Sakai Addresses the TOS Change and Future Updates

Sakai added a clause to the PSO2 terms of service which basically forbids other countries from playing it. There was a similar description from the Alpha and Beta test but it has now returned.

They have already planned to launch PSO2 separately in North America / Europe in 2013. Also they are looking into launching it in Asia separately.

One of the reasons for this TOS change is to make it easier to address malicious users. Unfortunately it appears most of the malicious acts are coming from overseas territories. Even today, they had to take down the game for maintenance just to address exploits found by these players.

Since there have been many good foreign players who have already made progress into the game, they really do no want to cut off the connections of everyone playing outside of Japan. HOWEVER, if malicious acts from overseas players continue, they will be forced to take drastic measures. In addition, they are no longer accepting foreign card payments anymore also as a countermeasure against malicious players.

Of course there will be malicious activity in the future, and he asks that everyone continues to use the wicked user form to report them.


Future Updates

In September, three new classes and five new weapon categories are going to be implemented into the game. The new classes are in similar line with the 3 existing classes consisting of close range combat, long distance combat, and tech and you'll be able to use the new weapon categories with these classes. In order to access these new classes, you must be level 30 in either Hunter, Ranger, or Force, and clear a specific client order. When you change to  the new classes you'll start at level 1.

Since many players have requested the ability to move their characters across different ships, he plans to implement this service in the update in September. And by popular demand, he's going to update the way the recycle shop works which can only mean one thing! Not only will you be able to use AC costumes to trade, but you can also use the items you get from the AC Scratch.

In addition to the existing client orders, he's also going to implement something like a daily client order. With "Daily Orders" the client order contents are different each day.

Even the team features are going to be expanded upon. There will be client orders that team members can perform. If you accumulate points, you can have your very own Team Room!


Premium Package Mag

It was mentioned that the premium package was going to have a mag evolution device. PSO1 players should be familiar with the Sato mag! Also expect 5 original weapons in the premium package. What they are is a mystery at this point.


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