PSO2JP: Server issues (9/16/2017)

UPDATE: Sega has acknowledged the issue and are investigating it. They don't currently have an ETA on when the servers will be up.

UPDATE 2: Sega has officially classified it as Emergency Maintenance. It appears that a failure with the server equipment caused the issue. They don't currently have an ETA for maintenance completion, but they are considering providing compensation for the downtime.

UPDATE 3: Sega has said that the emergency maintenance will force the rescheduling of the 2:00 JST ARKS League and the 7:00 JST Magisterial Onslaught. They will be rescheduled for a later date. They're sorry for the inconvience and ask that we remain patient and calm while they work on the server.

UPDATE 4: Sega says that they hope to have the servers online by 10:00 JST. 

UPDATE 5: Servers are back online!

Many people (both JP and non-JP players) have begun reporting issues with the servers not allowing them to login, move to different ships/rooms, and disconnecting them at random. SEGA has not announced anything at this time, and the cause of the issues is unknown. We'll update this post with more information as it becomes available.

To re-iterate: This is happening to both JP and non-JP players

45 thoughts to “PSO2JP: Server issues (9/16/2017)”

  1. Even telepipe proxy doesnt fix the issue, tweaker claims the servers are down
    Thanks for keeping us updated

  2. darker has invaded sega's servers again… seem like sega will have to gives free candy for crying arks loli, i demand tokyo gold key and at least 50sg.

  3. In situation like that I can't help but imagine someone who is waaaay too addicted to the game crying in a corner of his room, waiting for the server to be back… I. JUST. CAN'T. HELP. IT.

    If you are this person pls answer me I want to know if you actually exist.

    1. and you got 630 everyplay until regular MT? Genius! i like this MT. Better sega solved this faster as they can.

  4. I was about to just go back into grinding my Hero class to Lv75, but this happen. I haven't played it in 6 days. Going back to that Overwatch. I'll wait lol.

    1. Same goes with orbit, austere weapons, etc. That's the point of end game items, you gotta earn it.

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