PSO2 The Animation Characters Itsuki, Aika, SORO, and RINA Join the Game

While Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation may have recently completed its 12-episode run, the cast of characters will live on within the game. Itsuki, SORO, RINA, and Aika will all arrive in-game across two separate updates.


Aika NPC and Story Events

~ April 6th, 2016 ~

Having completed her assignment on Earth, Aika will appear in-game on the Bridge. You can meet her by clearing a new event piece on the Story Board. She'll interact with Hitsugi and speak about the sudden change of color her hair took at the anime's conclusion. Fans of the show won't want to miss this update!


PSO2 Lobby Aika

Aika will inspect players' abilities with new client orders targeting various types of quests. No need to worry if you're not quite ready for her tasks, as she'll be sticking around as a permanent character.

※Aika's partner card will become available in late May.


Itsuki, SORO, and RINA NPCs

~ April 20th, 2016 ~

Itsuki will appear in the lobby for a limited time through June 22nd. As you clear his client orders, he will not only be joined by SORO and RINA, but transform into his awakened mode as well.

Each of them can appear on the field during Emergency Trials. Try and obtain all of their partner cards within the period!


PSO2 EP4 Deluxe Banner

The Deluxe Package items will also become available after April 20th's update, allowing players to dress up as the awakened Itsuki and RINA.

Episode 4 Deluxe Package



23 thoughts to “PSO2 The Animation Characters Itsuki, Aika, SORO, and RINA Join the Game”

  1. "Hey, get off of my Bridge! … Huh? It wasn't just for me "PLAYER" and the Operator? …"

    Anyway, is having "holes" in a yet complete SB normal?

    1. You mean the empty nodes here and there? Personally I assumed those are for "branches" to be added later…

    2. Yup, these. I was thinking the same about it but asked just to be sure I wasn't just skipping something…

    3. It would be nice to see 6pill or Matoi to stop by the bridge randomly. After ep3 it feels like entire cast just left you chilling and moved on so far they had to use radio messages.

    4. …who the Hell is "6pill" seriously…

      Anyway, pretty positive NPCs don't just pop up *randomly*. Would be a massive pain in the ass if you actually needed to see them for some reason, that.
      Wouldn't be surprised if Matoi started hanging out on the Bridge too if and when she gets defrosted though.

    5. Well, the fact all they're doing with Quna's redesign in the same update is reskinning her at the same location she's been for months, Matoi probably won't move to the Bridge Area unless the Episode 4 Mode Gate Area doesn't have Matoi in the first place.

      Hitsugi though may well move up onto the Bridge when the story gets to a certain stage, along with others who are categorically Episode 4 only.
      It helps to think of the Bridge Area as being where content for Episode 4 is isolated from people who aren't playing in that mode.

    6. If you haven't noticed Matoi is conspicuously and justifiably absent from the Ep 4 lobby. (You pick up her friendship gifts from Philia, which is actually a fairly clever solution.)

    7. So, they COULD put a new version of Matoi in sometime in the future. Didn't notice Matoi was missing, but there are some times where load times are so slow, characters fail to appear.

    8. New and new, odds are strong she'll be in her Ep 3 ending getup wherever she now finally turns up. She had that in the anime too AFAIK (still procastrinating around ep 5 of that so going by secondhand info here).

      Admittedly it's by far most likely she'll just get stuck in her old gate-lobby corner, if only because of SEGA's memetic laziness, but in principle there's no reason why she couldn't be on the Bridge as well – it's not like you can be visiting both simultaneously after all…

    9. Not sure yet if she'll be important or not… I believe Ciela (Not sure of how it's "officially translated") says we are "Matoi's Guardian"… And as the Ep4Chpt1's title is "Guardians Awakening", she have her place in both… Maybe.

    10. I was told both you and Matoi were designated as "Guardians", in practice special agents taking orders directly from the very top?

    11. The 043-E is the most interesting about Matoi so far. Looks like we have our answers about where she is…

    12. You don't really need to see some of these people in particular.
      I imagined that optional NPC could just be a part of various idle situations in currently devoid places like bridge. Either chatting to each other or imitating some other activity.
      After all, they did place crafting request people in the cafe somehow.
      In PSU, the crowd was simulated via gray shadows in the distance, which kinda served its purpose well.

    13. Eh, well. The Bridge seems like "kind" of a Restricted Access/Security Clearance Required sort of place; not exactly somewhere any random dweeb comes hang out at. (Also the cafe NPCs aren't exactly random or very dynamic, last I checked, so the comparision seems quite moot.)
      I mean GL getting to a modern civilian ship's bridge already; and *this* is also the de facto command center of a somewhat important (para-)military expedition to boot…

      Could see some of the Council – notably the "chief spook" Casra – eventually sticking around on legit business though.

    14. I was talking about appropriate six pillar character for the bridge, not the random one. Didn't expect "6pill" abbreviation to be that difficult. And there is minimal technical difference in dynamics between character on idle LA and the one on patrol from the wall and back.
      Regardless, they know better what to place there.

    15. @Echidna I would still assume that they require some sort of clearance to enter the bridge. I mean, would YOU trust Claris Claes in what is essentially the heart of all ARKS operations?

      On a somewhat related note, I couldn't help but notice how empty the bridge is for what it is. I'd have imagined a spaceship's bridge requiring a shit ton of people to run, especially one that's this big.

    16. Dude I have no idea who "six pillar characters" are in the first place. Now from the context I'd *guess* that's what the old Council got renamed to, but kindly refrain from randomly abbreviating untranslated new terms and expecting people to know what you mean in the future k?

    17. Its nowhere new, so Its hard to be motivated about correcting anything whatsoever.

      Looks like the bridge is more populated now, and the issue is no more.

  2. so much for any hope that they wouldn't repeat the mistake they made with the Idol Cappricio audiodramas being backreferenced by ingame plot nodes. sigh.

  3. I watching the anime right now.

    I downloaded all the 12 episodes in japanese torrent !!

    Awesome 🙂

    1. why? crunchyroll/Sentai Filmworks picked it up and its available subbed officially.

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