PSO2 Will Be Adding New Storage Space in January 2016!

The development team is planning to add new storage space in late January! Details below!

Character Based Storage

  • Each character will now have access to their own [Character Storage] space.
  • This new [Character Storage] box can hold up to 300 items, but you can expand it further by spending AC.
  • The [Character Storage] box will move along with your character when you transfer to another ship.

Premium Storage

  • Premium Storage will be expanded to hold up to 400 items.

Extra Storage Changes (Rental Boxes)

  • You will no longer be able to send an item from your Item Pack to your [Extra Storage] box.
  • In order to place an item in the [Extra Storage] box, you must access the terminal located in the Camp Ship or the ARKS Lobby.
  • You will no longer be able to select the [Extra Storage Box] when buying/selling items from the Shop Menu, or when placing an item on sale from the My Shop menu.
  • The [All Storage] button in the Storage Menu will no longer display items from [Extra Storage] boxes.
  • The above changes apply only to [Extra Storage 1] through [Extra Storage 5].

Details of these changes will be posted to the official site in the future. Due to unforeseen circumstances, there is a possibility that the above-mentioned contents may change prior to its implementation. We will notify you of any changes, if they occur in the future.


36 thoughts to “PSO2 Will Be Adding New Storage Space in January 2016!”

  1. What. If they're gonna gimp the difficulty level of Storage Star Online like this what challenge is there left? o3o

  2. Dang 300 per character I have 5. Heck it's about time I might as well be free user. Also looking to know what ships have a better economy in shops (example weapons and clothes) ship 2 seems starving in prices.

  3. So now the only thing keeping me from being a free user is the ability to get into premium lobbies and having 40 COs. And the shop I guess but I have like 40 some odd My Shop tickets.

  4. Extra free storage is all well and good, but what's all this rubbish about making existing storage less useful? Why would they do that? How does this benefit anyone at all? Now it will take extra steps to accomplish the same thing. It's like Microsoft Windows Online 2.

    1. In short, they are replacing rental boxes with main storage expansions. It starts with sealing rentals until those go out of rotation, so people will move from renting and instead expanding the main storage.
      The whole "storage for money" deal is tied with ever-increasing server load (yes, lots of crystal types is bad for both sides), so instead of moving your items without your permission or providing both old and new services available and let server suicide, they cut off queries from rentals and can redirect it towards increased load from expanded main storages. It means people will keep their stuff in place and could slowly migrate their items from old storage space to the new one.

    2. not sure where you're coming up with this, but then, I'm not sure I want to.

      at any rate, it's amusing to note that the page sega makes this announcement on has commentary that amounts to "if we added more storage without changing how you access some of what you already had, the game would break". they're effectively admitting they screwed something up bad enough that they can't simply expand it and have to rework it altogether. that in itself is hilarious given how east asian companies really really really hate admitting to making mistakes.

      of course, the pyroxene apocalypse could be solved by making them into shipwide currency like casino coins and such. that's probably too hard for sega though. there's really no reason to have them be physical items when they're not tradable anyway, and being able to NPC them is pointless because HURR DURR MAKE NPCS RIP YOU OFF TO STOP BOTTERS.
      if they made all those stupid things into currencies (just have a seperate menu entry to check how much you have or something…) we could free up… let's see…

      two slots per AQ, so… 24 spaces worth there… nine across the XQs… six across the raid bosses we know of, probably seven when apprentice shows up…. two more for UQ and prolly another three for amdu/vopal/halcotan, and another for black nation's chandra stones… so that's what, 46 slots just by making stones you trade to the creepy lewdvoice twins and the ones going to jig for invade/austere?
      and if we extend that to all tradein stuff you can't list in your shop… (so badges and cubes of all kinds, jig's crafter stuff, etc) then it's even more space saved. there's ultimately no real reason for any of this crap to be treated as items you need to find storage space for, anyway. they're all money of one kind or another.
      likewise, XQ passes and AQ capsules. there's another seven wasted slots. they could cut out another with casino coin passes (better yet, just ditch the stupid "BUT I GOTTA SELL PREMIUM!" thing with "lose all coins above 30k when you leave the casino if you're not paying sega extra" because that's stupid anyway. at that point coin passes could be trashed outright because they only exist so people without premium can have more than 30k coins; they're a solution to a problem that doesn't need to exist.

      "but ship transfers! but wanting to take it with you!" welp, character wallet in addition to shipwide wallet, much like the matter of meseta. problem solved. have the stuff go to the shipwide wallet when obtained and let people pull what they want to onto their character at the storage terminal.

      and while we're fixing quality of life stuff, fix the recycleshop prompts to be like the crafting menu's dismantle prompt. "up to ten items at once" instead of "one item" or "ten items". having to do it one at a time because you have nine instead of ten is obnoxiousness for no reason. <_<

    3. You sure know how to make a simple wet blanket to look like computer generated keyword stuffing text.

    4. They probably won't do half a hundred of counters for the same optimisation reason. Its just my guess, but I feel like its more bound to reality than imagining conveniently reduced numbers and randomly proposing solutions without being responsible for their viability for the sake of victory over imaginary group of developers.
      Counter on the character is a permeating data type, if we imagine that all stones are counters, every character will always have them from the birth, and they all will have to be retrieved and read every time character accesses his own stuff. Thats 46 fields that keep growing in number and increase information burden in geometric progression when a) new stone type gets out; b) new player gets made. If they are represented as items, they don't require dedicated space, and there will be just as many stones as player gets, starting from none.
      The whole "storage" concept exists in these games for this sake. Operative "hot" inventory list is left to be small ans easy to read (for the sake of picking up stuff), significantly larger inventories can gain access at much less frequent rate and they are still constrained. Considering that you gain stones at almost any random moment of the quest (and in the lobby), these 40something would-be counters will have to exist in the operative inventory section and will shit up performance whenever, not just on storage access. It would dangle around together with player even when you don't actually need it. Stone items, crafts, grinders, whatever, its all treated separately like any other item, no matter how much stones or crafting mats are in the game whatsoever.
      Given all that, its much easier to work on appropriate storages and ways to access storage space on more frequent occassions (like recycling being available anywhere in the lobby).
      They might change it in a few possible cases. If they will find a different solution to express personal merit of each player in every specific mode and location and let that merit update in real time while at that. Or there will be a new way to provide all players with quadrillion counters without server load increasing.
      Since storage increases next year, we might speculate that they either found a way to ease a burden on accessing large blocks of inventory, or they at least grew enough processing power to handle that amount.

    5. But wait, there might be more!
      Notice how among current counters only few of them change in real time, like meseta or experience. The rest are low priority, and their requests can be delayed in execution even in those seldom cases when it actually getting changed. Casino coins are so below in the exec order, you actually have to go to casino and use gashapon machine that always lags for a few seconds before producing a result. On daily basis only the counter of casino ticket item is being touched, until player will request for an exclusive operation.

      Crystal item is already a counter, the one limited by three digits, so the amount of memory reserved to it is already constrained. Its actual size would depend on implementation in their networking, and size difference might not look significant (if we take SQL for example, where its two to four times larger at worst), but in case of big number of simultaneous requests it might be problematic. Counters that you suggest would have to be as large as possible due to necessity of containing as many virtual stones as its theoretically possible without overflowing or upscaling. Instead of having minimal set of counters limited by a three digits, which only matter whenever item gets picked up, every character will be complemented with 40 (50? 100?) counters that might never actually make use of their size. What might be worse, at some point their constrained size might not be enough, and changing its type would require refactoring.
      That is also the possible reason why one stone/crafting mat is getting upgraded into another. Instead of collecting thousands and millions of stones, player condenses hundreds of items into one, and then condense that one into even larger stone. In this case you don't have to worry about working with large data types, all transactions will be minimal, their possible amount is already controlled by the storage and stack size. Item based system is more lightweight and more flexible.
      If you remember, at some point grinders were limited to 100 items per stack. Now you can at least suspect that it wasn't done out of malice towards players.

      This is just my limited experience with databases, but still I believe that fifty 10-digit data types updated in real time on peak emergency hours would just produce a bloat that is hardly needed when you always need to squeeze every drop of performance. At least, not until there will be a sufficient solution to update them less often, if that will even make a desirable effect.

    6. Its good to hear from someone with some actual understanding of the reasoning on the back-end. Thanks.

    7. the problem with that "at peak emergency hours" thing is that during "peak emergency hours" most people are going to be taking part in the emergency quests. you would need a significant portion of the playerbase to be diddling around with multiple sources of stones to make a dent in things to start with, much less become more of an issue than the lag created by things like end-of-raid loot crystals trying to calculate, disgorge, and display their payloads, and similar.

      and yes, at one point grinders (and pretty much everything else) was limited to 100 per stack. presumably sega didn't expect people to end up hoarding thousands of them, which is a stupid expectation but hardly suprising given other examples of insufficient foresight.

      at any rate, you take a shit on me having a long post and then go for three trying to be argumentative. somehow… I think this post will get ignored and "countered" with more argumentative nonsense anyway, so I won't bother with more detail. a billion poor excuses for a poorly handled concept won't change it being poorly handled.

    8. You do realize that a fixed storage size requires dedicated space, an empty slot in such storage will have either a flag saying is empty or just 0'd in memory.

      Counters of 999 (and up to 32767 or 65535) can be stored in memory with 2 bytes, 46 counters would use 92 bytes and that is really nothing.

      With that of the memory being said, your point of view from SQL doesn't help you much, the game doesn't store all the things in the character or storage as a table column, most of them if not all are a blob. A good example for this is the old pso blue burst game, the character data is stored as a blob, when the server retrieves and sends the data from and to the database/game client is a big chunk of bytes.

      Having these stone counters might not be good, since you can just use or discard all of them, then would be useless to have 40+ counters in your UI, but a dedicated window for all the stones could be a good idea.
      It's a really simple thing to make but since those are "items" they probably wont bother to change that since it already works.

    9. Central problem with the stones so far is that their number constantly increase. Its not like you won't need some counters, but you will have to add more every time.
      Limited dedicated storage means that they can actually limit and predict the amount of burden players can cause in various situations. Lesser or greater variety of items with the same constraints won't really affect this in context of exchanging data with player.
      Also, whatever storage that isn't used by player right in the quest, it can have delayed transactions, which is why its possible to add more storage space by reducing the amount of access points overall. You don't want to do that with the bag that player can access anywhere. Stones don't really change much there. No idea if it would be possible to increase optimisation of counters by any other method other than slowing them down. Also I wonder if such stone counter increment would still have to exist in the game as an item that you need to pick up. I don't know how works the personalized quest drop that wasn't picked up.
      Despite that the problem with perpetually increasing amount of counters still remains.
      The current design is apparently focused on items, with minimal focus on counters that are added only when its really really necessary (large numbers for casino and challenge quest). All item related orders and exchange shops work in similar manner, and I don't believe they sacrifice ergonomy just because "it works". I'd rather speculate that its all made to trivialize data processing in an uniformed way instead of trying to produce a more efficient solution before every next deadline. I find it interesting that even despite having casino coins counter, its still handled via ticket items, while quests that don't really change their currency rather use passes/capsules/etc.
      If this doesn't say that they don't want to add counters, then I don't know what does.
      Why do they do it? Whether its dictated by shorter development cycle or strict model or server resources, just having 40 storage spaces less and minimum information about their servers don't give me enough confidence to consider people responsible for its functioning as lazy or unqualified. I just find it ridiculous how much Dunning-Kruger effect lots of pso2 players generate.

  5. I see what they try to do.

    Instead of having 3000 space (including the 5 extra storages and prem),
    they give us ONE character storage box. it starts by 300 and *may* go up to 1000.
    The premium box goes from 300 to 400.
    As it appears, the _extra boxes will vanish from the system_ as soon they are empty, so don't buy tickets for them anymore around November/December. Save your AC!
    So instead of 3000 storage, we get (# of Chars * 300~1000) + 400 >_>

    So, what you gonna do best? Make another character.
    drop everything into the storage, relog, take it out with the new one and dump it in his personal storage. oh, wait. that's what SEGA wants us to do.
    If you have multiple chars, drop duplicates / stackables into the shared storage.
    But you guys do that already, right? >_>

    Right now, I plan to make a transfer…. 400 items!!! and have to wait around JANUAR 2016 to make my server transfer properly (without spending too much AC), you kidding me? We are on PSO2 version 3.1 already, thank you.

    SEGA, please make empty char slots NOT DISAPPEARING! Or at least lessen the price for new chars…

    1. I'm just hoping to be able to at least deposit/withdraw in one character storage while I'm logged in as a different character, that'll make it so much easier when it comes to purchasing cosmetics instead of logging onto them each time for something.

    2. "Each character will now have access to *their own* [Character Storage] space." (emphasis added)
      Yeah pretty sure you won't. Use standard/OTP/Premium for that kind of thing.

    3. While reading the extra box changes, I read them in a hurry, so I may have skipped some lines, I am sorry. Okay, here it says: "In order to place an item in the [Extra Storage] box, you must access the terminal located in the Camp Ship or the ARKS Lobby.", so they are limiting extra boxes to outside the field for unknown reasons. This puzzles me.
      Also, you can't sell or buy into them, nor place items from them into MyShop, nor will they be displayed in [All Storage].
      Why do they do this? Right now, I am using only 413 slots… so any way, the change won't have much impact in my end.

      However, the things above are still a draft, it may change (a lot) during development. Let's wait how it turns out…
      Meanwhile, lets get rid of the pyroxenes >_> can't do anything with them. I miss those, which doesn't get rewarded.

  6. This isn't going to remove the account-shared storage is it?
    Also, will items that are stowed in the expired extra storage still be accessible as usual? I still have tons of stuff in my extra storage even though they expired, and like how I can take stuff out even though it's expired, but I wouldn't want to pay for it again just to take stuff out. @[email protected]

    1. You've always been able to *take out* stuff from expired/disabled storages, you just can't put anything in them. Duh.

      And does it look like there's the slightest mention of any of this doing anything at all to the default and OTP spaces?

    2. Just wanted to make sure, since they are changing the storage system at all. They might not mention everything. I think adding "duh" was kind of rude, though. I wasn't asking my question rudely at all, I meant to say it in a neutral tone.

    3. Would be a pretty damn important detail to not mention, that. Also the kind of little oversight that would quite assuredly make a major portion of their player base go seriously ballistic.

  7. So, am I understanding this correctly? In addition to the current 200 ship-wide storage, we will be getting an additional 300 per character? If so, that's really nice. More like the shared box from PSZ, which was really convenient when you had to have separate characters for different classes. Less helpful for PSO2, but then again the limited space is pretty ridiculous

    1. Yes. Each character will get an additional 300 slots, so if you wanted to transfer the char to a different ship, you got 300 things plus whatever is in your character's Item Pack to bring along, rather than having to sort through the Basic / Premium Storage.

      Only main downside is that you will no longer have the ability to Deposit items into your Storage from your Item Pack unless you are at a Storage Terminal. Ergo, if you are running an EQ that is dropping a lot of Excube fodder and your inventory fills up, you no longer have the ability to just open up your Item Pack and deposit items into Storage like you can now.

  8. So I'm just going to comment for the hell of it. First off i think its fair that the're adding 300 slots of character storage, especially for non-premium users. Next i want to say that i feel pretty sure more people buy premium for extra space instead of buying the extra storage spots. Meaning the restrictions on extra storage such as only being able to deposit/withdraw by a storage terminal in the campship/lobby should quickly become negligible. As a whole i find it pathetic that "storage" in itself is an issue in this game. It certainly wasn't a little over 2 years ago when i got comfortable playing pso2. I feel like they were either too careless or too lazy to realize that more content means more stuff and more stuff means less inventory space and that wasn't cool of SEGA at all.

  9. -Z- sounds like me when i ramble on about the trading system in the recycle shop, shiny/spellstone shops, excube shops, photon arts and skills. For getting excubes I think what they should do is: you pick the item you want to trade for and then, you see a list of eligible ways to trade for it. Next you select/highlight items to trade, and when any of the criteria is met there is a counter saying how many excubes u will get off from 1 item. Then a grand total saying how many excubes you will get IN ONE TRANSACTION. So for example: i have 30 ten-star weps and 20 eleven-star weapons. I want to trade for excubes, then i see for every ten-star or eleven-star weapon i trade i get an excube. I pick as many items i want to trade (ex: 29 ten-star weps and 18 eleven-star weps) and if the criteria is met a counter records how many of that item I'm trading, for every eligible item. So it would say: im trading 29 ten-star weapons so i will get 29 excubes and im trading 18 eleven-star weapons so i will get 18 excubes in a side column. At the bottom of the column it will say the total amount of cubes i will get. "Are you trading 29 ten-star weapons and 18 eleven-star weapons for 47 excubes total? Yes or no? Select yes. Boom! one transaction means 47 cubes. That's one system id very much like them to implement anyway.

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