PSO2 Live Broadcast #36 Recap

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Post Livestream Update:

  • Expect some Weak Bullet Jamming in the Demise quest.
  • Added some tidbits to EP4.
  • Added a track to the concert.
  • Added tidbits to various sections.
  • Added some PSO2es tidbits.


EQ Nov Boost Poll

Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Progeny of the Apocalypse (+150% Rare Drop / EXP Boost).
  • Get a +10% Live Boost from the Dance Festival.
  • November 1st @ 22:00 JST after the Arks Dance Festival.


November Triggers

Secret Phrase

  • Say じゅうごたろう in chat sometime after the livestream ends but before November 11th's maintenance to receive:
  • 15 Rare Enemy Triggers (Ginnagam included)
  • Prizes will be distributed at a later date.



Arks Ship FS XH

Mid November Update

  • Arks Ceremonial Lobby (~12/9)
  • Arks Ship Fire Swirl (+XH Difficulty)
  • Get Lambda Grinders and Weapons Badges 2015



Challenge Quest Arks 2016

Mid November Update

  • Challenge Quest: Arks Grand Prix 2016 Preliminaries.
  • You can practice with equipment in accordance with the regulations of the Grand Prix.
  • The quest will take place in Shironia with Gigre Gunnegam as its boss.


7th Dragon Student

Mid November Update

  • Dragon Raid Chronicle (AC Scratch)
  • Student S, Temple S, and Mystic S's costumes, hairstyles, and accessories.
  • Evo. Device / Nagamimi
  • Chinese armor costumes and Ceremo Nyau Suit


Scarlet Detective Slide

Late November Update

  • Scarlet Detective (AC Scratch)
  • Akari and Aria costumes, hairstyles, accessories, and weapon camos.
  • Winter Coat costumes and Chinese Style costumes and parts.


Zieg Genesis Weapon

Late November Update

  • RAmar and RAmarl costumes, and Evo. Device / Opa Opa.
  • Obtain Genesis Weapon Camos from Zieg's Exchange Shop
    • For example: Complete the entire Matter Board for Episode 1 to receive an Emblem that can be traded in at his shop for a Genesis Weapon Camo.


Harukotan TA

Late November Update

  • A Time Attack Quest where you defeat 100 enemies in Kuron.
  • Kuronite and Darkers appear!
  • No EXP or Items.
  • New Klotho Client Orders


Christmas Event 2015

Early December Update

  • Christmas Lobby (~12/31 @ 23:59 JST)
  • Christmas 2015 Xie and Christmas Bingo (~ 1/13)
  • New reward items!

Legend of Heroes Collab

Early December Update

  • Legend of Heroes (AC Scratch)
  • Rean, Alisa, Fie, and Laura costumes, hairstyles, accessories, and weapon camos!
  • Dark Coats and Christmas Costumes.


Episode 3 Chapter

Surprise! A Supplemental Chapter for Episode 3!

  • A prologue leading to new developments.
  • Suddenly a mysterious girl emerges! Aurora is her name. Why did she appear? (CV: Kaori Mizuhashi).
  • The mystery of [Apprentice] who rests in the Mining Base.
  • And Ulc and Xiao are…?


Chrismas Dio

Early December Update

  • Limited-time EQ [Merry Christmas on Ice 4]
  • NPCs will appear in Christmas Costumes.
  • Dio Hunar makes its multi-party debut!
    • Can drop Phantasmal Ares Stones.
    • You can trade in 1 Ares weapon for 20 Phantasmal Ares Stones.
    • You can trade in 60 Phantasmal Ares Stones for 1 Ares Weapon.
    • You can also get Phantasmal Ares Stones from Anga in Ult Quests.


Devil Wars

Late December Update

  • Devil Wars History (AC Scratch)
  • Killia, Seraphina, Usalia's costumes, hairstyles, and accessories.
  • Evo. Device / Prinny
  • Afin and Eucrita costumes and a Japanese Goddess outfit.


Shiki Oudo and Ragol

Late December Update

  • Trade in Ragol Memories for FOnewm and FOnewearl costumes.
  • Shiki and Oudo blue variations will appear in the lobby with new client orders. They can even appear together on the field.


Demise Slide

Late December Update

  • Mining Base: Demise!
  • 3 types of Hunar will appear at the same time.
  • Corrupted A.I.S. will also appear.
  • Exterminate the [Apprentice] that lurks at the bottom of the collapsed base.


DF Apprentice

Late December Update

  • Battle Dark Falz Apprentice Gia
  • Prevent its mortal laser attack!!
  • [Damoth] a new enemy that swarm the towers.


Orbit Series

Late December Update

  • New ★13 weapon series [Orbit].
  • A fascinating form changing weapon series. (See video above).
  • There's also units too!

Episode 4 Reborn

Episode 4 Reborn

  • Plans to start from January 27th, 2016.
  • Keyword = "New Experience"

Episode 4: Reborn (Storage Features)

  • Item Pack can be expanded to 150 slots with AC.
  • Added Character based storage. (300 Slots)
  • Character based storage can be expanded to 1000 slots with AC.
  • Premium Storage expanded from 300 to 400 slots.
  • PSO2es Linked Storage added (100 Slots)

Episode 4: Reborn (Character Customization)

  • Body Paint 1 & Body Paint 2 selection.
  • Adjust the circumference of body parts around your head and waist.
  • Adjust accessory size and angle.
  • You can now test out different lighting, animations, and scenery in the Beauty Salon.
  • You can now mark which hairstyles and accessories are your favorites.
  • Added a system to save Cast and Humanoid bodies separately.

Episode 4: Reborn (Other Features)

  • Adjust where the weapon is situated on your character.

Episode 4: Reborn (New Class)

  • New Class [Summoner]!
  • (The class uses a baton of sorts and attacks enemies with flying mythical creatures).


PSO2es November Update

  • Org Keratos appears!
  • Chip Illustration Contest!
  • Chip Pack can be expanded up to 500 items.
  • ★12 Psycho Wand Chip

PSO2es December Update

  • The start of a new chapter!
  • Expect to see new characters!
    • Gené (The bright and energetic heroine of the new story!)
    • More (A Weaponoid who forms a team with the player and Gené)
  • Substantial improvements to the UI (Lobby / Tutorial)
  • Increased the level cap to 70.
  • Improved Daily Quests


DF Girls Community

Dark Falz Girls Official Community

  • The DF Girls Community on [it-tells] is now open!
  • Players outside of Japan can participate in 1 out of the 3 campaigns.
    • The other prizes are a signed physical T-Shirt and 500 [it-tells] Mileage Points.
    • Mileage Points can be traded in for Sega related games and Japanese attractions.
  • Join the DF Girls Community on [it-tells] to receive a DF Girls Logo Sticker in PSO2.
  • Prizes will be distributed mid December.


Concert Set List

Concert Set List (Orchestra Session)

  • Phantasy Star Online Opening Theme
  • PSO Stage & Boss Medley EP1
  • PSO Stage & Boss Medley EP2
  • Let the Winds Blow
  • Phantasy Star Zero
  • Save this World (Orchestra Version)
  • 集え、 八百万の星の下に
  • For Brighter Day ~Orchestra Version~

Concert Set List (Live Session)

  • Burning Hearts
  • Ignite Infinity
  • Living Universe
  • Omoi Matoi
  • Rear Drop Koi Koi
  • We're Arks
  • Phantasista
  • Dreamcasting
  • PSO2 The Animation Theme Song

Concert Set List (Orchestra Session)

  • Resonant Nation
  • PSO2 Field Medley 2
  • la L'inno per il IDOLA – Persona di Onnipotente –
  • 天疾走ル風
  • Annihilator【Magatsu】
  • 六芒均衡- 勇者の帰還-
  • Hunar Medley
  • Profound Darkness


Phantasy Festa Bonuses

Fan Festival Rappies

Phantasy Star Festival 2016

  • Those who attend the festival can receive these lovely bonus items.
    • Festival 2016 T Shirt Set & 500 FUN Ticket (All Conventions)
    • Tokyo Tower Rappy Mag & Accessory (Tokyo Convention)
    • Golden Whale Rappy Mag & Accessory (Nagoya Convention)
    • Food Cart Rappy Mag & Accessory (Fukuoka Convention)



PSO 15th Anniversary Commemorative Mook

  • A Mook (Book/Magazine) compiling the history and artwork of the PSO series.
  • Contains item codes for PSO 15th Anniversary T-Shirts, Dreamcast Mag, and Ragol Memory.


New Drama CD

PSO2 Drama CD #3: Harukotan Memoirs

  • Drama CD goes on sale to the general public on January 27th.
  • Those who attend the Phantasy Star Festa in December can order it early.
  • Item Codes include Sarah, Sukunahime, and Kotoshiro's voice tickets, a poster, VD Music Disc, Jukebox, and 500 FUN Ticket.



Big Events

Celebrating Over 4 Million IDs!

Events and Campaigns from 11/4 ~

  • Wonderful Prizes: Present Campaign
  • Best Partner General Election
  • Weapon Design General Election
  • Commemorative Boost Event
  • Phantasy Star Online 2 Quiz
  • Client Order Campaign: Expanded Version (Written Challenges from the DF Girls) (Begins 11/18)
  • Arks Museum Character Contest
  • Arks Museum My Room Contest
  • PSO2es Chip Illustration Contest



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