PSO2's Virtual On and Shining Force Cross Exlesia Collaboration


July 30th Update

Knight Gear Enemy

We've finally made it to Part 2 of the Phantasy Star Festa and 2nd Year Anniversary Event! This time the "Silver Steel Blade" will serve as our new limited quest where several bosses may appear at the same time. The quest's main attraction is Knight Gear, who'll be making a cameo appearance from the arcade game, "Shining Force Cross Exlesia!"


Knight Gear Edge

Defeat Knight Gear to receive some lovely collaboration items like [*Knight Gear Edge], [Knight Gear Face], room items, and music discs!


Knight Gear will also drop these 11 star items on Super Hard!


Interlocking Web Event Continues!

Knight Gear PSO2

The interlocking web event will target the "Silver Steel Blade" limited quest starting July 30th, 2014. The rules are the same as before; players must clear the new limited quest over and over to contribute points towards unlocking the rewards each week. Points are accumulated through the power of all ARKS members, let’s aim towards clearing the goals!


New Client Orders and Bingo

Evo Device Knight Gear
進化 デバイス / ナイトギア (Evo. Device / Knight Gear)

(Summer) Xie will be handing out new client orders for the upcoming limited quest. You'll even be able to acquire Evo. Device / Knight Gear as a reward!


2nd aniversary bingo II

The [2nd Anniversary Bingo II] will ask players to complete objectives within the new quest and client order. Completing a bunch of these tasks will net you boost items and more.


Virtual On Lobby

Virtual On Lobby

Temjin 747 A and Fei-Yen will be on prominent display throughout the lobby starting July 30th through August 13th!


Sega Arcade Selection Scratch

Virtual On Original PSO2

A scratch filled with costumes, accessories, weapon camos, and a mag device from Shining Force Cross Exlesia and Virtual On Force. 


テムジン747A 1P (Temjin747 A 1P)


Fei Yen 1P
フェイ・イェン 1P (Fei-Yen 1P)


進化 デバイス / SFC妖精 (Evo. Device / SFC Fairy)


アイオールメイル (Ior Mail)*


*サルワトゥース (Sarwatooth)*


ジャヒーローク (Jahiroke)*


*アルマゲスト (Almagest)

*Please help suggest better names for these costumes and weapon camos.


A sneak peak at the cross collaboration.
A sneak peek at the cross collaboration.



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