PSO2 Vision Phone

Sakai updated this morning about the promo movie and fan briefing. Additionally, he has collected over 500 characters that were created at the Akihabara PC Game Festa. Some time in the future he will show you the ones he thought were fascinating.


At every corner you'll see a Visiphone Terminal. It allows you to access:

  • Arks Search
  • My Shop


Arks Search is the name of player search function where you can search for the Player ID Name. From these search results you can:

  • Invite a person to a party.
  • Send Mail (Friends Only)
  • Blacklist
  • Friend Request
  • Transfer to their "My Room"


From the My Shop Menu you can:

  • Search for products
  • Search for a shop
  • Search for your friend's shop


You can use various filters to fine-tune your search:

  • Item Name
  • Sub Category
  • Attribute
  • Attribute Value
  • Grind Value
  • # of Abilities
  • Rarity
  • Min/Max amount of Meseta


Also from the My Shop Management Menu, it is possible to display and set a price for items from your inventory or storage box. You can also add your advertisement from here too.

 *This feature is included in the Alpha Test 2. (Because this feature is still under development, the contents may change)


Fan Briefing Observations

The Fan Briefing presentation gave us a lot of new information, but what about the stuff they didn't deliberately talk about in the show? Let's check out some little bits and pieces Shougai observed in the briefing.


This one was hidden in plain sight, this particular feature was brought up in the Alpha Test 1 datamining thread. In the Fan Briefing, they briefly showed the config menu which lists some settings for Guild Invitation "ギルド勧誘". We don't have any details on how exactly it works so I guess you can expect something about that in the distant future.


(Frenzied Rockbear)


(Magnetic Drilling? Kyatadoran)

Shougai noted that there appears to be subspecies of enemies. These enemies will have a prefix before their usual name. Probably they are boost enemies?



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