PSO2's Tokyo Game Show 2017 Schedule


PSO2 will be presented at several booths at this year's Tokyo Game Show. Each booth will be broadcasted live, with events ranging from update information to E-Sports. Those who attend can experience a live demo of the upcoming [Dark Blast]. The festivities begin on September 21st ~ September 24 (JST), streaming at the various times listed below.

PSO2 Stage (Sep 22nd)
Time September 22nd @ 14:30 ~ 15:15
Topic The Latest PSO2 Information
Link YouTube Live
PSO2 Stage (Sep 23rd)
Time September 23rd @ 15:45 ~ 16:45
Topic Future Update Information
Link YouTube Live
PSO2 Station (Sep 24th)
Time September 24th 12:00 ~ 13:15
Topic PSO2 News with Special Guest Yōko Hikasa  (Voice of Echo)
Link YouTube Live
E Sports X
Time September 23rd @ 11:00 ~ 12:30
Topic Arks Battle Tournament Exhibition Match
Link Nico Nico
Dengeki Game Booth

September 23rd @ 13:00 ~


Monster Hunter Frontier Z Corner

  • Talk Show with Sakai (PSO2) and Teruki Miyashita (MHF-Z)
Link YouTube Live

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