Regarding Use of Third Party Analytic Tools

Important Information Regarding Third Party Analytic Tools

Sega has confirmed the existence of an external tool that analyzes and acquires numerical values and internal information. Using this tool violates Article 9 (Prohibition of Fraudulent/Cheating Activities) of the Terms of Use. While they continue to resolve the matter, they will be suspending accounts without notice confirmed to be further utilizing such tools in the future.

(It's widely believed this statement is addressing the damage parser.)


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    1. It's Damage Parser that it's talking about if sega caught u using it it's ban time.

  1. Ahh it must be Damage parser, can't think other 3rd party tools with abilities to extract numerical value, oh welp probably for the best, I'm glad I'm not using it anymore.

  2. All that thanks to that moron that published screenshots with players' names…

    I'm pretty sure that the proxy is sort of an analytic tool with its packet logger plugin.

    1. For example there was one guy on reddit who posted his mediocre summoner gameplay video with MPA's DPS to prove how easy it is to get top3 damage. And of course he didnt cover the names. Why the hell would someone even post a picture of MPA DPS to the public without covering names?

    2. So nothing else new?? People did this all the time since the software / plugin was created, Sega wouldn't bother checking such a tiny site like the pso2 subreddit. Most of the issue is presumably from 2ch and to a lesser extent 4ch. Loads of player shaming threads there using parser data, and yes JPs and ENG are equally to blame.

    3. I'm kinda okay with the parser going away if it was being used as a toxic bludgeon. Banning people, of course, is absofuckinglutely stupid but y'know, Sega, scorched earth etc.

      Also *chan sites are universally cancer.

    4. As an aside, I'm more worried about what this means for the proxy plugin, the item translation plugin, and the patches.

    5. Item and such should be fine due to it being client side, the damage dump DLL would have to gather data from other players, hence needing to communicate with the server… Or something along them lines.

    6. Clientside doesn't mean a whole lot when GG is in the mix, and considering we're talking about injected DLLs in the item patch's case there's a non-zero chance that SEGA could block it and do something boneheaded to the users.

      Also, I'm not so sure the damage parser did much aside from look at certain packets already sent/received.

    7. Realistically SEGA hasn't given two fucks about the proxy and whatnots for years; odds are pretty good this has nothing to do with technicalities and everything with making wrong kinds of waves among the playerbase.

    8. you know that ACT got blocked already BEFORE that reddit guy have shown the overparse data right? so sega knew about that long ago already, so if you want to blame someone, then blame all the people who were showing in 2ch/4ch and where they even made fun of them, while the reddit guy was just trying to show via data and gameplay that SU can be great, if played right, where most (english) people has considered it as the weakest class, which it isnt according to his great gameplay

  3. Suspending accounts… How are they supposed to know who uses it or not? People not using it don't have to be "punished" for that after all, so…

    1. With Gameguard. Gameguard collects *all* currently running processes, logs them and phones them home.

  4. Did you open your Tweaker people? All anwers are here.
    Personnally I don't get people insulting SEGA for protecting their game but well, silly persons are silly.

    1. Don't trust the Tweaker?
      Telling that, I didn't play since this accouncement but there's a lot of players already in.

    1. But people DID get banned from FFXIV as well lol.

      It's just that square doesn't really care that much about it anymore.

    2. They have zero obligation to be consistent you know. *Especially* across company lines…

  5. Doesn't affect me as I don't really see the point of the parser all that much to be truly needed.

    1. Fairly certain this wouldn't affect PSO2 Chat Translator as it is an external program that simply analyzes the chat real time but it does so by reading the clientside log files. It doesn't use any data coming directly from the server unlike parser, which is pulling damage data from other players in your MPA.

  6. "Fraudulent/Cheating Activities"
    U wot, Sega? Fucking assholes need to remove their director that is riding the PSO2 downhill and not the innocent 3rd party tool just to cater to their "everyone should feel useful in PSO2" casuals.
    ep4 a mistake.

    1. You are quite overreacting here. It's their good choice and completely understandable. With this attitude you better should stop playing anyway.

    2. Ep4 is great, removing a thing that made game interesting for some players is good, riiight.

    3. For me (and some others) most EQs are too easy and boring without competitiveness. When the whole team wants it we try to go for a good time for PD or try to clear certain EQs fast, but on personal level it's Damage Parser – you try certain tactics (like setting a trap with Ra during some phase, get to position instead of shooting, etc) and see if it improved your DPS, thus every run is a race against yourself which is quite fun (for me at least), now sega removed that.

      Parser also allowed to see how other people fare so that if I see someone better than me I can see what PAs that person used and ask for advice. Or to compete against other people in the team who want to compete. Even when playing support it's nice to know how much damage you can do while providing full support.

      Ofc, Parser also allowed to see how bad other players are to be a dick, but dicks existed before Parser and if people want to be dicks, they'll find a way. Actually parser helped against it, like when you use worse gear (lucky rise units) and did more damage than other people, without parser you're a leech to others.
      Another example is when someone doesn't use established meta – there was guy who played sword HuFi and in general his damage was bad but over time that guy got better and now has some good, solid DPS. Without Parser I would've thought that sword HuFi bossing is shit forever but that guy proved otherwise.

      So if people think that Parser is simply tool to be a dick and elitist, they are too narrow-minded. But, as Parser can also show that someone is bad despite having good gear and make that person feel unwelcome (without dicks being dicks) to "everyone is welcome" MMO, sega decided to ban it. And it's not like other people being bad is bad, you can still carry whole MPA with your party (and it's fun), so all that unwelcome part is personal.

    4. Right. So let me get this straight. You are saying that your enjoyment of the game rested on a piece of third-party analytical software that's actually in a bit of legally grey area and is merely an additional plug-in functionality that, IIRC, was only added to its "parent" program something like under half a year ago? The world wonders how you kept going before…

      Fact: You're Doing It Wrong if it takes what someone once characterised as "spreadsheet autism" to 'make the game interesting' for you.

      And obviously this isn't exactly a part of the game *itself* and for that matter I fail to see how its demise is somehow specifically related to "Ep4". Like it or not SEGA did not include that feature, and if they dislike someone adding it for whatever reason – my money's on unseemly and at least potentially toxic e-peen waving among the playerbase – then that's that. Deal wit' it.

    5. most ppl who are glad that the parser is gone are ppl that at some point got shit on and are stuck in their feelings. they think every try hard is evil, although there are alot of try hards who are not dicks. like kyaa~st said people who are dicks are gonna find a way to be dicks even without parser, its not that hard. the people who were really good at the game didnt even give a fuck if people in their eq sucked cause they can just carry a whole eq by themselves, theyre not even thinking about what other ppl are doing lmao. the good ppl know that they have to get a fast start in eqs or else their party is more likely gonna be garbage, so they know if their party is bad its mostly their own fault. the ppl who are down talking noobies are just players who cant carry eqs and are salty af lmao. but at the end of the day we all get punished GG

    6. There are a few things everyone forgets
      a) no public quests require skill/gear "standard" level you or someone else made up yourself.
      b) many players don't have time to do that or simply started playing later;
      c) many players simply don't want to do that;
      d) MPA doesn't matchmake you people by skill, unless you do actions.

      Then there comes the dude with an arbitrary skill/gear "stanard" to measure how well mpa made out of these people performs in a quest with 45 minute time limit and which can be completed by 4-6 players on "bad meta" in about 20 minutes on highest difficulty.
      Individual performance is explicitly obscured for such quests to avoid possible conflicts, because it won't take much to make people avoid any sort of public quest. Why do you think they have made easygoing and tryhard blocks for CM?

      But wouldn't it be good to also have survelliance camera on actual player in MPA to see if they're not afk, they're not drunk, above legal age, not distracted, so they could be optimal to adhere to their quest duties properly?
      It would encourage them to be good, officer, I swear! Thats the only thing the game is about, getting good and outperforming!

      And "not narrow minded" people will fail to find this situation as utterly insane.
      If you absolutely have to rely on dps check tool in a game that has plenty of modes to compare viability of different builds, then you either not improving much or have much bigger problems with your analytic methods.

    7. That or he's be using it to be a jerk and is trying to cover his motivations with inane complaints that he somehow thinks sound legitimate.

      Also I sort of "leech" off of EQ matchmaking all the time (not for a lack of effort) and almost everyone else just curbstomps the normal enemies and sometimes even the bosses (which often makes my attempts at contributing seem futile, though they often require people to bring plenty of moon atomizers for them to be successful regardless).

    8. Let me summarize.

      "If I can't COMPETE with people, and can't see that I'm WINNING in a game specifically designed to be non-competitive, well, then I just can't have fun."

      Stop acting like a child.

    9. Plus, uh… When you see high-speed damages popping thousands more than you in 12p missions it's easy to feel you need something.
      When you notice everyone is incapacitated around you and you're still here, it's easy to see you've got a way better defense than them – Or you just know how to dodge properly (That is a good point 'cause sometimes it seems people don't even care because they know everyone else will Moon them…)

      There are more than one thing like that to know where you are… So yeah, if you want a competition, go play something else. It's a "Multi-player cooperative RPG", after all.

      Anyway, the question is to know… As even JP players used Parcer-type tools, I wonder if it wasn't just discovered by that. Maybe it was not even known with Tweaker.

    10. Oh, ffs people, it's about me having fun. Me. Having. Fun. Not being a dick, not forcing others into competing with me, not going elitist, not about others playing good or bad, it's just me and my own enjoyment.

    11. *shrug* You already defined your "having fun", in this context, to heavily involve comparing performance metrics with others through the use of a third-party program. Which is basically just measuring e-pen0rs even if unilaterally.

      Seeing as how the game does not natively support such activity, presumably very much intentionally, you don't really have any particularly sound basis to complain here. If the owners feel it encourages undesirable and toxic behaviour among the playerbase (which, let's be honest, it probably does) then tough luck.

      And you still haven't explained how this has anything to do with Ep 4…

    12. Yea, ofc, PD timer doesn't exist, neither do TACO rankings and all people who are not sharing your view on the game are epeen masters.

    13. Like anyone gave two shits about those. Plus they don't exactly give you, shall we say, personal details…

      Also someone's starting to sound awful defensive now. u mad?

    14. Those don't exactly give detailed personal metrics and nobody cares about them anyway. (Though I suppose there are people bored enough to seriously work on their TA times…) And YOU are the one who defined comparing scores, ie. classic epeen contest, as a meaningful part of their enjoyment of the game in the first place – so why are you getting all surly and defensive when it's pointed out?

    15. Oh great, so that first comment *wasn't* lost forever in a limbo and instead decided to surface almost twelve hours later after I reposted it in a refined form… These erratic delays in if and when a post appears are annoying.

    16. Kyaa~st, why the hell are you even playing a game like PSO2 to begin with? PSO has always been about bringing people together, not pitting them off against each other. Not a single Phantasy Star MMO has had a legitimate form of PvP (though it's not for a lack of trying in PSU's case but I bet no one ever played those gamemodes because of how crappy and unrewarding they were as a result of Sonic Team not really caring about them enough).

    17. Yea, it's your total victory in your crusade against the nefarious epeen lords, you'll go a long way kid, keep it up.

    18. Opinion? Pft, go watch the original PSO trailer ( and contemplate why they look the other way while western players are blatantly violating their user agreements and community guidelines EXCEPT when some among us used a tool that promoted toxicity in the community.

      Even the PSO2 anime stressed the concept of bringing people together.

      So again I ask: Why did you even start playing PSO2 in the first place? It doesn't even have any legitimate form of PVP.

  7. It's fine. There games that have damage parsers built in them, like Warframe that will show you in the end of the mission percentage of party's damage that you inflicted.
    Since PSO2 doesn't have that, then it's not build around having that, meaning you're not supposed to know other people's damages, and game is designed around that.

  8. We stable kill magatsu before the first gate in a random group on XH. On no! How could I improve without knowing (and letting others know) how much damage I do in comparison to strangers that might not strive for the same result?
    I'm truely insulted to bone and marrow as I could never know how to attack a monster and finish quest without ACT software.

  9. most people who are defending the parser are saying its a tool to improve. while i completely agree with that, personally i just like using it cause its fun to compete on dps. sega removes harmless software now i have less fun GG.

    1. haha u misunderstand friend. i said i have less fun now because its gone, meaning i dont use it anymore. please brush up on your reading skills friend.

  10. At least elitist pricks won't have anything to dickride their e-penis on anymore, that's an improvement, tryhards on casual MMOs are just annoying.

    1. Actually, there were always elitists, even excludig gear checks. There were just delusional ones who didn't know they were doing poor.

      I can't exactly call myself hardcore or tryhard, but I used it myself to learn and grow… Figure out things. Learn from others as well, and grow to understand how horribly misbalanced the game is. Only class combos that can keep up with classes that rely on Hu sub to do high damage are all lacking in the nigh invulnerability and require more skill, generally speaking, as well as investment in gear.

      I wouldn't mind this too much if it only extended to Fo/Te since you can buff and everything, but then you have ones like Fo/Br, Br/Ra, and Gu/Ra… I also used to question Su's high output but it rarely seems to see use in XH since ProHUeny.

      And the game is hardly casual on XH, despite Delicious Sandwich Tomato of Unleashed Pampering.

    2. I didn't even know this existed, but it could explain why my previous teammates were condescending to me no matter how hard I tried…

      Of course elitists won't bother to help you if you're doing something wrong, they'll just complain to someone else. I'm unaffected by hearing this being banned, but maybe it will actually improve things, since people could concentrate more on having fun than judging others around them in a GAME which should relieve stress. It's not the end of the world if people fail in a game, otherwise there's some mental disorder that should be checked.

  11. I still don't see the point of using dmg-parser :/, Just hop on and trying to do your best, you don't have to care abt your personal record anyway because MPA at 1st is for team work and your goal is to complete it :/, why so much ppl care abt your "personal record", like it really important, if you have good personal record but the quest still fail, its mean nothing (AKA ranks in MBD is not really necessary if you lose), if you guys all want to see how the others or how good you do, try to solo then(lmao), want to avoid ppl with shitty gears coming to your MPA ? :), make a private server with full of hackers then, your MPA should be perfect '-')b
    In the end, I just want to say, if you are a true elite, you wont mind getting into a random MPA and use your time to care abt the quest progress than wasting it just to see how you doing, or is there any players with stupid gears out there.
    Also, dmg-parser? pls, no Ra would use wb and no one would play Te to buff you if you are too focus on it(no offense here, just my personal exp abt Ra when have to wb, I see this from my friend, he couldn't do much dmg as usual even his gear all 6s)
    All Phantasy Star Online trailers always have "teamwork" in there, so stop being a selfish player and hop on, join your trip with the others and have fun !

    1. Yes because WB doesn't boost Ra's damage a crap ton nor give them a PP cost reduction while loaded. No Fo/Te would boost with Shifta because that doesn't raise their own attack power. And you're right, there's no down time in during quests nor a transparent overlay to avoid having to bring it up to look.

      You're spot on with this accusation.

      Seriously don't know why people want to harsh on people getting more fun out of a game with a harmless program.

    2. I also don't think the parser was a big loss, but this is ridiculous. Yes, it IS teamwork, which is why everyone has to carry their weight to complete the goal. If a group fails and half of them don't know how to efficiently use their class skills and have crap units and weapons, then of course we'd fail, should have seen it a mile away.

      Teamwork means EVERYBODY has to play their part, not just jump in and ride on the backs of others.

      Again, I never used the parser, and I never cared for it, but this attitude is the reason any mission fails tbh.

    3. Actually even after parser was threatened by Sega we I had a Progeny MPA in which the Ra refused to WB the entire time until the damn clone segment, there will always be Fo/Te who don't know how how to use shiftas, Ra who ignore Weak Bullet, players who refuse to use moons.

      You could say their ignoring teamwork anyway fully believing parser or not, there caring about only themselves.

      All your doing is making yourself look ignorant about how a parser has actually help some players improve in an area they personally care about and even had their own kind of fun with… while yes parsing your own records may have not been your kind of fun it honestly gave me a 'sub-goal' in a otherwise boring damage spongy EQ such as Magatsu. /:

    4. Regarding Moons, seems like there's no winning, either no one uses moons in fear of wasting it, or everybody uses them at once and most of them go to waste.

    5. I never seemed to have problems with moons in EQs, but maybe it's different on other blocks? I'm on block 9 but never had this problem unless it was extremely unlucky (like if someone started the teleporter with less than half capacity) and everyone keeps dying nonstop.
      Otherwise it seems like it's been really smooth for me, like there's always another Force or Techer or two in the quest that buffs/heals the group with me. People have been reviving almost instantly when anyone dies too, especially once they implemented earning FUN from it.
      I do think it'd be nice if Sega made it so that only one moon atomizer would be consumed for reviving people, though (unless they were out of range). I think that'd be most problematic in quests that don't allow returning from the camp ship.

    6. Moons usually aren't an issue, though I still occasionally see [Loser] MPAs trying to prove different. These days it mostly tends to occur in PD MPAs when you get glasscannon types that suck at dodging and duly end up licking the floor like it was going out of style. As such people are usually a bit wary about summarily popping a Moon, especially on just one or two KOs, to avoid wasting them in overlaps which from what I can tell is the main cause of actually running out. And it would kind of suck for everyone if those still standing after a failed duel phase (which, alas, still happen) lacked the means to revive the rest…

    1. Agreed, this rage is fuel for my evil plans as I feast upon all of their despair and fury. I laugh far too hard at the anger at Sega people have for protecting their work, they DO own the game after all, they have every right to do this.

    2. I'm just gonna say that just because you can doesn't mean you should.

    3. …..and I'm gonna say that paraphrasing Ian Malcolm on this particular topic is a little silly, but it can easily be flipped around to be aimed at how just because, in hypocrisy, you can use the parser doesn't mean you should.

      Before I say anything else, lemme make this point clear. I do believe that this is a pretty silly thing to start banning over, however its still fiddling with data in a way that violates the rules. That Sega HAS NOT Banned us for using their service period? That Sega did NOT ban people just for using tweaker alone? Speaks for how willing they are to deal with people as long as they abide by the TOS enough that it isn't toying with Serverside. They've been EXCEEDINGLY LENIENT in this regard.

      You agree to a TOS to play the game. You violate that TOS, no matter how silly some aspects of it might be? You earned what you got.

      You don't like that? You don't play anymore, or you do it until you get caught and banned. You like the game enough to play without the thing that is violating the TOS? You play without it or you get banned when you get caught, for violating the TOS. It isn't the United States of America. You don't have the right to just violate the TOS willy nilly on every minor thing and not get punished for it should they decide to enforce it. People do not understand consequences anymore, and do not seem to believe they should be held accountable for their actions, that they are not responsible. Well too bad. You are.

      You break a rule, you get punished. Thats how it works. You don't like it, you don't play, or you keep defying until you get caught and punished, and by then, you earned that ban.

    4. Yea, I think it really goes to show what Sega's motivation was when they banned people spesfically for this tool yet looked the other way for so many other ToS, ELUA and community guideline violations from western players (including some of the things said and shown via symbol chat in Ship 2 Block 1 no less and I HIGHLY doubt Sega doesn't know about that sort of thing).

      Like I said before: PSO is about bringing people together, not pitting them against each other and PSO2 is no different in that regard.

  12. The amount of salt from this comment section is enough to make me billions.

    And I'm talking about those who are whiny about the damage parser users being better than them and are glad to see that they can't see them doing miserable.

    1. It's…not really bias when I'm taking the time to look at every one's response and see a bunch of people hating on "tryhards" who just want a little more fun out of the game, and see people that are basically leeching, which, honestly, ruins the fun. If people are not showing any enthusiasm for the game, why are they even there? They shouldn't be in the game if it's a chore for them…

      And the major kick in the crotch is that everyone that's complaining about these people are more than likely dependent on each and everyone of those "tryhards" to get any EQ done. We've seen the truth, with the parser, and it ain't pretty.

      Just wish the salt would stop 8X; It's only making the whole situation worse and seeing you react to all of this makes me believe you're one of those jealous types who's not active in getting better, so you're taking potshots while everyone is down @[email protected];

    2. That sure is a lot of arbitrary and tendentious assumptions for one post.

      "not really bias"? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OH WOW

    3. You're using the word bias wrong. Just because some one is not agreeing with you doesn't make it "bias" you know.

      You should probably check out it's definition 8X

    4. The best part of the english community delusion bubble is that they actually accumulated enough ego to believe that posting parser results somehow influenced mpa quality across ten ships.

      But if anyone needed more samples of how "parser helps people improve", its right there, a rafinated example of an improved person in one post.

    5. TBH this could hardly be considered salt.

      You want salt go check out competitive smash.

      Also I get the feeling you don't know how bias works. If you come in with preconceived assumptions it doesn't matter if you read through comments, it's still bias.

    6. Uh…Bias is prejudice.

      You do know what that is, right? Making assumptions before there's enough evidence.

      Given it's poor use on the internet these days, I can see how people eff that up.

    7. Actually, bias stands for your own personal opinion influencing your judgment in regards to a certain subject.

      So yeah, Mr. Rabbias, you have the "biasest" opinion I've seen in a while regarding any subject.

    8. @Hua So absolutely everyone in the world is bias? I'm sorry, but you can't really judge anything without having an opinion. It's…kind of a fact of life.

      @random Ok? I'm not exactly giving a detail explanation. The fact you're carrying on like this only proves my point about the salt factor to an extreme.

      Like, advice: Stop. You're only showing everyone your true feelings on the matter, and it's not pretty.

    9. So lessee, you attempted a fallacious dodge into semantics without even having a proper understanding of the terms you're trying to quibble over, and earlier basically leveled a blanket accusation of being useless leeches against everyone not sharing your views on the parser topic (committing several informal fallacies in the process)?

      And then actually have the gall to spout patronising bullshit like those last two paragraphs?

      The hubris is stronk in this one, unlike self-awareness.

    10. @random No, I just called you a leech with your attitude. It's pretty obvious. Why else would you be happy to hide parser results than the fact that you are not willing to come into XH, which was designed for those who are trying harder as compared to the more casual SH, and actually try yourself? If not, you should have no problem with parser at all ._.;

      And then there's the insane irony of all you said about me. You call some one bias after they've taken the time to read your comments, which, as I might add, had accusation that all people who use parser were toxic tryhards who you're glad to see suffering.

      It's not hard to for everyone to see what's wrong with what you're doing. That's why I suggested you stop. To move on to stop making it worse for yourself.

    11. I dare you to find the exact post and quote where I purportedly made such an accusation. Go on. Link me. I can wait.

      Meanwhile… ,second paragraph. Either I am somehow magically "everyone that's complaining" (lel) or you're committing further fallacy by trying to retroactively alter what you said. (Not that personal ad hominems were any less of a fallacy…)

      Also, full disclosure: I never had any problem with the parser personally and do not frequent the sites where people apparently get into "naming and shaming" over parses so I have zero stake in the matter. And the gchat peeps I daily interact with are cool folks who, from what I've seen, mostly just casually snark at themselves and each other over their parse results.

      I do, however, take umbrage to arrogant jackasses with delusions of entitlement and a propensity to commit serial informal fallacies while attempting to defend their narcissistic bullshit. The former offends me personally, the latter on principal level as unsound thinking and bad argumentation.

    1. Bah, can't figure out how to reply on way too long child lists. That needs a fix. Saw it bring me to the reply button when clicking on date so I figured that would work.

    2. Yes, as a matter of fact, everyone in the world, to a certain extent, is biased towards something, thats just human nature lol. It's just that, you're kind of overrating the usefulness of the parser, imho. Nothing personal.

  13. I don't really care about damage parser or anything else :/, it's just that people have different opinion, people with parser be like "it's help me improve my performance" and those who don't like damage parser, said that people with parser decide themselves as "the part of players who play nice and more elitist than the other one, that's stupid"(This is my personal point of view so far, you may have a different one).
    Try to look on both side ppl, damage parser help us to have a view abt our style of play, combos, combination of affix or gear, do they really have nice dmg so we can fix it ourself. But, the bad side I have seen so far, is they will become "unpleasant chooser" for EQ MPA, or else( not everyone of them, because I know some of my friend loves to join MPA with newbies and maybe, test his solo damage performance ?, with the help of moon if he accidentally falls ? ).
    That's my POV so far, but saying personal performance is all the fun is completely wrong, some people comment up there said "with the lost of damage parser, we almost lost all the fun" :/, please, you know there is a reason why they make "MPA Ranking" in Profound Darkness EQ, not the "personal ranking", as I know so far, there is a kind of personal ranking at the end of every week, its sudden death ranking? right?, I don't know if its right, because I really don't care, its only "once a week" for a reason.
    Finally, most of the fun in PSO2 to me, is the joy of complete our quest, EQ with all of our might(the whole MPA), also the only ranking I care abt is MPA and Team Ranking :), with that 2 ranking always good, its mean your team has a good community organization, and also, MPA.(This is a feeling or a players who once set foot in a PD MPA and have to fight for 57 mins until victory, but in the end, everyone say thanks to eachother nicely without the salt, because we won, that's the most important)
    Thank everyone for reading this comment, if you have different opinion, I will appreciate them all, many people have many POV as wel as abt the good or the bad of Damage Parser.

    1. "some people comment up there said “with the lost of damage parser, we almost lost all the fun”"

      Well,that's them, but personally, it did add some fun to the game that was really harmless. A bit of competition without it being "haha u died now I get to teabag" really helps make for a more relaxing, cooperative competition. If we try to work harder than others without getting in each other's way, that's progress. You really can't say how people will have fun either 8X

      And I don't think the problem is so much the other side's opinions on it, but rather the other side's unrelenting hate for the people who used them…for whatever reason. We can speculate why, but we can't tell for sure. Granted, you seem to be on siding more towards "why use parser", but you're also not trying to be a jerk about it. You're logical, non-bias, etc. They're quick to accuse and everything, and then ironically call others bias after that person sees how they act…

      The worst is there was really no problem with the parser to boot 8X;

      I guess it's "you have your way of having fun, we have ours". Sadly, part of that joy was taken away for some of us .w.; I don't see people with parser being competitive to be the best, but to be more helpful honestly. I wouldn't try gearing harder if that wasn't a factor, and if I truly didn't care about helping the MPA, I would probably be a leech who just lets everyone else who works hard do all the work :/

    2. Oh boy he's playing the martyr card now, and poorly at that. "unrelenting hatred" my ASS… Also sounding increasingly butthurt. Don't get into arguments if you can't handle them, k?

      And if you were to be taken as the representative example of Parser users it would be only too easy to claim it promotes (promoted?) attitudes of toxic, arrogant elitism. Just sayin'.

    3. Seriously Random, I think you've long since proven your point. Anyone with half a brain would be in agreement with you here. This one is a waste of your time. Of course, I don't really expect either of you to stop any time soon at the rate things are going…

    4. I think its safe to say that Sega now bans players for being good, truly, putting effort in PSO2 is officially forbidden. In times when good players and fun are outlawed, there is little to do to improve yourself anymore. Be careful now, and try not to be too efficient, move slowly, press buttons seldom. Or you will attract THEIR attention again, and they will suspend your account for being just slightly above average. Sadly, without parser, most of the players will inevitably stop getting better and soon to merge with the gray sheeple mass of lobby idlers, axeon leechers and boot bouncers.

    5. Jet boots take alot of skill if you know how to use them and build the correct skill tree for them, you sheep

    6. It's kinda stupid. I never used a Parser and I often check for better stuff and compare with what I use. I believe it's called "enjoying a game like it is" but not everyone knows it…

  14. Damage parser was a tool being used to publicly ridicule people on multiple forums across the WWW. Doesn't matter if someone was using it in a legit manner on the course of honest self-improvement when that is the case.

    Don't blame $ega for trying to curb toxic behavior.
    Blame the douchenozzles responsible for using the tool as some psuedo-shaming methodology. "This is why we can't have nice things" case-in-point.

    1. Your statement makes a surprising amount of sense, amid a seething, screeching void of chaos and rage on all sides. The toxic behavior is why I abandoned the community, stopped playing. I'm glad to see I made the right choice seeing how people are acting about this. Oy Gevalt.

  15. Hmmm, I never used parser in pso2 (but yes in other games) but still I climbed to the point I became a dps carry in XH EQ with nearly permanent aggro on boss.

    having 2 or 3 leeches are fine to me. because well…….. there's a thing worse than leeching, it's when multiple noob tanks use aggro skill *just because they can* on a boss so they can be a HERO (for 1~2 sec. because another noob tank will use Way Cry to reset the first one's aggro anyway) which makes the boss running around randomly and makes most ppl miss their attacks and boss attack patterns become unpredictable – this also cause lots of deaths and delay the boss's death which result in wasting more Moons – . from personal experience, having more than one noob tanks (even the tanks have higher than 3K atk stat) in the room is more of a burden than having 5+ leeches in the boss room.

  16. Heres my stance on this.

    who cares?
    We "survived" 3 years without a Dps checker, the elitests were still assholes to everyone else, the noobs still sucked ,and leaches still leached.

    Never did I think western audiences would be so consumed over a flippin number, like sheesh…theres more to Mmorpgs than dealing damage!

    My main issue here, is ppl saying "i ysed the parser to better myself'"

    Are u sure?
    U positive about that?
    Or did you use it to further reinforce how everyone sucks compared to your godly ass?

    Im thinking the latter.
    I had no issue using me brain to….REMEMBER my damage output, and adjust accordingly.

    But w/e , ppl need to feel superior, and now there's no digital numbers to back it up…just the results(which should matter more)

    Listen, idc if u suck, idc it youre great.
    If i stop having fun, i logout, its not life…its just a game…and its more like youre renting it, bc once they shut server down?
    All this data gets wiped, and youll have nothing left.

    So just enjoy the game.
    It aint a contest

    And if theres something dmg hungry players need to learn…its how to make a character that isnt ugly asf


  17. Question:
    What other programs can you use alongside PSO2?

    -Bandicam/FRAPS/Other recording softwares
    -Chat Translator

    can anyone add more?

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