PSO2 The Animation Characters Itsuki, Aika, SORO, and RINA Join the Game

While Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation may have recently completed its 12-episode run, the cast of characters will live on within the game. Itsuki, SORO, RINA, and Aika will all arrive in-game across two separate updates.


Aika NPC and Story Events

~ April 6th, 2016 ~

Having completed her assignment on Earth, Aika will appear in-game on the Bridge. You can meet her by clearing a new event piece on the Story Board. She'll interact with Hitsugi and speak about the sudden change of color her hair took at the anime's conclusion. Fans of the show won't want to miss this update!


PSO2 Lobby Aika

Aika will inspect players' abilities with new client orders targeting various types of quests. No need to worry if you're not quite ready for her tasks, as she'll be sticking around as a permanent character.

※Aika's partner card will become available in late May.


Itsuki, SORO, and RINA NPCs

~ April 20th, 2016 ~

Itsuki will appear in the lobby for a limited time through June 22nd. As you clear his client orders, he will not only be joined by SORO and RINA, but transform into his awakened mode as well.

Each of them can appear on the field during Emergency Trials. Try and obtain all of their partner cards within the period!


PSO2 EP4 Deluxe Banner

The Deluxe Package items will also become available after April 20th's update, allowing players to dress up as the awakened Itsuki and RINA.

Episode 4 Deluxe Package



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