Free Resonance of Fate DLC in Phantasy Star Portable 2

"Resonance of Fate" or "End of Eternity" depending on where you live, will have two free download content items for Phantasy Star Portable 2. You can download these items only in the Japanese Playstation Store. Resonance of Fate is an upcoming game from Sega that is a ATB turn based RPG, expected to release in the US on March 9th, 2010. Now you can dress up like Leanne (Reanbell: JP) and use her signature weapon.

Viju Skyline
(Female Clothes and Parts)
Free of Charge: 2/3/2010


(Single Handgun)
Free of Charge:  2/3/2010


Blog Updates

  • The number of players simutaneously logged on during the MALW CUP is almost the same amount of  players during the release of PSP2.

If you are keeping track of the Maximum Attack Little Wing Cup, please refer to the previous post for information when it is available.

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Phantasy Star Portable 2: Hard Mode And Fanta Quiz Battle!

Sakai posted some more details about the latest Famitsu article, this time it's pretty short but we'll get a glimpse into another feature of story mode, and the Fanta Quiz Battle!

REMINDER: November 30th, 2009 is the last day you can play Internet Multi Mode through the Japanese Demo. If you would like to play Internet Multi Mode you will need to insert a code depending on which retail version you purchase.. The code for Internet multimode will be placed within the Phantasy Star Portable 2 case. For those who buy the game through the Playstation Store, your code will automatically attach itself to the game.


Story Mode: Hard Mode

hard mode

In Phantasy Star Portable 2, after you complete Story Mode, you can play all the story missions again at your leisure. You will also unlock "HARD MODE" where monsters will be much tougher this time around.

As you advance through story mode, the items up for sale in each shop will change. Thus it's best to play story missions if you want to show off the latest weapons and clothes. You might even see some new stuff by completing hard mode missions as well.


story missions

For completionists, try to clear all story missions with an end result of S.


movie theater

You can also see bonus material if you clear story mode,
like this Movie Theater option.


Fanta Quiz Battle!


Fanta Quiz Battle is a mission you can download on December 3rd, 2009. It is a mission where 1-4 players compete by answering questions related to Fanta. The questions will be arranged from easy to diffcult questions.


punishment game

If you make a mistake you will be experience a "Punishment Game" which consists of traps blasting in your face.


athletic challenge

If you answer correctly you can try the "Athletic Challenge" where players must reach a goal to win special Fanta prizes! Athletic Challenge is filled with traps and must be completed within a certain amount of time. Memorizing the traps seems to be the way to go.  If you can not complete the mission, you will still recieve some parting gifts as well.

Sega plans to relase several download missions and items and collaborations each week. There will also be event missions coming up soon.You can download this mission at the official site or download it automatically by signing into Internet Multi Mode.

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Download the Chevalier Fluge, an exclusive outfit for male casts on December 9th, 2009 at the Japanese Playstation Store!

  • Puyo Puyo Knuckles Collaboration!

Phantasy Star Portable 2: Getting Online, Simple Mail, Grinding System Details, Item Trader

Sakai updated today with another long post. This time we'll take an in depth look in Phantasy Star Portable 2 online process. He covered each step of the way getting started online!

The Sign In Process

Internet multi mode

Once you obtain the game, you'll be able to sign into Internet Multimode on November 9th to play the Demo. Otherwise Retail version players can sign in on December 3rd. You will absolutely need a Japanese Playstation Network account registered to your PSP and that same account should be used to sign into the Playstation Store whether you are doing it from PSP, PC, and PS3. Remember Internet Multimode is free, don't let anyone tell you  that you need a pay subscriptions. {I've seen people ask this again on forums and blogs…}


sign in process password save

After choosing Internet Multimode and your access point is set, Sign in with your Japanese Playstation Network Login ID and Password. You can set up if you want your password to be saved so you don't have to retype it. You will need to AGREE to the terms of service agreement to reach the "Match Counter".


download missions automatically

While you are here, you can read updates and automatically download new missions. Ad-hoc only players can download them manually at the official website.


Match Counter

match counter stars

The Match Counter starts as you select a Universe to play. Each Universe will display a number of stars that represents how many players are currently playing that server. Select a Universe to begin!



The party list displays up to 20 parties at a time. You can enter any party except the following:

  • Party is Full.
  • Party is Currently in a mission (This party will not be displayed on the party list)
  • You do not meet the conditions set by the leader.


create party

Party Creation allows you to be a leader and set any condition you want. At this time you can also set a password. Once you create a party you will be transported to the city and anyone can join as long as you don't start a mission.


party search

Party Search allows you to search for parties under certain instances:

  • Various Search: Find parties by setting up conditions, like in the screenshot above.
  • Friend Search: Find parties by partner card.
  • Name Search: Search for the exact title of the party's name.
    The title of the party must match what you inputted concisely.


Simple Mail

simple mail2

Simple Mail allows you to send and receive mail from players.  You can transmit the same message to up to 3 people at a time. You can also send mail to friends offline. Simple Mail stores 8 messages locally. The server side will store any additional mail you receive, and will send them to you once you free up your mailbox.



Ahh the memories of how so many abused this feature. Blacklist allows you to ban partying with another player. You can blacklist up to 40 people.  You can add players to blacklist through:

  • Blacklisting a player in your party.
  • Blacklisting a player in your partner card.
  • Blacklisting a player through simple mail.
  • Blacklisting a player in your "Play Log"
    The "Play Log" lists the last 10 players you met!



Sakai says he regrets how PSP does not have a USB keyboard. I've seen those concept designs I think it could work… Instead you will input words through a Simple Keyboard. Press SELECT twice to enable this feature. This simple keyboard goes through the Japanese conversion process which I won't go through. You can also implement tiny little emoticons and pictures as you can see in all the screenshots above.




During any multi mode, if you press SELECT once, the shortcut menu will popup. This allows for quick phrases or words to be typed out on the screen when you are currently busy. You are allowed to edit any shortcut phrases.


Auto Words

Auto word during major damage

This Auto Word is activated during major damage!

Auto Words allows your character to say a preset list of phrases automatically based on the situation. In other words, you'll be just as annoying as an NPC. Auto Word is only activated during Internet Multi Mode and Multi Mode.

You're allowed to set up each and every phrase as you see fit. You can also change the text bubble too! Sakai says how it can get annoying if people set up all the Auto Words so he has setup a solution to that. (Reza…) Each Auto Word has a probability, for example, the Auto Word phrase, "When the Mission Begins," will be said more often. However, Auto Word phrase s said during "damage" will be said occasionally. Click for a list of Auto Words!


Partner Card

partner card

All your characters share the same partner cards. You can write different comments on each of them too. You can obtain up to 100 Partner Cards. You can also view a "Ranking" among each of your friends. {I believe this is the Rookie thing displayed in the screenshots}. If you party with a friend you already partner carded with, their partner card information will automatically update . You can see various information on the partner card like ranking, rare item collection rate, title collection, etc..


Item Trader

item trading

In the Cafe of Clad6, you can trade items with other players you have exchanged partner cards with. When both sides approve the exchange, the item is traded. You can not trade weapons, line shields and rare items of A and S rank. {I believe this was done to prevent exploitation of lag trading, so the impact is much less on the player.}


Grinding System

grinding mama

Wait you can get ear piercings now ? :O

Grinding a weapon is done through meseta. You can grind a weapon 10 times. Each time you grind a weapon, it's parameters increase randomly. Once you reach the last step, the weapon will say FULL! At this time you will need an "extend code" to produce a "final grind".


special s grade

This allows C through A rank weapons to evolve to S grade. If you do this, the minimum level you can equip the weapon is now increased, be careful of this you one weapon holders. Normal ranking weapons who have been grinded with this method now have an effect applied to it once you equip it.  There is a limited amount of  "extend codes" you can use, so please be careful in choosing which weapons you want to grind! To obtain an extend code, you must clear a challenge mission.


New Boss


Fazuntal and Seguntal are new bosses who appear at Parum Ruins. They work together attacking you in unison!


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