Phantasy Star Portable 2: Map Icon Changes, Photon Art Cap Level 30, and More

Sakai updated today with some minor changes regarding the game's features.


  • Map Icons
    • Player Icons will be arrows like the last time
    • There will be a new icon for some features
    • New: Area Start Icon (Green Wide Arrow)
    • New: Area End Icon (Blue Wide Arrow)
    • New: Gate Not Passed Icon (Blue Wide Line)
    • Before a gate opens the color is blue.
    • After you passed it, the gate becomes green.
    • A dummy trap is a pink circle
    • Enemy is yellow circle.
    • Gate Key is red circle.
  • Boost Monster (TGS)
    • Boost Monsters have an aura at their feet.
    • There are 3 kinds of the boost monsters.
    • They are much harder than normal monsters.
    • They will drop rarer items.
  • Grenade Trajectory
    • The grenade's trajectory has changed
    • The grenade forms a straight line trajectory.
    • side note: Think of this like a straight line but affected by gravity.
    • In PSP1, the grenade formed a parabola trajectory.
  • Photon Art Cap
    • The Photon Art Level Cap is at 30.
    • Photon Arts improve greatly every 10 levels.
    • The PP consumption will be slightly reduced at higher levels based on some Photon Arts.
  • Photon Art Skill Levels
    • The Photon Art for single handed weapons:
    • LVL 1-10 (1 attack) || LVL 11-20 (2 attacks)
    • The Photon Art for 2 handed weapons:
    • LVL 1-10 (2 attacks) || LVL 11-30 (3 attacks)
  • Photon Art Bullets
    • Bullets can increase the abilities of Power / Accuracy / Range / Attribute / Etcetra..
    • At higher levels, there may be an increase the amount of bullets shot.
  • Photon Art Technics
    • PSP2 Technics Levels 1-30 are the equivalent to PSU tech levels 11-40
    • side note: It appears he may change how they look of higher level technics, f.ex: nerf visual effects
  • Exchange Items
    • "Mysterious Items" will drop, such as "Magic Stone- Heart Key" -Clarified by pso-w Mike.
    • You will exchange these mysterious items in exchange missions.
    • There will be different exchange missions for each mysterious item.
    • Certain items you can only get from Exchange Missions.

[via pspo2 blog]

PIZZA Collaboration

  • There will be some form of Collaboration with PIZZA HUT! (No it's not C.C.)



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