PSO2 JP Graphics Engine Update Planned for February 2021

Ahead of the New Genesis broadcast, Sega has announced that PSO2 JP will receive its graphics engine update on PC in mid-February, 2021. Further word about the update and the recommended specs will be detailed at a later date. If you're unable to run the game after this change, Sega recommends switching to another platform or playing the Cloud version.


7 thoughts to “PSO2 JP Graphics Engine Update Planned for February 2021”

  1. Thats such a bad way to put it. PSO2 runs on a good range of machines. I can run it fine at its current max. But telling people to just switch platforms or use the cloud version is bad. A lot of people wont be able to afford a new platform, next gen consoles are going to be in short supply for a while, so i really hope the new minimum is not more demanding than graphic setting 5 or 6.

  2. I'm really hoping this doesn't result in a poor optimization issue like Genshin Impact is right now, PSO2 already lags heavily in crowded blocks, Devs need to focus on Optimization rather than hardware pushing

    1. Look lad, There is no easy choice
      The pushing on hardware is the way to make sure they can delivered what they were planned
      The Optimizing would be nice, Yes
      but what that's mean is they might have to hold back on something for example like Graphics-
      You can't play Cyberpunk with Fullest potential if you only hope for optimization so all Platforms below their range can access it,
      So what the point of making Greatest Graphic they can push it?

      The only fair choice is Cloud play, They introduced it so all Platforms no matter what hardwares can still access the game,
      At Possibly highest beautiful graphics trading with some input lags and more demands on internet speed.
      So you see? it's doesn't matter if people can afford new platforms for their New-gen game or not,
      It's important that everyone can still access what they have to deliver–
      And that's the point of bringing Cloud service

  3. Well if they are going to update the graphics engine it should still run well and optimized across all platform and not making a big move and all of the sudden they are requiring high end systems to run the game. This game can even run on a 10 year old system with no problem. But getting a bad vibe about the requirements that it may be the same as PSO2 NG? If it will be a big change I hope they still retain some of the settings for lower and mid range system to run the game with no issues on performance, as not everyone can afford or upgrade to the latest hardware to play the games and such.

  4. Well, we can't avoid this. Dev or whoever should found a hard time choosing this way tho, (making new genesis PSO2 -tho they alrdy did- can be lead to split the players instead of making new PSO fans, so maybe they choose this graphical upgrade?). For me, only can say "take it or leave it", there's nothin' ez bout "optimization", the easiest way is graphic upgrading and/or new PSO ver, but what?

    Once again , for me, i love this current PSO2 art even dunno how this game later be after the graphical upgrade but pretty sure there will be alot of changes as they said this minimum reqs. So why dun i play the other game n got retired? As i see from the other comments, maybe there will be some issues bout the minumum system reqs, but lets see a way different, I just want my old PSO2 unique system n memorable graphic, what else the reason we still play this for a long time? we can play e-v-e-r-y new OBT game if we want imo instead of staying in this game, but we wont do that,

    Thats my opinion n sorry if there was a "bad-english" or so, thx .

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