PSO2 Will Be Adding New Storage Space in January 2016!

The development team is planning to add new storage space in late January! Details below!

Character Based Storage

  • Each character will now have access to their own [Character Storage] space.
  • This new [Character Storage] box can hold up to 300 items, but you can expand it further by spending AC.
  • The [Character Storage] box will move along with your character when you transfer to another ship.

Premium Storage

  • Premium Storage will be expanded to hold up to 400 items.

Extra Storage Changes (Rental Boxes)

  • You will no longer be able to send an item from your Item Pack to your [Extra Storage] box.
  • In order to place an item in the [Extra Storage] box, you must access the terminal located in the Camp Ship or the ARKS Lobby.
  • You will no longer be able to select the [Extra Storage Box] when buying/selling items from the Shop Menu, or when placing an item on sale from the My Shop menu.
  • The [All Storage] button in the Storage Menu will no longer display items from [Extra Storage] boxes.
  • The above changes apply only to [Extra Storage 1] through [Extra Storage 5].

Details of these changes will be posted to the official site in the future. Due to unforeseen circumstances, there is a possibility that the above-mentioned contents may change prior to its implementation. We will notify you of any changes, if they occur in the future.


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