PSO2's Halloween Update Launches with Balance Adjustments


~ October 14th, 2015 ~


Halloween Lobby

Halloween Lobby Ghosts

The Halloween Lobby arrives to scare up some fun with spooky decorations and an eerie atmosphere. Ghosts now haunt the lobby, popping up without warning at various locations to scare players.


Halloween 2015 Xie

Xie returns with Halloween attire, handing out client orders and goodies. Clear her orders to receive item packages containing sets of Halloween treats.


Halloween 2015 Bingo Card

Participate in this year's Trick or Treat quest for a convenient way to earn rewards in the Halloween 2015 Bingo! Prizes include booster items and the recently added Galeru Crystals.


Trick or Treat 4!

Trick or Treat 4

Head to Lillipa's desert for the [Trick or Treat 4!] Emergency Quest, available for a limited time. Kuron's Toy Darker enemies will join the fray for this edition, along with bosses Gal Gryphon, Zeta Guranz, and Dark Falz Double's Douran and Dourill forms. Halloween decorations like jack-o'-lanterns can even appear during Emergency Trials!

Depending on the difficulty of the quest, players can obtain Lambda Grinders and gold and silver weapon badges. Take on a high difficulty for a chance at getting ★13 weapons. New ★12 weapons themed after the Lillipans can be dropped by defeating Barbarillipans on Extra Hard.

Slip into your favorite Halloween themed costume to receive a special PSE effect during the quest!

View the Halloween Costumes


Episode 3: Chapter 7

The event that connects past, present, and future. With only a single objective, the one who has traveled through this endless story will come but to one conclusion.


Weapon Boosts

32 Weapon Boost Titles

New rewards available at the Title Counter will allow you to increase the power of weapons for your main class. Each of these titles will task you with attaining a certain number of weapon entries for specific classes. Just fill up your [Weapon Record] entries at the Visiphone, and visit the counter to redeem your reward!

Let's say you're playing as a Hunter. You could boost the power of its weapons if your record contains an adequate amount of ★10~12 entries of Hunter weapons. This boost of power would apply to Swords, Wired Lances, Partisans, and Gunslashes, but only when the class has been selected as your main.

Each Title has a different requirement, asking for weapon entries in specific rarity brackets. The effect from the Title will apply to all the characters on your account based on the conditions stated in the Title Reward.

Weapon Boost Situations

  • Gunners will receive power boosts to TMGs, Assault Rifles, and Gunslashes based on the number of [Gunner Weapon Boost] titles redeemed at the Title Counter.
  • Bouncers will receive power boosts to Dual Blades, Jet Boots, and Gunslashes based on the number of [Bouncer Weapon Boost] titles redeemed at the Title Counter.

Just keep in mind that you do not need to hunt for Gunslashes to fill up your [Weapon Record] collection. They will still receive the effect as long as you redeem a Weapon Boost title reward.


Team Features Expanded

Team Scarf

Check out the team room and explore new features! A Team Scarf can now be selected from the team accessories menu. Choose the color that best suits the team and increase its solidarity.


Photon Tree Lv. 8

The team's Photon Tree can be grown to new heights, with the Photon Effect limits being raised to level 8.


More Zieg Client Orders

Zieg October Client Orders

Zieg's got some new ★12 weapon client orders for players. Much like previous orders, you'll just need to show him the correct combination of "Live" series weapons to receive a fancy ★12 weapon.


Seraphy Returns to the Lobby

PSO2 Seraphy

The beloved Seraphy of PSO2es is coming back to PSO2's lobby with all-new client orders!  When you log into PSO2es with a linked account, you can receive [15,000EXP] tickets in PSO2!


[Double] Appears on the Field

[Double] will now have the chance of appearing in Emergency Trials during Free Field quests. Players who defeat them could earn new ★12 and ★13 weapons, or even new units based on their designs!


SH+ Boss Drops Adjusted

Some previously released ★12 weapons will now be able to drop from bosses on Super Hard or higher. In addition, some Darker bosses will receive new drops from the "Nox" weapon series.


Balance Adjustments

Hunter Balance Adjustments

  • Sonic Arrow: Shortened the time it takes until you can perform a Just Attack. Adjusted the timing of descent. Buffed the amount the Gear increases.
  • Sacrifice Bite: Buffed its power and the amount the Gear increases. Partly buffed its animation speed.

Ranger Balance Adjustments

  • Weak Bullet: Made adjustments to make it easier to hit the target.
  • One Point: Buffed its power, reduced its PP consumption.
  • Sneak Shooter: Shortened the time it takes until you can perform a Just Attack. Buffed the speed of its bullets.

※ Adjustments for Diffuse Shell and Parallel Slider will be announced in the future.

Fighter Balance Adjustments

  • Whirlwind Weapon Action: Shortened the time it takes until a Just Attack or Cancellation can occur.
  • Quick March: Buffed its power and shortened the time it takes until you can cancel.
  • Quick March: Changed the attacks so all of them can stun the enemy.
  • Surprise Dunk: Buffed its power. Shortened the pauses when hitting the enemy as you leap into the air. Launches the enemy slightly.
  • Deadly Archer: Adjusted the spacing of hits.

※ Adjustments for Orchestra, Illusion Rave, and Acro Effect will be announced in the future.

Gunner Balance Adjustments

  • High Time: Reduced the time it takes to reach the maximum power bonus.
  • Adjusted the timing of descent with normal attacks that are performed in the air.
  • Sped up the 1st and 2nd Stylish Rolls.

※ Invincibility frames will be adjusted in regards to when they occur, but this will not reduce how long they occur.

  • Satellite Aim: You can now change the direction it faces upon activation.
  • Shift Period: Buffed its power and sped up some of the animations.
  • Shift Period: Shortened the time it takes until you can perform a JA. Adjusted the timing of descent.

※ Adjustments for Aerial Shooting, Dead Approach, Messiah Time, Elder Rebellion, Reverse Tap, and Heel Stab will be announced in the future.

Braver Balance Adjustments

  • Power will now increase based on the Katana Gear stage.
  • Reduced the max class skill level for [Katana Combat], [Rapid Shoot] and [Rapid Shoot Mastery]. Their effect contents will coordinate with the Skill Level.
  • Rapid Shoot: Achieves the maximum rapid-fire effect upon activation.
  • Rapid Shoot Advance: Relaxed the prerequisite skill points to acquire the skill.
  • Step Attacks: Buffed the animation speed with Bullet Bows. Shortened the time it takes until you can perform Just Attacks.
  • Adjusted [Average S Critical] and [Weak Stance Critical]'s placement on the skill tree and made it easier to learn [Average S Charge] and [Weak Stance Charge].
  • Gekka Zakuro: Reduced its PP costs and made it so the player can cancel it with [Step] and [Weapon Actions] when using it on the ground.
  • Tsukimi Sazanka: Removed the pauses when hitting the enemy and reduced its PP costs. Buffed its animation speed when attacking from the ground.
  • Sakura Endo: Buffed its animation speed and shortened the time it takes until you can perform a JA. Buffed the power of non-charged attacks.
  • Torrential Arrow: Buffed its AoE.
  • Million Storm: Increased its power and reduced the PP costs.

Bouncer Balance Adjustments

  • Jet Boots Escape: The skill will have invincibility frames added to Shift Attacks that occur through normal attacks.
  • Justice Crow: Buffed its power and reduced PP costs.
  • Kestrel Rampage: Buffed its power.
  • Strike Gust: Buffed its power.
  • Gran Wave: Shortened the pauses when hitting the enemy.

Gunslash Balance Adjustments

  • Weapon Actions: Adjusted the timing of descent, and reduced Weapon Action switchover times.
  • Normal Attack's Striking Mode: Reduced the length of time until Just Attacks or Cancellations can occur.
  • Step Attack: Shortened the pauses when hitting the enemy.
  • Serpent Air: Buffed its speed, and shortened the time it takes until a Just Attack or Cancellation can occur.
  • Regenschlag: Buffed its speed, and shortened the time it takes until a Just Attack can be performed.

※ Due to the above changes, an All Skill Tree Reset Pass will be distributed.

Halloween Night Masquerade (AC Scratch)

ロレットベルディアLaurette Beldaire
ロレットベルディア (Laurette Beldaire)

Dress up in some new Halloween duds with vampire themed noble coats and a just slightly eerie Lillipan suit. Top it off with a black cat sorcerer Mag device and show your Halloween spirit.

ベルディアコートFBeldaire Coat F
ベルディアコートF (Beldaire Coat F)
カウンタコートCounter Coat
カウンタコート (Counter Coat)
Horror Lillipa Suit Costume
ホラーリリーパスーツ (Horror Lillipa Suit)
アドミラマリーネAdmiral Marine
アドミラマリーネ (Admiral Marine)
アドミラフリートAdmiral Fleet
アドミラフリート (Admiral Fleet)


アンダーウイングUnder Wing
アンダーウイング (Under Wing)
進化デバイス/シャノルン (Evo. Device / Chanolun)

※We're looking for better naming suggestions for the Coat Costumes.


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