
    • Twin Machine Guns
    • Sword


July 19th Update

  • Yamato Rematch Quest: Quintessence of Steel
  • Available to players who've cleared Magisterial Onslaught.
  • A 4 player quest that requires a main and sub class of level 80.


HEROES: Episode 5

  • Episode 5 launches July 26th!
  • New Class: HERO
  • New Heroine: Harriet


Episode 5: World

  • The stage is set in a parallel world engulfed in conflict.
  • Parallel World: Omega
  • [Ephimera], the non-fruit bearing flower, serves as the source of the wars.
  • (("Non-Fruit bearing Flower" is the name [Perennial Apocalypse] uses in its title.))
  • Battle the [Demons] summoned by Ephimera!



Episode 5: Buster Quests

  • Buster Quests are Episode 5's main quests
  • This will be PSO2's first 8 person Multi-party quest.
  • Defeat the demons and protect the base while busting through the castle walls.
  • The key to this quest is collecting "Mana" and using the "Buster Pile"


Episode 5: New Class

  • New Class: Hero
  • PSO2's First Advanced Class
  • Heroes are an expert class that can master Striking, Range, and Tech.
  • Experience action which transcends the classes released so far.


Episode 5: Characters

Characters both new and old will appear in Episode 5

  • Xiao (CV: Megumi Ogata)
    • The administrator who's awakened from his thorough calculations.
  • Alma (CV: Mamiko Noto)
    • A woman with many mysteries who appeared from the past.
  • Stratos (CV: Ayane Sakura)
    • A woman who longs for a hero.
  • Xiera (CV: Juri Kimura)
    • The fairy who guides the guardian.
  • Harriet (CV: Megumi Han)
    • Princess from the land of Quent.
  • Valna (CV: Natsuki Hanae)
    • An adjutant who yearns for a princess.
  • ———-
    • And why is HE here?


Episode 5: Other Features

  • All Class Balance Adjustments
  • Material Storage
  • Multi-block Matching
  • 3 More My Set slots
  • Finer Adjustments for Accessories.
  • Duplicate Accessories
  • and More..


Hero Class Unlocking

  • Hero is Main Class only. You can not set a subclass.
  • You need to earn 3 Titles for the following:
    • 1 Striking Class at Level 75
      • Valid Striking: Hu / Fi / Bo
    • 1 Ranged Class at Level 75
      • Valid Ranged: Ra / Gu / Br
    • 1 Tech  Class at Level 75
      • Valid Tech: Fo / Te / Su
  • Head to Koffie and clear the CO with the earned Titles.


Hero Battle System

  • Hero uses Sword, Twin Machine Guns, and Talis
  • The main feature is its [Weapon Switchable PAs]!
  • This allows you to do multi weapon-type combos.


Hero: Sword

  • Weapon Action: Spirit Bullet
    • Perform a rapid-fire attack or charge it up for powerful blasts.
  • Swords have derivative PAs. Its behavior will change based on the length the button is held.


Hero: Twin Machine Guns

  • Weapon Action: Reload
    • This allows you to recover PP.
  • Heroes will consume PP when doing basic attacks with TMGs!
    Here they'll perform a stronger rapid-fire attack.


Hero: Talis

  • Weapon Action: Swift Movement. (Let's call it "Warp")
    • The player fires off a "marker."
      The player instantly warps to the marker's location.
  • Heroes can use PAs with Talises.


Balance Adjustments

Balance Adjustment List



PSO2es  Season 2

PSO2es Update

  • Story Quest: Season2 (June 28th)
  • The Darker Busters begin a new adventure!

New Characters

  • Duna (CV: Misaki Kuno)
    • A mysterious trans enemy.
  • Hade (CV: Hiroki Yasumoto)
    • A new adversary who hates the ARKS
  • Anatis (CV: Kaori Nazuka)
    • A mysterious being who sings alone in deep darkness.


PSO2es Update

  • The story will introduce Weaponoids from the enemy's side.
  • New Feature: Re-read story text.
  • Clear Story Quest Ch1 for Gene's new chip.


PSO2es Update

  • Level Cap Expanded to Lv. 75
  • You can change your weapons, chips, and units at the same time.
  • When you select [Recommended Chips] while grinding,  the selection will give Rappy Chips priority.
  • Intended for beginners, [Recommended Equipment] selects things according to the element.


PSO2es Weaponoid Chips

  • Gravilios
  • SSPN Launcher
  • Trident Crusher
  • Craft Plosion
  • Pao Jade


PSO2es Chip Update

  • Collect [Magic Cards] in July's Special Quest to get Rira.
  • Quina will be in Mid-July's Bonus Scratch
  • Eri will be a PSO2es login reward


PSO2es Update

  • Crys Draal: EQ Ranking Event
  • XH = 13 star weapons and Ardillo chip
  • SH = Evil Curst Chip


PSO2es Special

  • Inside Dengeki G's Comic (August Issue) which goes on sale June 30th, you'll receive the Tasty lobby action. This LA has reaction support and automatically plays Bluesy Requiem's voice clip. [Weapono! SP Mat A] is also included.


Special Event

PSO2 Days

  • PSO2 Days are special events that occur every month.
  • Wonderful Login Bonus
    • 22 Star Gem Ticket (x2)
    • Presents such as Bonus Keys
  • 1 Day Limited Bargain Boost
    • Login Stamp +1
    • Earned FUN x2
    • EXP +100%
    • Rare Drop Rate +100%
    • Gathering Fever Rate +100%
  • The first PSO2 Day will be July 2nd!


PSO2 Merchandise

Plastic Model A.I.S

  • Product: 1/72 Scale A.I.S White Ver (Limited Edition)
  • Price: 5,940 Yen
  • Item Code
    • Evo Device / A.I.S
    • Plamo Package Mat 1

PSO2 Carrying Case (Luggage)

  • 30,000 Yen each


PIZZA-La Collaboration

  • Attendees of the 8/12 Phantasy Star Festa can receive a Pizza-La Lobby action! PIZZA-LA's lobby action unfortunately has trade restrictions imposed.

Sega Lucky Kuji Prizes

  • Sega Lucky Kuji is like a real-life AC Scratch.
  • The event begins August 4th in participating Seven Elevens.


Sega Lucky Kuji Prizes

  • Prizes contain Item Codes for:
    • PSO2 Event Cool (Music)
    • PSO2 Event Hitsugi (Music)
    • Empe T-Shirt M[Ba]
    • Empe T-Shirt F[Ba]
    • Hitsugi Pose (Lobby Action)
    • Hitsugi Voice Ticket
    • Empe Rappy Chain
  • Event begins August 4th


PSO2 the Animation Character Song CD Vol. 2

  • General Sale Date: June 28th
  • Price: 2,800 Yen
  • Item Codes
    • VO Performance 3 (LA)
    • CD Package Mat 8 (Room Item)


PSO2 Original Soundtrack Vol. 5

  • General Sales: June 28th
  • Price: 5000 Yen
  • Contains: Tokyo, Yamato, Arks Training, Ult Amd, and more…
  • Item Code Music Disc
    • Tokyo Day & Tokyo Night
    • Yamato [First Half]
    • Battle Arena & Battle Arena Lobby
    • Ultimate Amdusica
    • Event [Adam 1] & Event [Phaleg 1]
    • Event [Phaleg 2] & Phaleg Battle
    • DJ Booth


PSO2 Original Soundtrack Vol. 6

  • Pre-Sales: August 12th
  • General Sales: August 23rd
  • Price: 5000 Yen
  • Contains: Las Vegas, Mother (Moon), Deus Esca, Event Music, The End of Light
  • Item Code Music Disc
    • Las Vegas [Night]
    • Las Vegas [Day]
    • Moon, Abandoned Facility
    • Mother [Waiting Area]
    • Mother [First Half Battle]
    • Earth Guide Underground Headquarters
    • Earth – Yggdrasil Tree [Waiting Area]
    • Earth – Yggdrasil Tree
    • PSO2 Event – Adam 2
    • True Phaleg Battle
    • DJ Booth



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