Soon you can practice the ARKS Grand Prix Preliminaries!

~ November 11th, 2015 ~


ARKS Ceremonial Lobby

Celebrate the founding of the ARKS with a Ceremonial Lobby and event! The lobby will be decorated with red and blue flags, golden statues, and a flock of colorful balloons floating through the air.


Through the Fire Swirl

ARKS Fire Swirl 2015

PSO2's hottest quest returns for a limited time! The [ARKS Ship Fire Swirl] Emergency Quest will appear at pre-scheduled times, now supporting up to XH difficulty. Lambda Grinders can be awarded through clearing Emergency Trials, so grab your rescue guns and fight those fires!


Fire Swirl Clear Reward

You can even pick up some [Weapon Badges] by clearing the quest.


ARKS Grand Prix Challenge Quest

Phantasy Star Festa 2016 Banner

Alongside the Phantasy Star Festa 2016 event is a new [ARKS Grand Prix]! This offline tournament welcomes players from all over Japan to compete for the fastest times at clearing quests specially crafted for the event.


Players can utilize a new preliminaries practice quest to hone their skills beforehand. This quest takes place on Shironia, pitting players against enemy Darkers and Kuronites. Your time will be recorded up until you defeat Gigur Gunne-gam in the final area.


Grand Prix Class Sets
In order to accept the quest, you will need enter a Challenge Block on either your own ship or the shared ship. Access the terminal in the campship and choose a class setup of Hunter, Ranger, Force, Braver, or Bouncer before beginning the quest.

While you won't gain items or experience, you can earn some Challenge Miles and even a title when you clear the quest. Unlike in the actual Grand Prix Preliminaries, players will be able to place items from the item menu onto the field.


Dragon Raid Chronicle (AC Scratch)

スチュデントS・UE77M (Student S UE77M)
スチューデントS・UE77M (Student S UE77M)

Sega's very own [7th Dragon III Code: VFD] game is bringing you new items from its Samurai, Rune Knight, and Fortuner classes in this latest collab for PSO2. In addition, new armor sporting dragon designs that first appeared in the Taiwanese release of PSO2 are on their way.


テンプルスタイル・レプカ (Temple Style Repca)
テンプルスタイル・レプカ (Temple Style Repca)
スチュデントS・UE77 F (Student S UE77F)
スチューデントS・UE77F (Student S UE77F)
ミスティックS・レプカ (Mystic S Repca)
ミスティックS・レプカ (Mystic S Repca)
進化デバイス/ナガミミ (Evo Device / Nagamimi)
進化デバイス/ナガミミ (Evo Device / Nagamimi)
Ceremo Nyau S
セレモニャウスーツ (Ceremo Nyau Suit)
インリュウシ (Inliúxi)
インリュウシ (Inliúxi)
インリュミオ (Inliúmǐo)
インリュミオ (Inliúmǐo)

※Looking for suggestions for the Taiwanese costume names. 


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