PSPo2: Touring Japan!

Rappy Kid and Terada updated today! This is more propaganda news than gameplay features so..


Touring Shops across the country

It's the Phantasy Star Portable 2: Early Experience Party, across Japan in 7 different cities, you'll be able to meet up in one of 14 different locales and shops to play the game early! It's a pretty long list of locations which you can check out here. Of note you'll be able to receive these limited edition cards. These cards have item passwords on them that you can input in your vision phone.

emilia and yuto

They will give out these item password cards based on certain requirements. Just by playing the game on that day, you'll receive the "Special Item Password Card: Emilia" . In addition to this, they will also give you the "Special item Password Card: Yuto" if you reserved the game in the shop they are attending.


Yuto's Weapon: Toop Nasul
Emilia's Weapon: Klarita Visus

You can input these item codes within the demo version of the game too! To do this, access story mode and enter your room, head to the vision phone and insert the item codes.  You'll receive the items based on which card you have in the screenshot above. Make sure to attend early because these password cards are in limited supply!



Sakai doesn't need lens flare to make him cool!

At a later date, the passwords for these items will be released on the official site, so don't worry if you can't attend, you'll just miss out in meeting Sakai or Senior Director Terada if they make a surprise visit that day.


Blog Updates

pdf version

Also Rappy Child will be releasing a PDF version of the guide book that was given out at the Tokyo Game Show!


Ain't she a beauty! ULTRA ULTRA RARE!

  • Terada mentions a Valkyrie Chronicles 1 and 2 collab…

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Special Cards

Well I finally got some minor information about those suggestive telephone cards.


Phantasy Star Portable 2 Official Site Updates: Hoshin Engi Artist Collab, My Room, Partner Machinery Dragon And Retro

The official site updated today, and if you visit this blog you already know it's going to be a re re re hash of information already released. So to make this interesting we"ll add some new elements inside. It's nice to see NA video game news sites covering Phantasy Star Portable 2 but for some reason they seem to skip out on a majority of the major changes that were announced. If you follow this blog or other fan sites you'll be pretty much in the know days before Sega of Japan releases official news overseas. Cool ain't it! POWA UPU!

The official site became very white… They also added Promo Video 3, which has already been uploaded on Youtube a few weeks ago.


Hoshin Engi Collaboration


Ryu Fujisaki, artist for the manga Houshin Engi, created a pretty strange outfit. It's like a cross between dot hack and Kingdom Hearts. The outfit is called Blank Epoch and Shin no Zou (Telltale Hearts) which are knuckles with freaky glowing effects.


Let's knock down enemies with these knuckles!


PM Dragon and Retro

Due to popular demand, Partner Machinery selection has increased. This time two new types have been introduced. Dragon and Retro type attaches a "support effect" with the player.

pm dragon

Dragon Type: PM 500
It floats! It Attacks! It reduces Fire and Ice Damage!



Retro Type: GH 510
It small! It Attacks! It reduces fire and lightning damage.


Customize your room!


You can change the theme of your room by purchasing a reform ticket. Change to any style you want, go from a gymnasium themed room to a cute and girly pink paradise!


Up to four people in both multi modes can enter your room.
You can purchase a whole assortment of furniture and objects!


Type Counter


Enhance your character's class by visiting the type counter. Here you can upgrade your class by spending "extend points" to add or remove weapon categories and grades. Make your ideal class in any way you want.


You can also embed "abilities" in your character to enhance their battle style. Try out the abilities "Full Charge Shot" "Wild Blast" and "PP Guard Save" and more… For more information read here and here.

Fate/Stay Night Collabs

Fate Stay Night's Archer and Saber costume and items make an appearance in the game. Read below for extra details.



Photon arts for items like Excalibur: Sword of Promised Victory
will have an extra effect applied to them.


saber archer

Saber and Archer's costume will come in many colors!


Evangelion Collabs


There will be various Plug Suits for the Evangelion Collaboration in addition to the Lance of Longinus spear.

  • Password Plug Suits
    • Shinji Plug Suit
    • Asuka Plug Suit
    • Rei Plug Suit
  • Downloadable Plug Suits (available at a later time)
    • Kaworu's Plug Suit
    • Mari's new and old plug suit.
    • Asuka's Test Plug Suit
    • Plugsuits are from "Evangelion 2.0 You can (not) Advance".

Hatsune Miku Collaboration


Hatsune Miku's leek will appear in the game! Not only will the leek appear, but it shall also appear as twin sabers, saber, wand, and rifle. There will also be 4 different kinds of leeks.

nagimiso vn02

Nagimiso's "Miku VN02" costume design will also appear!


For each of these collaboration costumes, both humans and casts will be able to wear them. You can obtain certain collaboration goods by inputting a special password, or downloading them for free.

Tomorrow Sakai will talk more about the playable demo version that will be released November 1st, 2009.

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Phantasy Star Portable 2: Famitsu Scan Reveals Two New Characters and Monsters: Sinow Beat, Sand Rappy, Ill Gill

New Phantasy Star Portable 2 News! We're almost done in the main character department. So now we introduce two new characters, Ursula Rolan (Loran) and Chelsea.

Phantasy Star Portable 2 will feature more than 2000 items and more than 1200 variety of weapons.

Also features monsters from PSO: Ill Gill, Sand Rappy, Sinow Beat, Nano Dragon. We'll have an in depth write up soon.

New Characters

Ursula Loran

Newman, Age 32, Voiced by Atsuko Tanaka

A female newman who embodies beauty and intelligence. She's pushed out among various fields. She appears to be an old acquaintance of Crouch during the establishment of Little Wing.


Cast, Secret Age. Voiced by Haruka Tomatsu

Chelsea works at the reception desk and performs management at Little Wing. She looks like she's a hostess in a bar but she's very diligent at her job.


new suv

Four new SUVs for casts. This includes:

  • Top Left Corner: Vivian Punisher
  • Bottom Left Corner: Air Ride Cluster
  • Top Right Corner: Bigs Impact
  • Bottom Right Corner: Flame Panzer

New Nanoblast

new nanoblast

At Level 10, you can nanoblast your beast, however at a higher level 3 new nanoblasts will be available. Gold, Silver, and Black nanoblasts will feature a more stylish slender beast. We don't know if any other nanoblasts will be added at this time.


PSO Enemies

sand rappy

Phantasy Star Online Enemies featured in Phantasy Star Portable 2!

Your favorites are back!

  • Astark
  • Poisonous Lily
  • Nano Dragon
  • Sand Rappy
  • Sinow Beat
  • Ill Gill

New Weapons

new weapons

Brand new weapons for your characters, you might even recognize a few…

  • Axe: Svaltia Tomahawk
  • Wand: Magical Piece
  • Grenade: Gur Lath Sagittarius
  • Shield: Artemis

More New Weapons

weapons 2

Five other weapons including:

  • Slicer: Shidenji Hiken 
  • Sword: Dilan Slayer
  • Double Saber: Absolute Blade
  • Twin Claw: Nightmare Dust
  • Twin Handgun: Obsidian

[full scan]

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Blog Updates

bright bright

Phantasy Star Portable 2 Character Hair Color

  • Character Creation
    • You can now choose brighter hair colors.
    • side note: In PSU, getting that bright pink was impossible.
  • Camera Modification
    • Usually the camera will fixate on a flying boss monster.
    • In this case the camera tilts upwards or downwards based on the location.
    • You can now reset this viewpoint by pushing L.
  • Equipment/Weapon Restrictions
    • Equipments are no longer restricted by having a certain stat.
    • Equipments and Weapons are now restricted by LEVEL.
    • For example, you can not use a certain weapon if you are below level whatever..
  • Status Effect Change
    • Silence and Shock status effects have been combined
    • In other words, now you will be COMPLETELY paralyzed in that you can't attack and use techs.
  • Sound Effects for Rare Drops
    • At the moment of a rare and super rare drop you will hear a sound effect.
    • The sound effect for a super rare drop will be different.
  • Photon Art Colors
    • For Skill Photon Arts, the effect colors will be:
    • Blue for Level 1-10
    • Red for Level 11-20
    • Gold for Level 21-30

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Loose Ends

  • Importing from PSP1 or PSU:AOI
    • Receive 30~50% Ice Saber "Exam"
    • Has a status effect Freeze.
  • Lumia Waber