Revisiting The Phantasy Star Series (Part 2): Phantasy Star Universe

Taking to the Gurhal System, next up is Phantasy Star Universe. PSU builds greatly upon ideas from PSO introducing new battle mechanics and more classes.

Incase you missed it, we revisited Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst a few weeks ago.


Character Customization

The Character Customization is greatly improved upon from PSO's. Players will be able to choose their desired Race and Gender without being locked to classes. However, the stats matter greatly based on what you choose. Once in the game, you'll also be able to find even more costumes and hair styles to pick from.


World Layout

Universe's world layout greatly differs from other Phantasy Star Games. There are four planets the Guardians can visit with their own unique missions. The missions connect to more lobbies allowing players to explore the planet and see all the views it has to offer. Players can party up with 5 others to challenge the missions!


Type Introduction (Classes)

Classes are known as [Types] in PSU. Players will start as a Basic Type–Hunter, Ranger, or Force–based on the Race they choose. Afterwards, your Type can be changed at the 5th Floor of the Guardians Colony. Once the Basic Types are leveled enough, players will be able to swap to the Expert Types and later the Master Types.


Combat Introduction

The combat has been sped up compared to the first PSO. PSU also introduced Photon Arts to the series. These additions allow even more enemies to be thrown your way.

Just Attacking

Timing your attacks will boost your next attack's damage greatly. There is no indicator as to when to JA, but there will be a yellow effect on the character when you perform one successfully. Only Striking Weapons can JA.

Photon Arts

Photon Arts are composed of Skills, Bullets and Technics used by Striking, Ranged, and Casting weapons respectively. While Technics were in PSO, Skills and Bullets are new to PSU.

Photon Arts will level up as you use them, and become more powerful. Skills will gain more attacks in it's combo, Bullets will gain bonus effects, and Technics will become larger. There is a level cap for Skills, Bullets, Technics and Support Technics based on the Type chosen.


Playing PSU Today!

If you and your friends want to give PSU a shot, you can try it out together on the recently launched private server [Clementine]. On Clementine, they changed the drops to be PSO2-style where everyone gets their own stuff. While it is nowhere close to perfect, they are still refining the rough edges and taking feedback.

There will be a Double EXP and PA EXP week starting December 18th after the Maintenance, a perfect time to start. You can check them out over on their Forums and Discord.

Clementine Forums Clementine Discord


Unfortunately, we were not able to interview any admins of Clementine. However, please look forward to the final part of Revisiting the Phantasy Star Series with the next post going over [Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity]!

12 thoughts to “Revisiting The Phantasy Star Series (Part 2): Phantasy Star Universe”

  1. Just a minor comment, PSO had Just Attack (I guess it was called Timed Attack or something but it's similar enough), Universe didn't have them at all until the AOTI expansion hit.

    1. I edited the post to fix my info. I didn't even noticed that pso had a name for that despite playing it quite a bit.

  2. heck yeah, i have played psu:aoti a lot offline, sadly didnt have the chance to play the online story chapters, maybe gonna hop on clementine to play those after all these years, if possible…

    1. Fun fact, Aida isn't the one who created the PSO2 english patch. The person who created the english patch, that was used in PSO2's closed beta tests and was later taken over by Aida, is a dude going by the moniker Agrajag.
      After Aida took over the english patch, Agrajag modded most, if not all, online only story missions into the final offline version of AOTI that Sega ever released. He called it "Despair & Hope"
      Sadly, the project seems to have disappeared as of 2019, but he did release things regularly for people to test.
      Maybe you could try finding a copy of the final release?

      Lostbob117 should be able to confirm this.

    2. :'( i did try clementine like 3-4 years ago, and back than the devs of clementine said that online story might be included, but i guess that dev route never happened…

      i have heard of Despair & Hope, but never managed to get it to work… maybe never gonna play either psu's nor aoti's online chapters

    3. Clementine needs way more active players. Especially for a game with multiple lobbies and nested missions with no way to fast travel between them. It worked back then when the game was at it's peak, but it doesn't work now.

  3. Wow! I remember giving my wife's little brother this on PS2 for his birthday. After he experienced pso ep1&2 on GameCube with us, his eyes lit up like a damn Christmas tree when he got this gift.

    Needless to say, I created a monster XD

  4. The original PSU is the first Sega game I've ever played, the first Anime Third Person ARPG I've ever played and how I found out about the Phantasy Star series.
    It and AOTI are solely responsible for my continued love of the genre, the series and third person anime games in general.
    And then Phantasy Star Portable and Phantasy Star Zero are the sole reasons I bought a PSP and a DSi.

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