PSPo2: Ninja Weapons DLC

We're still on 4th of July vacation so here's a quick update. This week we'll see the ninja throwing knives as well as a tatami mat.  July 9th, 2010 is the expect release date.  These items are in the Japanese Playstation Store. If you downloaded or purchased any item, read here on how to import them.

クナイ (Kunai)
50% Lightning Dagger
200 Yen


ツインクナイ (Twin Kunai)
  50% Lightning Twin Daggers
200 Yen


タタミガエシ Tatamigaeshi
50% Ground Shield
200 Yen


Summer Fun!

海だ Let's hit the beach next time! ( ゚ヮ゚)

Loincloths are totally manly


Sitting by the pool can only be done through hacking…

The next download items will be summer related. Males receive a loincloth and females receive a lifeguard like bathing suit.


  • Sakai says the "floader" vehicle is something you can experience in the new event Guardians Chronicle! He said it in such a way as if there won't be any floader missions ever in PSPo2. 
  • Sega of America is giving away a signed copy of the PSPo2 TGS 2009 Pamphlet on friday.
  • There is speculation about PSO being revived for Xbox Live Arcade's Dreamcast Emulator. Though keep in mind that the project might be too ambitious due to server management.

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