Return to Amduscia as the Episode 6 Story Continues!

~ September 18th, 2019 ~


Episode 6 – Chapter 2

The ARKS suffered a crippling defeat at the hands of Shiva and her cohorts. Heeding the lead entrusted to Sara in Xiao's final waking moments, our heroes head for Amduscia. There, they are joined by Ko Rera and Quna as they venture into the depths of the planet.


Acquire a new partner card for Quna, featuring her new costume, by playing through the new story content!


Complete new ARKS Missions relating to Chapter 2 and be rewarded.


Damage Tally Practice: Rockbear

Measure your damage output against the VR Rockbear in a new quest! Join up to three friends in either Free Mode (Unlimited Time) or 20 Second Mode and put your equipment to the test.


Material Weaponoid (AC Scratch)

Adorn your characters in all manner of unique cosmetic items and imitate fan favorite Weaponoids, including Agito, Eldetross, Yasminkov 8000C, Fornis Physis, and Space Tuna!



Anime Commemoration! (AC Scratch)

~ September 25th, 2019 ~

To celebrate the broadcast of the Episode Oracle anime series, dual scratches will be held! The [Oracle Collection] contains previously released items pertaining to characters that will appear in the show, as well as new Quna and Lisa poses. The [Support Item Selection] is full of useful items to help strengthen your characters.


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