Revenge of the Phantoms Hits PSO2 July 4th!

~ July 4th, 2018 ~


The Guides of Creation

Esca Falz Mother and Deus Esca Gracia have set their sights on Earth once more. Challenge both bosses and eradicate the threat of the Phantoms!

Affixing aficionados will be delighted to get their hands on new S4 abilities that drop within this quest. These abilities add effects such as:

  • Increasing normal attack power by 13%
  • While guarding, PP naturally recovers and PP recovery speed increases.
  • Generating a damage reducing barrier at set intervals.
  • Reducing critical rate by 50% and increasing critical power by 6%

Guides of Creation is a pre-scheduled Emergency Quest that can only be cleared once per ship. Extra Hard players equipped with [Standard Classes] must have an active main and sub class at level 80 or higher, and those playing the [Advanced Class: Hero] must be at level 80.


Tanabata Bingo

A new bingo will be distributed until August 8th that focuses on defeating enemies within [Sky Park Arkuma Land]!


Clearing the bingo card will reward you with such items as a Leontina Certificate and the Double Star Shinmei [*天双星シンメイ] weapon camo.


A Split Update

Those who are anticipating the Border Break scratch will have to wait another week. Border Break and Sand Park Arkuma Land will instead release on July 11th. A new post covering this content will be published in the future.

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