PSO2: Waiting until the Next Test; Complete Gacha!

Sakai is back for his typical Friday update. This time it's mainly a summary of the media briefing which we have already covered before. In the next test, he will introduce Planet Lillipa. The desert planet full of Darkers and Robots.

In part two of the Media Briefing 2nd, they did a talk show and showed some secret footage. He wanted to announce the dates of the Open Beta Test but couldn't due to the problems that occurred. After some internal testing they will decide upon a date and announce the schedule to you guys sometime around the end of May.


Now over here in the shoutboard and on other sites you may have heard about changes Japanese social games must make to their complete Gacha. A gacha is basically a game where you win random prizes like those toy/candy vending machines outside of stores. Some companies offer a complete gacha that lets you win an extra prize if you win all the major prizes. (Read here for an illustration.) In PSO2's case, if you collected all 8 outfits on the Gacha sheet, you would have won the Rappy Suit costume.

As a result of this law, the gift you would have received by completing the AC Scratch will have to be removed. This news doesn't affect the next test's schedule. Even though the problems that occurred in the CBT resulted in some internal scheduling changes, the official release date has not changed and is still on for Early Summer 2012. The game will continue to be free to play, and you will still be able to download it for free.

He thanks you for completing the survey, he received more than 37,000 entries. Around mid-May he plans to release the Closed Beta Test Report with data collected from the game and survey.


Character Contest

After more than 18000 votes sent in, taking up 1/3 of the votes, "mw" has won the Character Creation contest. She will appear as a character within the game.

Kumanotabi won the producer prize. This character will be 3D printed.

Josan Waver won the Arks Prize. The winner of this prize will receive artwork of their very own character, in fact Mizuno liked this oyaji character.

Those that won the Rappy Prize will receive the Racaseal figure. If you didn't win don't fret, Sakai is thinking about future contests where everyone can participate. A symbol art contest, weapon/costume design contest, and illustration contest are some of the things he's thinking about. If you have any ideas for a future contest, be sure to comment on his blog.



It's been quite a long time but today we can show the next porori image.

When you played the CBT, you met many story characters in the world of PSO2. In fact, out of these story characters, two of them were original models: Xion and Matoi.

Everyone else that you saw could be created in character creation.* Thus unfortunately, they do not have concept designs. However, you may recall that they each wore unique outfits. So today we'll introduce the costume concept artwork that the highly popular character "Lisa" wore.


As previously stated, though Lisa wore this outfit, this isn't her character concept. (Lisa may look very similar but she had the CRAZY EYES!) However, in the official game, you'll be able to wear this outfit just like Lisa.

 *EDIT Note: Due to some confusion about this I'll make this clear for new readers. As it was previously mentioned a while back, all the default costumes in character creator were available for free. The rest of the NPC costumes costs Arks Cash. The point was to say that you can create a character who looks just like Afin, or Xeno, in the character creator, but their costumes would cost AC. In fact if you watched the media briefing you would see that Xeno's and Echo's costumes are in the AC Scratch.


Attribute Grinding Values

Previously in Alpha Test 2, we talked a bit about the observations on Attribute grinding. Though the Closed Beta Test added some changes to the menu, it still worked essentially the same.

You have your base weapon, and by feeding it weapons of the same name you will increase the % by a certain amount.

  • Attribute + Same Attribute (1-29%) = +2%
  • Attribute + Same Attribute (30-50%) = +3%
  • Attribute + No Attribute = +1%
  • Attribute + Different Attribute (1~29%) = +1%
  • Attribute + Different Attribute (30~50%) = +2%

The last entry is different from Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity by 1%. Which I guess sounds fair to say the least.

[via shougai]


The July issue of Famitsu Connect!On is distributing an item code for the Gaebolg/Nacht partisan. This issue of Famitsu goes on sale 5/26/2012. You can input item codes in the Visiphone terminal in the Arks lobby. So far there are 5 "Nacht" type weapons being distributed.

[thanks Silent Panda]

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