PSO2 Station #9 Recap

Warning! This post is updating in real time!
Please take note as the information below is subject to change.


July 8th Tidbits

Secret Phrase

  • Say しゃわこボイス爆誕 in chat for Sawako Hata's voice tickets. 

Hero Mag Skill

  • This skill is set up so that you don't have to create a new mag. It takes the mag's Total ATK (from S-ATK+R-ATK+T-ATK) and applies it to S-ATK, R-ATK, and T-ATK. Dex and Defense stats are not covered by this skill.

Hero Unit Recommendation

  • If you want to fight with several weapon types, a general purpose unit is recommended.  If you want to concentrate on just your favorite weapon, then you should use a specialized unit.

Hero Training Quest

  • Hero will indeed be getting a training quest.

Heroes and PA Disks

  • The whole PA disk concept doesn't exist for Heroes.

Buster Quest Grade

  • Grade 1 is equivalent to Lv. 20 enemies. On the player's end, the minimum and maximum values for stats will adjust to match Lv. 20. The maximum value will be set so that you'd be stronger than players who are normally at level 20.
  • Grade 2 is equivalent to Lv. 50 enemies, so the minimum and maximum values will adjust to match Lv. 50.
  • Grade 3 has a minimum value for stats, but no maximum value set.
  • All grades will have that damage cap you've been seeing recently.
  • The above features are called "Automatic Stat Adjustment."
  • Main Match and Main Match Advanced share the "play stamina."
  • (As an aside, I want to point out from viewing every released and unreleased trailer so far—Main Match has Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3. However Main Match Advanced is the only one I've seen with Grade 3+.)

Demon Elemental Weakness

  • Each demon could have a different elemental weakness.
  • Generally you'll see Fire weakness, but for others, it might be Light.

Multi-Block Matching

  • This system lets you match up with players from all blocks on the same ship. Multi-Party quests (such as Buster Quests and Emergency Quests) will support this feature.
  • The Party Information Menu will give you the option as to whether or not you want to match with only the current block. Multi-Block Matching will become default.
  • You also have the option of matching up only with players in Expert Blocks. However, this option will not apply to [Free Match] Buster Quests. 

Quests with Subclass Requirements

  • Yes, Heroes can do quests with subclass requirements. For example, a level 80 Hero can play Gracia's 80/80 requirement.

Material Storage AC Rental

  • 30 Days = 1500 AC
  • 90 Days = 3600 AC

My Set Presets

  • You will now have 15 My Set Presets.

Episode 5 Story Quests

  • At the character selection screen, you can switch between [EP 1 ~ 3] and [EP 4 ~ 5] Mode. You can switch between EP 4 & 5 at the Bridge.
  • Story Quests can be accepted from Xiera or the Quest Counter. 
  • Story Progress is shared between all characters.

Omnibus Quests

  • A reconstruction of Episodes 1 ~ 3.
  • With Alma's thoughts, the story becomes easier to understand.
  • Can be accepted at the bridge or quest counter.

Lobby Update

  • The gate area will see some slight changes when Episode 5 hits.

Hero Palette Switching

  • Switches weapons to palettes in ascending order.
  • Let's say your palette was set up like this:
    • 1st = Sword
    • 2nd = TMG
    • 3rd = Sword
    • 4th = Sword
  • If you are using TMGs and you use a PA that switches to Swords, then the palette will switch to the sword set in the 3rd palette.
  • (From the player's viewpoint, it basically looks down the palette. )

More to be added…







June 25th Tidbits

The following is based on info collected through social media from people who attended the Phantasy Star Festa in Sapporo. Due to this, we are unfortunately unable to personally verify information. Some information may be incorrect, incomplete, or missing context.

The information below might be slightly incorrect, incomplete, or missing context.

Buster Quests

  • Has 3 types of quests:
    • [Main Match]
    • [Main Match Advanced]
    • [Free Match]
  • Main Matches can be played a limited number of times per day.
  • This will reset when the clock hits 5:00 AM in Japan.
  • Clearing [Free Match] will restore some of the play limit.
  • You can play Free Match an unlimited number of times.
  • You can match up with players from different blocks.

Buster Quest (Grade System)

  • Buster Quest's Grade System acts as the quest's difficulty.
  • The higher the grade, the more powerful the enemies.
  • Players will have their stats adjust according to grade.
  • Grade 3 is the equivalent to Extra Hard.
  • Grade also affects enemy spawn.

Buster Quest: Defense Weapons

  • Players will have the authority to select defense weapons for the tower they're assigned to.
  • Defense weapon categories include:
    • Balance Type
    • Defense Type
    • Attack Type
    • Special Type
  • Each of the defenses have their own list of abilities.
  • Example Abilities:
    • Photon Punisher: A Satellite Laser Cannon
    • Telipipe Canon: Place a telepipe
    • Barriers: Includes Freeze Barrier or Reject Barrier
    • Turrets: Shotgun, Gatling Gun
    • Etc…

Buster Quest: Defense Phase

  • Protect the towers from the demon's attacks.
  • Collect mana scattered across the field to increase the number of uses for the Defense Weapons. You can also use this to recover the tower's HP.

Buster Quest: Buster Phase

  • With enough mana, you can summon the Buster Pile
  • Only the Buster Piles can destroy the Demonic Barriers.
  • You'll need to keep them safe until they complete this task.
  • Destroying all the barriers will move you over to the next phase.
  • If not, you'll have to repeat the Defense Phase.

Buster Quest: Attack Phase

  • Here you'll fight the Demonic Castle
  • Destroying the core leads to a powerful counter attack.

Buster Quest: Final Defense Phase

  • This phase has even more violent attacks.
  • Enduring all the attacks will lead to the final phase.

Buster Quest: Final Attack Phase

  • You'll win by defeating the demonic castle in time.
  • Destroying the arms will allow you to attack the core.
  • You can still receive rewards even if you lose.
  • Of course the drop contents will be different
  • The drop rate will change based on the clear rank.


Other Stuff


  • Heroes can't use native PAs embedded on weapons. For example, embedded Over End is a no go.
  • Episode 5's story progress is shared across all characters.
  • You can accept story quests from Xiera or from the counter.
  • In Ep 4 ~ 5 mode, you can switch episodes at the bridge.
  • Several people have mentioned that Episode 5's conversation events will be in 2d like Phantasy Star Portable.
  • There will be a new feature called "Omnibus Quests," that lets you run through the contents of Ep 1 ~ 3. Some Matter Board items will be available for pickup. One person mentioned you can accept these quests from Alma or from the Quest Counter.


June 17th & 18th Tidbits

Hero Information

Better Note Takers Mean Better Notes!

The following is based on info collected through social media from people who attended the Phantasy Star Festa in Sapporo. Due to this, we are unfortunately unable to personally verify information. Some information may be incorrect, incomplete, or missing context.

The information below might be slightly incorrect, incomplete, or missing context.


Heroes Information

  • Heroes can wield three weapon types: Swords, TMGs, and Talises. The class produces enough power to fight even with just one weapon type. However, it's recommended to utilize all three in battle.
  • Like all classes, heroes can optionally use Gunslashes too!
  • Heroes will have several level cap unlocking Orders to deal with.
  • Heroes also have a countering ability!

Hero Countering

Here is how an attendee described the process:

  • After using an evasive maneuver to evade an enemy's attack, by doing a step attack, it will be possible to activate the "Hero Counter."
  • They said the counter reminded them of Gurren Tessen's followup.



Hero Class Skills

The information below might be slightly incorrect, incomplete, or missing context.

[Hero Gear]:

  • The gear gauge rises with attacks.
  • The gauge will not decrease over time.
  • A skill called [Hero Time] will consume the Gear Gauge.

[Hero Time]:

  • Hero Time is similar to Katana Combat.
  • Can be activated at MAX gear.
  • The recast time is 2 minutes.
  • Similar to Katana Combat, you can also perform a finisher.

[Hero Finish]:

  • Sword: A Combo Attack
    • One person said it looked like Ignite Parrying
  • TMGs: A Wide Range Attack
    • One person said it looked like Shift Period.
  • Talis: An attack that deals sustained damage
    • A few people described it like a thrown version of Na Grants.

[Hero Boost]:

  • This is a skill where you gradually become more powerful.
    • Most people say you must continue attacking.
    • Others say it happens over time.
  • Will cancel if you receive certain damage within a short time.
    • Some people said it resets.

[First Blood]:

  • Gives the first attack the power of a Just Attack?


  • A skill for double jumping also exists.


Hero Sword Functionality

The information below might be slightly incorrect, incomplete or missing context.

A few stated that swords feel like high powered Katanas. Most say their Step Attacks are long. This weapon is intended for bosses.

[Spirit Bullet]: Weapon Action

  • This is a Striking-dependent ranged attack.
  • It has PP recovery ability.
  • You can charge it up to its 2nd stage by learning skills.

[Rising Slash]: PA

  • A PA that keeps attacking when the button is held long.

[Brightness End]: PA

  • A PA that can hurl slash attacks when charged.
  • This PA also has Guarding Points.

[Vapor of Bullets]: PA

  • A PA that leads into TMGs when the button is held long.

[Slash of Trick]: PA

  • A lot have mentioned that this is the "starting point of combos?"
  • (Based on the name, it might switch over to Talis?)


Hero TMG PAs

The information below might be slightly incorrect, incomplete, or missing context.

This weapon is supposed to be mainly used against mooks. Their normal attacks consume PP but you can recover it back by doing its weapon action.

[Reload]: Weapon Action

  • Reload allows you to recover PP.
  • You can also Reload in the air.
  • Do a [Just Reload] for faster PP recovery.

[Brand New Star]: PA

  • Not a lot of people were able to say how it worked.
  • A few people mentioned it was a wide range forward piercing attack.
  • Someone said it wasn't explained…

[Final Storm]: PA

  • Not a lot of people were able to say how it worked.
  • One mentioned it had high speed movement while your character attacked surrounding enemies.

[Second of Edge]: PA

  • A PA that leads into Swords when the button is held long.

[Moment of Trick]: PA

  • A PA that leads into Talises when the button is held long.
  • This can stun enemies.
  • One person said its power was low.



Hero Talis PAs

The information below might be slightly incorrect, incomplete, or missing context.

Talises have fast throwing speeds. One person mentioned that its effective in raising the gear gauge. The weapon is mainly used for continuous damage.

[Warp]: Weapon Action

  • You throw a marker and warp into that location.

[Jet Wheel]: PA

  • It's a placement type PA that's round.
  • Some have said that it's like Gi Grants.

[Wise Count]: PA

  • It's a marker style PA that deals sustained damage.
  • You can set up several of them.

[Dive of Bullets]: PA

  • A PA that leads into TMGs when the button is held long.
  • It can also Stun.
  • A few have stated you can stun while moving.

[Razor of Edge]: PA

  • A PA that leads into Swords when the button is held long.


The following is based on info collected through social media from people who attended the Phantasy Star Festa in Sapporo. Due to this, we are unfortunately unable to personally verify information. Some information may be incorrect, incomplete, or missing context.


Buster Quests

The information below might be slightly incorrect, incomplete, or missing context.

Buster Quests

  • Has two types of matches [Free Match] and [Main Match]
  • [Main Match] has a daily limit.
  • [Main] and [Free] have different drops.
  • (You can restore your [Main Match] daily limits by playing [Free Match]")?
  • Playing [Free Match] will apply a boost to your [Main Match]

Buster Quest Grade System

I'm not entirely sure how this section works.

  • You can play this quest without choosing a difficulty.
  • (Has an advance risk like Grade System)?
  • (Enemy Stats adjust based on Grade)?
  • (Earn Buster Points to increase the Grade)?
  • Free Match lets you play with people your grade and lower.

Buster Quest Setup

  • Select from a set of 4 defense armaments.
    • Available from Grade 2 (or higher)

Buster Quest: Defense Phase

  • The phase behaves like a typical MBD.
  • You must protect the [Buster Tower].
    • (We'll call it this for now because of the kanji similarities to Buster Pile)
  • Collect Mana (Crystals) to help restore stamina for the Buster Tower.
  • (Another person mentioned you use Mana to strengthen defense armaments?)

Buster Quest: Buster Phase

  • Enduring the Defense Phase makes you switch over to the Buster Phase.
  • Use mana to make the [Buster Pile] destroy enemy walls (barriers).
  • You'll also need to protect the Buster Pile.
  • Some have mentioned that you can summon multiple Buster Piles based on the mana value.

Buster Quest: Attack Phase

  • If you succeed, you'll switch over to the Attack Phase
  • The goal is to destroy the Demonic Castle core

Buster Quest: Defense Phase (2)

  • This phase makes the Demonic Castle enraged.

Buster Quest: Attack Phase (2)

  • You'll have to fight demons left and right
  • Here you'll do the final battle with the Demonic Castle

There's some inconsistencies with the way these phases were described among people. I tried to summarize it as best as I could, but things may not work out exactly as it's stated here.




June 10th Information


Post Livestream Update

  • Added PSO2es Info
  • Added Merchandise
  • Added Videos
  • Changed Guard Stance to Guard Stance Advance


Secret Phrase

  • Speak the phrase 五周年おめでとう in chat to receive:
    • PS Festa 2017 Sticker
    • 2017 FUN
  • You have until June 21st to complete this task.


Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Deus Esca EQ Boost And Dance Session
  • June 10th @ 22:00 ~ (Dance Festival Comes First)
  • Enemy Attack: + 100%
  • Player PP Recovery Speed: + 100%
  • +200% EXP Boost and Rare Drop Boost


PSO2 x Atelier Collaboration

  • Sophie, Plachta, Escha, and Logy's costumes and accessories will be arriving in PSO2.


Early July Update

  • Tanabata Lobby & Bingo (~7/26)
  • New Bingo Rewards
  • Updated the Exchange Shop Item Listing


Early July Update

  • Part 5 of the ARKS Battle Chronicle Event (~8/9)
  • Special Infiltration: Episode 1 ~ 4 features enemies and fields from all episodes.
  • Quest Drop: *Vilants Actor and ★12 unit Rear/Weila Board


Early July Update

  • Tropical Summer Ocean (AC Scratch)
  • Pirate themed layered wear.
  • Swimsuit Basewear.
  • Resort themed Room.
  • Scratch Bonus: Full Face Helmet & Sub Arms


Early July Update

  • Pre-Scheduled EQ: Magisterial Onslaught.
  • Las Vegas enemies will appear in the first half of the quest.
  • Can you endure the array of even more violent attacks?


Early July Update

  • Phantom Battleship Collection (~11/29)
    • Contains D—A.I.S and Phantom weapons.
  • Magisterial Collection (~11/29)
    • Contains Seiga and Quotz weapons.
  • Upgrade your earth weapons (Seiga, etc) with [Ether Fuses]
    • Ability Factor: [Stat VI]
  • New 14 star weapons
    • Dual Blades
    • Twin Machine Guns
    • Sword


July 19th Update

  • Yamato Rematch Quest: Quintessence of Steel
  • Available to players who've cleared Magisterial Onslaught.
  • A 4 player quest that requires a main and sub class of level 80.


HEROES: Episode 5

  • Episode 5 launches July 26th!
  • New Class: HERO
  • New Heroine: Harriet


Episode 5: World

  • The stage is set in a parallel world engulfed in conflict.
  • Parallel World: Omega
  • [Ephimera], the non-fruit bearing flower, serves as the source of the wars.
  • (("Non-Fruit bearing Flower" is the name [Perennial Apocalypse] uses in its title.))
  • Battle the [Demons] summoned by Ephimera!



Episode 5: Buster Quests

  • Buster Quests are Episode 5's main quests
  • This will be PSO2's first 8 person Multi-party quest.
  • Defeat the demons and protect the base while busting through the castle walls.
  • The key to this quest is collecting "Mana" and using the "Buster Pile"


Episode 5: New Class

  • New Class: Hero
  • PSO2's First Advanced Class
  • Heroes are an expert class that can master Striking, Range, and Tech.
  • Experience action which transcends the classes released so far.


Episode 5: Characters

Characters both new and old will appear in Episode 5

  • Xiao (CV: Megumi Ogata)
    • The administrator who's awakened from his thorough calculations.
  • Alma (CV: Mamiko Noto)
    • A woman with many mysteries who appeared from the past.
  • Stratos (CV: Ayane Sakura)
    • A woman who longs for a hero.
  • Xiera (CV: Juri Kimura)
    • The fairy who guides the guardian.
  • Harriet (CV: Megumi Han)
    • Princess from the land of Quent.
  • Valna (CV: Natsuki Hanae)
    • An adjutant who yearns for a princess.
  • ———-
    • And why is HE here?


Episode 5: Other Features

  • All Class Balance Adjustments
  • Material Storage
  • Multi-block Matching
  • 3 More My Set slots
  • Finer Adjustments for Accessories.
  • Duplicate Accessories
  • and More..


Hero Class Unlocking

  • Hero is Main Class only. You can not set a subclass.
  • You need to earn 3 Titles for the following:
    • 1 Striking Class at Level 75
      • Valid Striking: Hu / Fi / Bo
    • 1 Ranged Class at Level 75
      • Valid Ranged: Ra / Gu / Br
    • 1 Tech  Class at Level 75
      • Valid Tech: Fo / Te / Su
  • Head to Koffie and clear the CO with the earned Titles.


Hero Battle System

  • Hero uses Sword, Twin Machine Guns, and Talis
  • The main feature is its [Weapon Switchable PAs]!
  • This allows you to do multi weapon-type combos.


Hero: Sword

  • Weapon Action: Spirit Bullet
    • Perform a rapid-fire attack or charge it up for powerful blasts.
  • Swords have derivative PAs. Its behavior will change based on the length the button is held.


Hero: Twin Machine Guns

  • Weapon Action: Reload
    • This allows you to recover PP.
  • Heroes will consume PP when doing basic attacks with TMGs!
    Here they'll perform a stronger rapid-fire attack.


Hero: Talis

  • Weapon Action: Swift Movement. (Let's call it "Warp")
    • The player fires off a "marker."
      The player instantly warps to the marker's location.
  • Heroes can use PAs with Talises.


Balance Adjustments

Balance Adjustment List



PSO2es  Season 2

PSO2es Update

  • Story Quest: Season2 (June 28th)
  • The Darker Busters begin a new adventure!

New Characters

  • Duna (CV: Misaki Kuno)
    • A mysterious trans enemy.
  • Hade (CV: Hiroki Yasumoto)
    • A new adversary who hates the ARKS
  • Anatis (CV: Kaori Nazuka)
    • A mysterious being who sings alone in deep darkness.


PSO2es Update

  • The story will introduce Weaponoids from the enemy's side.
  • New Feature: Re-read story text.
  • Clear Story Quest Ch1 for Gene's new chip.


PSO2es Update

  • Level Cap Expanded to Lv. 75
  • You can change your weapons, chips, and units at the same time.
  • When you select [Recommended Chips] while grinding,  the selection will give Rappy Chips priority.
  • Intended for beginners, [Recommended Equipment] selects things according to the element.


PSO2es Weaponoid Chips

  • Gravilios
  • SSPN Launcher
  • Trident Crusher
  • Craft Plosion
  • Pao Jade


PSO2es Chip Update

  • Collect [Magic Cards] in July's Special Quest to get Rira.
  • Quina will be in Mid-July's Bonus Scratch
  • Eri will be a PSO2es login reward


PSO2es Update

  • Crys Draal: EQ Ranking Event
  • XH = 13 star weapons and Ardillo chip
  • SH = Evil Curst Chip


PSO2es Special

  • Inside Dengeki G's Comic (August Issue) which goes on sale June 30th, you'll receive the Tasty lobby action. This LA has reaction support and automatically plays Bluesy Requiem's voice clip. [Weapono! SP Mat A] is also included.


Special Event

PSO2 Days

  • PSO2 Days are special events that occur every month.
  • Wonderful Login Bonus
    • 22 Star Gem Ticket (x2)
    • Presents such as Bonus Keys
  • 1 Day Limited Bargain Boost
    • Login Stamp +1
    • Earned FUN x2
    • EXP +100%
    • Rare Drop Rate +100%
    • Gathering Fever Rate +100%
  • The first PSO2 Day will be July 2nd!


PSO2 Merchandise

Plastic Model A.I.S

  • Product: 1/72 Scale A.I.S White Ver (Limited Edition)
  • Price: 5,940 Yen
  • Item Code
    • Evo Device / A.I.S
    • Plamo Package Mat 1

PSO2 Carrying Case (Luggage)

  • 30,000 Yen each


PIZZA-La Collaboration

  • Attendees of the 8/12 Phantasy Star Festa can receive a Pizza-La Lobby action! PIZZA-LA's lobby action unfortunately has trade restrictions imposed.

Sega Lucky Kuji Prizes

  • Sega Lucky Kuji is like a real-life AC Scratch.
  • The event begins August 4th in participating Seven Elevens.


Sega Lucky Kuji Prizes

  • Prizes contain Item Codes for:
    • PSO2 Event Cool (Music)
    • PSO2 Event Hitsugi (Music)
    • Empe T-Shirt M[Ba]
    • Empe T-Shirt F[Ba]
    • Hitsugi Pose (Lobby Action)
    • Hitsugi Voice Ticket
    • Empe Rappy Chain
  • Event begins August 4th


PSO2 the Animation Character Song CD Vol. 2

  • General Sale Date: June 28th
  • Price: 2,800 Yen
  • Item Codes
    • VO Performance 3 (LA)
    • CD Package Mat 8 (Room Item)


PSO2 Original Soundtrack Vol. 5

  • General Sales: June 28th
  • Price: 5000 Yen
  • Contains: Tokyo, Yamato, Arks Training, Ult Amd, and more…
  • Item Code Music Disc
    • Tokyo Day & Tokyo Night
    • Yamato [First Half]
    • Battle Arena & Battle Arena Lobby
    • Ultimate Amdusica
    • Event [Adam 1] & Event [Phaleg 1]
    • Event [Phaleg 2] & Phaleg Battle
    • DJ Booth


PSO2 Original Soundtrack Vol. 6

  • Pre-Sales: August 12th
  • General Sales: August 23rd
  • Price: 5000 Yen
  • Contains: Las Vegas, Mother (Moon), Deus Esca, Event Music, The End of Light
  • Item Code Music Disc
    • Las Vegas [Night]
    • Las Vegas [Day]
    • Moon, Abandoned Facility
    • Mother [Waiting Area]
    • Mother [First Half Battle]
    • Earth Guide Underground Headquarters
    • Earth – Yggdrasil Tree [Waiting Area]
    • Earth – Yggdrasil Tree
    • PSO2 Event – Adam 2
    • True Phaleg Battle
    • DJ Booth



150 thoughts to “PSO2 Station #9 Recap”

    1. They are hybrid to all basic class able to use sword , twin-machinegun and talis

    2. You can use it to attack an enemy distance away and it isn't a technic so i don't see any reason it can't be called a ranged weapon. And yes i know that it deals tech damage/element. Wouldn't that make it more of a ranged/tech hybrid? A ranged weapon that deal tech damage that is.

      Me too would love to get something like new class with magic gun but it's time to give up guys. The new class is already a melee/ranged/tech hybrid which is the peak of the hybrid line.

    1. Well, isekai's "hero" usually written with the kanji that literally means Brave…but we already have Braver class lol

    2. im surprised by SEGA finally they understand what 'tryhard' need to be Hero in normal expert block, i hope this class only for Non expert block coz expert block they dont like be a hero, what they want is be a god play as god mode.

  1. -Volg: Power Nerf and PP decreased.
    Yo fkin KMR don't you dare touching that. Is there even a need to nerf the power? I mean Sword is already better for boss that move a lot and WL will get it's buff later on.

    1. Don't get this shit either, with nerfed BA BBow will be much weaker and it's mandatory PA for BrRa (which is only really good against bosses or large mobs) with it nerfed the already not popular class will be even less useful/popular, and Volg was weaker than BA and now this.
      Ep2 overbuffed shit caused PTSD so the KMR now overnerfs shit…

    2. i agree with you.
      weak bullet nerf… only real buff for bow (br/ra) is weak hit advance

    1. not a problem for those who dont use CT at all. im doing great with my GU/HU full showtime build

    2. at least when they try to nerf gu they also nerf fo this time
      because all this time, ranged nerfed, tech always buffed

      it's a price to be paid for complainers anyway

      and fo-te tree buff… goodbye multitree?

    3. You do realize they gave in over all buff to CT, right? Far less cool down so you can use it more over all, all while also nerfing gu sub that has plagued the game's balance pretty much every time a new class/fancy gimmick PA was added.

    4. and maron final stage damage is not nerfed by power, just the hits needed to get to final stage.

      which means they just burn all gu sub combination while trying to keep individuals untouched/buffed.

      and it's ragrants-compound spammers being forced to change playstyle now. finally after 3 episodes of tech buff – ranged nerf.

    1. Yeah just watched the vids.
      – Power nerfed
      – PP cost nerfed (increased)
      – Charge Speed buffed (reduced)
      I just hope this change won't force volg to be used at full charge in order to deal a good damage.

  2. I don't understand sega, I seriously think they must Hate Rangers with a passion, they just keep nerfing and nerfing and nerfing us too oblivion when our class can Barely keep up with anyone other class in this game as it is and now they even dont want us as a support class in mpas since they gonna keep fucking WB in the ass with all these nerfs.

    1. Sweety, the problem is not nor ever has been Rangers, it's a 255% damage bonus for 12 people simultaneously, which has rendered most content in the game trivial.

      It still counts as a weak point and benefits rangers' weak point bonuses.

    2. The problem is ranger solo potential also got nerfed with this. Sure they added extra bullet at max level but really any decent Ra probably won't run out of WB even now.

    3. Nah, Ra is fine, actually got buffed, they got usable lawnchair and with wb jamming on all the content that mattered 120% wb isn't a nerf. ALL the other shit is soloable and diffuse shell buff is nice for solo mobbing, while sneak shooter and piercing shell is a buff to BnB combo. Also maybe now grenade shell and impact slider will be useful.

    4. I'm not saying that Ra will be crippled after the WB nerf. Depending on wich PA get the buff and how big the buff is, it's possible that Ra dps will be taking a dip. It might won't matter much at MPA, but for quest like solo PD or Deus rematch where dps actually matter it can be a problem.

    5. Man, jammed wb is 120%, solo PD, desu rematch, all jammed, nothing changes. Mag gets reduced hp to offset weaker wb and old bosses are unchanged which will make them less of punchbags, the only real downside is that it'll take more time to farm falz arms and doritos, especially spicy ones.

    6. Damn keep forgetting about WB jam lol. Well let see it later when it get implemented then. *shrug

    7. ATM Weak Bullet increases damage to 255% unless it's used against enemies with WB jamming (and that's all the new bosses), which makes WB pink instead of red and increases damage to 120% instead of 255%.
      They are also doing the same to Te so that Zanverse only deals 20% extra damage and is not scaled to more than 80% against weak-to-wind enemies with the right setup.

  3. So since the Hero level requirements are title based so that mean you can split the level 75 classes between characters instead of having one character with three classes at level 75?

    1. So…. was there a point to making more than one character – if i wanted one character to max completely different jobs to play Hero i could have been done by now. BUT with how accessories and basewear work i just made three characters one for Melee one for guns and one for magic. Now to make any of those 3 i have to do all that work all over again ?

    2. The only -practical- purpose of having alts in PSO2 at this point is to run multiple sessions of weeklies/dailies for extra meseta.

    3. "The only -practical- purpose of having alts in PSO2 at this point is to run multiple sessions of weeklies/dailies for extra meseta."

      -Wrong and boring. Should I just kill myself from boredom running weeklies/dailies on multiple characters? That would just make the game suck on so many levels.

      Nah bro, meseta comes from selling high end fod. Fuck dailies/weeklies. That's newbie status. Multiple characters on multiple ships for multiple raid boss runs. That's how alt's are optimized, not by boredom grinding for meseta. Weekly/daily quests are chump change.

    4. And having to spend real money to do what you say is clearly the right answer.

      Oh, look at money bags here, spending their real cash to get yellow triangles through loophole abusing nonsense because they can't just stick with a single ship. Oh no, you're suggesting that we should do the same thing.

      Well fuck off. Not all of us want to slam money down to both make characters on multiple ships, pay for transfers, try to edge out the best runs possible to get the mos runs because I want to try and get money in a video game.

      Nor do we all have a desire to watch prices lie a hawk over and over.

    5. Gambling and killing the same ONE enemy multiple times/day with logging in and out(to maximize efficience) and paying real money for it must be be best thing ever.

      Do you go to the casino every day IRL?

  4. "Hero is Main Class only. You can not set a subclass."
    It can't be used as a sub, okay, but the 2nd part, does it mean that it can't have sub either?

    1. I would also like to add its base stats are very low, and its cap is (30) when the switch happens. They also try to hide the level in the preview. I think Hero will have low stats in general but extremely high multipliers making gear extremely important for this class unlike the others that pack some inner stats potential.

    2. As for curiosity I wanna know what scales which attacks and if they are scaled by respective stats. The PA switchers should also switch mag and units alongside.

    3. In the trailer of Hero killing bosses we can see it's level 75. Makes me wonder if it'll have its own separate level cap co. That or their dummy char was bugged in regards to koffie co.

    4. remember when people thought that 76~80 wouldn't give skillpoints because of some idiot's comment around here? yeah. let's not be believing every random stupid thing that shows up in the comments, savvy? I've already seen the stupidity reposted onto youtube, so the dumbwave has already gotten going, but it's better to not get swept up in it.

    5. I don't know whats more amusing at this rate, people taking my Theorycrafting way too seriously. Or the jokers that act like they know everything just to feed their own ego?

    6. From the video, and checking other stats. A level 1 Hero had more SATK than a Hunter.

    7. I wouldn't trust it. May get rebalanced as an afterthought. Remember when Sakura Endo T-0 was going to cost 8 pp based on PSO2 Station 5?

    8. In the previews, the sub palette of Hero has Warcry icon. Unless Heroes get Warcry, it's likely you have to unlock subclasses for Hero.

    9. Actually that icon more looks like War Brave, a main-only skill present on Hunters.

    1. Yes, because this is now the height and the worst out of everything they've done. This.

      The thing that actually seems to have more people excited than the entirety of ep 4.

    2. Good point. I guess i'll be staying here. There's a lot of better games when i want to play a full blown sci-fi games. But a bag full of mixed 'wtf dude get a grip on your theme already' games? I think i'm gonna enjoy this more lol.
      Honestly this kinda reminds me to Star Ocean 2-3 games (haven't tried 1, 4 and 5 yet) where you bring your OP hi-tech weaponry to a classic fantasy/medieval underdeveloped planet.

    3. Phantasy Star was never Sci-Fi. At best, it was cyberpunk. At worse, PSIII happened. Somewhere in the middle of the techiness, PSIV (The greatest RPG ever made.) and Phantasy Star Zero. The series is and has always been a space fantasy.

    4. Fair enough. I always have trouble diffferentiating between sci-fi and cyberpunk tho.

    5. I don't think there's a clear distinct difference between sci-fi and cyberpunk. I think they actually are very close.

      Sci-Fi is when there is advanced technology.

      Cyberpunk is when there is advanced technology for some stuff, but for some reason everyday life has "devolved" back to the 1800s (when steam machines starting becoming widespread). For example living in huts but having robots bake your coffee and doing your laundry. Dystopian themes are mostly cyberpunk.

  5. >skillpoint relief to the skills every tector needs to get
    >so they can have more points to spend on….what?
    oh. right. sega thinks every TE is a TEFO. neverminding that if you're looking to use techs to attack you should be FO main anyway thanks to lolmainclass shit.
    sega as usual failing to understand their own game.

    1. You need 53 points just to max Shifta and Deband, meaning you have 41 leftover for everything else. Even if you are not technique-oriented, surely you can find places to spend them. A skill doesn't always need to be "increases your damage in every single case by X" to be useful.

    2. Uhh what? I play a TeHu and i can't even take all the skills that i want without compromising some of them.

    3. @Hikomr – welcome to the PSO2 community, where people act like professionals on classes they've never even touched!

    4. See this is a typical example of ppl who don't understand why players go te/fo. You shouldnt be comparing a te/fo to a fo/te; it's already evident that a te/fo isnt a fo/te. You SHOULD be comparing a te/fo to the other techer class combos and ID the advantages and disadvantages. Most techers are melee techers but that doesn't mean you cannot be an effective techer/force. Try being a te/fo before talking. Its either support w. techs and fight w. techs. OR support w. techs and fight by wand whacking.

    5. Why people go TeFo? Easy! To leech exp for FoTe sub! They never have advanced buffs and even if you meet one with buffs you wonder why is it using such a shitty sub that doesn't add anything to zanverse, tho that will change with zanverse becoming fixed%.

    6. @ kyaa~st – That's not the only reason players go te/fo. Some players don't like wand whacking as a techer or using wands at all. With thinking like that you might as well deny techer access to talises and compound techs. Fighting w. techs has obvious advantages over wand whacking. You comparing a te/fo to fo/te isn't really proving anything … You don't need wands to perform as a techer; you really don't …

    7. Thinking like that? What thinking? That Fo sub has nothing to do with buffing zanverse that is expected from Te along with buffs? That Fo main does 30% more damage due to element conversion? Or that any good Te uses talis?
      Really, it doesn't matter anymore, just wait for Hero to save you, zanverse won't be affected by skills/potentials anymore thus Te won't be required to have zanverse-boosting sub while having more points to spend on boosting elements.

    8. @ kyaa~st – You're completely missing what im saying. This isn't a te/fo vs. fo/te issue. It's a te/fo vs te/fi, hu, and br issue. Idk what you're trying to point out by stating that elem conversion grants +30%/15% dmg bonus to all techs.

      Yes a FO/te outdamages a TE/fo w. techniques but that DOES NOT mean a main techer should not use techniques as a primary source of damage. Zanverse is pretty damn great as just a TE/fo sub. A Te/fo, hu, or br would need zanverse more than a TE/fo, which makes it fair for those class combos to get more dmg out of zanverse.

      P.S. It matters NOW, it wont matter LATER.

    9. You see when people see Te they expect advanced buffs and strong zanverse. Te can use techs as source of damage but primary source of damage is zanverse and TeFo zanverse simply isn't good enough.

      Some math: universal and easy to use TeSu is 41.8% zanverse against anyone while TeFo is 28.8% with Wind Up skills but without specialized weapon and 34.6% with, now TeFo will not use wind damage only weapon as if it was the case then the enemy is weak to wind difference with TeBo would be so great comparing them would be a joke. So, 41.8%-28.8%= 13%, let's say you cover 50% of MPA damage (which is lower than avg because burst phases), thus the MPA does 6.5% less damage, while 1/12 of 100% is 8.(3)%, thus you lose almost 1 person worth of damage by going TeFo and that's not damage you can compensate by simply using techs. And as there's no one better at zanversing than Te and there's no need to have 2nd Te, you're The person responsible for zanverse.

      LQ might be the only place where TeFo makes sense, other than that it's just a class combo you can play for fun but not more.

    10. Te/Br exists you know, and is better than force subs at using techs. I wonder how many years it'll take for people to get this.

    11. In response to SpaceX not "Idiots"
      Te/Fo is literally just a force getting EXP for their Fo/Te believe it or not, White mage isn't a vaible build for damage via techs, nor is it anymore "Fun" to use than Fo/Te since your using the same damn techs you would as Fo/Te with less powerful rod options, no elemental conversion, and even less t-atk possible than Fo/Te.

      If your gonna play techer to cast techs and basically ignore wand smacking, you might as well literally play Fo/Te and gain access to the same damn playstyle with increased damage.

    12. Is element conversion really the only reason fo/te wins for you? Because a 20% shifta for the entire 12 man group seems like a better deal than 30% buff for a single individual.

    13. The discussion is about singleplayer Fo/Te vs Te/Fo caster.

      Te/Fo caster in singleplayer is performing worse than Fo/Te. But that doesn't mean that players shouldn't be allowed to have fun with it.

  6. How is it that we called the fantasy thing SO HARD, BASED ONLY ON THE NAMES OF THE AI FILES. Fuckin' weird. I'm hype though.

    I also refuse to believe that that is Alternate Universe Luther. It's just Luther. It's gotta be.

    1. >Rushed content because FF14 Stormblood is coming out
      >Reskinned enemies with generic designs
      >Class to revive Gunslash and Gunners which are so bad in the meta.
      Meh, I'll just stay in FF14 I guess…


      Luther honestly will be the same one, and be like hey guys I'm going to be friends with you this time. Just for the end turn falz and be like "It was me all along! I just used you fools!"

    2. Really, that's all you gotta do to make people wanna play PSO2; whip Luther out. It's gotta be the same Luther that we beat.


    3. You're free to believe what you want to believe but i don't see any Gunslash in the ep5/Hero promotion video.

      And yes Luther will probably dominate the 1st seat at next year male char popularity ranking lol.

    4. Oh lol. GS is always equipable to all class so it never crossed my mind that Hero might not be able to equip it. Well what i mean it isn't highlighted at all on the video.

    1. Since when did PSO2 ever collaborate with any western game that wasn't a Japanese founded/originated game. how many times does one have to clarify this… or are people that ignorant, pso2 is not a western game and it does not need to market itself using western themed game collaborations and will not be looking to pay for royalties for such collaborations due to difference of it's market and it's user base, nor will they go to such lengths since they could do better collaborations with Japanese based games which are easier to collaborate with "BECAUSE THEY ARE BASED IN JAPAN" , example Square Enix has its HQ in Tokyo. I think this blog requires a guide/info on the collab's pso2 has had over the years including a little intro of what pso2 is and why it won't be collaborating with westernized games that don't have an HQ based in japan. when people talk ignorant sh!.t in a situation where they could logically/practically figure out that what they say is not possible, it makes me want to cuss at em for being such imbeciles..

    2. Exactly! I am autistic and I'd know better, what is this guy's excuse? I mean, I even put a "sticking tounge out" smiley for crying out loud! Should I have gone with a winky face instead or something?

      Also, PSO2/Zelda collab when? ;P

    3. The funny thing about a PSO2/Zelda collab, considering Smash Brothers there is a very minute slim chance (but it would be in hell) that it could happen. lol.

    4. Phantasy Star probably has a better chance of being represented in the X Zone series TBH but the odds of that are still pretty slim. I'd like to see Kite and Haseo interact with PSO characters though as PSO was one of the handful of MMOs that inspired .Hack

  7. Are the SV undergoing maintenance right now ? I can't enter PSO2 and it informs that SV is undergoing maintenance. But I don't see any information about it in Bumped. Thx.

    1. Yup, from what I could tell, some server equipment broke, so maintenance until they can fix it, the EQs that would have been tonight will be rescheduled, and they're might be some kind of apology-gift.

  8. Single ship players are just basic. Fisher-price "my first ship."

    Multiple ships advantages:
    1.) Access to 30 shop slots per character, per ship. If you're good at affixing, that means MEGA meseta, 100 mils easy.
    2.) Increased rare drops/cubes (DUH). Right now that means easy Qliphad/Fuses.
    3.) Better prices on AC items.
    4.) Additional collection files per ship (so, fuck CF CD).
    5.) Access to a much broader player base.

    Players don't have to ship transfer to maintain multiple characters. And if one had to, $7 is hardly anything to give much thought over. I know people who easily spend leaps and bounds more on AC scratch and in-game services vs. ship transfer.

  9. Hero caps at level 30 but we also see a hero performing photon arts at level 75.also I guess the gunslash is going to be the only weapon that
    We can use as normal and not having a different behavior like the hero weapon tmg/sword/tali's.
    It seems like hero can also double jump and hovers in the air while dealing damage.also the damage seems weak.but the combos look cool.another thing I'm worried about is do we have to have the 3 classes fully completed with perfect trainers client orders requirements.

  10. My comments:

    AT LEAST there are no pets involved. Sue me, i hate summoner and those pets. Not denying summoner's power and potential, as a class is always adjusted to compete with the rest.

    Finally a class that uses EXISTING weapons in an extraordinary way. So much interesting content; so many questions. Can the HERO class fight w. techniques like a force? What will be the best subclasses? I definitely don't see bouncer and braver being effective, but who knows. When do we get those cool looking clothes in the trailers?

    Weak bullet is being severely nerfed? That's not a bad thing. Ranger's weak bullet is like Gunner's s-roll when it granted a 200% dmg bonus. Having 1 skill a class depends so heavily on is dangerous (yes i say that even if rangers and ranged bravers dont use wb on mobs) Idk how a braver ranger will compensate tho …

    They're buffing standard techs? (For the love of ME, please reduce sabarta's charge time to 1.2s or less. 1.5s TOO LONG. And make gimegid easier to work with. I dont see a reason why it should be ridiculously tedious to use, despite its dps, pp efficiency, and .8s charge time.

    Another thing, careful how you use the word "hybrid". The way i see it, a hybrid class is one in which you use 2 weps of different attack stats (and have a refined purpose of using 1 over the other), not if it uses more than 1 attack stat or uses different weps that depend on diff attack stats. Braver could potentially be played as a hybrid class, but most common player builds and play-styles don't depict that.

    Anyway, things like this excite more than anything else.

    1. Hero can't sub because it's a multi-type class. It's like an advanced Protranser except it doesn't suck and doesn't revolve around traps.

      It also happens to have an ability where you can switch between different weapons' attacks or something mid-combo or something like that, so I'd definitely say beyond a shadow of a doubt that it's a hybrid-oriented class. With other classes, I'm pretty sure most people only use one type of weapon to begin with. Like rifles for rangers and GU/RAs and bullet bows for bravers.

      Not sure what every other class typically uses though and I'm sure twin machine guns might still get underutilized if there aren't any good hero class skills to make them viable.

  11. My biggest question and concern with Hero is whether or not it will need to utilize triple attack affixes on units or if it has something like Switch Strike like summoner/bouncer. This is especially annoying because of the massive meseta investment for units and also the fact that affix boost week is like to be from 7/19-7/26, the week BEFORE Hero is released.

    Does anyone have any insight on whether to focus on one attack stat on units or to go for triple attack affixes?

    1. It doesn't look like you absolutely need to use all three weapons in order, and you don't rely on sub stances either, so I don't see how having strike or range only affixed units would ruin things.

      And if that could actually become a problem, new enemies will probably bring in hybrid souls or whatever else, to accommodate heros (and whatever other advanced classes to come) preferences.

  12. Does anybody know if paypal works with buying AC at PSO2es?

    Its grief to buy ac directly with card now as it refuses to let me buy 1000 or 500 saying 'Can't complete transaction.' which is basically a huge f### you in the face and adding 100 at a time is annoying aswell since it randomly says the same thing (im stuck with 1200AC now and only want to buy 30d premium..)

    1. You can also use funds from your google wallet, so google play gift cards work fine.

  13. Zanverse

    Will no longer take the effects of skills and potentials.


    1. How do you even get off a zanverse against enemies who keep moving around? I kept trying it and I just kept getting infuriated.

    2. "You either just keep casting it" it does way less damage if you don't charge it first…

      "or use a Zondeel then cast it."

      Oh right, good point.

    3. it's the attacker that needs to be in zanverse area

      think of anyone who is in the aoe got their weapon imbued with wind power, just that

  14. @ everyone who replied to Swift_Scythe –
    You're all wrong; the reasons for making an alt character is so:
    you don't get bored of looking at 1 character all the time, you don't go insane for focusing on so many classes, skill trees, attack stats, and class combos on that 1 character, you exploit the slight differences in stats between races and genders, AND you try the game through the eyes of different races or genders.

    Well, those are MY reasons anyway. Xp

    1. @SpaceX: well, think of it this way… While it's grindy, the second character also has these benefits: Free mag to focus on a single stat with
      Technically free skill trees if you take the time to level
      Extra Dailies are one thing, but they're also extra gathering and team orders
      Bingo abuse
      Races like Dewman have dynamic physical traits.
      Not switching between designs constantly that require free salon passes.
      Layouts and storage that's restricted without AC becomes less of a problem.

      And that's not including multi-shipping factors.

  15. Does one Character need to be level 75 in one of the three types of jobs? Like can i have three characters One specializing in Hunter Fighter, a seond is a Braver Bow Ranger and a third is a Force Techer.

    Can i talk to Koffie and get Hero to be unlocked on all three characters or do i need to make the Hunter Fighter leaern a gun job to 75 and a technique job to 75 and the other two cannot become heroes unless i fill in their missing jobs?

    1. It seems to be title based so yes you could have one character of each inclination rather than all three on one character.

  16. The hell are the gunslash buffs? Is Hero just gonna over shadow it and they're gonna pretend GS never existed?

    1. It is always the same process.

      Do a story mission that now has a branching path or Find and speak to Xion.

      It is never, to my recollection, any different than that.

  17. everything about buster quests says "I'm going to hate this". are they seriously intending to do a year of stupid gimmick raid as the only thing…? and then people snort at the other guy from ep4. overgimmicked as it was, at least there was some semi-normal gameplay.

    the game needs suganuma back.

    1. hoop jumping and spending 3/4 of a quest time on flying from one spawn to another.
      …yeah, two years of seminormal gameplay that barely involves pso2 main action.

      There isn't much for a solution. Ult is dead on arrival, and free fields are out of rotation since mid-ep3 (3 years ago dude), up to a point you have to even ditch event emergencies and spark a 2 month cycle of CF bound raids to at least keep SOME inertia in the game.
      The game needs an obituary, not Suganuma

    2. All for PSO3 at this point, personally. The development team needs a new ground work given how the current game is built so poorly it makes it harder to update everytime. A fresh start would help patch up an insane amount of issues and promising old players they get their old fashion when it gets re-released on the sequel would help…

      But moving on to a new game would still be hard to convince people to do. Not all of them but when you spend as much as some on the game and have 7 affixes on your units etc, you wanna keep it relevant.

      Just make sure KMR has restraining orders to not be in the same country as where the development is taking place this time, ok?

  18. Agreed, KMR has ran the game to the ground and needs to be sent to bangladesh to prevent him from hurting another game.

    1. important points:

      PP recovery on attack latents (like astra latent) don't work on TMG. Orbit first latent don't work on reload and they cause strange things to happen. L/Step Jump works with hero step too.

      Ki bullets with sword shows your sword in sheath position, but you are counted as unsheathed state

      Hero's class icon is a sword with sparkles


      – there is no meaning to who comes first in the deus esca eq dash panel race up the tree

      – Hero class badges will be sold in Osaka

      – Nyau shares the voice actress with Katori (kuwashima houko)

    2. You forgot the very important detail that a deuman's horns are in fact not erogenous zones.

    3. They also don't grow back either. Also, we'll be having some costumes for PSZero's 10th anniversary.

    4. Adding 2 more points, maybe not as important but still:
      1) Just in case people start wondering about Hero class skill rings: They won't be available right when EP5 starts, but instead available sometime as the episode progresses.

      2) EP5 will not have new free fields as well. This makes me wonder how are they going to keep the episode going with only Buster Quests…

  19. I dont quite get it….. the skill will get the total attack of S/R/T atk (let's assume 200 cause we all focused on 1 atk) then all of them will have the same atk? 200 S/R/T atk? or they gonna divide and distribute to all 3 Atk types?

    1. sum of your mag attack stats will be counted as bonus towards each attack type. Essentially, It provides 200 to each kind of attack as long as you spent all 200 points in attack.

  20. I want to ask something, and I know it's a little bit out of topic, will episode 5 give us another free character slot?

    1. Apparently even in the video they first showed it people found a date of expiration at the bottom, hinting that it would be a rental storage for AC. Sega never clarified this until around this point I believe.

  21. Got another random question for everyone answer if you can. So, I fully plan to start 2 new characters. One for hero, of course, but the other I keep thinking I should make a character designed around primarily using the gunslash. So my question is what is the best class duo, I tried looking it up seems maybe fighter/hunter? need more input, for gunslash and especially what mag to build for it as well and is it recommended to use a Zenesis or a Gix Gunslash for the class. Any input would be great thanx.

    1. I'm not gunslash user but I'd actually wait for Hero and see its skill before deciding on gunslash and its mag because Hero is based around 3 attack types and might have gunslash-benefitial skills like the mag one which is basically 200 free base atk for less used type (probably r-atk).
      Best class combo is FiHu, yes, keep in mind that you want step advance in Hu tree for i-frames as your main way to defend yourself. Zeinesis is the best, Gix is lose damage on hit so unless you're dodgedemigod it's not worth it (as well as losing it on zone transfer and actually having less atk with than Zeinesis with decent but same affixes)

    2. don't forget even Deus' 5 minute moon phase is a map switch so you lose the gix bonus.

  22. So hero mag skill is like 200 single attack mag + mag skill 200 all attack, sounds good.

    Is learning mag skill can fulfill equip requirement? I'm thinking about put Zelnesis sword, tmg and tails for hero, but it need 755 attack requirement, is learning hero mag skill can equip all of them?

    1. Most people do pure attack build mag 200 on 1 stats, so total is like 1 attack 400 and rest 2 are 200 attack.

      Like pure T-attack mag 200 + skill mag = 400 t-atk and 200 s-atk and r-atk

    2. I'm pretty sure It gives a total attack bonus INSTEAD of individual attack bonus. It doesn't put the total sum as an addition to normal bonus, since the goal is to optimize hybrid attack, not to further dig into singular spec.

    3. The skill will not work like that.

      If you have a 200 T-atk mag it will simply give you 200 all stats on the mag.

      So you won't have 400 T-atk. You'd end up with 200/200/200 still.

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